Where the Rubber Meets the Road…errr…Buns

We’ve had some miscues lately. Lion wants structure. I want chaos. Not really. I just don’t want to be told to do something at a specific time. You probably noticed our passive-aggressive posts back and forth the past few days. Oh yeah? Says you! It hasn’t risen to that level. It usually doesn’t. We say (type) what we need to say and go from there. I guess in keeping with the chaos, I forgot to punish Lion for forgetting Thursday was punishment day. Friday night and Saturday got away from me. His shoulder was hurting a lot Sunday night. And I remembered Monday night.

When I brought out the paddle Sunday night, Lion said I must be going for bright red. It was the hardwood, spoon-shaped paddle. I don’t know. I was just going for pain. I always forget which paddle causes sting and which causes thud. If I can’t remember that, I have no hope of remembering which one is more likely to cause bruising. Anyway, Monday night I went for a rubber paddle. If pressed, I would guess it’s more likely to cause bruises. However, the reason I picked it is because Lion made the comment about the wooden one. I like to keep him on his toes. For all I know, he knows that and that’s why he made the comment.

split rubber spanking paddle

I had my choice of rubber paddle. There’s one about three inches wide. Another one has holes. And the other one is a tawse. I chose the tawse. I don’t know why. It just seemed like the one to use. I didn’t care about bruising. I didn’t care about blood. I just wanted to punish him while I remembered to do it and before it was so far beyond the infraction that it didn’t make any sense to do anymore. I’m sorry. That’s my motivation. I wasn’t thinking, “Oh boy, I’ll whomp his butt and he’ll never forget another punishment day again.” I just knew he needed to feel a paddle, any paddle, long enough to make him sore for a while afterward. I don’t know how long he felt it. I don’t think it was very long because he didn’t say much after the initial sitting back down on the bed.

Perhaps the threat of the impending swats caused him to remember Saturday and Monday are also punishment days. I thought I’d have to add swats when he forgot to put the coffee pot together Friday night, but he scurried out of bed after midnight to fix that issue. He’s been very good otherwise. Maybe we’ll play Spankardy tonight to see how sore those buns are after his run in with the paddle last night. Even if they aren’t sore, they’ll certainly remember quickly enough.