Yesterday, we got our flu shots and the latest booster shots for COVID. We don’t normally have reactions to either shot aside from some soreness at the injection site or general achiness. For some reason, the flu shot made my arm itch for a little while. By the time we made it home, the itchiness was gone. I woke up at 5:30 this morning to pee, and I was very achy. It was nothing Tylenol couldn’t fix, and I went back to sleep. The achiness returned a little while ago. I have a telephone interview at noon, so I took more Tylenol.

We watched our football team actually win a game. The quarterback hurt his ankle, and then the backup quarterback got hurt too. I hope neither is serious. It was toward the end of the game, so it had little effect on the outcome. It’s the first time in something like 17 years they’ve started the season at 3-1. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but maybe we’ll have a winning season. The Seahawks won 48-45. Lion said it was a good thing we weren’t playing our spanking football game. I hadn’t even thought about it. We can do it for next week’s game.

Lion was hunkered under the covers while we watched TV last night. I wasn’t cold, but I wasn’t really up for anything anyway. I guess I was already starting to get achy from the shots without realizing it. I’ll take achiness that can be knocked out with Tylenol over the flu or COVID any day. A few friends have recently had COVID, and it knocked them on their butts for over a week. Yes, they were fully vaccinated. No, it’s not a perfect vaccine. But I will point out that if it was that bad with the vaccines, you can imagine how bad it would have been without them.

Tonight, or maybe even this afternoon, I hope we’re both in the mood for Lion fun. I don’t have anything planned, but it won’t take any time at all to whip out some clothespins or IcyHot. Yes, Lion still has that damn IcyHot Pro hanging over his head, ummm balls.

We did some more reconfiguring of our audio-visual area of the bedroom and, as often happens, needed new parts in the process. I went off to buy them while Lion configured things on the remote. The whole process took a few hours, and I didn’t get a chance to write a post yesterday. Lion also, as you probably noticed, did not write a post this morning. I’d like to say we’re back on track, but I never know what’s going to happen next.

The one thing I can be sure of is that Lion had some fun last night. I asked him the silly question, “Do you want me to suck you?”. He responded that it was, indeed, a silly question and moved across the bed. I don’t know how many days it had been since his last orgasm. I don’t know how many days it was since we last did anything sexual. I just knew that I wanted to suck him. I was prepared for him to say no since his post the other day was about telling me no when I asked if he wanted to do anything. If he had said no, I was going to tell him it was too bad. I wanted to suck him, and that’s what I was going to do. Happily, we seemed to be on the same page.

I had no idea if we’d get to the edge. I was just playing it by ear. Literally. I was listening to his breathing to know when he was getting closer. Just to be sure he knew who was in charge, I stopped once he got reasonably close to the edge. I figured it was about the time he might be thinking he was going to go all the way. Then I started again. When he was closer but still not quite there, I stopped again. He was breathing faster. Would I start again or leave him hanging? He had no idea, but I’m sure he was happy when I started again.

I wasn’t even sure if I’d stop again. I didn’t have a plan one way or the other. My desire to make him happy won out. I kept going right on over the edge. It seemed like a big orgasm. He said it was when I asked. However, no cream filling for me. Poor me. Lion thinks he’s broken. I’m glad he had such a wonderful orgasm, even if I didn’t get any bonus from it. I love giving him orgasms.

Lion finished his book, but he’s not happy with the ending. He’s been working on it and hasn’t been in the write-a-male-chastity-post mode. Yesterday, I was on the phone with recruiters, so I missed posting too. Today, aside from looking at job listings, I’ve been trying to take care of a few things around here and just realized how late in the day it is.

I think I’ve done more around here since I haven’t been working. Lion will probably disagree. I don’t think he sees crawling around on the floor, trying to fix our TV’s audio system as work. He just sees the growing pile of things on the kitchen table and wonders why it hasn’t been put away yet. The one thing I haven’t been doing is cooking. I start out thinking I have plenty of time to figure out dinner, and then it’s dinnertime, and I have no idea what to make, much less the energy to make it. We did, however, have a nice dinner last night, and we should again tonight.

This morning, Lion asked if we could play earlier in the day. Then he asked why we haven’t been playing lately. I know one of the nights I was tired and achy. Last night, I was a little achy from crawling around on the floor trying to fix the audio part of our TV setup. As I said, he’s been working on his book. I’ve been reading his book to give him feedback. It’s not like we’re both sitting around all day doing nothing. That said, we can certainly play earlier. Name a time. I can be ready when he is.

Of course, if he wants to play, he can always ask me. And he’ll say he doesn’t want to ask. Right. It’s on me. Okay. I will assume he wants to play until I am told otherwise. [Lion — It’s safe to assume that most any time.]

Lion is fur-free once again. I’m sure I missed hair here and there. I’m not a professional waxer, after all. However, I got the most obvious hair. He won’t be tickling my nose anytime soon. After I had him almost all cleaned up, I realized I’d forgotten the most important thing. I quickly applied more oil and began playing with my weenie.

I wasn’t sure he was going to get hard at first. I don’t know if it made any difference, but I moved to the same side of the table I was on when I last jerked him off. I know it’s all about angles, so I’m sure it didn’t hurt. After a while (I don’t usually pay attention to how long it takes), Lion said he didn’t think he was going to come. I wasn’t going to let him anyway, but I thought maybe he’d get near the edge at least. Between my being dizzy and his not wanting any attention, it had been a while since we did anything. It’s not unusual for him to take a few days to get interested again. He was very hard, though. That’s a good sign.

He’s been busy at work today. He says he thinks he can finish his book. I didn’t know finishing it was in question. Maybe he means he can finish it soon. I can’t wait to read the end. I have no idea whodunit. Of course, I don’t normally when I read mystery novels. However, I think it’s fun to try to figure it out. We both do that when we watch cop shows. I’ll say I think the sister’s actions are a little odd and maybe she did it. Lion will either agree or say the coworker is suspect. Sometimes we’re right. Sometimes we’re completely wrong.

I’ve been busy fine-tuning my resume and looking for potential jobs. I got an email from a headhunter, so maybe that will turn into something. At least someone is looking. I can’t be too nervous yet. It’s only been a little over a week. It took a few days for things to sink in and get my resume up to date. I’d still rather win the lottery, but in the meantime, I’ll keep looking.