We didn’t get the early start I’d hoped for yesterday. Life has a way of intruding. Lion requested that we start before 9:30. We didn’t start at 9:30 the previous night. Sometimes he exaggerates. It was, however, after 8:30 and even that’s too late. I made sure to get the dishes done and get back to Lion soon after 8.

What I really need to do tonight is to tie his balls or tie him to the bed. I need to do something that will get him excited enough to counteract the later hour. Depending on when we eat dinner, we can record Jeopardy and watch it later so we can play a little earlier. I’m not sure what good a half hour to an hour would make, but it may help. Between that and tying him up in some capacity, maybe I can get him to the edge. I’d much rather get him all the way to an orgasm, but I’ll take what I can get.

He jokingly, I hope, said he was broken last night. I don’t think he is. I think there are several things conspiring against him. He’s been working on another book. Any time he’s engrossed in writing, he’s less excitable. He’s worrying about money. My job brings in around a third of what his job did. That’s a problem. He’s been worrying about making me do everything around here. He wants to help, but it’s difficult for him. And, of course, the later it gets in the evening/night, the more difficult it is to get anywhere with sex. I’m powerless to do anything about most of that. The only thing I can do is try to give him his attention earlier. We’ll work on that tonight.

On the other hand, maybe we’ll watch Jeopardy at the normal time with him in his shock collar. A few zaps for incorrect answers my encourage him to be hornier. There’s no reason we can’t try both on different days. If he doesn’t have his orgasm tonight trying an earlier start time, maybe he’ll have one tomorrow night after Zapardy.

Over the years, we have gotten many requests for information about male chastity. Here are the three most common ones we get.

will my penis get smaller?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about wearing a male chastity device. Since the device prevents erections, some men fear that their penises will shrink. This isn’t true. Erection prevention is frustrating but not at all harmful. The theory is that if it isn’t allowed to inflate the penis, it will lose flexibility and not grow as much. Aging will make your penis shrink a little, but not wearing a chastity device.

is orgasm control habit-forming?

Yes! I wore a male chastity device 24/7 for over three years. I was only unlocked when Mrs. Lion wanted to tease me or give me an orgasm. Otherwise, my penis was inaccessible to me. Once I was allowed to run wild (no cage), I lost my desire to masturbate. It just never occurred to me that I could jerk off. I haven’t gotten myself off since 2013–not once. I have learned to patiently wait for Mrs. Lion to give me release. I think she would be very surprised if I demanded an orgasm or tried to jerk off. It’s just the way things are. I don’t think that we could decide to stop. If we did, I probably wouldn’t get to have an orgasm until we decided to start again. I don’t control what sex I get. Mrs. Lion is in charge of that.

How can I try male chastity if I can’t get a device that fits?

This is a complex subject. We have several articles about fitting male chastity devices (see the menu at the top of our web page). The simple fact is that all penises are not alike. They vary in flaccid length, thickness, relationship to the scrotum, etc. You are very lucky if you can find an off-the-shelf male chastity device that is comfortable to wear. You can probably get a device that you can handle for a weekend for less than $50. Longer-term wear requires custom fitting.

First, forget about security. A male chastity device is not a prison that you can attempt to escape. It’s an educational aid to help a man learn to stop masturbating and allow his partner to control his sexual activities. It isn’t meant to challenge you to get your dick out. It’s there to help. Since men are the ones asking to be locked up, it makes no sense to try to escape. The important thing is to find a device that fits. You can do that, but it won’t be cheap. The typical custom device costs about $400. Once you decide that you want to be kept chaste, it’s worth the investment. We have several articles to help you.

There are lots of questions that people ask about chastity device fitting. If you read the various forums, I guarantee you will get more confused. The best thing to do is keep it simple. Try to buy a device that matches your measurements. Don’t worry, they will be wrong the first time. Fitting a device takes time and patience.

I started a survey on Twitter asking what sort of stuff our followers would like to read on the blog. So far (the survey has a couple of days to run), 72 percent want orgasm control and male chastity device posts. Only seven percent want to read about spanking, and 20 percent about domestic discipline. Since the survey is on Twitter, it may indicate what tweets people want to see. Some never discover the tweets announcing each post are linked to the blog.

Our site stats tell a different story. Bear in mind that a large percentage of our readers come from searches for specific topics. Nevertheless, it’s all we have. The largest number (since 2021) of readers go to our first page, which is the current post. Next is “How to cage your man,” a page about chastity devices and male chastity. The next most popular is “Disciplinary Wives HandbookChapter 2: How To Punish Your Husband.” This is a spanking page and was generally reached via searches. It was a close second to the male chastity page. The next page is “Now He’s Locked Up, What’s Next.”

Based on our site stats, it looks like there is a slight bias toward male chastity pages. Our most popular titles are static pages that can be reached via the menu on the top of our web page and in the mobile menu. This makes sense since these pages have been around for a while. Don’t get me wrong, there are thousands of page views for our blog posts, but none as popular as some of the static content. Far and away, our home page is the most popular.

Based on all this, I think our Twitter followers are biased toward male chastity. That’s not too surprising. All of the survey responses come via my personal followers. I didn’t retweet the poll on the site’s Twitter feed. We have another audience that I can’t track, our podcast. Our posts are provided as podcasts on most podcast providers. You can hear our posts if you have an Amazon Alexa by saying, “Alexa, play the Male Chastity Journal podcast.” Amazing, huh? We are also on Apple, Google, and lots of others. We use a computer voice for our posts. It isn’t that we need to hide as much as the time it would take to record each post.

We realize that orgasm control and male chastity are why we started the blog. It’s hard to write endless posts about frustrating me. Ho, hum, it’s been six days since my last orgasm. Nope, not exciting. That’s not to say that there isn’t more to write. There is. I plan to write about some of the long-term effects of being under orgasm control. I also want to write more about aging and all this stuff. Yes, we will also be writing about spanking and domestic discipline.

Lion’s favorite slot machine is Little Shop of Horrors. He won on that one last night.

Lion wanted to go to the casino. We used to go all the time, sometimes multiple times a week. It ceased to be fun for me. He likes the lights and sounds of the slot machines. The problem for me is that you have to win for the lights and sounds to happen. I don’t mind losing if I do so slowly. Within a half hour, I’d lost all my money. We rarely like the same games. I don’t win on games he likes, and he doesn’t win on games I like. He may end up the night losing money, but he’s lost more slowly, and he’s had a show along the way. I’m just as happy playing a game on my phone sitting next to him.

Not only did Lion lose money, he also missed out on the chance to have an orgasm. Was it worth it? Yeah. He likes the bells and whistles of the slot machines. And he doesn’t get out of the house much. Plus, let’s face it, he’ll get his orgasm tonight or tomorrow night anyway. He didn’t miss a thing. He’s a lucky boy in that respect.

This long weekend has been rainy for us. Our summer doesn’t start until after the fourth of July. We get a mostly rainless three months. That’s one reason it’s so nice to have our indoor gardens. There’s no way we’d get any vegetables from a garden in our yard. Between no sun and too much rain, we’d have to fight pests for most of the yield. This way, the only pest we have to deal with is the dog. From my point of view, I didn’t have to drag dirt in or dig in it. I don’t have to get down on hands and knees to weed or water. Lion is able to tend his plants on his own, for the most part. I never did like gardening. My father and grandfather are shuddering in their graves after that statement.

If the rain holds off, I might grill some burgers for dinner. We can pretend it’s almost summer even if we still have a ways to go.