I don’t normally talk about health issues in our blog. But, in this case I think it’s fair to give you an update on what’s happening with me. Last summer, I began experiencing some problems with my vision. An eye exam revealed that my intraocular pressure was up and in short, I had glaucoma. This was odd because only a month earlier I had an exam and the pressure was absolutely normal. My optometrist referred me to a glaucoma ophthalmologist. He’s managed to get my pressure lower using medication. I suffered some loss of vision in my left eye as a result of the glaucoma.

At the same time, I’ve experienced loss of balance and I’ve fallen a few times when one of my legs felt like it just collapsed under me. I visited a sports medicine surgeon; the same guy who did my rotator cuff surgery. He determined I have a torn ACL but I don’t require surgery. I’m walking with a cane to help catch me if my leg collapses. Even so, I fell again this time with the other leg collapsing.

I also experienced loss of sensation in my fingers. This is called peripheral neuropathy. My primary physician suggested I see a neurologist, which I did yesterday. She suggested I schedule an MRI to look at my neck. Okay, it never occurred to me that there was anything going on there but I did it anyway. The MRI was yesterday. The results are pretty scary.

Apparently, most, if not all, of my symptoms are due to narrowing of my spinal column which puts pressure on my spinal nerves. I was told this is very serious and the problems would continue to worsen. This afternoon I have a meeting with a neurosurgeon to discuss immediate surgery to correct this problem.

I did my due diligence and learned that there is an operation commonly done to clean out the space and give my spinal cord enough room. Apparently, doing this surgery might well reverse all of the problems I’ve been having. The thing is, from what I’ve read I have to wear a neck brace which will prevent any movement for some time after the surgery. I don’t know how long that will be. I don’t know whether I can handle this kind of restriction.

Obviously, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to worry about how I’ll handle it until after my conversation with the neurosurgeon. Mrs. Lion was with me today and will go with me tomorrow.

No one likes to get an email from their doctor saying there’s an urgent problem that needs surgical correction. I keep thinking back to how painful and difficult recovery was from my rotator cuff surgery. When I was told my ACL was torn, I cringed inside because the memory of all that pain-and-suffering is just too fresh.

Before I learned about this new fresh hell, I had asked Mrs. Lion to put me back in my cock ring when we got home today. We are home now, but I don’t feel much like getting locked up again. I’m sure you can see why.

I’ve been lucky. Up until last year, I’ve been free of broken bones and chronic illnesses. I’ve gone my merry way through life with little sacrifice. I guess my chickens have come home to roost. In a way I’m glad it’s happening now. I’ve had a chance to travel extensively and embark on lots of really good adventures.

I don’t mean to sound so gloomy, but dealing with this stuff is getting harder and harder. I doubt the surgery will be scheduled before next week so we will have a chance to play our NFL game during the Super Bowl.

If (when) I get the surgery, we are not going to have a lot to write about enforced male chastity, at least I don’t think we will. Both of us really like sharing our lives with you. I’ve got the technology here at home to continue writing. Since I lost sensation in my fingers, I’ve been using Dragon Naturally Speaking to dictate my posts. Mrs. Lion has been correcting the typos inevitably made by the software.

Similarly, I can probably continue working from home. Of course, I can’t work if I am doped up on pain medication. Later this morning I’ll have a conversation with my boss laying out the possibilities. Fortunately for me, my company has very liberal medical benefits. I can go on short-term disability for 12 weeks. I’m very sure if I get the surgery I won’t need anything near that much. In fact, I got an email yesterday that one of the other people in my office, a guy, is taking 12 weeks for parental bonding. Amazing!

So, there may be some changes around here soon. Both of us will keep you up-to-date. If you’re interested, we’ll let you know how I’m dealing with this newest issue and how Mrs. Lion is dealing with me.

Lion fell again yesterday and hurt his ankle. He has a few appointments this afternoon so I’m playing chauffeur again. It’s easier for me to drop him off at the door and park the car. There’s much less walking involved for Lion.

To my surprise, Lion was horny last night. I figured the pain of his ankle would overshadow any thoughts of orgasm. It turns out I was half right. He was horny and looking for play. When I went all the way to orgasm he was disappointed. Not only because his ankle hurt, but also because I said in my post I was going to make him wait.

How can he be disappointed with an orgasm? Yes, it was “only” a five day wait, but not many men would be disappointed with an orgasm. If I stopped twenty guys of all ages on the street and told them they’d be having an orgasm tonight they’d likely say, “Hell, yes!” They’re guys. Isn’t having an orgasm always on their top ten list?

