I was punished on Sunday night for failing to set up the coffeepot. I received, for Mrs. Lion, a mild spanking. Don’t get me wrong, it hurt like hell and left me with a red bottom and a few bruises. I was grateful it wasn’t worse. I dreaded my punishment. The offense occurred on Saturday. I was very careful to be sure to not repeat the mistake on Sunday. Mrs. Lion noticed this and teased me that I mustn’t want another punishment. She was right.

After Sunday’s punishment.

After she finished and took a picture for us to post, I felt oddly happy. It’s tough to admit, but I need to feel her authority. This need is different from the combination of sexual arousal and desire for control that got us started. It’s deeper. It seems to me that our disciplinary relationship has matured to the point that we both need it. Mrs. Lion clearly enjoyed catching me breaking a rule. While she doesn’t get any particular pleasure out of punishing me, she clearly sees it as a necessary activity.

You may have noticed that I am referring to my spanking as being punished. This is intentional. Mrs. Lion almost never refers to spanking me unless it is time for her to administer one. It’s always “punishment.” I’ve noticed this for some time. You can see it in her posts. I think this is significant. Spanking is an activity that can be BDSM or disciplinary. I almost always refer to my discipline as “spankings..” I focus on the activity. Mrs. Lion talks about the consequence of my offense: punishment.

It’s a lot easier for me to talk about being spanked than it is to refer to it as punishment. The words are not synonyms. Punishment is retribution by an authority. Spanking is swatting my bottom. I can be aroused thinking about spanking; not so much about being punished.

This isn’t splitting hairs. The physical activity may be the same, but the way it affects us isn’t. Punishment is an expression of her authority. I think that’s why I have resisted using the word when talking about being disciplined. And, I suspect it is why she uses it almost exclusively. I doubt it’s a conscious decision for her. It wasn’t for me. Now that I think about it, I understand.

moving to the next level

It’s been difficult for Mrs. Lion to extend her authority to cover my behavior when I annoy her. It’s one thing to punish me for breaking a rule. It’s another to exercise her authority if I say something that pisses her off. She tends to question whether the reason she is annoyed comes from me or from other external factors. It would be unfair to punish me because she was upset by a bad day at work.

I buy that. I think it is almost always possible to identify other factors beyond my control that upset her. On the other hand, there is no ambiguity at all about whether or not I set up the coffeepot. If I forget, she punishes me. It’s black and white.

If we make a list of things I do that generally annoy her, she can pick two or three to punish. Each can be specifically defined. Obviously, it is much more difficult to do this than the simple set-up-the-coffeepot rule, but I’m sure we can do it. Then it might be easier to enforce with the same consistency as the old rules.

Neither of us can explain why our disciplinary relationship works so well for us. It does and we both agree that when it is in full force we are happier. I think that my habit of referring to punishment as spankings is a way to avoid recognizing Mrs. Lion’s authority. I will stop doing that. It surprises me that such a subtle, semantic difference between spanking and punishment can make such a big difference to me. Even now, though I realize it, I find it a little difficult to say that I was punished. I would much rather say I was spanked.

My theory that I caused Lion’s sore spot appears to be correct. I’ve wondered if I injured him with my teeth when I did my Hoover impression. Since I was sucking so hard, I think I nicked him with my tooth and caused the bruise. I can’t explain why it turned from bruise to weird white spot or why it morphed into an apparent scar. However, as I sucked him last night, Lion noticed that my tooth does occasionally hit that spot. I told him I’ll get dentures so I can gum him and we won’t have an issue in the future. (In college, my roommate used to file her teeth down. I don’t know if she had similar issues biting her partners.)

I haven’t been sucking Lion as hard. That one time was it. I’m not even sure why I did it then, but I guess it was a bad idea. He did ask me the other night to not suck as hard. I wasn’t aware I was sucking hard but I loosened up anyway. I don’t want to hurt him again.

Despite the fact that it was late (after 8:30), I was able to get Lion to the edge easily. He reset the wait time. We’re at three days today, I believe. I’m happy he was horny enough to get to the edge after only two days. That hasn’t been the case lately. When I was done with him, he was still spread eagle across the bed for a few minutes. It took him some time to catch his breath. Job well done!

Of course, I’m not sure if his horniness stems from the punishment spanking he got for forgetting to set up the coffee pot. So far he’s remembered to do it since his blunder the other day. I asked him if he was trying to avoid more swats. He is. Good boy. He seemed a little thin-skinned while I was swatting him. Maybe he needs more practice taking swats. A maintenance spanking may not do much for his mind, but I think it helps his buns remember. Perhaps we’ll have to do some experiments in that area.

