Lion likes things to be black and white. Now he can have that…well…red and green.

The other day Lion said one reason he likes wearing the cage is that if it’s on there’s no chance for sex and if it’s off there’s the possibility. It’s very black and white. On or off. Yes or no. Without the signal of the cage, things are ambiguous. While I may be laid back and take things as they come, Lion likes more structure. With that in mind, I did some shopping.

In his post, Lion suggested the possibility of having some sort of traffic signal. Red light means the weenie will not receive any attention. Green light, of course, means go. A traffic signal. Hmmm…. Knowing that Amazon has everything, I started my search there. For about $600 I could get a fairly real looking traffic signal. Score! Well, no. I’m not spending $600 to tell Lion if he will or will not get lucky. Further research finally revealed the item in the picture. Now whenever Lion is wild for an extended period of time I’ll have a way to tell him if he can expect some loving.

Obviously, we could have just talked about it, but that didn’t always work for us. If, like yesterday, I was tired and told Lion I was falling asleep at work and still felt too tired to move, he could ask me if we were going to play. Fair enough. I did not flat out say that he was out of luck. I did not fall asleep watching TV like he did a few times. I did not hold up a red signal. I did not say no. No means no. Not no means yes or maybe.

I don’t have any plans to leave Lion wild at any point in the near future. Whether it’s working or not to make him more excited and easier to edge, a male chastity aficionado should be caged. Whether or not I like locking and unlocking him, he should be caged. Whether or not I can trust him not to masturbate, he should be caged. Now that he’s got this racy red Ferrari colored cage, he needs to strut his stuff even if it is just around the house.

Of course, there exists the possibility that Lion will develop a sore and I’ll probably want him wild when we’re camping. At some point he may need to be wild for a doctor visit. The point is, there are times he’ll be wild. I may even decide May is wild month. We had Unlocktober. Why not wild month? What about wild Wednesday? I don’t know. Just spit balling. When my red light green light arrives tomorrow, I’ll have a way to signal Lion.

After all these years you’d think that being locked into a chastity device is absolutely routine for me. In most ways it is. Nevertheless for about a week or so after I am locked up after being wild, the device feels a little uncomfortable and quite alien. In a way, I like that. It’s a very strong reminder that I am being controlled. After that first couple of weeks, the device is simply part of me. I don’t think about it. I only notice it when my balls get caught on something or I need a slight adjustment. The Evotion Orion that I am currently wearing keeps my urethra beautifully centered in the opening provided for it. That means I don’t even have to think about it when I’m standing up to urinate. I plan to write a detailed review of this device in the next week or so.

Hair is beginning to grow back so I suppose I’ll have to ask Mrs. Lion to get out the wax and remove the unwanted fur. It’s a chore that she doesn’t enjoy. I’m grateful she’s willing to do it for me. Based on what she said after my last waxing, I may need to find a professional to take care of my legs. For right now, I’m most interested in the Lionzilian. We don’t need stray hair in the pictures of the Orion.

remy chastity device
Remy male chastity device. That’s
hairy me in 1995.

It fascinates me that the male chastity device industry is affected by progress the same way other, much-larger manufacturing is being forced to change. At the very beginning of the male chastity device business, most of the devices were put together using electrical and plumbing parts. The device I am modeling (image, right) was made by a guy who called himself Remy. He made it using some plastic conduit and a cable clamp. He dipped both in tooldip. It was not terrible and for the time, it did a good job.

lori chastity device
Lori’s first male chastity device. The heavy device hung from
my frenum piercing.

Another early player was a woman named Lori. Her partner manufactured devices out of stainless steel. He hammered sheets into cylinders and then formed bars, base ring, etc. She is still in business. When Remy gave up his business, she picked up his URL. Because of the relatively crude manufacturing technique, the Lori devices tend to be very heavy. Her original devices required a piercing, specifically a frenum piercing to attach the device to the penis. My problem with this was that the weight of the device painfully irritated my pierced skin. Here I am in one of her very early devices (image, left). It was way too long for me and so heavy I could wear it for less than a day before the pain was unbearable. I’m happy to say that in the years since then — over 20 years ago — her manufacturing has improved dramatically and she has many happy customers.

1 inch-long jail bird male chastity device
This is my Mature Metal Jail Bird.

When Mature Metal started up their business, they used much more sophisticated techniques to forge stainless steel devices. Their Jail Bird is one of the most popular custom-made devices on the market today. That’s the one I wore for over three years (image, right). There are lots of physical limitations involved in manufacturing a device designed to fit over a penis. Most of the people that make these devices do the best they can but can’t really create lightweight, perfect devices. The one exception is a Canadian company that uses sophisticated machine tools to produce exquisite devices made up of stainless steel, titanium, gold, and other exotic metals. Their cheapest custom-made device is more than $2500. A Jail Bird sells for about $400.

