Nowadays, there seems to be only one offense that gets me a spanking: forgetting to set up the coffee pot. That’s what I did on Thursday. When Mrs. Lion served breakfast on Friday morning, she informed me that breakfast was a lot of trouble. I noticed that she brought in a box of doughnuts. I wondered why that was a lot of trouble. She didn’t keep me waiting for the answer. She told me that she had to set up the coffee pot.

That’s all she said. She rarely tells me what that means. I suppose it isn’t necessary. In her communication style, if she mentions an offense, she assumes I understand that I will get a visit from one of her paddles. She prefers to wait until after dinner to spank me. She carries in my spanking pillow. It is a very firm foam wedge that elevates my hips. That helps tighten the skin on my ass. Slightly stretched skin both hurts more and helps prevent bleeding.

Mrs. Lion doesn’t talk much when it comes to punishing me. She will bring in the foam spanking pillow. She will have put a paddle on the bed. If I don’t notice the activity, she will tell me it is time. I get in position, and she begins. There is nothing erotic about it. I no longer get hard before I am spanked.

It’s a little odd. Mrs. Lion punishes me because I want/need to feel her control. I do get turned on when I think about being punished., but not when I am about to get spanked. One of the reasons it isn’t easy to convince a partner to discipline her partner is the mental leap required to understand why a guy would ask for it.

It’s one thing to request spanking as foreplay. Most of the so-called domestic discipline blogs are really about erotic spankings under the guise of discipline. I list one or two of them in our “Blogs we like” section. These arrangements feature DD contracts when they are usually no more than erotic punishment wish lists. They read like spanking fantasies.

There’s nothing wrong with this. It’s not domestic discipline. As I see it, domestic discipline is straightforward to describe. Mrs. Lion can make any rule she wishes and will spank me if I break it. She can spank me for annoying her or otherwise acting poorly. I don’t get a vote. I also don’t get to specify the nature or severity of my punishments. All I do is consent to Mrs. Lion’s authority and right to punish me as she sees fit. That’s it.

We both know that submitting this way adds erotic fuel to my sexual fire. That’s a big reason I asked Mrs. Lion to take charge. That doesn’t diminish the value of her discipline in any way. It’s a kind of hormonal nudge that assures I will docilely get into position and accept a very painful spanking.

There’s an embarrassing irony in this. My sexual attachment to spanking is Mrs. Lion’s partner as a disciplinary wife. It assures me that I will willingly accept something I hate when she punishes me. It doesn’t just apply to spanking—any form of punishment she chooses to inflict works the same way. Even though I know how unpleasant it will be, I willingly accept it.

I’m not alone. If you do a little reading between the lines on some of the blogs devoted to male discipline for real offenses like The Disciplinary Couples Club, you will find that even though the men are severely disciplined for real offenses, there is that erotic undertone that assures their compliance. I guess it’s the way we are wired. I’m very grateful that Mrs. Lion understands and has become an excellent disciplinary wife.

The stars aligned, and Mrs. Lion gave me my postponed spanking. It started fairly gentle, with paddle taps to both cheeks. That didn’t last long. She got to work, ten swats on each cheek in the same spot. Still, I only yelped. Little did I know that was the overture. She replaced her sets of ten swats with very painful single swats, alternating between cheeks. Each one was horrible.

Fortunately, the single swats didn’t go on too long. She stopped after less than ten. I wasn’t counting. When I got into position for the spanking, I managed to wedge my feet against the garbage can next to the bed. It effectively locked me into place. I couldn’t wriggle out of the way. I just had to stay in place for each painful blow.

I have a very sore spot on the left side of my bottom, right where I sit. It even hurts when I lie on my back. Poor Lion! Mrs. Lion doesn’t feel sorry for me. I pissed her off, and that’s what I get. The spanking was administered in silence. [Mrs. Lion — I remember saying something. I didn’t say something after each swat. What am I supposed to say? “Take that!”?] I think it would help me if she talked to me while she beats me.

