I managed to piss off Mrs. Lion. We were having a conversation and I wasn’t doing a good job communicating. It was an emotionally loaded subject that upset me to discuss. The topic isn’t important. I apologized after we went back to doing our own thing. She wasn’t terribly receptive. I mentioned, apropos of my post yesterday, that this seemed like a situation where I earned punishment. In a doubtful tone, she said, “I suppose so.”

Her lack of conviction about punishing me said less about the seriousness of the situation than it did about how useful she must think domestic discipline is for her. There was no question that she was visibly angry at me. I got the strong feeling that she doesn’t think of punishing me as any more than something I want her to do.

I’ve had this feeling before. After all, she is nearly perfect in spotting and punishing offenses like spilling food or eating first. Just this past weekend, I forgot to remind her that Saturday was punishment day. She was ready to pounce right after my deadline for telling her. Yet when I truly upset her, the idea of punishing me didn’t seem to cross her mind.

She isn’t doing something wrong. I don’t believe that she isn’t bought into domestic discipline. I think the issue goes far deeper. I think that after a lifetime of holding her feelings back, it doesn’t feel right to express them. One of the reasons I want us to practice DD is to give Mrs. Lion an immediate, direct way of expressing her anger at me.

I believe that holding feelings back can eventually poison the well. Feelings have to go somewhere. Sooner or later they have to get expressed. The question is how? I’m convinced that the healthiest way is via the domestic discipline channel. We have some evidence to support this: When I don’t prepare the coffee pot for breakfast, Mrs. Lion has to do it in the morning when she is rushing to get to work. It’s an annoyance. If DD wasn’t in place, she would almost certainly say nothing and just do the work herself. I am absolutely certain this would annoy her. It would certainly annoy me if the situation was reversed.

With our DD, if I forget she lets me know that I will be punished. She knows that by spanking me she is providing an incentive not to repeat the offense. She also gets a bit of a positive feeling from catching me. She genuinely enjoys discovering me offending. Obviously, there is no deep, emotional issue brought up when I forget to get the coffee ready. That’s not the case when I upset her in a conversation.

We both know that domestic discipline works for us. Where Mrs. Lion applies it, I improve. Yes, I backslide sometimes, but that is handled in a fair, dispassionate way by spanking me. It’s effective for both of us. I don’t think there is any reason to assume it wouldn’t be equally effective if applied to those emotional issues that Mrs. Lion tends to avoid.

It’s probably up to me to spot those situations and suggest punishing me when they come up. It may feel a bit like topping from the bottom, but it’s actually self-reporting. The thing is that I am not the best reporter. I probably only notice the more serious incidents. Still, it’s a start. I have faith in Mrs. Lion’s ability to adapt and grow.

After all this time you would think I could remember to remind Mrs. Lion of punishment days. I managed to forget on Saturday. My deadline for reminding her is 8:30 PM. At 9 she asked me if I had reminded her. I had to confess that I didn’t.

“Oh well,” she said and smiled.

Oh well, indeed! I’m due for a punishment spanking. Mrs. Lion spanked me before we started watching football. It was absolutely no fun at all. Being punished is no longer an event with sexual overtones. The idea of being spanked turns me on, but not when I’m thinking about being punished.

rubber tawse

Spanking me is just one more item on Mrs. Lion’s to-do list. Since she evolved into Lioness 4.0, that means punishing me is a dispassionate exercise in making me hurt as much as possible. 4.0 is devoid of sympathy. She knows that her job as my disciplinary wife is to make each punishment as miserable as she can.

From what she’s said recently, she is also working on discovering which paddle(s) she can use to assure I will continue to feel pain for at least a day after she spanks me. It seems to me that she is approaching this with the same experimental sense of adventure she’s exhibited in the past.

Now that she means business when she spanks me, I can’t tell what she is using to beat me. A recent punishment spanking was administered with the heavy rubber tawse. She has three implements made from thick conveyor belt material: the tawse, a 3″ wide paddle, and another paddle the same size with large holes drilled into it. The rubber paddles tend to give me purple marks that last for a few days. They don’t hurt after the spanking, they just look bad. As you might expect, they hurt like hell while Mrs. Lion is spanking me.

Another favorite is the spoon-shaped paddle. This one is made from heavy, imported hardwood. It looks like a big kitchen spoon. It’s not. This is a mean paddle with a nice long handle to give Mrs. Lion a lot of leverage. When she swings it hard, I yelp and scream. I hate that one!

She also likes her bloodwood paddles. These were made for me by John Hanson. He made truly vicious toys. Before the spanking spoon (made by Sporkwood. You can find them on Etsy), they were the most painful paddles in her arsenal. I speculated that perhaps the Hanson paddles might make me more red than purple.

