So far, working from home has been an adventure. The dog needs attention. The lion needs attention. In all fairness, many things happened to need attention, which required Lion to ask for my help. Plus, with two days off for Thanksgiving and already being a little behind in my work, I am now two days and then some behind in my work. One of the reasons I was behind was helping another department, so my boss was not upset. Another annoyance is that the payments I was working on would not balance. And then others decided they wouldn’t balance. I was chasing my tail for a long time. It was the perfect storm for my first day of working from home.

It surprised Lion and me that our football team actually won on Sunday. I think that prompted Lion to watch the Seahawks. They aren’t his team, so he has little use for them ordinarily. When the Giants are having a losing season, it’s usually nice to watch the Seahawks because they normally have a better season. Not this year. They both suck. Actually, the Giants have one more win than the Seahawks at this point in the season. We’ll take any bright spot.

The dog/people trainer comes back tomorrow, so I have to clean up around here again. In my spare time, of course. I’m impressed by what he’s shown us so far. We have a way to keep the dog from getting too crazy. If we can stop her before she gets frantic, she can calm herself down. Of course, she still managed to go nuts twice yesterday. Both times were when we were in the middle of something. She’s clearly an attention hog.

Lion is something of an attention hog, too. He thinks I don’t do things with him because I’m not interested in sex for myself. I think I’m too stressed. If I wanted sex, I think I’d be too tired and frazzled to do anything about it. It’s a common complaint among men. The wife is too tired after working and taking care of the house and kids to spend time with him. Yes, we had a four-day weekend. No, that didn’t stop the house and kid (dog) from taking up my time.

Now that I work from home, I don’t have my commute to help with de-stressing. It wasn’t a very long commute anyway, but I’d listen to music or an audiobook or be quiet and think. Obviously, it didn’t do too much to de-stress me. I need to figure out how to be less frazzled. I’ve thought of meditation and tai chi. Both require time and, to some extent, quiet. Not happening.

Okay. Back to Lion. If I have time after cleaning up and cutting the dog’s toenails, I’ll bring out the spanking bench and whomp his buns tonight. I bet he thinks I forgot. Nope. Well, I did for a day or so. I thought of it yesterday, but then as I was trying to make the bed, we discovered the dog chewed a wire so that the bed won’t adjust, and Lion called Sleep Number customer service, which was a whole fiasco in itself. And I still had to change the bed.

I even thought about doing Zapardy last night. Then dinner was delayed, and Lion fell asleep during Wheel of Fortune or just after Jeopardy started, so we didn’t. Of course, if he’d been wearing the shock collar, I could have, ever so rudely, awakened him with a zap. Wouldn’t that have been mean? I would have vibrated him awake. A shock would have been too much.

So, in review, I have a lot to do before even thinking about having fun. Does that make Lion a chore? No. Think of it this way: I have to finish my homework before going out to play.

Yes, it’s only been two days since my last orgasm. I’m not discounting the fun we had. As things go, we are a barely-active vanilla couple. When things get like this, I find myself shopping for equipment that I might find fun. That’s not very generous of me. This time, I took advantage of Extreme Restraint’s Black Friday sale and bought leather wrist and ankle restraints at a 30% discount. I asked Mrs. Lion how she felt. She agreed I should get them.

I don’t know why I did it. We have restraints–admittedly crappy ones–that I bought months ago. We only used them once. Before getting those, I was restrained in our sling before we moved. That was three years ago. This confirms my theory that one-way sex is doomed. Altruism only stretches so far. Case in point: Even though we were home for four days and had almost nothing to do, sex occurred at night hours after dinner.

I figured that during a long weekend, we would have fun earlier in the day. I also imagined that there might be an opportunity for some BDSM activity as well. The tone of this post shows my frustration. I don’t like being dependent, and I hate having no way to reciprocate. I am a charity case. In the past, we tried a good-natured game where I picked an activity out of a box. We thought that would assure a reasonable level of activity. We stopped that a long time ago.