About 10 years ago 3D printing came into its own. Several companies set themselves up as public 3D printers. You could submit a digital design to them and they would print it as a full-sized three-dimensional rendering. There are almost no limitations as to shape or size. Early on one or two people manufactured and tried to sell 3D-printed chastity devices. I bought one. It was not a good fit, even though I supplied my measurements. My penis was in the wrong position to urinate without making a terrible mess. It was reasonably comfortable, but it was large and definitely not ready for prime time.

Now, there are a few people making these devices using 3D printing. Custom Chastity was the first I discovered. I ordered one of their custom devices. It’s a great design. It takes advantage of 3D printing by subtle shape adjustments that exactly match the shape of my penis. It’s pretty and weighs nearly nothing. The problem is that the manufacturer, a couple living in Australia, uses Shapeways, the largest public 3D printer, to manufacture the device. I believe they also make most of the other chastity devices that are 3D-printed. They don’t charge a lot and they do excellent work.

custom chastity male chastity device
Custom Chastity device. Great design but
ruined by rough finish.

The problem is that they use a technique called sintering to produce the devices. Sintering works by laying a thin layer of tiny plastic particles on a level table. A laser scans the shape of the device fusing the tiny particles. Think of the scan as a slice of the physical device. After it makes the scan, another layer of plastic bead is put down and the laser fuses that for the next slice. The slices are very very thin and the result is a perfect rendering of the digital design. The problem for chastity device wearers is that those tiny particles remain on the outside surface of the device. It’s like sandpaper. I found the Custom Chastity device so rough my skin was rubbed raw after wearing it for a few hours. When I asked Custom Chastity about this problem, at first they claimed no one else had trouble with the device.

Later, they admitted that this was an issue and they were trying to fix it. Shapeways offers a “premium” finish. This is an extra step after the 3D printing. They tumble the products with mildly abrasive ball bearings. This tumbling makes the surface much smoother. The Custom Chastity people claimed it didn’t work. That’s the reason I don’t recommend their device. It’s a really nice design but until they can produce it so that it doesn’t take your skin off, it isn’t worth much.

All you need to become a male chastity device manufacturer is the ability to use 3D digital design software. Of course, you also need to understand the anatomy of thepenis and have some idea about how you want to build a cage for it. One guy started a little company of his own. Apparently, he spent quite a while working out a design for a chastity device he could wear. By the time he decided to sell it, he had a really nice concept. He calls this model the Cherry Keeper. You can search here to read my review of the Cherry Keeper. I wore mine for quite a while. He designed a feature that he thought would make it more difficult for people to pull out of the cage. Pullout is the most common form of cheating for people wearing chastity devices.

cherry keeper on lion's penis side view
The Cherry Keeper cage is quite short.
It nestles between my balls, and is invisible under clothing.

His solution was something he called the “headlock”. This is a “shelf” inside the top of the cage. The idea is that when you put the cage on, you force the head of your penis past this shelf. It rides comfortably just below the head. Removing the device requires forcing the head back over the shelf. I discovered that this shelf has a much more useful purpose. It prevents the head of the penis from withdrawing away from the top of the cage. That means it helps keep the urethra flush against the top of the cage and, hopefully, centered.

To my delight, it actually works. Of course, to get the right fit you need a custom device. Fortunately, that is not an expensive proposition. He offers several off-the-shelf sizes of Cherry Keeper. Essentially you order a base ring of the correct dimension and you order the front of the cage. He has that available in several lengths and also offers several standard headlock sizes. For the complete off-the-shelf device expect to pay about $75. For a flat $75 fee, he will custom design a cage for you. He can change the sizes of the parts and also the shape of them. I had him make me a custom cage with more taper at the end of the front. The idea was this would force my urethra to stay in place.

cherry keeper chastity device headlock
Headlock “shelf”
holds the head
tightly to the top.

He uses Shapeways to make the devices. In fact, you order the devices directly from Shapeways. If you order his standard device, which is available dyed in lots of colors, you will get the sandpaper-like finish that I hate. However, if you order it in white (natural), and ask for the premium finish which costs a little more, the product comes to you much smoother and very nice to wear. Including the design fee and the premium finish, it cost me about $150 for this custom device. Not bad!

