Lion says his buns are still sore from his spanking the other night. As you can see in the image above, after two days, he’s still marked. I guess I did a good job. I don’t think it was the meanest spanking I’ve ever given him, but it was certainly more ferocious than anything in his recent past. I think I was trying so hard to avoid making him bleed that I backed off too far. No more. Blood be damned. [Lion — This spanking was a 6 on a scale of 1 to 10. See this link for the image.]

Having said that, there’s still the problem of not having many rules. The only two that he consistently breaks are the coffee pot and the shower door. Well, those are the only two I spank him for. He should get spanked more often for being a know-it-all and for interrupting me. He just did that a little while ago. Why can’t he just shut up until I’m done talking? Nine times out of ten, I would have answered his question or made the same point he interrupted me to make if I could have finished my thought. I definitely let him get away with that too much. On the other hand, if I spanked him every time he did it, neither one of us would get anything else done. [Lion — If I actually got spanked when I do it, I doubt it would take long for me to learn.]

Maybe the problem isn’t not having enough rules. Maybe the problem is that I don’t enforce the ones we have. I’ll need to shorten my fuse on Mr. Know-It-All and Mr. Interrupter. I think it will be tougher to break him of those habits. He can set a reminder for the coffee pot and punishment day. He’ll have no way to remind himself not to interrupt. I guess that’s what the paddle is for. I’ll have to start lifting weights to strengthen my arms for all the impending swats.

Of course, I say this knowing I talk a good game. I’ll either swat him for the next week and forget again, or I won’t swat him at all. It’s my modus operandi.

Yesterday and today. Lion shows marks a day later. He says it hurts to sit down.

I dragged out the spanking bench last night and got the straps ready. Since Lion has no butt, the strap around his waist always slides down. I got the bright idea to put the strap around his legs instead. It was well out of the strike zone and seemed to hold him very well. He didn’t wiggle very much and the strap stayed where it was supposed to.

Based on Lion’s post, I decided not to start out with the leather paddle. I went with wood. I didn’t want him to just go numb and then start waling on him. He should feel it. I know he’ll get somewhat numb after a while anyway, but it seems wrong to get him numb in the beginning. Naturally, I didn’t go right for blood. (I don’t go for blood.) I warmed him up with a wood paddle. I’m sure he thinks I didn’t warm him up enough. Maybe I didn’t. It’s difficult to tell how long to do it. Again, I don’t want him to get numb too soon. I just want the nerve endings to be aware of what’s coming. Wake up, little nerve endings. I’m coming for you.

I switched paddles quite a bit so I don’t know which one was the culprit that drew blood. It was a tiny spot on his left cheek. Of course, that tiny spot got transferred all over his butt, so he looked like he had measles. And then, more spots opened. He wasn’t a bloody mess. I’ve made him bleed a lot more than he did last night. Maybe I did a good job of warming him up after all. Maybe I did a good job of dispersing the swats so no one area took the brunt. I also varied between hard and harder swats. I did some rapid-fire swats and then some swats with time for him to consider how much it hurt before I whacked him again.

He’s got some marks left on him today and he says it hurts to sit down. Good! He always looks like he’s going to have bruising and then he doesn’t. I didn’t go for bruising. Maybe he has the butt who cried wolf. It looks like he’s getting a bruise so I back off and then it laughs at me when it doesn’t bruise. Silly butt.

I was all set to give Lion his orgasm last night. He’d written about needing me to get him excited before doing anything painful to him and I agreed to do it. I guess I got confused because sometimes he tells me he doesn’t just want me yanking on his penis without some foreplay, but if clothespins are the foreplay and I need to get him excited first, but I need foreplay, but I need to get him excited…. Yeah. Confused. Maybe we have it worked out. Do you think so? What do I know? Confused.

