I feel like I accomplished a lot last night. I separated some meat I got from Costco the other day and put it in the freezer. I changed the bed. I made dinner. And I’m sure there were a few other things along the way. I didn’t tie Lion up. I’m sure he felt left out. Why did all that other stuff get done and he didn’t? That’s a good question. I guess I ran out of steam. Besides, his tummy had been bothering him. Assuming it’s better tonight, we’ll catch up.

I also have not spanked him yet this week. Luckily, today is punishment day. Of course, Lion thinks I should be able to find things to punish him for so I don’t have to do “just because” spanking. Technically, I could punish him for helping me feel overwhelmed. I bet he thinks I should. I’m reluctant because I don’t think any of it is his fault, but that’s exactly what he’s been talking about. It shouldn’t matter whose fault it is. Yes, I’m trying to talk myself into punishing him.

The weird thing is, it really doesn’t matter if I punish him or not. “Just because” spankings are exactly the same as punishment spankings. So what’s the big deal if I call it punishment whether it is or not? Really. What’s the big deal? (I’m asking myself.) Okay. Fine. I’ll punish him tonight. And then tie him up. Hmmm. I could tie him up and then punish him. Two Lions with one stone.

He kept asking if I felt better. I didn’t feel overwhelmed at that moment. I don’t think it’s something that just goes away. I mean, there’s the potential that it will come back, especially since I have to do a prescription run tonight and the dog has to go to the vet tomorrow and we have to get Lion’s new glasses. And when can I make it to the store to do some grocery shopping that needs to be done in person? It’s all normal stuff but it can get to be too much when I feel overwhelmed. I don’t think there’s anything Lion can do to help because, let’s face it, I don’t even know when it’s happening until I’m in the throes of it.

Oh well. I’m good right now and I’ll do what I can to recognize when I start feeling overwhelmed so it doesn’t get bad. Maybe Lion will get a sore butt along the way, but he won’t mind. Okay, maybe he’ll mind, but he can’t do much about it.

I am falling asleep at my desk right now. It could be because the puppy woke me up at 5-something. It could be because I was feeling overwhelmed this morning. Well, it started last night and continued. It may even have started on the weekend. At any rate, I was trying to work through it, and apparently, it zapped all of my energy. I’ll get lunch when I’m done with this post.

We took the good puppy to her class last night. She’s learning to walk correctly on the leash. She patiently watched another puppy, and then we tried. No sweat. She’s smart enough to pick things up quickly—some things. If we could get her to stop chewing things and getting into things, we’d be all set. On the way home, we grabbed take-out. By the time we were done eating and cleaning up, it was around 9. I took my shower. I had another headache, or maybe it was the same one from the morning. There was no way we were getting to Tiesday.

Lion reminded me this morning that I need to change the bed and find time for Tiesday. I know he didn’t intend to, but he added to my feeling overwhelmed. I told him it’s like I have PMS without the M. Maybe it’s the cloudy, rainy, cool weather. Maybe it’s work stress. Maybe it’s a combination of things. I was commiserating with coworkers. I think we’re all feeling similarly. This makes work stress the most likely culprit. Oh well. It’s a good thing we can make fun of each other to blow off some steam.

When I created Tiesday, I forgot about puppy training. It only lasts six weeks, so it’s not like it’s off forever. And it’s not off at all. We can just move it to Wednesday. I haven’t come up with a catchy W word for bondage, but I’ll keep thinking. I could always just call it Tiesday delayed. It’s just another four weeks, after all.

Assuming I can stay awake for the rest of the day, we can break out the restraints tonight. I’m sure I’ll get a second or third wind somewhere along the way. If not, I can always snooze just before or after dinner. Then I’ll have the energy to torture my pet.

Lion is tied to the bed with nice decorations pinching his balls. Click image to view larger.

Lion sent me an email this morning with the subject line “Tiesday 🙂 September 14”. I saw Tiesday and figured it was a typo. “U” and “I” are next to each other on the keyboard. He’s made other typos along the way. I’m sure we both have. I missed the smiley after Tiesday until just now.

In the back of my mind, I wondered if it wasn’t a typo. If it was one, it was very fortuitous. Ties made me think of tying him up. That was his intention. I’m not sure if his intention extended to creating an actual bondage day like we have punishment days. That’s where my mind went. It might be a good idea.

The purpose of punishment days was, in part, to have another rule. If he fails to remind me of punishment days, he gets punished. It was another easy rule for him to follow or break. Just as he seldom spills food anymore, he rarely forgets punishment days. The only thing he reliably forgets is the damn coffee pot.

I’m not suggesting Tiesday be a punishable offense. I’m suggesting it be a bondage day. I don’t normally tie him up. I don’t normally do anything to him except try to get him hard to edge him. I know he misses the BDSM aspects of our life. Tiesday would be a good “excuse” to tie him up. Again, I’m not sure this is what he had in mind. I am sure he won’t argue with a day devoted to bondage.

[Lion — I didn’t have anything that sweeping in mind. I just wanted to remind Mrs. Lion that she bought new restraints. I like her idea a lot!]

Once again, he’s a lucky Lion.

In a post the other day, Lion put in a birthday request. He would like to be ridden. In addition, he’d like me to be turned on and have an orgasm while I do it. That may be a tall order. I mean, I’m absolutely willing to ride him. I love feeling him inside me. My being turned on and having an orgasm is a tall order. I can make no promises. Aside from that, I think it’s a wonderful idea.

For the record, the biggest reason we don’t have vaginal sex is, in the past, when I’ve suggested it, Lion said I don’t have to do it. Of course, I don’t. I don’t have to jerk him off or suck him. I don’t have to go to work. I don’t have to eat. There are many things I don’t have to do. I work because I want to eat. I jerk him off and suck him because I like to do it. One reason not to ride him is that I can’t really edge him that way. I don’t have much control, so every time I ride him, he’d expect an orgasm. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. I don’t have a problem with him knowing in that particular case. I’d rather he not know when I’m jerking him off or sucking him.

As long as Lion is ready for action, he can have his birthday Lion ride and orgasm. He’s got a little less than a month to anticipate it. Of course, nothing is stopping me from riding him between now and then. And I really don’t have to give him an orgasm while I ride him. I could get him all hot and bothered and stop. I can’t reliably edge him. Does that make him a poor Lion or a lucky Lion?