This isn’t the first time Lion has been disappointed in having an orgasm. Sometimes he just thought I was going to make him wait. That’s fine. I want him to think that. I don’t think he should ever feel confident that he’ll have an orgasm. If he thinks, “Tonight’s the night!” and it isn’t, that’s perfect. If he thinks, “I want an orgasm so bad and she won’t give me one” and I do, that’s perfect too. But if it’s my decision when he gets an orgasm then he shouldn’t be disappointed when he gets one.

I thought I was being nice. I was trying to take his mind off of his aching ankle. I was trying to relieve the stress of being hurt again and not knowing if he can make it to his appointments today without my help. Ironically, that’s why he didn’t want an orgasm.

mature metal double locking cock ring
The double locking cock ring from Mature Metal. This is the device I wear.
(Click image to go to Mature Metal.)

I am back in the Mature Metal locking cock ring. The best way to describe this device is that it’s a chastity device without the penis cage. I know that sounds odd, but in reality that’s what it is. The cock ring is available with a padlock to keep it closed, or with a security screw. That’s the one I have.

I like the double base ring. It feels like a more solid platform for the device. As you can see in the picture below, it fits well while soft or hard. The actual cock ring (the smaller ring in front of the double base ring) is 1/4 inch bigger in diameter then the cage on my Jail Bird chastity device. Mistress Mature Metal, the CEO of the company suggests making the ring slightly larger to more comfortably accommodate an erection.

locking cock ring on lion's penis
Here’s my locking cock ring as it fits my flaccid and erect penis. It’s very comfortable in both states. Since the front ring is tight, I stay harder longer.
(Click image to view larger)

When I get hard with the ring on, the extra quarter inch isn’t enough for a loose fit, but not so tight as to be uncomfortable or to prevent my erection from subsiding. You can see this in the picture (Right) above. The cock ring gives Mrs. Lion some trouble getting the locking screw into the threads. We are both hoping that over time it will come easier for her.

When I ordered the device and asked for advice on sizing, Mistress MM had this advice:

“LOVE using the double locking cock ring on William. (He actually makes the devices)
It allows me access when ever I want it and I know he is trained to not touch.

You MAY want to go up a size on the front locking cock ring (FLCR) since you will be able to become fully erect.
William uses a round base ring with his (oval with the cage).
A FLCR can not be adjusted in size.

The post on the base ring of a locking cock ring is much shorter, so you will not be able to
use it with the cage. If you want them interchangeable, the post will stick out much further
than the locking collar on top of the FLCR which can get in the way if you two cuddle.”

locking cock ring on lion's hard penis
This is the security screw on the locking cock ring, It requires a special tool (supplied with the ring) to remove.
(Click image to view larger)

We took her advice. The double-base -ring device is $155 with padlock. Adding a security screw costs an extra $65; well worth it in my opinion.

My base ring is round, and like William’s my Jail Bird base ring is oval. The cock ring takes a little getting used to. Here I am wearing a device that is as secure as my chastity cage. Yet, the penis is out and fully accessible. Like William, I’m trained not to play with it on my own. It’s hanging out for Mrs. Lion’s convenience.

I really like wearing this. It fits and feels just like my Jail Bird. It’s not going anywhere. I would have a lot of trouble removing it. I like to think of it as a very concrete symbol of my commitment to my lioness. As you can see in the pictures, no one will miss it if they get a chance to see Mrs. Lion’s weenie.

In a way, being allowed to wear this locking cock ring makes me a sort of “trustee” in the world of enforced male chastity. I have free access because Mrs. Lion trusts that I’ll keep my paws to myself. Any suspicion that I’m playing with her penis will be greeted by return to full-time lockup in the Jail Bird chastity device.

I think Lion enjoys causing himself trouble. Let’s examine his track record:

He started off by asking me to spank him all those years ago. Then he introduced other evil ways to torture him. Several years ago he suggested male chastity. More recently, he came up with the idea of putting me in charge. I am now responsible for his orgasms, behavior, and whether or not he has access to his favorite toy.

Is he out of his mind?


This morning he suggested we up the ante for our football spanking/zapping game. Since we both hate the Patriots, he proposed a change in the amount of swats he receives when they score. I’ve agreed. He will now receive four swats for every Patriot point scored. Maybe he should receive ice cubes for his sore buns when the Rams score.

Of course, another possibility is to have the same amount of swats for each team’s score but use a meaner paddle for the Patriots. Or I could reduce the number of Rams swats to one per point. As you can see, there are any number of permutations. I just really, really, really don’t want the Patriots to win.

Lion is safely locked in his locking cock ring again. Not that that makes much difference. He can still touch my weenie. But it also reminds him (I hope) that he shouldn’t. I also hope it reminds him how horny he is and that I’m the only one who can remedy that situation. And no, I don’t plan to remedy it right away. I’m enjoying his frustration too much.