If you’re reading this, you probably are interested in spanking or male chastity. Many of our posts would probably shock a vanilla reader. I imagined how I might have reacted to my post yesterday (“Spanked On Tuesday Night“). My bottom looked like the victim of a vicious beating. Even if you knew it was consensual, you might question our sanity.

I get it. It is very unlikely that any couple who is new to the idea of male spanking and domestic discipline would imagine that they would end up like us. Let’s face it, extreme is in the eye of the beholder. I suppose we are on the “extreme” end of the DD scale, at least in terms of punishment. We’re probably at the other end of the spectrum in terms of male control. Right now, Mrs. Lion only punishes me for breaking two rules: leaving the shower door open and not setting up the coffee maker. Either of those offenses will earn me a ten-minute spanking with various painful paddles.

One other rule rarely gets enforced: keeping track of the dog zapper. We have a shock collar that our dog sometimes wears when she gets dangerously rambunctious. She’s accidentally gouged both of us with her nails. The shock collar gets her attention, and she stops being so frantic. Lately, it hasn’t been needed. Anyway, I’m supposed to keep the zapper control with me when she’s wearing it. I’ve slipped up a few times but haven’t been punished. I don’t know why Mrs. Lion decided not to spank me.

I can imagine that you have two big questions. The first is, why would spankings be so severe? Surely, less damage would still make the needed point. For me, at least, less severe isn’t effective. Apparently, I’m not alone in the need for spankings that are felt for days after they are administered. It’s been two days since my last spanking, and it still hurts a little to sit. For example, if you read back a few posts, A Tale Of Nine Spankings, you’ll see that I needed stronger spankings. It’s important to remember that I’m a full-grown male. A pink bottom isn’t going to deter me from breaking a rule. I need to yelp and scream during a spanking. The humiliation of that is a big part of the punishment. Then, if I feel the spanking for days afterward, I get a strong message that I better behave.

The second question is, why such trivial rules? In the scope of our marriage, leaving the shower door open or failing to set up the coffee pot has to be trivial. Those offenses are like squeezing the toothpaste from the middle of the tube. They’re annoying but not earth-shaking. That’s the point. Little things like this accumulate in the mind. If unpunished, the anger slowly builds until there is an explosion. That doesn’t happen with us. Each time I forget, Mrs. Lion punishes me. She sees how unhappy my spanking makes me. There’s no need to build up anger. I have a very strong incentive not to break those rules. She knows it.

We gamify domestic discipline

There’s another, more subtle reason this works for us. By setting rules and consequences, we are playing a sort of game. Well, Mrs. Lion is playing a game and enjoys that aspect of our disciplinary marriage. Instead of being pissed off that I left the shower door open, she gets pleasure from catching me. She doesn’t particularly enjoy spanking me.; she doesn’t dislike it either. But spanking me is part of the game. It wouldn’t be much fun if all she did were catch me. She likes my reaction and the consequence she delivers. Spanking me doesn’t turn her on, but it is part of a game she likes.

The rules of the game are very simple. She makes rules I am to follow. They can be trivial. That doesn’t matter. If I break a rule and she discovers it, I am punished. The punishment is important. For the game to be fun, I have to genuinely want to avoid being punished. Mrs. Lion can tell if my punishment isn’t severe enough if I break the rule again too soon. We agree that I need more rules. The game isn’t very challenging right now. Suggestions would be appreciated.

The idea of being spanked turns me on. That’s another reason Mrs. Lion has to be severe. A milder spanking could be interpreted as sex play. A ten-minute DWC spanking never feels like play to me. I hate it while I get it. A day or two later, thinking about it will probably turn me on. I can’t explain this obvious contradiction. It’s how I’m wired. In fact, if too much time goes by without a spanking, my sex drive is affected. Mrs. Lion knows this. If more than a couple of weeks go by without a rule being broken, I get a “just because” spanking. It’s identical to what I get if I break a rule.

