We didn’t seem to have much luck last night. Lion was snoozing so we didn’t do a warm up. I thought I had him near the edge, but he said he wasn’t very close. And then he started to lose it. I’m not sure what’s going on.

I’ve wondered for a while if there’s too much pressure to perform. If the average couple has sex once a week, then trying every night may be too much. On the other hand, use it or lose it. I’m not trying to get out of any “work”. I really am trying to find the answer to the $64,000 question.

Maybe Lion needs more BDSM. I know I keep saying that. For some reason, I write about it but when the time comes to do something, I blank out and do the same old, same old. Perhaps my mantra should be: more anal, more anal, more anal. Or tie him up, tie him up, tie him up. He’d love either one and it isn’t hard to do. I don’t know why I can’t think of it when the time comes.

We’ve come to another weekend. It’s the perfect time to do things earlier. Somehow the time gets away from me like it did yesterday at work. I could set an alarm. A Lion alarm. I’ve never tried that before. It might be fun. At the tone the time will be Lion o’clock. I wonder if Alexa is smart enough to set a random alarm between noon and five. That way it would be a surprise for both of us. Otherwise I’ll set an alarm and we’ll both have to drop whatever we’re doing to have fun.

I wrote the above at work this morning. When I got home from work I wasn’t feeling all that well. I snoozed a bit after lunch and now I feel a little better. Of course, this set my plan of setting an alarm back. Maybe we’ll give it a try tomorrow.

Position is obviously important for intercourse. Ironically, the most successful in producing a female orgasm is the cowgirl position. The woman can freely adjust the angle of penetration to stimulate her vagina and clitoris optimally. Lucky girl! The same isn’t true for the man. When she faces him, her clitoris is also in front of him. The woman will naturally position herself so that the top of his penis has the most contact with her. Sadly, the underside of the penis is where the nerve cells are concentrated, which provides his pleasure. It doesn’t mean that he won’t ejaculate eventually. He will, but with great difficulty.

cowgirl position
This is cowgirl position. It’s most successful for giving Mrs. Lion orgasms.

The vast majority of women report that they can’t achieve orgasm during intercourse. The cowgirl position almost guarantees that she will and he won’t. When Mrs. Lion wanted orgasms, this was our standard position. She called it lion riding. Most of the time, after she had her orgasms, she would dismount and use her hand to give me a happy ending. I was very content with this. I love to be ridden.

reverse cowgirl
Reverse cowgirl. In this position it is easy for me to come, but difficult for Mrs. Lion.

Reverse cowgirl is amazingly exciting for the man. She straddles him but faces his feet. This position puts the most stimulation on the underside of the penis. Great for the man, not so great for her. Since she stopped caring about orgasms, on the rare occasions she has ridden me, she does it reverse cowgirl. Her sole objective was to get me off inside her.

We recently discussed sex for her. It isn’t a topic she particularly wants to talk about. I may be totally wrong, but I get the feeling that if I did a lot of foreplay and then Mrs. Lion rode me in the cowgirl position, she would have an orgasm and some fun. I’ve been thinking that there is a big difference between not wanting sex and not being interested.

If I initiate sex and both have orgasms, I think Mrs. Lion will have a good time. She may not care if she does it again, but she may still have fun. If that’s true, then I can be in charge of starting her engine. I’m saying that she doesn’t need to get horny to have a full sex life. If she has fun, only one of us has to get horny for it to work.

Maybe I’m all wrong. I might be misunderstanding how Mrs. Lion feels. Just an idea to consider.

What a cluster! I started off my day with a worthless meeting that threw off my whole day. I felt like I was playing catch up. I went to lunch late and then realized I hadn’t written a post. Better late than never, I suppose.

I brought home pizza last night to surprise Lion. He loved it. I knew he would. That and the fact that I didn’t want to make dinner were the reasons I brought it. The Presidential address interrupted Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. Lion whined that he guessed there wouldn’t be any warm up for sex. I jettisoned the dishes and grabbed the Magic Wand. I don’t know how long we warmed up, but Lion was definitely excited.

