Lion’s streak of daily orgasms ended at one. In his defense, we found an Indian restaurant that has unlimited food and we both ate more than we should have. Our tummies were full and protesting. Plus Lion’s shoulder is really hurting and there won’t be any relief for a few weeks while he waits for a specialist appointment. He was disappointed that he couldn’t continue the experiment. I’d rather have him feeling well than do any experiment.

So where do we go from here? I assume right back to the way it was before his kidney stones. There’s no reason we can’t go back to random wait times and nightly, or near nightly, edgings. The daily orgasm experiment wasn’t a crucial part of things. It was just something to try. It didn’t have to happen after a long wait. It could happen next week. It could happen tonight. It could happen in June. Whenever. Or never.

The important thing about enforced chastity is that we continue to communicate. It’s not long wait times or daily orgasms. His long wait was just a sort of a happy accident, although Lion certainly wasn’t happy about being in pain through much of it. Daily orgasms seemed like the exact opposite of a long wait, so we decided to give it a try. Life happened, as it often does. We wouldn’t have made it three-plus years of enforced chastity if we didn’t learn to roll with the punches.

I lied. There isn’t just one important thing about enforced chastity. The most important thing is that I’m doing it with my best friend. There’s no one I’d rather roll with the punches with than Lion. And I think that’s why we’ve lasted three-plus years. If we didn’t have a strong relationship to begin with, it probably would have ended as quickly as I assumed it would when we first started. Who knew it would have more benefits than just humoring a silly Lion?

As you might imagine, I’m not all that interested in sex right now. I’m learning that Mrs. Lion can make me interested even if I start out not being in the mood. There’s no question that I’m not accustomed to daily orgasms. It’s been years since I’ve had sex more than three times a week. Since we began enforced chastity, I have had less than one a week on average.

Mrs. Lion’s experiment is to see what happens if she makes me come every day. Will I regain my stamina? Or, will I just get sick of sex and beg for a long wait? At this point, my money is on begging for a wait. I’ve been wrong in the past. Maybe I will learn to enjoy daily sex. That could be worse than giving up. I could get used to daily orgasms and then be locked up for a couple of weeks with no relief. Ironic.

I’m wondering about non-sexual reactions to this increased sexual activity. Others have reported post-orgasm depression. I’ve never experienced this, but yesterday I was very tired. I can’t attribute this to more sex. My shoulder is hurting from an injury last year. A cortisone shot I got in December has worn off. The pain interrupts my sleep. I can say that I feel as close as ever to my lioness. I want to be with her just as much as I did when I was 22-days horny.

I may also be tired because of my recent surgery. My doctor told me that it can take weeks to get back to full strength. It’s entirely too easy to attribute things to my newly-started daily orgasm schedule. I’m not convinced that my emotional state is particularly affected by how recently I ejaculated.

The more interesting question is whether I can get hard and come every day for almost a month. Ten years ago it would have been no challenge. But now I wonder if I can (literally) keep it up.



I was wrong. Lion was horny yesterday. So I thought I’d take advantage of it and start his daily orgasm workout. I think by Wednesday he may be sorry he suggested this experiment. When we were all snuggled in for sleep, I realized Lion was still wild. He’s not at all frustrated anymore so it’s not a big deal. Plus, with daily orgasms, it will be easy for me to have access if I don’t have to unlock him.

Yesterday afternoon, Lion asked if I could try out the tawse on him. I didn’t hit him hard. It wasn’t punishment. He just wanted to see how it felt. He says it stings, but he can’t feel the individual tails. He’s pretty sure it will become my go-to punishment implement. I’m not. I guess with practice I might get better with it, but anything flexible has a tendency to wander off and not land where I want it to. That’s why I don’t use floggers or straps very often. I tend to use them more when we play since I’m not hitting as hard.

We have some rubber paddles/straps that are somewhat flexible, but they hit where they’re aimed. One is about 3 inches wide so it covers a nice area. The other is about an inch wide. That’s the one I need to find so I can concentrate the swats in one particular area. I’m not looking to bruise Lion necessarily. I just want to hit right on the areas he’ll be sitting on so he feels it for longer.