Aesthetically the Cherry Keeper is a bit clunky. However, it works and it works well. I spent a lot of time locked into mine. Mrs. Lion hated getting me into it. She had to lube the head of my penis and work hard to push it past the headlock. After a while, she got good at doing it but was never very happy with the trouble it takes to put on. I had very little trouble peeing. It wasn’t foolproof. About 1/4 of the time my urethra had wandered enough to the left or right to make a messy spray. In comparison, my Jail Bird was off-center at least 75% of the time.

orion side view
Evotion Orion

I am currently wearing the Evotion Orion.(image, right) This is a new device, for me at least, that is also 3D-printed. It is expensive. The custom version is a little over $300. It’s about the same price as a Jail Bird. I don’t want to spoil the full review which is coming soon, so I won’t go into too much detail. This device is significantly different than any other I’ve worn. Evotion got in business to build devices for men with piercings. That may have something to do with their design philosophy. In any case, this is a three-piece device that requires two internal locks. Measuring for it is completely different than for any other device I’ve ever worn. I’ll go into detail in my review.

Evotion hand finishes these devices by painting them. They don’t talk about the sort of paint they use, but it feels like a high-quality automotive-grade finish. In any case, it does a good job of sealing up the rough 3D printed exterior. The result is a completely smooth, somewhat grippy device. As you might guess, I like wearing it.

By the way, Shapeways offers printing in metal. They can print in stainless steel, gold, silver, and other metals. The printing process is exactly the same as it is for the nylon (plastic) devices. The laser just has to work at a higher temperature. A powder of the metal is deposited on the baseplate and the laser fuses the powder where the device will be. Obviously, the resulting product is considerably heavier. The cost is very very high.

Male chastity devices have certainly evolved. They’ve evolved in construction with more advanced technology allowing imaginative designs that fit better and feel better to wear. Most device manufacturers forgo high security in favor of building comfortable devices that can be permanently worn. I’m very sure that the majority of guys buying chastity devices will move to the machine printed versions. They’re just too good to resist. My beloved Jail Bird feels heavy and a little uncomfortable when I compare it to my Evotion Orion.

As it was said in the movie “Goodbye Columbus”, “Plastic is the future, young man.” It sure is especially with devices you wear between your legs.

I was determined to start playing with Lion a little earlier than usual last night. I got him home from physical therapy before 5. He took a shower. He climbed into bed to warm up and a few minutes later I heard him snoring. I took my Jeopardy! test at 6. It was fairly frustrating. They weren’t necessarily difficult questions (some were) but it took longer than the allotted 15 seconds to think of the answer and type it for many of them. I doubt I did well enough to get a call back. Oh well. I tried.

After my test I started dinner. Well, I tried to start dinner. After the potatoes had been in the oven for ten minutes, and I was about to add the pork, I realized I never turned the oven on. Duh! It doesn’t work very well if it’s not on. So that delayed dinner. But we weren’t in any worse shape than usual. I just had to make sure we still started earlier.

When I did unlock him, I had some trouble. There’s a trick to getting the key in without pinching and with removing a piece of the cage without pinching. I already had the Magic Wand in place and went to work arousing him. The first thing to note is that he wasn’t as excited as he was the night before. It was an uphill battle from the start.

Usually the Magic Wand makes him spring to attention. Not this time. He managed to get a little hard but it was short lived. Then he was back. And gone again. After a while I said he didn’t seem to be into it. He agreed. I assumed he was tired. He assumed his upset tummy played a bigger part. Either way, we were done.

I wonder if he’s unwilling to give up because he doesn’t want to disappoint me or if he’s just hoping something will happen. I know I don’t give up because I don’t want him to think I’m tired of playing with him. In a way, our stubbornness is our downfall. If he’d say he just didn’t feel like doing anything, then…well I don’t want to say it would save us both time. But if we’re each trying not to disappoint the other, it’s sort of a losing battle sometimes.

I don’t know if we’ll do anything tonight. I slept all night but I’m really tired today. Plus, it should be Friday. Everyone at work agrees. It has some nerve only being Thursday. Being tired doesn’t help that feeling at all. On the other hand, I may wake up later and be ready to rock Lion’s world. Of course, it depends what Lion feels like too. We shall see.

Aside from being a hot, secret kink, wearing a male chastity device actually performs a useful service. I know that those of us who wear one like to think up rationalizations about our desire to be caged. I seriously doubt that any of the women who are acting as our keyholders put much stock into our explanations. The main one is that wearing a male chastity device prevents masturbation. I don’t think many women consider masturbation a serious epidemic that needs a hardware solution. I’d be pretty surprised if many women think about male masturbation at all.