A bit after I took my shower, I tried to “revive” him. I didn’t get much reaction. He put a TV show on and we watched a few minutes. I tried again. Not much. I don’t know if he wasn’t interested in sex or more interested in TV. He said his shoulder hurt. I assume that’s what did him in. I guess I could cite the failed attempt and say that warm up doesn’t work. Lion would disagree. It was just one night. He’s right. We have a rule, of sorts, that we try things more than once (unless it’s a complete disaster) to make sure we give it a fair shake. We’ll try it again when Lion’s shoulder isn’t bothering him.

I was waiting for Lion to “buh, buh, buh” about my not teasing him. I don’t think it was my fault. I tried a few times. I didn’t make him turn the TV off or mute it. He normally does that when he’s trying to concentrate on me more than the TV. I figure if he doesn’t mute it, then he must be very interested. Is my logic flawed?

He did mention he was horny this morning as I was getting ready to leave. Good. I hope he’s horny tonight. He might get lucky. Then again, he might not.

I want to thank the guys who volunteered to be beta-readers of my new book. It isn’t done yet. I don’t seem to be attracting female readers. Are you out there? Please Contact Us if you want a free pre-pub copy for your feedback. I appreciate it.

Mrs. Lion has been working up a sweat teasing me. I wish it were easier for her. Maybe we can try a less taxing stimulation technique. I feel guilty seeing her work so hard. Maybe I can help, at least at the start–or maybe the end (LOL She’d never do that if she wanted to tease me.). I suppose she could argue that I’m not ready if I take so long. She could also argue that if I’m ready, I won’t feel guilty. I’m not sure either argument is correct.

The Magic Wand is the most reliable toy in terms of getting me off.

I’ve done some research into how a male can reduce the time to ejaculate. If you weed out the scams and uninformed crap that litters the Net, authorities seem to agree that there is no way to train me to come faster. Ironically, it is possible to train a male to take longer. We have several male masturbation toys. None of them have worked so far. Mrs. Lion hasn’t persisted with any toys other than the Magic Wand. She has had pretty consistent success with it. The only issue is that if she starts with the powerful vibrator, it desensitizes me so much that her hand or mouth doesn’t work.

We haven’t spent much time with toys. We also haven’t experimented with other techniques. One that helps build arousal is progressive edging. I experienced it in the past. I’m stimulated near orgasm about an hour before the “serious” session. Sometimes the warmup is repeated. The value of this technique, other than focusing me on getting off, tunes up the sexual hardware in my body. This sort of activity can increase semen production in many men.

One benefit of this technique is that if the Magic Wand or other masturbator is used in the warmup sessions, the waiting time before the next activity is enough to resensitize my penis for less violent stimulation. Similarly, CBT or other BDSM activities can be in the warmups but not in the final session. Mrs. Lion uses this technique when she spanks me. She allows time to elapse after the spanking before any sexual activity is started.

I suppose these preliminary activities are analogous to stretching exercises before a race. They are extended foreplay. Daily teasing doesn’t fall into this category. While it makes me hunger for release and frustrates me, twenty-four hours later, that has worn off. Yes, I’m more interested in sex because of it, but any physical benefits have expired.

A warmup is more valuable as we age, though it is great at any age. When I was younger, I went on a vacation trip with a woman. We drove from New York City to New Hampshire. She decided it would be fun to tease me for the full five hours we were on the road. She didn’t push me too close to orgasm, so I didn’t get distracted. I was ready for anything by the time we arrived. Unfortunately, all that rubbing caused my penis to swell from edema. At least that’s what I think it was. I could still have fun, but it was a little uncomfortable.

I don’t know if it is just me, but I seem to need direct penis stimulation to get my motor running. That’s what works best for this guy. Mrs. Lion knows just how to pet me. I’m suggesting that at least one warmup an hour or less before she goes for the gold. More warmup is most welcome.