A fellow blogger I’m happy to call a friend has a passion for analytics. She wrote an amazing post detailing how her blog, strictjuliespanks.blogspot.com, rates in terms of what readers like most. The analysis is detailed, and I found it fascinating. Her blog is on the Google, Blogger platform. It supplies excellent analytical information to the bloggers that use it. Our blog is independent. I use the Amazon AWS cloud for Male Chastity Journal. It doesn’t supply visitor data. The actual service that delivers this page to you is called Cloudfront. It’s a network of thousands of servers around the world that cache our pages. Services like Hulu use this same service. As a result, some of the more traditional sources of analytic data don’t work. We subscribe to one that uses some javascript in our page code to capture statistics.

I bring all this up because I was inspired to use our analytic tool to try to understand what our readers find most useful. According to the number of page views we get, the most popular topics are introducing a partner to male chastity and how to get your partner to spank you. No big surprise there. However, there’s more to the story than that. Half of our visitors come from search engines. I did a little more digging and discovered that the most popular search terms were essentially the same as the topics of our most popular pages.

If we were selling stuff, it would make sense to provide richer content along those lines. I am reading the stats differently. Half of our readers navigate directly to the blog. They don’t click links on other sites, including search engines. These readers are almost certainly not interested in endless posts about getting started. My main takeaway is that we need to keep writing about our lives and pay some attention to those popular searches.

book learning

My book, Fan Mail, got its first review on Amazon. It was very kind and informative. The reviewer made an interesting point I didn’t consider when I wrote the book:

Might even serve as a good way to introduce a little bit of kink to your own relationship, planting some seeds as it were.

It’s true that the heroine is sexually dominant most of the time. She also spanks her boyfriend. Their behavior seemed natural to me. Maybe I’m so kinky that I don’t know how to write about vanilla sex. Well, maybe I’m not that far gone, but I truly believe that it’s better to be direct with sexual needs rather than trying to manipulate your partner into giving you what you want.

Almost 90 percent of US adults, both men, and women, have spanking fantasies. It feels right to bring them out in fiction. I may have made a big mistake. So far there is only one review. If you’ve read the book, please review it on amazon.com. If you haven’t read the book, please do. The kindle version is only $2.99 USD.

I am alive and well. I missed a couple of posts in the last few days. Part of the reason is that I’ve been writing furiously. For no good reason, I’m working on my second book. Sales of the first are dismal. I read somewhere that more than one book is needed to get seen on amazon. I also wonder if the somewhat kinky content of the first book is turning people off. More likely, I’m not that good.

Yesterday was one of the most important days of my life. Power was peacefully transferred here in the United States. For the first time in my lifetime, an American president was openly corrupt. Domestic and foreign groups desiring to get Trump’s ear had to either stay in his DC hotel or contribute to his campaign. This sort of thing isn’t new. Most presidents sell contact to campaign donors. Those donors don’t put money directly in the president’s pocket. Trump changed that.

That’s small potatoes compared with the damage done by focusing on his power base. He encouraged extremists to wage war on moderates. He vilified anyone who disagreed with him. He even fired the most abject flunky in his administration, his Attorney General, who had the audacity to affirm that the presidential election was honest and fair. Trump argued that any election he lost had to be rigged. Banana republic dictator, anyone?

Before he took office, I was convinced that our constitution would protect us from a toxic president. I reasoned that Congress would prevent him from doing too much damage. I was wrong. He embarrassed us by sucking up to the world’s worst dictators and alienating our staunchest allies. He promoted racial hatred and praised neo-nazis. He even tried to stay in power by declaring martial law. The Pentagon made it clear that our armed forces would not support such a move.

All of my dismay dissolved when Joe Biden was sworn in. I don’t consider Biden a strong, inspiring leader. He isn’t. He is a run-of-the-mill politician. Obama selected him as VP because he is so bland and inoffensive. He was a white guy who could complement Obama’s ground-breaking run for office. Similarly, nominating him to oppose Trump provided a welcome contrast. Joe Biden has no political baggage. He is a moderate Democrat. He has never been controversial. We need that now.

As far as I can see, Biden favors motherhood and apple pie. He wants to unite the American people. His party stands for some things that upset the Trump supporters. It favors more open borders, citizenship for illegal residents, more available healthcare, and government support for those (like me!) who lost work because of COVID. He also believes in global warming and supports reducing the US carbon footprint.

