Maybe it’s an every-other-day thing. Monday was a bad day for me. I felt yucky all day. Tuesday was much better. I was only a little dizzy. Today, I thought I felt okay, but then I took Lion to the dentist and waited for him for two hours. I was playing on my iPad for a while. Then I had to get up and walk around to get the blood flowing. I’m sort of dizzy, sort of tired. Overall, I’m just done with this vertigo nonsense. Time to do more maneuvers. And friends suggested physical therapy and chiropractor. I’ve heard good things and bad things about chiropractors. It makes me nervous, but it might be worth a shot.

While I was feeling okay last night, I spanked Lion. I strapped him in and went to work. I set a fifteen-minute timer, but I wasn’t sure if I’d make it all the way. I was worried about needing to bend over to swat him, but it turns out I do just fine standing straight up. I used the leather paddles to see what would happen after a longer punishment period. He started to bleed a little, so I got to test out my tape theory. Rather than putting a Band-Aid on him, I wiped off the blood and put a piece of paper adhesive tape across the spot. He bled through almost immediately, but I wasn’t trying to stop the bleeding. What I was trying to do was stop that spot from getting bigger. I think it worked. It was sort of hard to tell while I was spanking because the paddle transferred blood. When I was done, and we made it the whole fifteen minutes, he had a few smaller blood spots on his left cheek, but his right cheek just had the one spot. It was bleeding worse when I took the tape off, but the tape seemed to stop that spot from getting bigger. Maybe I should tape his whole butt before we start next time.

Before I even started whomping him, he muttered that he thought he was going to get a hand job. I’d promised him a hand job in my post. I’d also been promising him a spanking. Give me time to catch up on my promises. I told him he could either have a hand job or a blow job. He said he thought I was going to set up the massage table to give him a hand job. Okay. It was a little more work, but I set it up. I know the angle isn’t really right when I try a hand job in bed. I sit in a weird position that gets uncomfortable after a little while. But standing next to him at the massage table isn’t easy either. Of course, it’s worse when I’m trying to avoid moving around so much, so I don’t get dizzy. And maybe I’ll drag the chair out someday, but I think that might change the angle of attack. Anyway, I was sweating away by the time he had his orgasm. Not that it took him a long time.

I’m not exactly sure if it was a good orgasm. He didn’t say anything, but it looked abbreviated to me. It was like heading for climax, heading for climax, boom, done. I did get some cream filling, though. I count that as a win. He was happy. He had sore buns and a happy weenie. Two clocks reset on the same night.

If I didn’t know better, I’d think Lion was doing things on purpose. Saturday night he left the shower door open. Sunday night he forgot the coffee pot. Is he trying to make me spank him so things will get back to normal around here?

I did feel a little better yesterday as far as the dizziness goes. I managed to work on the garden, change the bed, put the garbage out, and even provide Lion with a little sucking pleasure. Today, however, I feel dizzy again. I don’t think I overdid it yesterday. I just think it will come and go for a while. I was going to go to the store today, but I think that can wait for another day.

I’ll have to see how I feel later to know if Lion will get his spanking today or not. I know he’s hoping he won’t. Not that he wants me to feel bad. He just doesn’t want his butt to feel bad. Two offenses in two days? Hmmm…that will require more than ten minutes. I could do multiple days if I can’t manage the whole ten minutes at once. Assuming I’ll feel better tomorrow, I’d probably be hitting harder and/or longer. I bet that would be especially painful on an already sore tush. That sounds like a good idea.

Of course, there’s no rush to spank him. It’s not like I’ll be busy with work. I’m just fixing my resume and searching for jobs. I can interrupt that anytime for punishment. For that matter, Lion’s request for earlier play is possible now too. Maybe we can test that evil new IcyHot he got the other day. I could be a full-time Lion dominant until I find a new job. I don’t think he’d like that any more than I would.

It may take me a while, but I usually figure things out. Either I hadn’t gone in the bathroom all night, or I missed the shower door when I did. I saw dirty paw prints on the shower floor. It didn’t really bother me when the dog got in there, but she was licking up water that was full of shampoo and soap residue. Yuck! It became a rule a while back. Lion gets spanked if he leaves it open.

The weird thing is, he wrote about spanking yesterday. I think he jinxed himself. He’s been very good about following all his rules. Once he slips with one, he usually follows up with slips of the other rules. I suspect the coffee pot will be the next.

When I told him about the footprints in the shower, he said he didn’t want a spanking. Not now. I don’t know why not now. He wasn’t going to get it at that point anyway. Will he be ready for it later? I know he doesn’t ever really want to be spanked. He likes thinking about it, but when one is imminent, it’s not so much fun. He said he’s worried about my hand. I have two. If the sprained one hurts, I can use the other one. I usually trade back and forth anyway. The worst that can happen is I have to cut the punishment short. On no! Not that. Anything but that. (mock horror) Actually, the worst that can happen is that I have to stop tonight but manage to press on tomorrow. I think I’ll be fine tonight.

Lion decided to make chicken parmesan last night. Since he can’t see very well, I have to help. However, he needs things done how he needs things done. He can only do one thing at a time. Apparently, I can do multiple things at a time. And I guess I turn into an idiot when we cook. He asked for a baking pan. I pulled out a Pyrex baking pan. Nope. Not the right one. So I pulled out a cake pan. No, no, no. Not the right one either. Don’t I remember we use one of the other little pans? Um, it’s been years since we made chicken parm. And, by the way, the baking pan he was looking for was a small cookie sheet. His voice was raised because I couldn’t figure out what pan he wanted, but he wasn’t using the right words.

Yup. His punishment will also be for his raised voice. I may be slow (see the first sentence), but I’m not stupid.

Immediately after spanking on the left. A day later on the right.

I didn’t get Lion for his spanking just as he came out of the shower. I was busy changing the bed and the comforter wasn’t quite dry. It was sort of a fiasco. I did get him eventually, though. And I got him good. Rosy cheeks, some blood, and a decent size bruise. Of course, I wasn’t really going for the blood or the bruise. I just wanted to give him a proper punishment.

I didn’t strap him down. I probably should have. He moved a lot. In his defense, someone was swatting him hard. While it’s true he should have the ability to remain still, I also have to ability to make sure he does by strapping him to the bench, so he has no alternative but to stay still. I’m not sure how he stayed as still as he did. I know I couldn’t have. Of course, I never would have been on the bench in the first place. I don’t want to be spanked.

He started bleeding fairly early on. I probably hit the same area I hit the other day during his “just because” spanking. I didn’t use the paddle with the stair tread on it. I used a Lucite paddle, a wooden paddle and two rubber paddles. I also used a smaller rubber paddle to get in his crack a little bit. I took a picture afterwards because sometimes I’ll say it looked like he’ll get a bruise and he doesn’t think he will. I wanted proof. “See that right there? Looks like a bruise.” And it was. By the time he was brushing his teeth, I could see it. I don’t know how long his butt hurt or if it hurts today, but the bruise is still there.

Afterwards, he said he guessed he should pay more attention to not spilling things on the comforter. I agree.