We had a sunny day yesterday. It was relatively warm and we supposedly had a shot at seeing the northern lights because there were no clouds. I didn’t leave the house but I couldn’t see them. We might have had a chance if we’d gone out to dinner. Lion asked if I wanted to go out. I forgot we were supposed to go to Olive Garden for his birthday. He snoozed through dinner time and then said he wasn’t very hungry anyway. We never made it out to run errands either. Big surprise. Things usually wait until Sunday to be done.

My coworkers laughed at me when I said I needed Thanksgiving to get here quickly so I could have four days to catch up on chores. It’s true. I get more laundry done. I get more everything done with a four day weekend. And we still have time for Thanksgiving dinner and some Lion fun.

Oddly, my sinus pain returned last night. It usually hurts when the weather changes to rainy, but it’s been hurting almost nonstop for over a week. It brought a wonderful headache with it too. Snuggling with Lion felt better. I guess my face pressed against a warm Lion was therapeutic. Unfortunately for Lion, that’s all we did. I know he was looking forward to sexy time, but I was looking forward to my head not hurting.

Today, I’m doing laundry, cleaning up the muddy footprints the dog just created and taking my Lion out for dinner. We also have an errand to run. If we time it right, maybe the errand can segue into dinner. And then I’ll make sure my Lion gets sexy time no matter what my head says. He may not believe this, but the night he had his ruined orgasm, I was thinking about shoving the nJoy butt plug up his ass the next night. Of course, since he had a ruined orgasm, the next night was not the next night. He might just find himself plugged tonight.

Mrs. Lion took off my male chastity device (you can see the marks on the head of my penis) and loaded my balls with clothespins.

Friday night Mrs. Lion tried out some new clothespins I ordered from Amazon. Unfortunately, she didn’t take any pictures. These weren’t very stingy items when she put them on my balls. She also put one on each of my nipples. That was painful. Nipple pinches produce a unique sort of pain that I truly dislike. Of course, that’s why she makes sure she pinches them when we play.

Plastic clothespins tend to hurt more than wood.

Clothespins have always been a favorite of my lioness. She tends to restrict BDSM to my balls. Covering them with clothespins is a no-brainer. For this purpose, she has a variety of items to select. The image at the top of this post shows my balls covered with standard wooden pins. They hurt when she puts them on some spots, but not so much on others. However, as the quantity builds, it is quite uncomfortable.

Dollhouse clothespins are the worst!

She has learned that quickly removing a clothespin hurts more than putting it on. We have a large collection of different kinds. To make things more interesting, we have wood clothespins with rough stair tread material glued inside. They are a lot more painful! We also have various plastic clothespins with different grip strengths. Speaking of that, you can test how severe a clothespin is by pinching the web between your thumb and forefinger. Doing that will let you know what you should or shouldn’t put on a man’s tender cock and balls.

The absolute champion of painful pinchers is the tiny dollhouse clothespin. These little monsters hurt anywhere you put them. Mrs. Lion likes to apply them around the rim of my penis head. I can barely handle two. I’ll do anything to get her to take them off. They are also horrible when applied to my balls.

The best thing about these pinchy toys is that they are safe to use and cheap to buy. As long as you test the grip first and don’t leave them on more than ten minutes at a time, they represent a great way to make a man sorry he has that tender skin so available to you.

Lion got some new clothespins. We haven’t been playing much – at all by his standards. I started pinching his “boobies” when I went to snuggle. He doesn’t like when I pinch his boobies. It’s ironic because he loves to pinch women’s nipples. He pinched mine once while he was falling asleep. He’s lucky I didn’t kick him out of bed.

Anyway, the new clothespins were nearby, so I slapped one on each of his boobies. I think I’d pinched them harder, but he winced a lot. They aren’t that strong. I tested them on the web of skin between my forefinger and thumb. Nothing. I realize boobies are more sensitive than the skin on the hand, but that test is usually fairly trustworthy. Of course, that didn’t deter me from yanking on them and twisting them. I guess I see it as payback for all the womens’ boobies he’s molested, although they were willing and happy participants.

If I wanted to put the clothespins on his balls, which I did, I knew I had to get my weenie into the act. Sometimes I forget that I can’t just pinch his balls without some warmup. Getting him excited first makes it easier to handle pain, I guess. One of the problems with never having experienced BDSM myself is that I don’t know what the appeal is. Does it hurt less if his mind is on his weenie? I know it’s a joke that men can’t think because all the blood rushes to their cocks during sex, but does it really dull the pain? It can’t possibly happen right away. I mean, I just got him hard and clamped these pinchy things on his balls, and he was okay with it. I don’t get it, and maybe I never will.