I support all of those things. I imagine that even the relatively uneducated Trump supporters can see that none of those ideas will hurt America. Yes, they will increase the presence of government in our lives. But I don’t think anyone’s rights will be taken away in the process. It’s time to understand that everything Trump supported led back to help him personally. I don’t think Joe Biden will have sufficient charisma to inspire us all to hug each other and move as one. Even a JFK couldn’t do that now. He does have the respect of many members of Congress in both parties. He has a good heart and little need to support special interests.

At this point in time, we need to look for things we have in common, not amplify differences. We all want to get back to normal. We need to defeat COVID. We all have to understand that people like Mrs. Lion and I, need help that can only come from the government. One way or another, we need to get more people medical help. My point is that it is just dumb to politicize supporting basic human needs. I’m confident that Joe Biden can manage to help us do just that.

Yesterday, Mrs. Lion wrote in her post,

“Poor Lion who sits around all day “only” writing books. Poor Lion indeed. What about poor Mrs. Lion?”

Was her tongue in cheek? [Mrs. Lion — It was. Just as his was when he said, “Poor Lion.”] I wonder. It’s true that she works hard at her job and also takes very good care of me. I wish I could contribute more. I’m out of work and all I can think of doing is trying to write fiction that some people might buy. I realize it isn’t much, but there’s nothing else I can do right now. My truth is that I feel very guilty that I don’t contribute more. I am used to being the prime source of income. Now, I’m not.

Since my spinal surgery, I’m not steady on my feet and my arms don’t work as well as before. I can’t do the things around the house I once did. Mrs. Lion has a bad deal. All this makes me feel guilty and sad. So, rather than just giving up, I’m trying to write for a living. That isn’t going well at all. At least the writing makes me feel creative if not useful.

Maybe this is how life plays its last act. One by one, things drop away. When they are all gone, the curtain goes down for the last time. I have a choice. I can observe the losses and lament them or I can find ways to make better use of what’s left. Writing is one way I’m trying to do that. The problem is that while I can elevate the quality  of my life, unless a lot of people buy my writing, I’m not doing anything for Mrs. Lion.

She’s amazing. If she believed how wonderful she really is, I’d have no chance of holding on to her. She’s incredibly loving. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have conned her into loving me. Whatever I have left is dedicated to her. I am the luckiest man in the world. [Mrs. Lion — We’re both very lucky people and we know it so that makes us smart too! (And humble. Oh so humble.)]

Over the last few days, I haven’t written much. I attributed my lack of mojo to the power failure and the loss of our Comcast internet. Maybe they had something to do with it, but it seems more likely that I couldn’t decide how to move things along in the plot. I mentioned this once before, forgive the repetitiveness: Lester Del Ray, the science fiction author, once told me that getting involved in your own plot when writing is literary suicide. I get it. Writing fiction is work and requires planning and careful execution. Too bad. Sometimes I want to dive into the story. Oh well.

I also discovered that I get ravenous when I write fiction. Writing a post doesn’t seem to affect my appetite, but fiction is murder. I’m not burning any calories. It must be the stress of keeping all those balls in the air. Speaking of literary stress, I can’t find a way to let people know about my book. My friend Julie of strictjuliespanks.blogspot.com has been wonderful about letting her readers know about it. She is a terrific writer, and her book, Julie’s Spankings, is a scorching book about a young wife’s spanking adventures.

My own adventures have picked up again. Mrs. Lion is ready to begin anal activity. I asked her to hold off the first two times, but now my freebies are probably over, and the NJoy plug will be nestling where the sun don’t shine. Even without BDSM, I was effectively edged on Friday night. Mrs. Lion had a problem with my body position. We will experiment to see if we can’t improve things next time she decides to suck me.

This might be my imagination, but I’m not seeing any new bloggers on male chastity or spanking. I realize it takes time to be discovered, but there seems to be less activity. I checked in at the chastity forums, and the activity there is relatively light. The posts I read are largely from more experienced people.

Since we are starting our eighth year of male chastity, our posts aren’t terribly helpful to beginners. We do have useful content for novices, but not a lot of new writing for them. By the way, Male Chastity Journal will celebrate its seventh anniversary on February 7. Our first post was on February 7, 2014. This post is our 4,736th post. That’s a lot of writing!

It might be that the desire to blog ebbs and flows. More likely, the blog and the forum are no longer popular outlets for people to discuss these topics. That’s too bad. Other social media are a short form of design. Yes, you can blog on Instagram or Facebook, but the posts end up getting buried in newsfeeds. Only a dedicated blog allows readers to focus on a single publisher. Our readership has kept growing, so at least some new people are finding us.. Now, if I could only find a way to sell my book, Fan Mail.