Some things don’t change. Lion snoozes. I don’t do thing I say I’ll do. I’m not saying I didn’t do something because Lion snoozed. They are two separate things. When I moved over to snuggle, we picked a TV show to watch, and the rest is history. I let my hand wander a little bit, but nothing more. Why? I get sucked in when we start watching TV. I know we can pause it at any time. I look at the clock and think it’s too late, even though Lion’s been snoozing for a bit and sometimes that resets his “timer”.

When I first started meeting Lion at his house for our trysts, it was in the afternoon. I don’t remember when I’d get there, but I left before dinnertime. We did whatever we were going to do, whether it was BDSM or just sex in about an hour or so. It sort of makes me sound like a hooker. He couldn’t afford me for more than an hour, so we had to work fast. No, he never made me feel that way. However, maybe we were onto something with the time constraint.

Obviously, it was a new relationship. We weren’t even sure what it was at that point. I had kids to take care of. He was still living with his significant other, although by this time she was really his insignificant other. We had places to be and things to do and let me pencil you in for Thursday at 3. Our time together was our time. Of course, it was only a few hours a week. Sort of like a vacation from reality.

The problem is that reality sucks. Work and bills and chores and life wear you down. But what if we went back in time even if it’s only for a few hours a week? There’s no reason we can’t pencil each other in for Saturday or Sunday at 3. No TV. Just like old times. We can still play or snuggle or whatever every night, but those few hours a week can be our tryst time. I know Lion has talked about playing in the afternoon for a long time. I guess it took me a while to get on board. Maybe I just needed to remember what it used to be like way back when.

What do you say, Lion? Can I pencil you in for Sunday at 3?

I don’t understand it. It’s only been two days since I got a spectacular blow job. My mind went to black, and I was all sensation. Mrs. Lion sent me into orbit. I felt like I was floating in space. Then, too quickly, I returned to earth as the echoes of the orgasm resonated through me. I can only imagine how a woman must feel. Her orgasm lasts and lasts. Mrs. Lion can go to the peak and back four or five times. I wish I could feel that. I’m not complaining. My short trip into space and back was wonderful.

The odd thing was that I wanted more the next morning. Even now, on Friday, I crave another trip. As the days go by, my interest fades like an old photo in the sun. First, the color fades. Then, the image is a shadowy sepia image. It never quite disappears, but the vivid reds and blues are gone. If Mrs. Lion provides shade by edging me, the colors stay bright, and my hunger grows. If she lets me lie fallow, the colors disappear.

It seems that those colors fade more quickly the older I get. It’s as though my ability to remember and want sex diminishes. When I was younger, my hunger grew as days without orgasm passed. Now, the opposite seems to be my fate. My hunger is strong for a day or two after I get release. Then it fades. I fondly remember how it feels to reach the peak, but my desire starts to fall asleep. Can I find any more metaphors? Sheesh!

I don’t usually resort to this sort of linguistic gymnastics. I think it’s good for me to expand my expressive horizons a little. The subject of this post is very important to me and, I suppose, other men. The bare fact is that I can be aroused and brought to orgasm almost anytime, even if ignored for a long time. The equipment works. That isn’t the issue. It’s that I have more fun if I am horny. When my hunger fades, I lose an important source of life energy.

We males are designed to be in heat all of the time. It drives us to seek females for fun and release. As we age, our reproductive importance diminishes. That makes sense to me. Even younger men will lose interest if unable to ejaculate for a long time. We learned that when we started male chastity. In the beginning, I started to lose interest after a couple of weeks. Now, it’s a few days.

This loss of interest may be why we spend our lives masturbating. When our mates stop wanting sex for a while, we can fill in with our hands. It isn’t as much fun, but it helps bring the hunger back. I don’t have that ability. I’ve been trained not to masturbate. In recent months, Mrs. Lion hasn’t tried to stimulate me until she wants me to ejaculate. I want to get edged starting within a day or two of release. Since I can’t do it myself, I’m at the mercy of my lioness.