You might imagine that I would intentionally break a rule just to get spanked. I won’t. Even though the idea of being spanked turns me on and my sexual battery gets recharged by spanking, it still hurts too much to invite. Also, if I intentionally break a rule, that’s cheating in our game. That’s why we need more rules. Adding new rules is challenging me.

I like that the consequences are so painfully real. It gives me a strong incentive to avoid being caught. I work hard to stay off the spanking bench. Mrs. Lion works hard to find reasons to make me ride it. Right now, the ball is in her court. The game is getting too easy for me. I’m challenged when I get more than one spanking a week. That means I need to work very hard, or sitting will hurt all of the time. That’s how I get tuned up.

Tuesday night spanking result. It was clearly a 6 on the Spank-O-Meter.

Mrs. Lion is back to being consistent about enforcing my rules. I left the shower door open on Monday. She caught me and spanked me on Tuesday night. If you wonder why I get spanked for leaving the shower door open, our dog likes to go into the shower stall and tramp around. She leaves muddy footprints inside the shower, and anywhere else she happens to go. Before we got the pup, we always left the shower door open to let the shower stall dry quickly to avoid mildew. Now that we have the dog, we need to leave it closed.

My spanking last night rated a six on the Lion Spank-o-meter (See image above). It was unusually focused on the lower center of my bottom. Mrs. Lion usually concentrates her energy further to the sides. She also spread my cheeks and spanked the tender flesh inside and my very sensitive perineum. I hated that! I know. I’m supposed to hate it.

She didn’t start the timer until after her warmup swats. She didn’t stop when the timer went off. She continued on and on. That’s the worst. I wait and wait until my spanking time is up. Finally, after the alarm sounds, Mrs. Lion ignores it and keeps going. This time she continued for quite a while after the time was up. That’s the worst for me. The longer she goes after the timer goes off, the more I realize who is in control. It isn’t me.

I think the image tells the story. She didn’t neglect any area on my bottom. It was red from top to well below on my upper thighs. She concentrated on the lower center because that’s where my rear makes contact with a chair. A day later, it hurts as I sit and write this.

She told me that she started with wood paddles and changed to leather near the end of my spanking. I don’t know why she decided to proceed in that order. She knows what she is doing.

She changed up how she keeps me in place. Mrs. Lion used the larger strap around my chest and the bench. That keeps me in position. She took another strap and wrapped it around my legs and the legs of the bench. I couldn’t raise them or kick the air. I was trapped firmly in the spanking position.

When I’m strapped down that way, and Mrs. Lion goes into overtime when she spanks me, I feel especially helpless. I’m not accepting a punishment I earned. I’m getting punished. Accepting punishment is a choice. Getting punished doesn’t require my cooperation. Sure, I let her strap me down. I can’t help it. I agreed to be under her control. I also find the idea of being spanked very hot. In that sense, I want her to punish me. Once I’m strapped down, and she starts spanking me, I don’t want to be punished. If I say anything, her response is, “Too bad, Lion.”

You’d think I’d learn. It hurts to sit! Do you think I will resist the next time she brings out the spanking bench? I’ll meekly get into position, and she’ll strap me down.

Yesterday and today. Lion shows marks a day later. He says it hurts to sit down.

I dragged out the spanking bench last night and got the straps ready. Since Lion has no butt, the strap around his waist always slides down. I got the bright idea to put the strap around his legs instead. It was well out of the strike zone and seemed to hold him very well. He didn’t wiggle very much and the strap stayed where it was supposed to.

Based on Lion’s post, I decided not to start out with the leather paddle. I went with wood. I didn’t want him to just go numb and then start waling on him. He should feel it. I know he’ll get somewhat numb after a while anyway, but it seems wrong to get him numb in the beginning. Naturally, I didn’t go right for blood. (I don’t go for blood.) I warmed him up with a wood paddle. I’m sure he thinks I didn’t warm him up enough. Maybe I didn’t. It’s difficult to tell how long to do it. Again, I don’t want him to get numb too soon. I just want the nerve endings to be aware of what’s coming. Wake up, little nerve endings. I’m coming for you.