Mrs. Lion apparently didn’t give it a thought before we had our “chastity talk”. That was when I sat down with her and explained that I wanted her to keep me locked in a male chastity device. One of the reasons I cited was to assure her I wouldn’t masturbate on my own. She was surprised when I said that. I asked why. She said that she didn’t know I masturbated at all. I won’t go into the entire story this point, you can read about it in prior posts. The point is that until I brought it up, she never thought about me playing with my penis.

Once I did mention it, she told me in no uncertain terms that she didn’t want me to do that again. I was puzzled. I’ve always thought that jerking off is a harmless way to release male sexual tension. In her mind it was a breach of our marriage vow. It wasn’t a big sacrifice for me. I never really liked jerking off very much. I did it because I was horny and wanted some easy relief. Being locked in a male chastity device was unnecessary to prevent my hand from performing the forbidden act.

Over the years, I spent most of my time locked into a male chastity device. I enjoyed the periodic unlocking, teasing, and eventual ejaculations Mrs. Lion provided. It was a fun game. The bondage aspect of wearing a chastity device remains exciting to me. I never felt any profound connection between my penis and the hardware that rendered it inaccessible to me. In fact, until very recently I considered it unnecessary to support my full-time orgasm control.

A few words about that. Since that fateful conversation in 2013, Mrs. Lion provides 100% of my sexual release. With or without a male chastity device locked on my penis, she has been the only source of release since then. During the last couple of years, I spent a lot of time wild — not wearing a chastity device. This was brought on by medical issues that made wearing one difficult and, when I went to the bathroom, very messy.

Mrs. Lion prefers when I am wild. It’s a lot of trouble for her to unlock and then relock me when she wants sexual access. She’s never seen it as necessary for the sexual control she demands. I get it. I think it’s interesting that Mrs. Lion, who until well into our marriage was a very vanilla lioness, saw no contradiction or even kink in the idea that she and only she could cause me to ejaculate. She had no fantasies about being dominant and controlling me, It didn’t turn her on to think of me in her power. Nevertheless, she thought it completely natural for her and only her to stimulate my penis. Go figure!

Anyway, she made it very clear from the start that she would consider any extracurricular semen production as a form of betrayal; almost cheating. She was unwavering in this perspective. In fact, it’s so important to her that she refused to even consider the idea that if my paws wandered and I got myself off, that she could use a male chastity device to prevent future offenses. She absolutely expects me to honor my commitment to her without any helpful hardware.

In a way this was disappointing. If a male chastity device has any practical value at all, it is to prevent unauthorized sexual access to the penis it locks up. Mrs. Lion absolutely rejects that idea. She also rejects the concept that forced, extended cage wear can be used as a punishment. Her view remains that she locks me in a chastity device because it’s something I want. She refuses to assign it any value in our power exchange.

That’s why she is not a particularly big fan of locking me up. Removing and relocking the chastity device is extra work for her. She finds no benefit to her or to her power exchange with me when I wear it. I’ve been willing to accept that. I think it’s hot to be locked into a chastity device. I never explored why I feel this way until quite recently.

Over the last couple of months I’ve been going through a period of low sexual interest. Mrs. Lion has been unable to push me to the edge of orgasm, or even to orgasm itself most of the time. After more than a week, with enough work, she can get me off. I find this very frustrating. I’ve been wondering if this isn’t some hormonal artifact. Is there something physically wrong with me that manifests itself through my reduced interest in getting off?

During this time, when Mrs. Lion worked gamely to get me to the edge, I felt worse and worse as I watched her struggling as she masturbated me. At one point she decided that maybe I was tired of hand jobs. I was. So, she switched to oral sex. She sucked valiantly until her mouth was too sore to continue. It felt great physically, but made me feel even guiltier.

We bought some mechanical aids: male masturbating machines. They were interesting but didn’t have any better results. I will write a review of them in the near future. The longer this went on the more broken I felt. Since sex is one-way here, Mrs. Lion is uninterested in sex for herself, my loss of the ability to fully enjoy any sexual activity shut down sex in our marriage.

Worse, both of us are sex bloggers. How do a couple of sex bloggers write about something they don’t do anymore? Are we now moving into the realm of fiction writers? I suppose we could do that. I like to write erotic fiction. But that’s hardly the point.

Last fall I contacted the folks that make Evotion chastity devices. I arranged to get a custom Orion device. They have very long lead times on their custom devices. I didn’t receive mine until about two weeks ago. The timing couldn’t have been worse. We were in the midst of my sexual hiatus when the device arrived, I was curious and wanted to try it. I figured that it wouldn’t make anything worse and I wanted to review this very nice 3D-printed male chastity device.

