I find myself feeling a little frustrated. I knew a punishment spanking wasn’t the be-all end-all cure for what ails Lion, but I thought it was a start. When I tried to play with him last night, he said his tummy was a little off…and maybe we could play a little earlier today. Well, which is it? I mean, it could be both. I’m not accusing him of lying. Maybe playing earlier will avoid the tummy upset of a big meal. And he’s been asking to play earlier for a long time so that’s not new. Maybe it just let the wind out of my sails a bit after my spanking “victory”.

The coffee pot was set up for this morning and Lion mentioned his sore buns throughout the day. I’m still counting that as a win. I think he still has marks too. As he was setting up the coffee pot I asked if he was trying to avoid another sore bottom. He said it’s the only thing he gets punished for anymore. It’s true. I’ve been too nice. I told him he has to watch his step because I intend to watch him more carefully. My generosity only goes so far.

Last week I set up Lion’s treadmill in the living room. I was crawling around on the floor at odd angles trying to get bolts into washers and nuts. I thought the plan was for him to use it daily to build up his stamina so he could walk better. I’m also planning to use it at some point. So far, Lion has not been using it daily. My achy crawling-around-on-the-floor body is annoyed by this. Lion wants rules. Here’s one: he has to come up with a plan for when he’s going to walk (daily, every other day, etc.) and I’ll hold him to it. If he misses a day without an approved (by me) excuse, he gets whomped. I figure both of these activities are good for him. Either he walks or he gets spanked. Win-win.

Today we’ll either play in the afternoon or just before dinner. I want to make sure I get to Lion before he gets tired or has a full stomach. I really want his orgasm and I’m willing to do whatever I can to make it happen.

Yesterday morning, Mrs. Lion told me that I was going to get the spanking I wanted. She informed me that I forgot to set up the coffee pot for breakfast. It hasn’t been that long since the last time I forgot to do that chore. I was genuinely surprised that I forgot. Mrs. Lion seemed pretty happy that I did.

It isn’t that she likes to spank me. She likes catching me breaking the rules. This time, she also wanted a chance to get out her claws and show me that I need to be careful about writing that she isn’t spanking as severely as she used to. I guess my post motivated her. She spanked me in the morning, right after breakfast. I don’t remember ever being punished that early in the day. I did say that punishing me close to the crime is more effective.

spanking bruise on lion
Mark of the lioness

She spanked me for almost a full five minutes. I know because she chose to do it during the timed five-minute gap between administering eye drops to me. She also did more than 300 swats. It hurt, of course. In the end, I was left with visible signs of her wrath, as she called them, the mark of the lioness. Actually, I was red and sore all over my butt. She did leave two distinctive areas to show her dissatisfaction with me. The one in the photo hurts now. Her technique of hitting in groups of ten swats to a single area assures that she will make an impression.

Her choice of the paddle was the Sporkwood spanking spoon. This is one of the most vicious in her collection. The longer handle gives her extra leverage. The dense, heavy, Chechen wood assures every swat counts. She has some other implements that can hurt more, but the spanking spoon is definitely the most effective and the one I fear. If you can only have one paddle, this is the one I would get. It is the one I got yesterday, right where it counts.

If I seem happy that Mrs. Lion punished me, in a way I am. It means that all is right in our world. She seems proud of the marks she left. I’m happy that she loves me enough to spank me.

Apparently, my spanking skills are lacking. Well, I can spank well enough to leave marks on Lion’s hide. The problem is that I don’t spank often enough or long enough. Lion wants more. How can I deny him the pleasure of having a raw backside?

It probably comes as no surprise that Lion forgot the coffee pot again. He thought he did it. You’d think by now I’d be tired of spanking him for the same offense over and over again. It’s pretty much the only rule he breaks now. It was a happy coincidence that he wrote about needing more spanking. Since it was time for his eye drops this morning, I devised an evil plan. We wait five minutes between drops so that I can whomp him during the downtime.

Lion has been suggesting five-minute punishment rounds for a long time. If it’s a repeat offense or two offenses, he’s suggested more time be added on. He also wrote about my 300 swat experiment. He wants more swats, more often—Okie Dokie. I won’t say I was exactly happy to oblige, but I obliged.

I brought the spanking pillow in and selected a paddle. It was the spanking spoon. I was looking for something with a longer handle for more leverage. I didn’t specifically want that one. But it is a particularly nasty one, so it worked out fine. I gave Lion a drop, and he got into position. Technically it was less than five minutes because it took him some time to get into position, but it was close enough.

spanked ass
After Lion’s five-minute spanking

I have no idea how many swats he got. As a guess, I’d say it was over 300 in sets of ten. He was yowling, but he didn’t try to get away. His buns were red and just starting to bleed when the timer went off. I decided, based on my estimate of over 300 swats, that we were done. Lion said I could continue after the next eye drop if I wanted to. Of course, I could. Did he think I’d stop if I didn’t want to?