Anyway, I’d been trying to get him to the edge, at the very least, for a few nights and it wasn’t working. I was determined that last night would be the night. And then he left the shower door open. Do I go for the orgasm or do I spank him? I didn’t want to do both. It’s better to do a spanking close to the time of the infraction, but his orgasm…. As you can see, I get confused often. Ultimately, I decided his orgasm was more important, given the issues of the previous few nights. Lion was thankful. As a matter of fact, when I told him he was in trouble he muttered something about not wanting to be spanked. Uh, I’m not too fond of the idea either, buddy.

tiny clothespins on penis head

So, off we went on our magical orgasm journey. I brought out mean plastic clothespins. They aren’t as mean as the teeny, tiny clothespins. Those little ones concentrate a lot of pinch in a tiny space. I’m not saying the big ones don’t hurt, they just aren’t as nasty. As I was starting to fondle my weenie, I held his scrotum and made pinching motions on it. He got a little upset and asked if he didn’t just write about not using clothespins before he’s excited. Relax! I wasn’t going to put them on yet. Sheesh! Maybe he’ll get a few extra swats for that outburst. If he was looking for a way to make me stop everything, he came pretty close.

Once he was satisfied I wasn’t putting his nuts in a vise prematurely, we continued on. He’ll tell you he doesn’t like pain, but he certainly got excited by those evil clothespins. Despite his excitement, it still took quite a while to get to the edge. I wasn’t going to take any chances by stopping once we got there. I almost had to throw in the towel because it was very warm in the bedroom, but I soldiered on. I could feel his thighs tightening and I knew we were there. I still didn’t get any Lion cream filling, but he said it was a very nice orgasm.

It may be the late hour. It may be the number of days since his last orgasm. It may be lack of BDSM. For whatever reason, Lion hasn’t been receptive to sex lately. He says he’s been horny. I have no reason to doubt that. He seems to get going, but he runs out of steam before we get to the edge. I’m not giving up. I’m just wondering what to do to help.

I mowed most of the lawn yesterday. It took three tries, but I got all but a tiny portion done. I’d mowed that last time so it’s not bad. I got the longest parts done. Of course, it’s cut long so I’ll need to do it again fairly soon, but that’s a week or more away. I did some other chores and I had enough energy to give Lion attention. I think I might be getting burnt out on the “oh, and the whatsit needs to be changed/cleaned/fixed/watered/etc.” but I will always try to save energy for Lion.

I don’t think he needs a “just because” spanking to help with sex. He may need clothespins or IcyHot or some other form of evilness. I’ll have to let my mind wander and see what I come up with. I’m sure Lion will love to hate whatever it is. It took me a long time to realize that he protests but that doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t want me to do it. The problem is that sometimes he really doesn’t. It’s hard to decipher the whininess from the genuine veto. He doesn’t like when I don’t do things because he doesn’t want to do it. I think he should be able to opt-out of playing if he wants to. What good does it do to make him do something he really doesn’t want to do? I mean, there are times I say I don’t want to make dinner, and there are times I really don’t want to make dinner. Lion has no way of knowing which meaning I’m trying to convey.

I don’t know what the answer is to this conundrum. I just don’t want to disappoint Lion.

[Lion — This is a difficult question. The fantasy BDSM answer is that it shouldn’t matter if I want sore balls or not. I don’t get a choice. In the real world, that’s just not something people can live with. The truth is that I suffer from inertia too. Sometimes it feels like too much trouble to have my balls burned with IcyHot or otherwise tormented. That inertia can be overcome fairly easily. Mrs. Lion likes to use CBT as a sort of prelude to serious sexual stimulation–a painful form of foreplay. That works if I am easily aroused. There are times I don’t get hard when she starts torturing me. That isn’t a signal that she shouldn’t do it. I just need help getting my motor running. In the past (when we were in New York), Mrs. Lion would always get me very hard before starting CBT. That’s what happened before we met as well. I don’t remember anyone just starting to do nasty things to my junk. A hard penis was always required first. The best way to make me enthusiastic about the painful play is to get me aroused first. I think we both forgot that somewhere along the line.]