Tonight we’ll continue with Lion’s daily orgasm workout. I haven’t heard the Lion weather report yet. I was very surprised that he was horny yesterday. He may surprise me again today.

English, extra-heavy, three-tailed tawse. This is considered the ultimate spanking strap.

A package arrived yesterday. It was something I ordered over a month ago. I will regret buying it. But you know me, I just can’t resist. It’s a genuine, three-tailed English tawse, extra-heavy weight. I found this on a British professional dominatrix website (If you order one, please mention you saw it here). This is an exceedingly rare implement. The only other one I found on the web was a lightweight, poorly made version.  This is the real deal.

The tawse dates back to Scottish schools. The Lochgelly style is considered the classic. That’s what I stupidly ordered. This one is made of stiff leather. It has some flex, but not a lot; just enough to build up momentum at the tip. It’s 24-inch length is long enough to make a painful blow easy, but short enough for control in confined spaces. It divides into three tails past the handle. Each tail stings like a separate strap.

I ordered this because strapping is commonly considered the next step up from the paddle for spanking. In domestic discipline, a strapping frequently follows the paddling. Blows from the strap leave painful marks that last for a day or two.

Mrs. Lion tried it on me yesterday. Even at low power it really stings. I felt the sting for an hour after the test flight. I am not looking forward to it being used to punish me.

I ordered it out of curiosity. I know that one disciplining wife uses a similar one with very good effect. She has a picture of hers on her “Beating Your Man Properly” page. Hers is lighter weight and shorter than Mrs. Lion’s. She strongly recommends the regular use of the tawse. It was this article that inspired me to arm Mrs. Lion with her own strap.

We already have a very heavy slapper made from three layers of thick leather. I’ve used it when I was a top. It delivers a very nice “thud” that my bottoms loved. It may be too heavy for Mrs. Lion to use effectively. It may also be something I enjoy more than I should. I think we have another strap that is light and in my experience, not too effective.

You must be wondering why I would help arm Mrs. Lion with implements that I know will hurt horribly. My reason isn’t deep-seated masochism. I do it as part of the evolution that has kept us going at our power exchange long after most people quit. The problem with many power exchanges is that they are initiated by the submissive partner who then either withdraws entirely, expecting his top to take it from there, or acts as the director of the relationship. Neither situation works well for the dominant partner.

In the beginning I provided a lot of input. I avoided describing scenarios, but I did provide ideas and hardware. Over the years, my input has diminished as Mrs. Lion finds her own way as my disciplining wife. I still provide implements that look interesting to me. She thinks I am silly to give her more ways to hurt me; but she welcomes them with a smile.

Since neither of us have any experience with physical punishment, Mrs. Lion started off flying blind. She has become the mistress of the spanking. Her paddlecraft is amazingly painful. Since more than one disciplinary wife writing blogs uses a strap as either a primary punishment tool, or something for more serious offenses, I wanted to make one available to my disciplinary wife.

Once Mrs. Lion uses the new tawse on me, two things will probably happen: First, she will discover it is easier to inflict a very painful swat than the paddle. Second, I will work very hard to avoid another session with it. That, of course, is the real objective. Since it is currently untested, we have no idea what, if any place it will have in my punishments. If she likes using the tawse, it could replace the paddle.

This is probably the last spanking tool I buy on my own. Mrs. Lion no longer needs my help finding ways to punish me. She has completely taken over and my input is no longer requested. She still has me play a part I don’t like. She now requires me to select the spanking implement to be used on me. If I pick one that isn’t strong enough for my offense, she will replace it with one better suited and punish me longer for trying to make things easier on myself.

I know that this is no longer play for me. I work as hard as I can to avoid punishment. I take Mrs. Lion’s rules very seriously; even the most trivial. I know that I’ve broken a few that she let slide. I’m happy she didn’t spank me. But I also know that next time she will. This is the first time in my life that there are painful consequences for breaking a rule. It’s no game or fantasy play. It’s absolutely real life for me.