[Lion — Sexual arousal greatly increases the ability to handle pain. I’ve seen workshops where that was demonstrated. It’s a reproductive necessity that pain not interfere with sexual activity. Both men and women can handle a lot more gentle pain if aroused.]

The thing that surprised me most was, after a while of jerking him off, I told him I thought I needed him across the bed so I could suck him, and he asked if I could just keep going with my hand. Huh? Was he giving up oral? For my hand? Strange. I know he’s told me he didn’t think he’d get any further even if we tried oral. I don’t think he’s ever preferred my hand.

I didn’t get him to the edge before he was done, but he liked what I was doing. He told me he thinks I could edge him with my hand again at some point. Maybe that’s what he’s working toward. I’ll have to make sure I’m in a better position. I wasn’t hurting. I just wasn’t as comfortable as I might have been had I known we were in it for the long haul. I’m game if he is.

Occasionally I find myself in strong disagreement with a fellow blogger. My very good friend Julie (strictjuliespanks.blogspot.com) and I are on opposite sides of the political spectrum. That’s fine. We’re both well-meaning. She recently promoted a pay-for-view blog on Patreon. I don’t share her support for either the blogger or the platform. Patreon is a subscription site that will force you to pay to read blogs and other material. So far, a few blogs I avoided have moved to that platform. One, Julie’s friend, maintains his free site as a tease to lure you into paying for content.

I would love to monetize our website. We need the money. It would be nice to defer the costs of maintaining this website. I can’t see forcing readers to pay. It would make our content less available to people who are just curious about what we do. Bloggers use various strategies to try to get some income from their writing. “Female” chastity bloggers write”books” (usually 25,000 words or less. A real book is about 85,000 words) with provocative titles professing to teach you how to be a keyholder, dominant woman, etc. They don’t tell you that the same material is also available for free elsewhere. I don’t think it is worth $25+ for a little jerk-off material. You may disagree.

Our site, for example, has a bunch of free pages that offer reliable information on the same subjects. Julie’s site has excellent, accurate information on spanking. As an added bonus, it is free and doesn’t feature the ugly cartoon art some sites feature. Youtube offers free content on almost anything you can imagine. Xhamster.com has an amazing library of free porn. Any legal porn is available there.

I pay for a subscription to “The New York Times.” It makes sense to pay for high-quality content like that. I can’t see paying for something inferior that is available for free elsewhere. I would pay to read Julie’s blog. It’s exceptionally informative and entertaining.

I wonder if Google indexes those Patreon sites. I hope not. Google Images shows stock photos you can license. They even put a little symbol inside the images to indicate they can be licensed. If they note it will cost money to read an article they index, that would make sense.

There has to be a better way for sex bloggers to make a little money other than dumping them into aggregators like Patreon. My experience trying to sell a self-published book (Vacation with a Stranger) hasn’t helped much at all. The people who have read it say they like the story. No one has bothered reviewing it. Clearly, this isn’t the way to make a buck. I’ll bet that if I assembled my free chastity and spanking pages into “books” and sold them for $25 each, I could make money.

It’s natural for a content provider to feel that it would be fair to get some compensation for his work. It hurts when you see pure crap being promoted on a subscription site like Patreon. It makes me reconsider my strategy. Many bloggers are intensely jealous of others. For example, when I published Vacation with a Stranger, Julie happily agreed to mention and review it. The publisher of the crappy blog wrote back a two-word response, “not interested.” I get it. There are no pictures in the book. He would have trouble understanding it.

I’ve long promoted the idea of cooperation amongst us kinky bloggers. It makes sense for us to have a community. I’ve been unsuccessful. Too bad. We have a lot of readers who might be interested in reading other blogs. By the way, we list blogs that we find interesting. We don’t care if they promote us or not. I’m always looking for more.

I suppose this post is way off-topic for our blog. I apologize if I bored you. I’m not an intensely political person. I don’t chase causes. I feel very protective of our blog and other blogs that try to communicate about our kinks honestly. Tastes vary. What I perceive as crap may be gold to someone else. I’ve long resisted discussing blogs that I don’t like. I mention the ones that inform and entertain me. Most aren’t particularly noteworthy. Anyway, I needed to growl a bit. It’s good for my mental health.