Of course, that’s what we want. She has total control of my sexual activity. We used to follow a daily-or-every-other-day schedule of edging. I want to go back to that. I know that’s extra work for Mrs. Lion, but she’s my only outlet. The colors are fading faster. Only she can keep them vivid.

clothespins 2020 6 1

Lion does not need to be waxed. He’s a little scruffy. but not bad yet. He could easily wait a few weeks, but I can do it next Sunday if necessary. My whirlwind trip to my daughter’s graduation is Thursday to Saturday. The oddity of flying to the east coast is that I leave very early in the morning and arrive in the evening. Between the time change and the six-hour flight, I lose a whole day. Conversely, on the way home, I leave in the evening and get home only three hours later. Ironically, these very short trips don’t seem to create jet lag. By the time my body realizes I’ve changed time zones, I’m already home. Anyway, Lion will be without me for less than three days.

I was very nice last night. Probably too nice. I allowed him to set up the coffee pot even though it was well after the five o’clock cutoff. I probably should have swatted him. Apparently, his spanking from the night before was too lenient. I only made his buns rosy. I didn’t attempt to make him feel it long afterward. Maybe I learned a lesson too. No more Mrs. Nice Lion. I need to spank until both my arm and his butt are falling off for it to be effective. It seems ridiculous that I have to suffer, but if it’s the only way he’ll learn then so be it.

It’s been a long time since I’ve applied IcyHot to Lion. Maybe it’s a reaction to being too nice, but I think I need to step up my game again. I threaten to do IcyHot and Lion whines and I let it go. I need to follow through. From time to time he reminds me that I’m in charge and I should do what I want. I know he regrets that as soon as I bring out a paddle, the IcyHot or those nasty little clothespins. However, he asked for it. Whose fault is it if I give him what he asked for?

Wednesday night turned out to be interesting. Mrs. Lion had a real reason to punish me. I forgot to close the shower door. This is particularly humiliating since I wrote a post about how well I was doing following my two rules. I went 19 days without missing. Then, on the very day I wrote a post about how good I’ve been, I forgot. No, I didn’t do it on purpose. I was listening to an audiobook and forgot.

hairbrush paddle

Mrs. Lion was quick to inform me that I had broken a rule. After dinner, she got out the spanking bench and informed me that I was to mount it. I did. I think she was in an experimental mood. She began with her hairbrush paddle. This is a hardwood paddle 3/4-inches thick, shaped like a large hairbrush. We got it so she could take it with her when we traveled. It is very effective. She had me yelping in no time. After a while, she switched to other paddles. I don’t know what she was using, but they hurt.

She told me that she wasn’t going for long-lasting pain, just an even red color when she was done. She was happy with her results. My bottom didn’t hurt long after she finished. It hurt a lot while she spanked me. I have no idea why Mrs. Lion decides to vary her style. She did one rather unusual thing this time. She moved next to me and held me down while giving me a series of hard, fast swats. They were very effective. I needed to be restrained for them. Those swats were the most effective yet in terms of making me yelp and want to escape.

I’ve seen spanking videos where this sort of technique is used. It invariably causes yelps and squirms. Now I know why. Wow! That was terrible. I’m pretty sure that Mrs. Lion knew exactly what she was doing. I wonder if she likes that kind of close-up spanking. Her usual style puts her at a distance from me.

an oral treat


About an hour after spanking me, Mrs. Lion invited me to lie across the bed. I didn’t need a second invitation. I was there in a flash. She got between my legs and made my soft cock hard in no time. She has amazing oral skills. After she brought me right to the edge once, she teased me with her tongue. Then she went to work and edged me again and again. Finally, when she let me ejaculate, I exploded with what she said was a large creamy treat for her. I haven’t done that in a long time.

After that, we both settled in and watched some TV. Wednesday night was eventful. Later, the dog started acting up. I left her zapper control in my office. Mrs. Lion had to fetch it. When she came back into the bedroom, she announced that I have a new rule: The zapper control has to be where we are at all times. I’m responsible for assuring it is always available. That’s bad news for the pup and a likely source of spankings for me.