When I was making dinner last night, I realized Lion forgot to set up the coffee pot. In his defense, I was on a long work call that was on-camera and he would have had to waltz his naked butt past to get to the kitchen. However, that’s no excuse. There was plenty of time after my call ended.

After dinner, I told him that I had to set up the coffee pot so I had room for the clean dishes in the dish drainer. He said he he thought he’d set it up. He wasn’t calling me a liar. He really thought he’d done it. The fact that I was setting up the spanking bench was confirmation he hadn’t.

His buns hadn’t been swatted in a while. I won’t call them virgin cheeks, but they were pristine. That is, until I got done with them. They were sore and a tiny bit bloody afterwards. And it was definitely deserved.

Ironically, we both wrote about spanking in our posts yesterday. Toward the end of his, he said he doesn’t like to be let off the hook when he breaks a rule. I read that after I’d already whomped his butt. I definitely didn’t let him off the hook. He may not have had a red butt when he was getting ready for bed, but I bet he still felt it a little. I don’t know if he still feels it. I did hit pretty hard for a while. Even when I wasn’t necessarily hitting hard, I’d throw in a hard swat now and then. I like to surprise him like that.

I don’t think he’ll be forgetting the coffee pot anytime soon. If he does, he’ll be right back on the spanking bench for a refresher course. It may even be a longer spanking. It all depends on how soon he forgets.

ferrule paddle on Lion's bare ass

Last night, I let Lion get warm for a few minutes after his shower. Then I set up the spanking bench and “invited” him to join me. He doesn’t have a choice, and he knows it. Asking him to take his position is just a formality.

This was his first real punishment in a while. I decided not to add time for breaking the spilling rule twice in two days. Instead, I was set on hitting harder. Ten minutes can seem like a lifetime if someone is whomping you with a paddle, especially if they are hard whomps.

I may have surprised him when I set the ten-minute timer. Of course, he knows I don’t have to stop then. I swat until I feel I’ve made my point. Sometimes I do it a little beyond making my point. In either case, he certainly knows he’s been punished.

The first few swats are always to wake his buns up. I don’t go full force right off the bat. He wouldn’t be able to handle that. He needs time to adjust. I don’t set the timer until I’ve gotten his attention. It’s best if he has the full ten minutes of harder swats.

Well, I think it’s best. He may disagree.

Spanking spoon on Lion's bare butt

I alternated between a bloodwood ferrule and a rubber strap in the beginning. Truth be told, it was mostly the ferrule. For the most part, they were slow swats. I didn’t do rapid-fire much. I threw in some hard swats now and then. About halfway through, there were more hard swats than not. Toward the end, I switched to the paddle shaped like a spoon. I think it has the best chance at causing memorable swats. I wasn’t necessarily trying to bruise him. I’ve given up on that goal. His hide is too tough. But he was bleeding quite a bit. It wasn’t splattering as it sometimes does, but I had to put the towel on the bed when I was done. I’d just changed the sheets, and I didn’t want him bleeding all over them.

I know he felt it last night. This morning he said it didn’t. Then he sat in his desk chair. That was a different story. When he moves, he feels sore spots. I haven’t checked his buns to see how they look. He recovers very quickly. I’m sure his pride will hurt longer than his butt.

Lion spilled food on his shirt yesterday. I owed him a spanking, but I forgot. No problem. It was pushed to today. Maybe I should have done it when he reminded me last night. He spilled food again today. He would have had rare back-to-back punishments.

Did I have an inkling he was going to re-offend? No. I just forgot. I’m debating now whether to do the regular ten minutes or add five minutes because it’s two offenses. Assuming I remember, I’ll decide when I’m setting up the spanking bench.

This morning, I was trying to work out a schedule for Lion to use the treadmill. I didn’t want to make him do 30 minutes right off the bat, but I wasn’t sure what a good lead-up would be. He said he starts out slow and works his way up. I don’t need him running marathons. I just want him to do it.

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask Lion to use the treadmill at least twice a week to start with. He can start out with one minute if he needs to. I know how difficult it is to get started. I’ll do my part by keeping the area around the treadmill free of boxes and other stuff. As he gets going, we can increase the number of days per week I expect out of him. I don’t think I’ll set a length of time. He’s a big boy. He can do as much or as little as he wants. However, if he consistently does as little as he wants, I may revisit this.

His leg has been bothering him so I don’t know when he’ll start, but once he does, he’ll need a good reason not to do his two days a week. I gave his leg a short massage, and he said it felt better. I think he just liked being touched. I’ll give him another one if it will help get him on the treadmill sooner.

I am writing this post midday on Saturday. I still have a couple of sore spots from Thursday night’s spanking. It’s been a while since I’ve been punished. I really hate that word. I get an uncomfortable feeling every time I find it referenced to me. Even writing that I’ve been punished gives me a bad feeling. However, I don’t mind the word “spanked.”

I’ve noticed that other blogs written by men who are spanked almost never use the word “punished.” Spanking is an activity that hurts a lot. It also turns me on to think about it. I have to be dragged screaming to think about being punished. I wince every time Mrs. Lion writes about punishing me. That probably means it’s the right word to use.

I prefer saying that I’m going to be spanked for interrupting her. I know that’s not exactly right. I was punished for interrupting (I winced). My punishment was a spanking. I’d like to claim that saying I was spanked is the same. I know it isn’t. I can be spanked for fun by a friend or lover. I get aroused thinking about a spanking. Referring to my punishment as spanking is a way to sidestep the real meaning of what happened to me.

Mrs. Lion doesn’t necessarily have power over me in order to spank me. I can consent to it because it turns me on. In order to punish me, she has to have real power. To punish me means that she has real control. I may be free to break a rule, but when I do, she punishes me in any way she feels is effective. It’s not BDSM or sex. It’s retribution for displeasing her. If I’m naughty, I’m going to be punished.

I know that a lot of guys will insist that “punish” and “spank” mean the same thing, and that’s why they use spanking to mean punishment. I suspect they are like me and don’t like verbalizing the power they have surrendered. All I know is that when Mrs. Lion says, “I’m going to spank you,” I get a tingle. When she tells me, “You earned a punishment,” I feel dread. That says it all.