I’m sure I surprised Lion, both by punishing him so close to the infraction and with my spin on spanking him between drops. I reminded him that he came up with the five-minute idea a while ago. I was really just killing two birds with one stone. It was time management, really.

Lion needs to watch his step. I’ll be looking out for infractions more carefully. I wouldn’t want to disappoint him by not giving him more spankings.

There is a longstanding debate over whether non-religious domestic discipline is or isn’t a game. I’ve gone both ways over the years. There are some powerful arguments that it is a game. All spanking and other punishments are consensual. Mrs. Lion has my permission to punish me as needed. Giving consent also implies being able to retract it. This means I want to be punished. In our marriage, at least up to now, punishment is spanking. This can change at any time. Mrs. Lion can punish me any way she wants.

I asked her what domestic discipline is to her. She took some time to answer. Her response surprised me. She said that she considers it a game. She catches me breaking a rule and punishes me. The reason she has a problem punishing me for interrupting or otherwise annoying her is that it goes beyond the pale of her game of “Catch and Spank.” She genuinely enjoys catching me breaking a rule, like not setting up the coffee pot.

She says that spanking me isn’t fun. It’s something she doesn’t mind doing but isn’t necessarily fun for her.  I think she realizes that the consequences of being caught have to be real and painful in this game. Mrs. Lion is excellent at delivering a painful spanking. We do differ on how to approach intensity.

the great spanking experiment

A while ago, Mrs. Lion embarked on an experiment. She spanked me every couple of days to test technique and to teach me to hold still for painful swats. Each session was 300 swats delivered in groups of ten. She would hit one spot ten times and then repeat in the same place on the other side of my bottom. This would continue until she had completed 300.

Each session started with fairly gentle swats and would get harder and more painful as she progressed. By the end of her experiment, I had bruises that were sore for a couple of days after the spanking. At the time, we agreed that this was the perfect level of spanking for a punishment. Ironically, after the experiments, my punishment spankings rarely rose to this level. More recently, she has added very hard single swats at the end of a spanking. These swats, if hard enough, should leave marks and memorable sore spots. This is an excellent addition, in my opinion.

My recent spankings are far milder and shorter. Mrs. Lion has noted that I seem wimpier. She says I’m out of practice. Whose fault is that? Anyway, the last opinion she should want during a spanking is mine. The more I want it to end, the better she is doing. Maybe we need to revisit my consent. I’ve asked her for these painful spankings. Apparently, I need them for many reasons.

sexual fuel

They are sexual fuel for my inner fire. They also make me feel loved and possessed by my lioness. Punishments also train me. One reason I get fewer spankings is that I’ve learned to follow my rules better. It’s almost self-defeating in the sense of earning needed spankings. I suppose Mrs. Lion needs to create more easier-to-break rules. I hope she does shortly.

I realize it is difficult for her to maintain a certain “quality” of spanking. During the experiments, she set a 300-swat minimum. Maybe something like that would work for routine spankings. Maybe I need to be pushed until my reactions change. All I know is that the current trend is to milder punishments. I know I will regret saying this, but I need spankings to be more intense.

Mrs. Lion refers to play spankings. A broken rule doesn’t provoke these spankings. They are administered as BDSM play. Mrs. Lion reasons that I should “enjoy” play spankings and dread punishment. I’ve come to think that a spanking is a spanking. The only difference between a “play” spanking and punishment is that there is a specific lesson to be learned from a punishment. Play spankings are given “just because.”

Our earlier reasoning was that  BDSM spankings were fun. To make them fun, Mrs. Lion would be much slower intensifying swats.  That made sense. I don’t think we considered why I wanted them in the first place. Being spanked with or without a specific reason sends a powerful message to me. I am submitting. Mrs. Lion is possessing me, graphically demonstrating to both of us that I’m hers. Perhaps the only difference between punishment and “play” is that one instructs and the other reassures.

The domestic discipline game is more than a surrender to domestic authority. It’s also recognition that regular, even frequent application of the paddle provides a kind of connection between us. It’s a sign of love and caring. That part tends to go unspoken. Perhaps it’s the best reason to apply the paddle diligently.

the disciplinary wives club

A group of men fondly remember and still follow the teachings of the Disciplinary Wives Club. This was a website advocating strong and frequent spanking of husbands. It appealed to me because it focused on helping women become effective spankers. It also advocated the frequent application of the paddle. A strong theme was that strong discipline was an expression of love. This message reached a lot of men.

There is a correlation between male chastity and domestic discipline. Both are initiated by the men wishing to receive. Both are misrepresented when presented to wives and other partners. We tell our wives what we want in terms of how we imagine the game should be played. Wouldn’t it be better if we presented it in terms of what playing means to us?