Visits to our blog nearly doubled in two days.

The past two days have been very odd for this blog. Our traffic climbed until it doubled our usual number of visitors on Friday. The stats our software predicts for Saturday (I’m writing the post-mid-day on Saturday) is a little lower than Friday. Usually, when there is a sudden increase in visits, we see that a search engine or another website refers the additional people. This time, almost all are “direct entries.” Those are visitors whose browsers don’t show that the people come from another site. It usually means that they type in our web address.

That doesn’t make any sense to me. There is nothing in our content that is very unusual. When I looked to see what the people first visited, the distribution of visits looked typical. A search engine may be removing the referring site name before sending people here. That would explain why there is no obvious bump in the stats. In the past, Google has experimented with tweaks to its search algorithm. When they did this, our traffic would suddenly go up or down. I suspect this is what happened now, along with wiping out the referring site field.

We aren’t complaining about the additional traffic. It’s nice to have new people find us. As far as I can tell, we can support a lot of visits without incurring additional costs from our cloud provider. We have no way to make money with our blog. It’s a pure expense to us, and we do it because we love sharing with you—enough blog stuff.

Oral sex is all that works for me right now.

It’s been nine days since my last orgasm. I’m horny. Mrs. Lion has been fondling my penis most nights lately with little result. I’m not trying to be difficult. I just can’t seem to respond to her hand under the covers. Her mouth is another story entirely. I’m not entirely sure why this is happening—well, not happening. It just is. I get the feeling that she believes that if I’m really interested, some under-the-covers fondling will get me hard. Maybe if she makes me wait long enough, I might.

My first sexual experience was an attempt to fuck when I was eighteen. The girl and I had no sexual experience. It was my first year in college, and my high school days (and nights) were spent at a boys’ boarding school. I never saw a naked woman before that day. I thought I penetrated her that first time. I had an orgasm, and so did she.

When we got together again a couple of weeks later, we were less rushed and more willing to explore together. I couldn’t get inside her. She had a very tough hyman. It didn’t occur to either of us to have her go to her gynecologist to get him to break it surgically. I probably could have gotten through, but it would have taken a lot of force and hurt her.

Anyway, we decided to look for a workaround. We bought a marriage manual (this was pre-Web days) and read it together. Oral sex looked like fun, so we tried it. It worked very well for both of us. I don’t remember how long we were together. It was months, at the least. We were very happy using our mouths each time we were together.

Maybe my earliest experience created my love of oral sex. It has always been my favorite. I wonder if that is partly to blame for my current need for oral attention. It’s also partly because for the last eight years or so, handjobs were my source of sex more than 99 percent of the time. I have no idea how I would do with vaginal sex. Mrs. Lion doesn’t want that. It’s been about five years since the last time we tried. For now, at least, it appears to be oral or nothing for me. It’s like I’m 18 again.

Before I could even consider whether I should spank Lion for forgetting the coffee pot and shower door the other day, he forgot the coffee pot again. He’s also interrupted me a few times. He thinks he knows what I’m going to say and tries to finish my sentences. Or he knows what’s best for my daughter. It would be different if he just offered an opinion, but he is the knowledge center of the world. This time I have to spank him.

He doesn’t think I’ve been spanking him as hard lately. I don’t know how to make sure every time is the same as the one before. Is there such a thing as a spank-o-meter? Maybe we should invent one. I bet there’s something like it. We just have to modify it for our purposes.

He hasn’t been very receptive to my sexual attention for the past few nights. He wants to try earlier. To accommodate that, I told him I’d spank him before his shower. That way he can soothe his sore buns with cool water. Since he wants a harder spanking, I guess it doesn’t matter if I make him bleed or not. He’ll be able to wash it right off. By the time we’re done with dinner, he should be ready for love.

He did respond a little last night. Of course, he didn’t pause the TV so how responsive could he have been? He said he didn’t think my hand would do it. I offered to suck him, but he didn’t want me to since I’ve had a headache on and off for a few days. If we wait till I feel 100%, it might be August. I say tonight’s the night. Give me a chance to see if I can get him really excited. I’m pretty sure I can. Put me in, coach.

