cowgirl sexual position

We spent a good portion of Saturday afternoon outside while Lion’s ham radio antenna was being set up. I got the slightest hint of sunburn. I don’t know why I can’t get it through my head that I burn easily, sometimes to the point of sun poisoning. This time it wasn’t so bad.

I was tired by the end of the day. To get things ready for people to walk around in the yard, I had to de-poop and mow. And still the dog pooped while we were out there. Lion asked me to put the dog in the house because she was getting the neighbor’s noisy dogs riled up. I was concentrating on cleaning up the poop before someone stepped in it. Then Lion yelled at me to take the dog in. I yelled right back that I would (it wasn’t like I didn’t answer him the first time) when I was done with what I was doing. He’ll say he didn’t yell. He did. He gets impatient when things don’t happen right away. I get impatient when he yells at me to do something I already said I’d do. Generally, I’m doing something at the time and he doesn’t give me a chance to finish before I do what he wants. Of course, he wants what he wants when he wants it.

Anyway, I’ve been working to put the cables in to attach the radio to the antenna. I should finish today. I had thought about an orgasm for Lion last night, but I was tired after messing with the cables. And I thought about one for tonight, but I’ll be finishing up the cable. He’s been after me for a vaginal orgasm (his orgasm, my vagina) so I was considering doing it, mostly to stop him from bugging me about it. Again, he wants what he wants.

He also seems to think I think his Edex-induced erections are fragile. I assume this is because we don’t play much. We have played after he’s used Edex. We just hit periods where we don’t play much. The dice were supposed to change that. Then I decided how things would work for a few orgasms. If he’d like to take his chances with the dice for the next go round, we can do that. I merely thought he’d like to be ridden. Am I wrong, Lion? [Lion — I’ve been waiting for six years! I’m certainly ready.]

lion's spanked butt
You can’t see his haircut, but here’s his spanked butt. (Click image to enlarge)

Lion wanted a haircut. He also wanted to be spanked and given an orgasm. I cut his hair just after work so he could take a shower and get all the little bits of hair washed off. He’s been itchy enough lately. We didn’t need hair to make it worse.

When he came out of the shower, I had the spanking bench all ready for him. A freshly showered tushy seems more sensitive. Of course, he offered to forego the spanking if it was too much trouble for me. Ha! He’d been whining about being spanked for days. He wasn’t getting out of it.

When I moved stuff out of the bedroom the other day, I consolidated the paddles. There are four leather ones, three wooden ones, and a lucite one with holes in it. I don’t know if the holes are to cut down on wind resistance or if they make the paddle hurt more. Either way, I know that one hurts.

I don’t remember what order I used them in, but I know I alternated between all three kinds. He was yelping right from the start. He kept telling me it was too much. If that were true, he would have used his safe word. He did not. I may have eased up for a minute, but then I went right along my merry way.

To my surprise, he didn’t bleed. Usually, the second (it seems) a wood paddle hits him, he bleeds. Maybe I was alternating enough that I fooled his skin. By the time I was done, a few seconds short of ten minutes, he was rosy with leathery patches and what looked like the beginning of a bruise. There was also one spot threatening to bleed.

To his surprise, I put a piece of coconut husk doormat on the bed for him to sit on. I haven’t done that in a very long time. I’d considered making him sit in the corner on the punishment stool, but when I found the doormat, I thought that would be better. Well, not really better for him. He agreed the stool would have been easier to handle. Sweet! [Lion — No, the stool is much worse. It’s hard and forces all my weight on the rough surface.]

By the time I got around to offering an orgasm, he didn’t want one. Was it too late? Was he sulking from being spanked? I don’t know. He wanted to snuggle, so that’s what we did. His orgasm can wait till tonight.

Yesterday was supposed to be taken up by dropping the dog off at the groomer, looking for fruit, doing things around the house and picking the dog up. Yeah, that’s not how it worked out. On Friday, I got a call that Lion’s replacement contact lens was in. We needed to go back near our old house since that’s where the order was placed, and the warranty was only good there. I was hoping it would arrive next week. Did we have enough time to drop the dog off, drive back “home” and pick the dog up? I had to.

It turns out we had plenty of time. We did a bagel order and picked that up on the way home. We stopped for something to eat. We had time to go on our fruit run. And finally, the dog was ready. All that was left to do was put everything away. The bagels waited until this morning when we had some for breakfast and I froze the rest. We have to figure out how to freeze corn because we have way too much to eat before it goes bad. The dog looks and smells great, and her toenails are no longer weapons of mass destruction.

Lion said he was horny. No surprise. I haven’t spanked him yet. I don’t know if I’ll do it today or not. We got some lube from England that we wanted to try out. The way I judge lube is by how much I need to use and how long it lasts. Eventually, it devolves into a glue-like mess that makes it impossible to continue. I used one squirt to start to play, another to get him ready and then two when I knew we were on our way. Unfortunately, he never actually got “there”. I’m not sure what happened. About the same time as the lube got gluey, he said he didn’t think he could come. Afterwards, he stood up and the erection returned. No idea what that means for the future. Does he have to be standing from now on? I find that awkward, but I guess I’ll get used to that like I’ve gotten used to other things.

Today is waxing day. In a perfect world, I would have cleaned the rest of the boxes out of the bedroom so there would be more room for the massage table. It’s not like there isn’t enough room already. It would just make it a little easier to move around the table. In a little while, I’ll check on the wax and if it’s melted, I’ll turn down the heat, so I don’t scorch the Lion. I wonder how much it would hurt to be waxed after a spanking? There’s really no way to guarantee his skin won’t break, so I won’t take the chance. Maybe I can spank a freshly waxed butt.

Our dog has decided to be a night owl. For whatever reason, she does not want to go out just before we go to bed. The lights have to be off and I have to roll over to get ready to sleep. I’ve tried staying on my back, but she consistently waits till I roll over. Sometimes she’ll even wait until later. I get less sleep and then I’m falling asleep at my desk.

Despite being half asleep, I was thinking I should spank Lion today. I’m sure he’s done something to annoy me, although I can’t give an example. Luckily, I don’t need an actual reason. I can just whomp away. He needs to be spanked and that’s good enough.

I straightened up in the living room over the weekend. Lion asked if I could get rid of the extra boxes in the bedroom. I took a few out, but there are more. When it’s finally cleared, the initial thought was to bring in the treadmill from the garage. We should still have room for waxing supplies and maybe a spot for some paddles. I haven’t found the over-the-door shoe holder that I put some of the paddles in. The closet door will be the perfect place for it.

Speaking of waxing, he’s gotten furry again. I don’t really like waxing him, but he likes to be clean. The dog is going for a bath Saturday. Maybe Lion will have a spa day on Sunday. He also needs a haircut. No one told me owning a Lion would be so demanding. They really should put that in the adoption agreement. Unfortunately, I was already in love with him before these things came to light. I was bamboozled. Hoodwinked. Hornswaggled.