After reading her most recent post, I wonder if she is now in a more disciplinary mode. While I truly hate her spankings, I think that we will be happier if she is. I can’t explain why, but when Mrs. Lion is actively looking for infractions and punishing them, she is more energetic and happier. It isn’t that she enjoys spanking me (at least she didn’t in the past), but the cause and effect pattern of catching me and punishing me is a kind of game to her. She loves games.

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We ordered Chinese food last night. Before I went to pick it up, I gave Lion his punishment swats. I told him they were something to remember me by while I was gone. This morning he said he thinks he may have some bruises. Good. Maybe it will make him think before he annoys me again. I doubt it. I don’t think he realizes what will annoy me. Maybe that’s my fault. I’ll have to get better at pointing things out.

While I’m on the subject, he came pretty close to annoying me yesterday. As he said, he got his new computer and was setting it up. Since he can’t crawl around on the floor to run cables and such, it’s up to me. I don’t mind doing it. I do mind being yelled at while I’m trying to help. For a short time, I had a phone from work on my desk at home. It was an easy way for people to get in touch with me and for me to call customers without using my cell phone. I share that phone with my boss so I had to return it. Last week, they gave me a different phone to use. Lion told me I didn’t need to bring the ethernet cable with me since we have some at home, so I left said cable at the office. On Friday, we needed that cable for his computer and he was frustrated that I hadn’t brought it from work. When I reminded him he told me to use our cable, it didn’t matter. He needed the cable. So sorry. My fault. When I took the cable out of my phone and ran it to his computer, I didn’t plug the end in the correct thing. There are at least six boxes on the top shelf of my computer desk. Forgive me if I don’t know which one is a switch or router or whatever the hell else they are. Or, better yet, don’t forgive me and just tell me I should know by now.

So, yeah, I have to work on letting him know when he’s getting annoying and when he’s crossed the line. Part of me thinks he’s annoyed that he can’t do things he used to do on his own. Another part of me knows he’s always done this when I’m helping him. Time to change Lion’s behavior I guess.

Lion was supposed to be spanked last night for annoying me on Thursday. You’ll recall I gave him a pass on Thursday night because he was snoozing. Last night he was having trouble walking, and I didn’t want to make him bend over the bed. He suggested punishment earlier in the day. I agreed. However, two things come to mind this morning.

First, wasn’t it Lion who wanted punishment closer to the infraction? He said it makes it less poignant as time goes by. I believe he said it would help him connect the punishment to the crime. So these delays should bother him, but they don’t seem to.

Second, it popped into my head this morning that perhaps Lion just likes the idea of getting swatted. He’s okay delaying the inevitable because he’s concentrating on the “high” of thinking about being punished. He’s long said he gets turned on thinking about spanking, but not when he’s actually being spanked. If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be better for him to delay as long as possible so he could ride that high?

I’m not saying he’s doing things on purpose to delay his punishment. That would be silly. And if I thought he was doing that, his punishment would be far more severe. No, this isn’t a devious plot on his part. The real problem is that I’m simply too nice. Not only did I delay his punishment, but I also got his pills for him last night “no charge”. One of his newer rules is that he has to get his own containers of medications each night. I put the pills into the bottles. The least he can do is take them out of the closet. I’m not heartless. I do get them for him when he’s not feeling well. (His trouble walking came after dinner when he’d sat in his desk chair for a while. He was fine when he should have gotten his pills.)

And then he asked if the coffee pot was set up. I knew it wasn’t, but I also decided that warning him was not one of the nice things I was going to do for him. Of course, by not answering, I was telling him it wasn’t set up. I don’t know how I would have handled it if it was set up. I may have told him it was so he didn’t make an unnecessary trip. On the other hand, if he’d just set up the damn camera in the kitchen, he’d be able to check without the trouble of walking into the kitchen at all. Maybe I should start punishing him for every day he doesn’t set the camera up.

Nah. I’m just too nice.