Review: 6Whips 14-Inch Leather Paddle

review of 6whips 14-inch classic leather paddle
6-Whips 14-inch Classic leather paddle.

I bought Mrs. Lion a new leather paddle. I wanted to give her something in leather with more power than the ones she has now. She gave me a long-overdue spanking on Thursday night and used the new acquisition. She gave me a full ten-minute punishment spanking. She didn’t hold back! I would say that we gave the new paddle a fair test.


The paddle is made from layers of leather stitched together. According to the 6Whips website, it is ” made with 3 layers of thick leather and spring steel reinforcement in the handle.” I expected three layers of saddle/harness-grade leather. The paddle I received was made with thinner leather. It was much lighter than I expected. The construction was good, and the stitching was very professional.

Because the leather was so thin, the spring steel reinforcement was necessary to prevent the paddle from being floppy. This trick is used by inexpensive leather paddles to keep them stiff enough to swat a bottom. A paddle that costs $75 plus shipping shouldn’t require this steel insert. 6-Whips offers this paddle in three versions. There is one with just two layers of leather, this one, and one with four layers. Joe, who makes the paddles, writes that the model I bought balances thud and sting. It doesn’t.

Road test — where the leather meets the bottom

Mrs. Lion said that she liked using the paddle. She didn’t like the handle’s feel. It is flat and the same thickness as the striking end. She wanted it rounder. I checked it out and agree. I would say it would benefit with some extra layers of leather to give it more of a “grip.” I was on the receiving end of the spanking. This paddle is pretty much all-sting. It felt too light to create a lasting effect. Mrs. Lion said that she hit very hard. After a full ten minutes of spanking, I had a small leathery patch on one cheek. Mrs. Lion said that some areas were a sort of red-purple, but she didn’t think I would bruise. I didn’t.

I expected that this paddle would provide the ability to do some bruising. It doesn’t. The size and shape are good, but the leather just isn’t right for the job. 6-Whips seriousiy oversells this product. I haven’t had a chance to test the four-layer paddle, but I would guess that one would possibly behave the way Joe describes the classic model. It’s too bad. Joe’s workmanship is good. His product is too light and not worth the high price. Also, the shipping is horribly slow. 6Whips is locvated in Canada, so there is a delay for customs. I’ve bought many products from Canada. UPS, for one, offers much faster service to the US.

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