We had a busy Sunday. We took the dog for a bath and groom. She looks great and will probably not make me as allergic. Then we played Spankball while we watched the NY Giants game. Once again, Mrs. Lion decided that she would deliver all of the swats earned after the game. The Giants won by a single point. I earned 70 swats (2 per point scored and 1 for each turnover against the Giants). Did I mention that Mrs. Lion is a very effective spanker?

The Hanson Ferrule paddle in bloodwood. Ouch!
The Hanson Ferrule paddle. This bloodwood model is one of the most effective spankers she owns.

It was fun watching the game; not so much fun getting the swats. While I watch them play, I love it when our team scores but also get a little twinge because each touchdown/extra point is 14 more swats. I know, I know, poor baby. Mrs. Lion used the very mean ferrule paddle. It’s made from dense, heavy bloodwood. It has a very small striking face and a long handle. The combination guarantees maximum pain.

Sunday was a week since my last orgasm. I’ve had a few sexual thoughts, but in general, I am not at my most cheerful. I’m writing this early Sunday evening. Mrs. Lion wrote that she plans to try some oral attention tonight. I think I will enjoy it. I’ve never not enjoyed Mrs. Lion’s mouth.

In the days when we had vaginal sex, I posited that I liked oral sex better than vaginal. Maybe because it’s been more than 2-1/2 years since my last chance to fuck, I am looking back at it nostalgically, believing that felt better. It’s just a matter of wanting what I don’t have. I absolutely love it when Mrs. Lion sucks me. I’m even fine that she only lets me ejaculate infrequently.

It could be that today’s Spankball reset some internal circuit breaker. Maybe I need a painful butt whomping to feel better. I wonder if Mrs. Lion believes that. If she does, I wonder why I haven’t seen the business end of her paddle sooner. I suspect that she isn’t sure enough to demand I present my butt to her for attention regardless of how I say I’m feeling.

Based on how I feel now, a command game of Spankardy or Spankball might be an easy way to help. The trick isn’t to ask me if I want to play. Just tell me. I like that even in bad times.

I am still out of sexual commission. Of course, that didn’t stop Mrs. Lion from spanking me Monday night. After all, I had gotten some chocolate on my shirt. Before she started, I suggested she aim a bit higher. Based on the pictures she’s taken (Right), her aim has been much more at my upper thighs than my butt. That does hurt more. I suggested she move a bit north and cover the lower half of my bottom, perhaps paying more attention to the center near my crack.

I’ve noticed from the pictures that Mrs. Lion has taken, most of the red and bruises are on my thighs. Much of the activity on my bottom has been on the sides. I suspect that this is partly due to the size of the paddle.

She has been using the larger, conveyor-belt material paddles. They are whippy and tend to hit harder on the far edge. This, combined with her low focus, leaves some of my most sensitive real estate untouched.

When we discussed this, she explained to me that I told her the most painful area is the upper thighs (true!) and that the area most likely to be felt is near the crease at the bottom of my butt (not exactly right). That’s why she has been concentrating there.

She isn’t wrong. However, the most sensitive areas for both spanking pain and next-day discomfort are in two places: the area just above the crease along my crack, going out about six inches on either side, and the area on the side of my butt above the crease going up about halfway. The lower center of each cheek is also excellent. This is the area my redness ends in the picture.

I’m not topping from the bottom. it’s just that I have a lot of experience spanking. The picture above was taken at a spanking late last month. Mrs. Lion used one of the smaller-faced wooden paddles on Monday. She left me a sore spot directly above the crease, right next to my crack. This is the area most likely to hurt when I sit. I don’t put my weight on my upper thighs.

There’s nothing wrong with the pattern in the picture. Mrs. Lion made her point quite well. If she also focused on covering the center, particularly the lower-center of my butt, she would have made an even stronger point. In terms of getting my upper thighs, aside from me really hating being spanked there, it is a perfectly reasonable area to attack. It just isn’t likely to cause next-day discomfort.

My advice would be — Boy, am I gonna regret this — to continue covering the areas in the picture, just add and really emphasize the center, particularly the area about 3-inches below the crease to about 4-inches above. that would be the area from the two bruises on either side of my crack, down to the bruises on my thighs.

I will be sorry I offered this spanking lesson.