Late yesterday afternoon, Lion asked if I wanted to play with his weenie. I said I would, but I had to think about dinner. It was not exactly a “no.” I mean, it was a no, but not in the exact word. I’m not sure if it follows the rules of what we’re trying to do. I didn’t intentionally not say no. Maybe in the back of my mind, I was trying to soften the blow. I really did have to think about dinner. I don’t think I would have wanted to play with him right that second anyway.

We didn’t talk about it later. Lion was snoozing a lot. We’re both having trouble sleeping again. The dog has been waking me up early. This morning I was able to go back to sleep until a little after 9. Lion was up and writing a post. I’ve promised him another test run on the spanking bench today. This time I’ll find a larger paddle to start with. And I’ll try to remember to set a timer. It won’t be a fair test without the timer.

The other test we need to perform today is to see if we can get the dog in the camper and the truck. If she can’t or won’t go in, we can’t leave for our camping trip on Friday. I fear that even if she makes it in the camper or truck, she may not be able to do it at some point when we’re gone. Then what? We have a ramp, but she growled at me when I tried to get her to use it a few weeks ago.

I think, by the time we’ve dealt with the dog, we’ll be ready for the “normalcy” of testing the spanking bench. Normalcy? In what universe is testing a spanking bench normal? Ours. At least it is since we got it. Before that, normalcy was spanking on a yoga pillow on the bed. I guess in that sense, we really are the center of the universe.

We talked about Lion asking for sex and my denying it so it would become ordinary. It would take away the power of rejection. I’m not exactly sure how it works. I asked if I reject him once and then accept the next time, figuring he’d ask twice a night. He said no. I should reject him both times. If I reject him every time he asks, I’m wondering when we’d have sex. As of this morning, I was trying to figure out if we’d started yet. This afternoon, Lion said he wasn’t sure how to start. So here we are. Neither of us knows what’s going on, but still willing to try.

I don’t think we’ve had such a hard time doing anything. Even when I was learning to spank Lion, as ineffectual as it was, I started and kept on going. I was deathly afraid I was going to hurt him, but I did it. The more I didn’t hurt him, the more I realized I wasn’t going to hurt him. Ironically, now he wants me to hurt him. Yes, he’ll say he doesn’t want it, but that’s only when it’s happening.

I’m sure it will hurt him when I reject him. That’s why I suggested I do it with a kiss or some sort of touch. I think if I soften the blow it will make him more likely to try again. That’s my theory at least. I’m not sure it will work, but we’re pretty good with experiments. Most of what we do has been experimental at one point or another. Who knew we’d still be maintaining a version of male chastity?

Lion needs to ease into it. Maybe he doesn’t need to ask twice a day. Maybe I don’t need to reject him every time. If he’s sure I’m going to reject him, why would he keep trying? Shouldn’t I mix it up a bit? We’re pretty good at figuring thins out. It just might take us some time.

Lion, freshly spanked on his new spanking bench. His position is almost exactly the same as it would be if he were over my knee. His butt is nicely stretched out.

I did not whomp Lion as soon as I got home. We received the original strap he ordered, as well as the replacement straps. We had no idea which, if either, would work. The first strap is leather and looks like it would work well to hold Lion still. The other straps look like luggage straps. They are nylon with the standard connectors prevalent on nylon belts.

After dinner, I brought out the spanking bench. We never really discussed where we would use it. I put it at an angle in the dressing area. The cover is some linen material, so I decided to protect it with a towel. I fed the leather strap underneath, and Lion got into position. The leather strap didn’t quite meet. Phooey! All that time waiting for it, and it didn’t work. I grabbed one of the nylon straps, and it was too long when adjusted to its full length. No problem. I snugged it up, so it held him to the bench. We got four of these straps so that I can use more than one for the bench, or I can use them for other activities.

I realized that the bench position gave me easy access to my paddle collection that lives in a shoe organizer hanging on the closet door. I had chosen two paddles, but it’s nice to have options. He seemed to be at the right height. It was a good choice.

I started slowly. At least I thought I did. Lion was yelping right off the bat. As I whomped harder, he really yelled. His buns were getting pretty bruised too. But he wasn’t bleeding much. We concluded that his skin is stretched tighter on the bench. I’m sure that made my swats feel harder. I don’t know if the stretched skin explains the bleeding or lack thereof.

I don’t know how long I’d been spanking him when I realized I never set a timer. I should have whomped for ten minutes. Given the bruising or the look of bruising, I stopped early. Afterward, I suggested a five-minute timer since he feels the swats so much more. He didn’t like that idea. He suggested using a larger paddle in the beginning. That would spread the “love” out better. I know I have a large paddle somewhere. I’ll have to search for it.

Of course, this was the maiden voyage of the S.S. Spanking Bench. We can tweak all sorts of things before we settle on the best way to use it. I decided we’ll give it another try on Saturday. That gives Lion’s butt some time to heal and forget last night’s swats. He’s all for that.

Do we need to go back to the cage just to remind me to unlock and play with Lion?

Here it is in a nutshell: Newton was right. An object at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon by another object. Of course, that’s only part of the law, but it’s the part that applies to me most of all. It takes tremendous energy to get me moving. One reason male chastity was a good idea for us was our agreement that I’d unlock Lion at least every other night to tease him. It forced me to do something. Lately, that’s been an issue.

I think I burned out somewhere during the pandemic, and I never fully recovered. Any amount of stress forces me underground. Between my trip and the dog being sick, I’ve had less time to do more things. I want to sit in the corner and play with my toes. Things are also complicated by Lion snoozing. I know he says I can wake him up, but he also needs that sleep. Why else would he be sleeping?

Yesterday, I left work early so we could run some errands. We stopped to pick up a strap to tie Lion to the spanking bench, and then we made a half-hour drive to pick up the dog’s medicine. On the way back, we picked up dinner. Lion snoozed a bit after dinner, and he was still snoozing after my shower. By the time he woke up, I was tired. We didn’t do anything other than watch TV. We remained at rest.

If I was smarter/more energetic, I should have yanked the blankets off of him and told him to get on the damn bench so that I could whomp him. So what if he was snoozing. I said I was going to give him a just because spanking to test out the bench. Dammit! But I’m too nice. I decided he needed sleep. I need to grow a pair.

I’m not saying I want to lock him back in the cage. I don’t think we need to be that extreme. Lion may or may not like the idea, but I do not. But I need to figure out some way to prod me into action. What if I wake Lion only to find him groggy and not wanting to play anyway? Then I’ve just interrupted a nice nap for nothing. Maybe I should drag out the bench when I get home and whomp him first thing. That way, he can be recovering while I make and eat dinner and take my shower. If he’s sleeping when I get out of the shower, he’ll miss out on the play, but that will be on him. I can’t solve all the problems. He has to help.

Now all I have to do is work on the second part of Newton’s law: An object in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon by another object.