Lion was supposed to be spanked last night for annoying me on Thursday. You’ll recall I gave him a pass on Thursday night because he was snoozing. Last night he was having trouble walking, and I didn’t want to make him bend over the bed. He suggested punishment earlier in the day. I agreed. However, two things come to mind this morning.

First, wasn’t it Lion who wanted punishment closer to the infraction? He said it makes it less poignant as time goes by. I believe he said it would help him connect the punishment to the crime. So these delays should bother him, but they don’t seem to.

Second, it popped into my head this morning that perhaps Lion just likes the idea of getting swatted. He’s okay delaying the inevitable because he’s concentrating on the “high” of thinking about being punished. He’s long said he gets turned on thinking about spanking, but not when he’s actually being spanked. If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be better for him to delay as long as possible so he could ride that high?

I’m not saying he’s doing things on purpose to delay his punishment. That would be silly. And if I thought he was doing that, his punishment would be far more severe. No, this isn’t a devious plot on his part. The real problem is that I’m simply too nice. Not only did I delay his punishment, but I also got his pills for him last night “no charge”. One of his newer rules is that he has to get his own containers of medications each night. I put the pills into the bottles. The least he can do is take them out of the closet. I’m not heartless. I do get them for him when he’s not feeling well. (His trouble walking came after dinner when he’d sat in his desk chair for a while. He was fine when he should have gotten his pills.)

And then he asked if the coffee pot was set up. I knew it wasn’t, but I also decided that warning him was not one of the nice things I was going to do for him. Of course, by not answering, I was telling him it wasn’t set up. I don’t know how I would have handled it if it was set up. I may have told him it was so he didn’t make an unnecessary trip. On the other hand, if he’d just set up the damn camera in the kitchen, he’d be able to check without the trouble of walking into the kitchen at all. Maybe I should start punishing him for every day he doesn’t set the camera up.

Nah. I’m just too nice.

If you’ve been following along with us, you probably remember Lion’s eye problems. He has very little vision in his left eye. Unfortunately, my side of the bed is on his left. Since we eat most of our meals in bed, he can’t really see if I’ve eaten or not. He’s eaten first a few times and when I catch him he says he can’t really see if I’ve eaten or not. For a while, if I’m not ready to eat when I see he is, I tell him he can start. The other day, I suggested doing away with the rule.

A few years ago we had a rule that Lion had to make breakfast on the weekends. That fell by the wayside when Lion had a surgery. He wasn’t able to make breakfast. He wasn’t able to do much. I would have been unfair of me to hold him to that rule when he wasn’t able to follow it. I feel the same way about the rule that he has to wait for me to eat. If he can’t follow it, it’s unfair.

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Lion was resistant at first. I’m not sure if he didn’t want to lose a rule or admit he couldn’t see well enough to follow it. The nail in the coffin, so to speak, came this morning when he ate first. I pointed it out and he acquiesced. However, he said he’d still try to follow it even if there was no threat of punishment. In the past when I’ve put the rules on hold for a surgery or illness, he tries to follow the rules even when they aren’t in effect. I appreciate that.

The problem now is that I have to come up with another rule just to even things out again. I was already having trouble coming up with a new rule. I guess I’ll have to put my thinking cap on.

I whomped Lion last night for failing to set up the coffee pot. Again. He says it’s been a while. It seems to me it hasn’t. However, I guess it all depends on what you consider “a while”. It may well have been a month, but that seems like a short time in the overall scheme of things. How long would be acceptable before he re-offends? And what if he re-re-offends? If a month is long enough to be considered a reasonable amount of time, what if he does it again in another month?

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In the past, he has suggested that I punish him harder and longer than the last time if he breaks the same rule again. There was no mention of the length of time for breaking the rule again. I’ve been a little reluctant to increase the punishment for repeat offenses. I don’t know why. However, in the spirit of getting better with domestic discipline, I think I should try to do so. Consider it a new year’s non-resolution.

I didn’t set out to hit him harder than the last time. I’m not even sure I was hitting him harder. Within maybe 50 swats, Lion was trying to get away and even called yellow. At the time I said I don’t think he ever did that before, but I do remember him doing it a few times I got a bit overzealous. I backed off immediately. I was almost done anyway. From the looks of it, he was starting to form bruises. I haven’t heard a report today, but when I came out of the shower last night he said his butt hurt. I said I hoped so.

A while later we snuggled and after he was ready, I sucked him. The past few nights he’s having trouble getting to the edge. He might have gotten close last night, but I’m not convinced he actually made it. [Lion — I didn’t] Since he’s been pushing me to come up with more rules, I thought of one this morning. I don’t think it’s a good one, but here goes. What if I punish him when he doesn’t make it to the edge? I guess it could be for wasting my time. I don’t know. The problem, of course, is that just after an orgasm, he won’t make it to the edge for a few days. Maybe there could be a grace period. Another issue is that I don’t want him to avoid sex if he thinks he won’t make it to the edge and, therefore, be punished. Sometimes he tells me he doesn’t feel very horny but I can try to see what happens. Will that go out the window if he thinks he’ll get swats? Plus, I don’t want to make him feel worse than he already feels when he can’t get there.

So, in conclusion, the rule is pretty stupid. But at least I’m thinking about new rules.

When I brought breakfast into the bedroom this morning, I asked Lion if a spanked butt would hurt more when it was waxed. He said it probably would and wondered why I asked. Great question. The answer: he forgot to set up the coffee pot again. He thought he did it. I saw differently. Tie goes to the Lioness.

All of this comes on the heels of Lion’s question yesterday about whether our domestic discipline is still functioning. I didn’t swat him for spilling on his shirt the other day. The only thing I’ve been punishing him for is the coffee pot. I can’t tell you why I’ve been so lax. Maybe I should regularly take one of our punishment days and make it into a I-know-you’ve-done-something day. It wouldn’t be a maintenance spanking per se. It would be for all the times I should have punished him and didn’t. Since I know I miss things, and he might miss them too, this could work. However, it wouldn’t do Lion any good because there isn’t a specific “crime” for him to try to avoid in the future. He can’t swear at the coffee pot, for example. If anything, it helps get us back in the swing of things. Well, it gets me back in the swing of things. I’m not sure Lion was ever out of it.

Yesterday I waxed the front side of the Lion. My lower back has been cramping up on me for about a week, so I had to stop after the last touch ups were done. The wax is melting already and we’ve just watched our team actually win a game. As idiotic as it sounds, with a 6-10 record, if Washington loses tonight the Giants win the NFC East. Of course, they’ll lose the first playoff game because, with a 6-10 record, they obviously suck but being the division champs is still nice.

I’m not really sure if I’ll spank Lion before I wax him. It was just a fun way to point out his transgression. I think he really does need to put a spy cam in the kitchen. It could save his butt.