Mrs. Lion agreed to lock it on. We returned to our old routine. I wear the device 24/7. Every day or two Mrs. Lion removes that and teases me. When she’s done, and I’ve lost my erection, the device goes back on. The first few times she did this, it was very difficult for her to get the bits together and locked. That’s not terribly unusual. She’s always had a learning curve when it came to applying chastity devices to my penis.

I had no sexual expectations that wearing a chastity device would change my current, depressing pattern. Why should I? I’m an old timer when it comes to wearing male chastity devices. Yes, I do like new things. I don’t think the sense of novelty is enough to completely flip my sexual switch.

Maybe I was wrong. Ever since wearing the device, I’ve become much more sexually responsive. When Mrs. Lion unlocks me, I’m on the way to an erection before she can put the hardware down on the nightstand. I’m completely hard seconds after she starts masturbating me. The first time she unlocked me, after a very long run-up, I did get to the edge. Not only that, she was able to edge me over and over just like the old days.

The next night I was equally responsive, but plateaued after about 15 minutes of energetic masturbation and began to lose my erection. Not everything changed. I was pretty sad about that. I think that maybe the fact that Mrs. Lion started very late contributed to my problem, but it didn’t cause it.

The revelation I’ve had about wearing a male chastity device is that its effect on me is unrelated to most of the things I thought were important. It has nothing to do with the fact that my penis is inaccessible to me, or that I have no way to get free at even if I want to. It has nothing to do with the fact that I can’t get an erection while wearing the cage. The benefit is more subtle and far more profound. When the cage is locked on my penis, I know on all levels that there is no point in being sexually aroused.

Sure, I can see something that turns me on and maybe my penis will try to get hard inside the cage. Of course it can’t. More importantly, I know that no matter how much I like the idea of being hard and ready to come, that’s not going to happen until the devices removed. Wearing a chastity device is a form of conditioning. It’s no different than the kind of conditioning I get when I’m punished for breaking a rule.

It’s a simple cause and effect relationship. Spill food on my shirt and I get a sore bottom from a spanking. One clearly causes the other. Over time, on every level I learn this relationship. I also learn to avoid spilling food on my shirt and thereby avoid spanking. The chastity device does something very similar. Over the long period of time I’ve worn one, I’ve learned that I can’t have any sex as long as it’s present. When it’s unlocked and removed, I may be able to get sexual arousal and occasionally ejaculate.

The important piece of information is that the window for sexual expression is very clearly defined when I wear a chastity device. I am physically unable to have sex while the device is on. I am able to have sex when it’s been removed. During times that I’ve been allowed to go wild, that cause-and-effect relationship is suspended. My penis may be unrestrained, but I knew I couldn’t have sex unless Mrs. Lion decided to give me some. You could argue that it’s no different when I wear the chastity device.

It is for me. Chastity device forces a sort of ceremony on us. Any sexual activity is always preceded by an overture that consists of Mrs. Lion fetching the keys, unlocking the device and removing it from my penis. Once that is done, sex commences. When sex is over, the device goes back on and is locked. I didn’t realize how powerful this message is. Even when I am unlocked and allowed to shower, I know that the fact that it’s been removed from my penis means something sexy is going to happen. As long as it’s locked on me, I know there is absolutely no possibility I will get any sexual pleasure.

That’s why I asked Mrs. Lion if she is going to unlock me. I don’t ask her if she is going to jerk me off or do something else sexual. I’m not being coy. I want to know if the music’s going to start to play that inevitably leads to those incredible feelings when she stimulates my penis. It turns out that for me wearing a male chastity device is a sexual traffic signal. When it’s locked on, the signal is red. Nothing sexual is going to happen. When it’s unlocked, we have either a yellow or a green. That means sex is either coming right now or will probably be coming very soon.

I guess I’m a simple critter. I’ve been trained to only expect sex when my chastity device has been unlocked and removed. I don’t ask for sex. I just ask if I’m going to be unlocked. I do like it when Mrs. Lion lets me remain wild. But I think it causes me a problem. I’ve lost my sexual traffic signal. If I’m going to be unlocked for any period of time, I think we need some other way for me to understand when it is or isn’t time for sexual fun. That could sound odd I know, but all those years of being locked in a male chastity device has conditioned me to need explicit signals. If I’m going to be locked permanently, we have no need for other signals. But if Mrs. Lion is going to want me wild for any amount of time, we need to understand the rules of the road.