After the burnt pizza fiasco, Lion lamented the lack of fresh food in the house. I could live off of frozen food forever. Lion needs fresh. Obviously, he can’t drive. I’m the one tasked with shopping. For a few years, I’ve been doing an online order and picking it up on the way home from work or if I happen to be heading in that direction. I’ve also had the order delivered when I know I won’t be going out any time soon. Before my trip east, I discovered that a different store has a cheaper delivery price. Yes, please. Why Lion can’t ask me to do an order is beyond me. Is that like initiating sex? Does he think he’s imposing on my time? I’d prefer that to hearing him complain when there’s no salad stuff or other vegetables.

Anyway, I placed an order for delivery on Sunday. It was due between 1 and 5. This is prime waxing time. I figured no matter when I decided to start, the order would come in the middle. Then I figured it wouldn’t really matter. They drop it off and leave. Normally. This time the guy rang the doorbell. Twice. Shit. Did I forget to check the box that says it’s okay to leave the delivery? No. He just wanted to make sure I knew where the receipt was. Great…except that I was right in the middle of jerking Lion off with oil. That’s the best part of the waxing. Dammit! Talk about anticlimactic.

Lion went to take a shower and I put the groceries away. I noticed he forgot to set up the coffee pot. His leg had been hurting him and my head was hurting on and off. I was going to let him off the hook if he didn’t do it before 5. I was sitting in bed when he came out of the shower and said he had a headache too. I guess it’s a good thing we both felt yucky because he left the shower door open too. If he was going to get a free pass for the coffee pot, he might as well get a free pass for the shower door.

I still have my headache. I think Lion’s went away. I think his leg feels better too. I’ll take some Tylenol later and be back in fighting form for some Lion attention later on.

Saturday was filled with adventure and pain. Well, I got the pain. We ordered a large Aerogarden, indoor hydroponic “farm.” It arrived Friday afternoon, and Mrs. Lion assembled it on Saturday. We ordered the tallest version to permit room for tomatoes to grow. It’s huge! She assembled it with a minimum of growling. Mrs. Lion is quite vocal when frustrated. We set it up and planted tomatoes, lettuce, and a couple of herbs. It will take a week or so for them to sprout. Hydroponically grown veggies mature five times faster than those grown in the ground.

After our farm was planted, Mrs. Lion dragged out the spanking bench. I was not in the mood to be spanked. She didn’t inquire if I wanted to be spanked or not. With no fanfare, I was invited to ride it. I held my tongue. Grumbling would only make it worse. Based on her post yesterday, she knew I wasn’t happy about being spanked. I never am. She didn’t strap me down. I wish she wouldn’t skip that step. I know I moved around a lot. She had no problem finding her target.

I’m writing the post at noon on Sunday. Mrs. Lion will be waxing me later this afternoon. She’s getting much better at this craft. It takes her a lot less time, and the results are better. Part of the reason is that the hair is growing back less and less. She’s scaring it away. She uses light mineral oil to clean away any remaining wax when she’s done. She’s especially careful with my cock. She uses a lot of oil there. Invariably, it swells. Last time I had an orgasm—a waxy, oily, happy ending.

In her post, Mrs. Lion indicated that I’m high maintenance because I don’t like burnt pizza and have sensitive skin and nose. I can’t help those things. My skin can’t be that sensitive the way she beats me. You’d think she couldn’t wait to give me away. It doesn’t matter. There’s no waiting list for used lions. [Mrs. Lion — We’re also past the warranty period.]

It took quite a while to set up our garden-in-a-box. Most of it wasn’t difficult, but I did have to loosen and re-tighten some bolts a few times. As we were getting done, I started getting a migraine. I soldiered on and we now have tomatoes and lettuce percolating away. It will be about a week before we see the sprouts. After our gardening was over, we settled in to watch some TV. Lion fell asleep first and then I was out. I woke up while Lion was showering. Snoozing seemed to hold the migraine at bay. I can still feel it floating around in there, but it never got bad.

Lion got his spanking. He wasn’t thrilled about it, but he doesn’t have to be. He knows he needs spanking. That certainly doesn’t mean he has to like it. I used a combination of hard and soft implements. There was a wooden paddle and a Lucite paddle. And I used a rubber paddle and a leather paddle. At the very end, his skin broke in two places. I don’t know if it was because of the hard paddles or if the leather one, with its stitching, was the culprit. Either way, he didn’t bleed much. I was ready to stop swatting anyway.

We had a disappointing dinner of well-done reheated pizza. I had it in the oven while I spanked him and didn’t get back to it in time. Lion couldn’t/wouldn’t eat it. Then we had to figure out what he could eat. By the time we were done eating and I took a shower, he wasn’t in the mood for sex. I can’t blame him. It was getting late, and dinner was a fiasco. We held hands and watched TV.

Today is waxing day. When I’m done here, I’ll turn on the wax and clean off the table. It takes about three hours for the wax to melt and then cool a bit to a manageable temperature. I wish I could just slather him with hair remover cream, but his skin is too sensitive. Plus, that stuff tends to stink, and he’d never be able to handle the smell. (Won’t eat burnt pizza, sensitive skin, sensitive nose = high maintenance. Hands off, ladies! He’s mine.) Of course, the best part about waxing is the cleanup. I bet he’ll be in the mood for sex then. I should just skip the waxing and go right for the cleanup.

I just realized this morning that neither of us did a post yesterday. And Lion hasn’t done one, so far, today. He had some appointments yesterday and that distracted me. Sometimes I do write while I wait with him, but I didn’t really have much downtime. Surprisingly enough, we didn’t have to wait long.

Lion had an orgasm on Thursday night. It was a “boring” hand job. He didn’t say that. There was no fanfare. I wasn’t even sure I was going to give him one. He said it was on the outer edge of when he could be aroused. He also said maybe he should have more orgasms in general. Both of these things were said in posts. I just decided to bond them together into one night. He didn’t produce any semen and I’m not sure it was a fulfilling orgasm for him. He’s been having some strange ones lately. It may have something to do with not being stimulated enough. I’m working on that.

In a few posts, he mentioned the need for a spanking. I asked him on Thursday if he’d left the shower door open on purpose, so he’d get spanked. He did not. Oops. I didn’t want to spank him then because that would have thrown off the timing of giving him sexual attention. As I was jerking him off, I did think about spanking him afterward. I’ve never done it like that before. Usually, he gets his spanking and then he gets attention. Why not change it up a bit? True to form, I forgot to do it. I was giving him time to bask in the light of his less-than-wonderful orgasm. We were watching TV. And then the night was over.

Fear not. I decided we’d have more time Friday. Ha! It didn’t happen. Today. Today, he will get spanked. I say that now as I sit here mentally making notes of things to be done. No, he’s not a chore. However, I do need to pencil him in between chores. We’re also setting up the new garden-in-a-box so we can get tomatoes and lettuce and other assorted veggies started. I also have to wax a Lion. That is a chore. I’m not fond of that task. I do, however, enjoy the cleanup.