We got into the “color” discussion because pictures Mrs. Lion takes of my bottom after spankings show very little red. She says that my bottom is quite red, but the pictures barely show pink. I stupidly suggested that maybe she should work for a deeper red that might show up better. I don’t know if she plans to see if she can do that later when she spanks me.

I really need to keep my mouth shut.

We’ve had some miscues lately. Lion wants structure. I want chaos. Not really. I just don’t want to be told to do something at a specific time. You probably noticed our passive-aggressive posts back and forth the past few days. Oh yeah? Says you! It hasn’t risen to that level. It usually doesn’t. We say (type) what we need to say and go from there. I guess in keeping with the chaos, I forgot to punish Lion for forgetting Thursday was punishment day. Friday night and Saturday got away from me. His shoulder was hurting a lot Sunday night. And I remembered Monday night.

When I brought out the paddle Sunday night, Lion said I must be going for bright red. It was the hardwood, spoon-shaped paddle. I don’t know. I was just going for pain. I always forget which paddle causes sting and which causes thud. If I can’t remember that, I have no hope of remembering which one is more likely to cause bruising. Anyway, Monday night I went for a rubber paddle. If pressed, I would guess it’s more likely to cause bruises. However, the reason I picked it is because Lion made the comment about the wooden one. I like to keep him on his toes. For all I know, he knows that and that’s why he made the comment.

split rubber spanking paddle

I had my choice of rubber paddle. There’s one about three inches wide. Another one has holes. And the other one is a tawse. I chose the tawse. I don’t know why. It just seemed like the one to use. I didn’t care about bruising. I didn’t care about blood. I just wanted to punish him while I remembered to do it and before it was so far beyond the infraction that it didn’t make any sense to do anymore. I’m sorry. That’s my motivation. I wasn’t thinking, “Oh boy, I’ll whomp his butt and he’ll never forget another punishment day again.” I just knew he needed to feel a paddle, any paddle, long enough to make him sore for a while afterward. I don’t know how long he felt it. I don’t think it was very long because he didn’t say much after the initial sitting back down on the bed.

Perhaps the threat of the impending swats caused him to remember Saturday and Monday are also punishment days. I thought I’d have to add swats when he forgot to put the coffee pot together Friday night, but he scurried out of bed after midnight to fix that issue. He’s been very good otherwise. Maybe we’ll play Spankardy tonight to see how sore those buns are after his run in with the paddle last night. Even if they aren’t sore, they’ll certainly remember quickly enough.

We were supposed to be on a camping trip from last Thursday through yesterday. The bad smoke forced us to cancel it. Mrs. Lion worked on Thursday and Friday but took yesterday off. We had a mostly-relaxing day. Mrs. Lion did the annual filter changes for our reverse osmosis drinking water filter system. This involved changing out three filter canisters and a UV sterilizing light. She did a lot of growling trying to get all the pieces together. There’s nothing like a struggle under the kitchen sink to improve a lioness’s temperament.

This is particularly unfortunate because she owes me a spanking. Actually, it doesn’t matter at all. She is going to do what she wants to do regardless of other frustrations. Speaking of that, on Sunday night she used that particularly-unpleasant blue menthol rub on my balls. She was careful to keep the nasty stuff under them and on my perineum. I assume she did that because she planned on sucking me after the burning let up.

She put several large globs on my balls and massaged them in. Then, she masturbated me. Within a minute or two the burning set in. I really bate how that feels! Lioness 4.0 must be in town because as the burning started to let up, she massaged the area which helped the menthol find new places to burn. She did this several times. After the first time, I asked what she was doing. She told me that she thought it would make me feel better. I expressed my doubt about her motive. She smiled and massaged the area again.

Eventually, the menthol wore off. I should be grateful that she diligently kept masturbating me while I was burning. Being sexually aroused helps me tolerate pain. I was very happy when the diabolical stuff wore off.

Mrs. Lion followed with a very nice blow job. She got me right to the edge of ejaculation. I was trying to hump her mouth. She did this several times. Sunday was my 20th day of waiting. Finally, she kept going and gave me a huge orgasm. She said I produced a lot of semen. I’m very glad to hear that. I hope she doesn’t think I need longer and longer waits to build up a supply. I don’t think it works that way; at least I hope it doesn’t.

I’m writing this late on Monday afternoon. After I finish this post, I’m heading for the shower. After that, I expect I will be spanked. The punishment is delayed. I forgot to remind Mrs. Lion of punishment day last Thursday. I think she is going to try for a more photogenic red color. She hasn’t mentioned it, but I noticed she had selected one of the lighter, stingier paddles. Yuck! I’m sure she will take a picture if she gets the color she wants.

For the record, my bottom never turns very red. It can be that I just haven’t been spanked enough to produce the deep color so coveted by spankers, or it could be my anatomy doesn’t cooperate. I expect that Lioness 4.0 will compel cooperation. Ouch!