It’s unfair of me to complain. Mrs. Lion didn’t sign up for this. It isn’t her fault that she lost her libido. She’s worked hard for years to make sex fun for me. When we were having fun, both of us enjoyed the tension and anticipation generated. Emails flew between us during the day. It wasn’t just the activities later; it was the wordplay and teasing all day.

Now that Mrs. Lion is working from home, there are more opportunities if we care to take them.

Mrs. Lion’s spanking skill has improved significantly in just the last year. (Left 2020, Right 2021)

Mrs. Lion gave me a very intense oral orgasm last night. It was eight days after my last one. This is in the sweet spot we discussed In the past (7-10 days), but twice as long as the four days she announced in recent posts. Life got in the way, I guess. It doesn’t matter. I’m very happy with how things turned out. We also discussed hair removal before she waxed me on Saturday. I let her know that if she preferred furry legs, I was fine with them too. She left the front of my legs unwaxed and removed all of the hair north of my mid-thighs.

Thanksgiving weekend has been very nice so far. We’ve snoozed in the afternoons and had delicious dinners. Saturday night was spaghetti and vodka sauce. We wanted Chinese food, but our local restaurant was closed for the holiday. Assimilation! Humph! We’ll pick up Chinese food next week after the long holiday weekend.

Mrs. Lion has been doing very well in learning new skills. She’s become an efficient and neat waxer. I didn’t have to scrape any wax off of my body in the shower. Her spanking skill is fearsome. No part of my posterior is safe from her paddles. More importantly, she is confident in her prowess. My feedback is no longer desired. She has me yelping from start to finish. I’m not looking forward to my next spanking. When I think back to those first barely-felt lovetaps, I realize I created a monster. I’m proud of her achievement.

Our dog is calming down. More correctly, we are calming down and handling her more professionally. Dog training has nothing to do with the dog. It’s training the handlers to properly correct and train their pups. Come to think of it, the same is true of lion training. As Mrs. Lion grows in her disciplinary skills, my behavior improves. Consistent, unemotional correction is the key. From my perspective, the more consistent Mrs. Lion is with me, the more secure and happy I am.

After quite a long time of Lion saying he likes his legs hair-free, now he says he doesn’t care. Of course, this is one day after waxing the backs of his legs. I guess he’s business in the front and party in the back. He’s a weird half and half hybrid. Of what, I don’t know.

I finished waxing his upper frontal yesterday. He really doesn’t have that much hair now. Unfortunately for him, the stubborn hair seems to be where removing it hurts the most. His balls tend to grow wildly long hair. Between the heat of the wax and my yanking said wax off, his balls suffer. It almost makes the base of his cock not mind having the hair yanked out. Almost. Not even his crack is as sensitive as his balls to the hot wax and yanking. Those poor balls. They get swatted, tied, pulled, mentholated, bounced and otherwise abused. And they get admired. I love looking at them whether they’re hanging low or just hanging out.

Lion is sure I said I’d give him an orgasm while he was all oiled up. I just checked. I said I doubted I would. It’s fun to play with him when he’s slippery. I think he’s at a more manageable height on the table. I can change positions easier. And, of course, he’s all oily. He didn’t seem as interested yesterday. He’ll probably think I’m nuts. I can hear him thinking, “I was interested! Honest!” He just wasn’t super hard. Bummer.

I decided to give it another try after dinner. I went to his side of the bed and pushed the covers back. His balls were loose because they’d been kept all warm and toasty. I got my weenie hard, but he still didn’t seem interested. I asked if my technique was lacking. He said he might prefer my mouth. Oh. Well, I can certainly do that. He was soft again by the time we got into position. No problem. I love feeling my weenie get hard in my mouth.

Once I got him hard, I was faced with the age-old dilemma. Do I give him an orgasm or not? He’d only been waiting eight days. But I want to shorten his wait times. But I haven’t edged him much, if at all, since his last orgasm. But I want to give him an orgasm. (How many personalities are in there, anyway?) In the end, I won out. Well, Lion won, but I did too.