Apparently I need to be more closely supervised. I can’t be trusted with chemicals. Anything stronger than lube is no good in my hands. I assumed all Icy Hot was created equal. Why wouldn’t it be? Gel, roll on, whatever other forms it takes. And Lion bought it all so ultimately it’s his fault his balls were on fire last night. It isn’t. This falls under the live and learn category. Read the label. A little dab’ll do ya. More is not necessarily better.

I feel bad about last night. It’s one thing to cause Lion pain because he wants it. It’s an entirely different thing to put him in real pain. Of course I let him wash it off. If I knew a trick to counteract the stuff we’d get some. Milk is supposed to work with hot peppers. I’ve heard tequila does too but I think tequila just puts you in a place where you don’t care that your mouth is on fire. I doubt either would have any effect on Icy Hot to the balls.

I guess there is some good news. Lion was still hard and willing to be edged after he got most of the offending goop off. Since I couldn’t play with his balls as I normally do when I’m edging him, I traced a line near his anus. He likes that. I wasn’t actually touching it but I was in the neighborhood and even a drive by is welcome there. I stopped edging him and I pulled my finger away when I thought he was close. He gave me a look as if to say, “What happened? Why’d you stop?”

I wasn’t going to give him an orgasm. I just wanted him close. When I resumed I kept my finger flirting with him even though I stopped edging him. This boy is craving some anal attention. I’ll have to give him more tonight.

lion's balls burned bright red
Mrs. Lion appled industrial strength Icy Hot to my cock and balls. They really were this color for over an hour. This is the actual color, no retouching at all!
Click image to view larger.

Mrs. Lion’s post yesterday forecast Icy Hot on my penis and or balls last night. True to her word, she fetched a tube of Icy Hot cream and Icy Hot roll-on. She mentioned that she might get some on her hand. I suggested she put on a rubber glove. She shook her head no. Then she picked up the roll-on and drew a stripe down the seam in the middle of my scrotum. She then drew one on each side of the first, covering almost the entire scrotum. Then, she painted my penis too.

Within a minute, my balls felt like they were on fire. The pain was incredible. Annoyingly, my cock stayed hard. I begged Mrs. Lion to let me wash it off.

maximum strength icy hot
This is the “convenient” roll on that Mrs. Lion used. Notice that it says “Maximum Strength”. That’s 16% Menthol. Regulare Icy Hot, which she decided not to use is 6% Menthol.

She said that she thought it couldn’t be washed off. Through clenched teeth I reminded her that menthol can be mostly washed off. She agreed and let me do my best to get it off.

I ran to the bathroom, got a washcloth and tried to rinse it off. It wasn’t helping. I tried using soap. Eventually, the burn receded to a barely-bearable level and I returned to bed.

I asked Mrs. Lion if my balls were red. She said they were. I asked her to take a picture. You can see it on this post. That’s accurate color.

I’ve had Icy Hot on my balls before, but it never burned like this.When my eyes stopped watering, I read the labels on both the roll on and the cream. The cream was 6% menthol, the roll on 16%, almost 3 times stronger! No wonder!

Mrs. Lion said that she didn’t realize the roll on was stronger. We found out. My balls were bright enough to guide Santa’s sleigh! I.asked her that now she knows it’s so strong, will she use it again. She smiled and said,

“Of course.”

Yesterday after I wrote my post I mowed the lawn. An hour of back and forth, up and down, punctuated by a few stops while I decided whether I should stop or if I could actually finish. What drove me on, and it sounds stupid, is the idea that I didn’t want to get another set of clothes sweaty and dirty if I had to finish it today. I was definitely tired and achy but after a short rest I was just a little achy. By bed time I was ready and assumed I’d sleep well. Nope. This morning I have a muscle tweak near my shoulder blade but it’s nowhere near as painful as my neck was.

I did have energy to snuggle with Lion and attempt to wake the sleeping weenie. I didn’t get anywhere. Lion didn’t apologize. He didn’t mention not being horny. We just snuggled. When I had to move I didn’t go far and we spent a good portion of the night intertwined while watching TV.

Today, we already wasted time watching a college football game. Lion is getting the new waxing station ready while I write this. I can’t keep track of his fur. I’m not sure if he needs to be waxed this week or next week. He says he’s furry enough but it doesn’t look that way to me.

We also have to get ready for Lion’s friend who’s coming in a little less than two weeks. There really isn’t too much to do. It’s mostly moving extraneous stuff out of the spare bedroom. We’ve managed to keep the house fairly clean from all our visitors throughout the year.

Later on I’ll either bring out the Magic Wand or the Icy Hot to get things moving. I threaten him with Icy Hot a lot. I guess it’s time I follow through.


Guilt is an unforeseen byproduct of blogging about our relationship. When I read about the things I’ve done that upset Mrs. Lion, I wonder what sort of person would be so thoughtless. How could I not respect her time? How could I be so insensitive? To her credit, Mrs. Lion softens the message by suggesting that I wasn’t aware of what I did. Or, I may not have heard her. Or, I didn’t understand.