I switched paddles quite a bit so I don’t know which one was the culprit that drew blood. It was a tiny spot on his left cheek. Of course, that tiny spot got transferred all over his butt, so he looked like he had measles. And then, more spots opened. He wasn’t a bloody mess. I’ve made him bleed a lot more than he did last night. Maybe I did a good job of warming him up after all. Maybe I did a good job of dispersing the swats so no one area took the brunt. I also varied between hard and harder swats. I did some rapid-fire swats and then some swats with time for him to consider how much it hurt before I whacked him again.

He’s got some marks left on him today and he says it hurts to sit down. Good! He always looks like he’s going to have bruising and then he doesn’t. I didn’t go for bruising. Maybe he has the butt who cried wolf. It looks like he’s getting a bruise so I back off and then it laughs at me when it doesn’t bruise. Silly butt.

All systems were “go” on Monday night. Mrs. Lion used her hand to get me hard and then applied some nasty plastic clothespins to my balls. She made sure that they hurt and pulled on them while she jerked me off. Eventually, she removed them one at a time. She pulled them off slowly and painfully. Yup, this is lion foreplay. Once my balls were clothespin-free, she had me move across the bed for a delightful blow job. I had a great orgasm, but no creamy treat for her came out.

That was the good news. The bad news is that I forgot to close the shower door. I’m due for a spanking later today (Tuesday). I recently posted a spanking “color chart” (“Use The Spanking Severity Color Chart To Standardize Punishment“). Its purpose was to help Mrs. Lion standardize my spanking severity. I printed a copy for her. I may be sorry I did this. I’m not being entirely truthful. I will be sorry when Mrs. Lion spanks me, but I think helping her make a strong point is ultimately good for me.

That may be the big difference between domestic discipline and traditional punishments. Even though I end up suffering, I am Mrs. Lion’s partner. I asked her to punish me as needed. We both had to learn about disciplinary spanking. That helped create a rather odd partnership. Even though helping Mrs. Lion give more effective spankings ultimately causes me more pain, it also gives her the tools to correct me efficiently. We aren’t unique this way. I don’t know of any male domestic discipline that isn’t a partnership where the man actively helps his wife punish him.

From what I’ve read, the wife learns how to spank her husband, and his input is no longer needed. Mrs. Lion doesn’t really need my input. She is absolutely capable of delivering a butt-blistering spanking. I have the pictures to prove it. She’s been trying to solve a technical problem. When she uses her wooden paddles, my skin tends to crack, and I bleed. There are no visible cuts, but I bleed for a short time.

I suggested that she try leather paddles. Leather is likely to make my bottom red but not blister or bleed. She’s taken my suggestion. The leather hurts a lot (almost as much as the wood) and usually doesn’t make me bleed. There are two problems. The first is that after about five minutes, my butt gets numb, and the pain is largely reduced. This numbing is normal during a spanking. With wood, it’s easier to escalate the force to break through and keep the spanking painful. The second issue is that I haven’t felt the spanking more than a few minutes after Mrs. Lion finishes. We both agree that I should feel a spanking for at least a day after I get it.

I guess that we can’t eliminate some blood from a disciplinary spanking. Apparently, wood or rubber paddles are needed to produce lasting effects. That doesn’t rule out leather. Perhaps the first five minutes of a spanking could be with leather. Mrs. Lion can work up to really hard leather swats. Her arm gets tired when she has to hit very hard. If, after about five minutes, she switches to wood and rubber, she will need less force, and I will not benefit from any built-up numbing. That’s a win/win for her and a lose/lose for me.

Of course, she could go back to wood and skip the leather entirely. She has a lot of choices. As we’ve learned, these spanking implements are not created equal. The leather paddles are fairly new, and Mrs. Lion hasn’t used them often. She probably has a good idea of what will work best for her. I’ll suffer through the next chapter later today.