Lion forgot the coffee pot again. I figured he’d likely blame it on the fact that I dragged him out the door yesterday, and his routine was broken up. That’s really not my problem. Perhaps he should check on it before dinner to be sure he’s done it. Although, he shouldn’t check as I’m making dinner. We get in each other’s way. It’s difficult enough navigating around the dog. Two people cannot be in our kitchen at the same time.

This morning I got up with the dog, and the coffee pot was still not together. Lion has a habit of remembering in the middle of the night and saves his butt. After he woke up, I went back into the bedroom and snoozed a bit. When I woke up, he was in the kitchen. Phooey. He remembered. The rule is that it has to be put together before I go to make coffee. Mission accomplished. I almost had him—sneaky Lion.

We had leftover pizza for dinner. I took a shower while he snoozed a bit. When I moved over to play with my weenie, I couldn’t tell if I just wasn’t hitting the right spot or if he wasn’t really interested. It turns out he was too full from dinner to want much attention. He always asks if that’s okay. Why wouldn’t it be? It’s not like I can insist he get hard and perform for me. I assume the more I tried, the less he’d want it, and nothing would happen anyway. There’s no reason to punch myself out if he’s not interested.

Today is another matter. I don’t think we have anything planned. I’ve been looking at the lawn. It’s mostly weeds right now, but it will grow again as soon as the rain starts. Do I mow it now to get ahead of the weeds or wait until it rains? Classic damned if you do, damned if you don’t scenario. I’d mow tomorrow anyway, so that leaves today free. I’m sure we can have some fun along the way, especially since I won’t have to whomp his butt.

Yesterday should have been Thursday. At work, we changed our meeting day from Thursday to Wednesday. That made it feel like Thursday. Logically, today would have been Friday. No such luck. The change in meeting day messed with everyone at work. I even wrote my post yesterday as if it was Thursday. Lion fixed it up for me. So if you want to know what we’re doing tonight, just read yesterday’s post.

Lion reminded me it was Thursday (punishment day) in his email this morning. I repeated it back to him. I know what day it is today. Damn meeting change. And then he said if yesterday was Thursday, that meant I’d already spanked him and shoved something up his ass. Ha! Nice try.

I think tonight I’ll try the nJoy butt plug rather than the dildo. It’s wider, but it’s not as long. I think it was the length that bothered him last time. Size does matter. Even if I clean him out, I think it would be a good idea to start slower. It’s been a while since we’ve consistently played Anal Invaders. If I can keep it up so that every time we do a “just because” spanking, we do anal play, he should get used to it again. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a “just because” spanking. There’s no reason we can’t do it with punishment too.

Lion thinks I haven’t been paying attention to him breaking the rules lately. He’s right. I mean, I’d notice if the coffee pot wasn’t done. I’ve been too tired to notice more than that. I’m even falling asleep watching TV. I don’t usually do that. If I can manage to stay awake, I’ll pay more attention to him. I assume he’s interrupted me at some point (or more), and I know he’s annoyed me. It’s not like I’m not already spanking him. I can just make a list of infractions and tell him before I swat him.

Piece of cake.

Lion was not horny last night. When I suggested we wait without my trying to entice him, he said he’d appreciate it. It’s been a while since his orgasm, and he hasn’t been all that horny during that time. I think it’s grief over Daisy and apprehension over Willow. He’s not sure he can take care of a little puppy. We’ll need to get her on a routine in a few days. Otherwise, I’ll just have to take her to work with me. I can close my office door, and she can have free range. We had the boss’s tortoise here for a few weeks some years ago. What’s the difference?

Tonight is another “just because” spanking. He may be horny after that. I’m not sure. We’ve gone back and forth on the matter of sex after punishment. I’ve maintained that as long as there’s a decent amount of time between the two, it should be fine. But I’m not on the receiving end of the paddle. Perhaps it takes more time to transition than I think. It’s probably a situation for which there isn’t a simple answer. It could depend on the individual or even on a case-by-case basis. Either way, I’m happy to do whatever Lion wants. Naturally, that does not extend to canceling the spanking unless something drastic happens.

I never looked for anything uncomfortable for him to sit on in the car on the way to get the puppy tomorrow. I guess I’ll have to make sure I blister his butt enough so he’ll feel it without an outside reminder. Basically, it should hurt no matter where he sits. Of course, this is true of every spanking. The just because spankings are no different from punishment spankings. The only difference is the length.

I won’t say Lion has been an angel, but I haven’t caught him interrupting or annoying me in the past few days. He’s stopped himself a few times to avoid interrupting me. See, Lion? I notice. I assume there will be quite a few times that we’ll interrupt each other in the coming weeks. We’ll be trying to keep the puppy out of trouble, and either one or both of us will be frantically looking for paper towels or a way to stop her from doing something. I won’t count those times against him. However, every other time is fair game.

On the subject of the puppy, Lion should watch himself. Stating that he can’t do something regarding getting her leash on and out the door for housebreaking will only be tolerated so far. He has a habit of saying he can’t do something when he hasn’t even tried. I know we won’t get the puppy outside in time every time, but we need to try. And this is important because my pawternity leave only lasts a few days. I’ll need to go back to the office after a few days. Poppy, the puppy (I know her name is Willow, but that’s a cute idea someone came up with), will have to be on some kind of schedule by then.

I’m sure we’ll still have time to write posts, even with a puppy to chase. If she’s anything like Daisy, she’ll run around, run around, run around, snooze. We can write during the snooze phase.

Lion probably has a reminder set, so he knows when it’s punishment day. He hasn’t missed one in a long time. He comes close, like the other night when he remembered as I was spanking him. I think he needs to set a reminder about the coffee pot.

He’s been interrupting me more than usual lately. I need to crack down on that. Normally my reaction is “as I was saying,” and he’ll say he’s sorry. Maybe I could start with three strikes. I know it’s not ideal, but it might help me get to the point that I can punish him for it. I don’t know what keeps me from it. He annoys me when he interrupts me. I think it’s mostly because if he just let me finish, the question he’s asking would be answered. This is especially bothersome when I’m reading him something. I have no control over the order in which things are written. When I tell him something, I try to give him the information he needs in a specific order. He needs to know who and then what without a lot of pronouns. He gets lost in the he’s and she’s. That’s still no reason to interrupt, but it makes more sense to me then.

The other thing that’s been nominally bothering me is putting in his eye drops. No, I don’t mind doing it. The issue is when I am poised to put them in, and he’s still watching TV. It’s like my time is less valuable than his. I know he doesn’t realize he’s doing it. And maybe it’s only for a few seconds, but it does get on my nerves. He jumps on me if I don’t answer him right away when he asks a question, or he thinks I’m ignoring him. Why is this different? I don’t even think I need a separate rule for this. It falls under the “annoying me” rule. I may start with strikes for this, too, until I get used to enforcing it.

Since I spanked Lion on Saturday, I’m not spanking him tonight. I’ll do it Thursday. That’ way he’ll have to sit on a sore bottom when we go to Portland to get the puppy. Poor Lion butt.