This is very kind of her. I’m trying to decide if I’ve misjudged who I am. My feelings are a big reason why Mrs. Lion hasn’t brought this sort of stuff to my attention. It’s also why the use of punishment is vital to our emotional health.

Mrs. Lion doesn’t want to hurt me. It’s easier for her to overlook these things then to risk hurting my feelings. Similarly, it’s easier for me to feel badly than to address my underlying problems. These feelings are powerful. They aren’t helpful to us.

In an ideal world, I would hear Mrs. Lion’s statements of what I did that bothers her, accept them and then, guilt-free, work to avoid repeating the behavior.

It isn’t an ideal world.

When we started our Female Led Relationship with Discipline (FLRD), Mrs. Lion established a couple of simple rules: I wasn’t to spill food on my shirt and I always let Mrs. Lion begin eating first. Violating either of these rules earned me a punishment. Fair enough.

More importantly, I didn’t feel guilty when I spilled on my shirt. I was sorry that I did it because I knew it would earn me a painful spanking. The result of this process is that I’m a much neater eater and I politely wait for Mrs. Lion to eat first.  There is no emotional stress for either of us.

This proves the effectiveness of rules and punishments. Violation and punishment are clean, guilt-free actions. The punishment absolves me and educates me to avoid the prohibited behavior. Mrs. Lion and I agree that FLRD works for us, at least on that level. Those first rules are our training wheels. They allowed us to establish our disciplinary relationship. The real value comes when we begin managing the emotionally-loaded offenses that, if not corrected, will damage our marriage.

It’s very difficult for Mrs. Lion to let me know when I’ve upset her. As she’s said in the past, she considers most of the stuff that bothers her is small and probably not worth upsetting me. She minimizes things that bother her. This is her pattern. Mine is to react with hurt and feel horrible for hurting her. Both of us are wrong.

When I wanted her to instantly give me some information for an insurance claim, I was only thinking of my own convenience. I had the insurance company’s website open and wanted to complete the form. I had no idea that I would upset my lioness. When she pointed it out to me, I felt horrible. How could I be so disrespectful of her time?

She forgave me. I haven’t forgiven myself. I did something that hurt the person I love most in the world. I was thoughtless and insensitive. She probably feels guilty for hurting me. She’s wondering if it was worth it to let me know what I did.

Why isn’t her telling me what I did to upset her any different than giving me “the look” when I spill on my shirt? The offense isn’t really different. In both cases I was thoughtless. My mind wasn’t on what it should be. If I don’t eat carefully, I spill. If I am thoughtless and only think of myself, I upset my wife. The worry and guilt that go along with the second offense are learned responses from unhealthy relationships in the past.

What if instead, Mrs. Lion gave me “the look”, that little half-smile that says I’m in trouble, and then told me that I was thoughtless when I expected her to drop everything to get her the information I wanted? This would be followed by punishment when practical.

I’m not saying it would be easy to do. But it wasn’t easy to deal with spilling on my shirt when we first started. The problem then was the punishment. Neither of us had any experience giving or getting it. Over time, we both learned.

We got through it by religiously following through on our commitment to FLRD. Mrs. Lion had to work hard to observe my infractions and then punish me. I had to learn how to accept a long, painful spanking as well as mouth soaping and standing or sitting in the corner. We are still working on our respective roles.

This new phase is no different. We need to de-emotionalize these new disciplinary transactions. Mrs. Lion has to learn to consistently observe things that annoy her. That’s difficult. It requires her to stop agonizing over whether or not I should be blamed. She already knows when its my fault. She tries to decide if it is worth bringing up. This is exactly the same as working to remember to be aware of my spilling.

The next and more difficult step is to take the emotion out of it. Being thoughtless doesn’t mean I’m a bad husband or that I don’t respect Mrs. Lion. It means I lost focus. I need to learn to think first; no different than spilling.

We’ve established that prompt, consistent observation and punishment effectively educates me and changes my behavior. I think that when rules expand to things that bother Mrs. Lion and we take the emotional sting out of creating and observing these rules, Mrs. Lion will feel cleaner about her relationship with me. She never has to stuff her feelings. Anger and hurt are punishable.

This sounds good on the surface. But it is very difficult to actually accomplish. We know that we are capable of doing the things required. We also know that it will be very tough to establish the educational pattern. We have the tools that are required. We just need to work out how to start.

If we learn from the food-spilling rule, we know that the first step is for Mrs. Lion to begin observing things that bother her. My insurance information behavior is a perfect example. The second step is to correct me with punishment; nothing new there. Right now we are a bit stuck on this part. Mrs. Lion is still unsure if she should punish me for the first time she observes the upsetting behavior.

I’m convinced she should. The reason is that by adding the punishment experience, the lesson is underlined for me. Perhaps more importantly, we both experience closure. No guilt for either of us. I know she is concerned about being unfair. She worries that she may spank me when I don’t deserve punishment. Guilt again.

I think that the only way this new level of discipline will work is to risk punishing offenses that might not be deserved. I’m sure that, in practice, this won’t happen. The process we both need to establish requires us to remove guilt from the equation. The only way to do that is to act as though we don’t feel it. It won’t be easy, but if we want our FLRD to work, we both need to do it.