Sunday afternoon Mrs. Lion waxed me. It went very smoothly (Get it?). It takes less and less time. In the end, she cleans me up with mineral oil. The grand finale is a very nice penis massage with oil. Just as things got very hot, the doorbell rang. It was a grocery order.  Shit! The delivery man didn’t want to leave it. He kept ringing. Mrs. Lion answered the door and brought in the groceries. By the time she got back, the mood was lost. I still got my lion-zilian waxing. No hair from my neck to mid-thighs survived the wax.

I’ve heard that women’s magazines say that the bush is back. I hope not. I prefer women without pubic hair. The view is very sexy. Let’s face it, a bush hides the good stuff. Mrs. Lion has very little pubic hair. I’m happy about that. She doesn’t remove her pubic hair, just mine. I suppose people tend to want change. I figure if you have a good thing, why fuck with it?

My interest is academic. I see pictures of naked women, but that’s all. I’m still hoping that Mrs. Lion will go lion riding. It’s been 1,552 days (Februrary 2018)  since the last time she mounted me. I miss it. It’s been nearly that long since I’ve given her an orgasm. I know that she isn’t interested in sex for herself. I guess that we can continue as we have been. It works and keeps me reasonably happy. Still…

While we are on the subject of things I miss, Mrs. Lion spanked me on Saturday and had me riding the spanking bench bareback (not strapped down). I was very close to escaping. The straps remind me where my place is. As lioness spankings go, Saturday’s was fairly gentle. There was no pain a short time after she finished. There was plenty while she beat me. I’m not sure what is changing. It could be the use of less-lethal paddles or gentler swats. There’s no question that my bottom is less sore when she finishes. Much as I hate suggesting it, maybe she needs to experiment with her newer paddles.

Sunday night, after waxing, we both had headaches. I don’t think the headaches are connected to the waxing. I’m not sure what was going on. I managed to forget to close the shower door again. Mrs. Lion said she would excuse me because of the headache. Given her usual zero-tolerance policy, I’m not sure that was a good idea. Much as I hate being spanked, I don’t want to see our disciplinary relationship slip. I also know that I learn most effectively if there are no exceptions. It isn’t too late for her to change her mind and spank me. I think she should.

I suppose this is one area in a domestic discipline relationship where both partners need to take responsibility to make sure things don’t slip. I was happy when Mrs. Lion excused me. As I thought about it, I realized that this wasn’t good for us. We both tend to let things go until everything is gone. I’m as responsible as she is for keeping things consistent. I know that I’ll regret pointing this out.

Yesterday, I thought I let Mrs. Lion know that I was horny. I used my post for the purpose (“Growth Spurt“). During the evening, she wasn’t acting particularly sexual. Finally, when it was too late for anything to happen, I asked her why she didn’t want to do anything. She replied that she didn’t read my post and said I didn’t tell her I wrote one. I did. She was probably distracted by work.

Now it is day three since my last orgasm. I suspect it is the ragged edge of the time to keep me actively horny. We’ve also crossed the two-week mark since my last spanking. I’m writing this after lunch on Thursday. Today is punishment day, and I reminded Mrs.Lion of the fact this morning. I have to remind her, or I will get punished. However, I’m due for a “Just Because” spanking. We need reminding to pay strict attention to domestic discipline. Mrs. Lion seems distracted. Spanking me always sharpens her focus and reminds me to behave.

It’s easy for Mrs. Lion to deal with spanking me. My input isn’t ever required. She initiates 100 percent of the time. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. If I feel it’s been too long between spankings, I can always mention that it may be time for a “Just Because” spanking, and Mrs. Lion takes it from there. All I have to do is mount the spanking bench when ordered.

Mrs. Lion wrote in her post yesterday (“OK Maybe I’m Not Paying Attention “) that she isn’t sure when she should get sexual with me. She mentioned that in years past, she had no problem. I got an orgasm every night. She decided how, but one way or another, I ejaculated. When we began male chastity things started to get more complicated. Mrs. Lion decided that she would edge me every day or two. I would never go more that 48 hours without being brought to the edge of orgasm or over it.

For some reason, we stopped having scheduled sexual activity. Part of the reason for this is that I’m less reliable about getting to the edge, or sometimes, even getting fully erect. Mrs. Lion interprets that to mean I’m not interested. I don’t think that’s the point any more than it matters if I’m hankering for a spanking when Mrs. Lion decides it’s time for one.

This moves us into another sand trap. If Mrs. Lion agrees to daily or every-other-day sex, will she consider it a chore and lose enthusiasm? Will I feel I am inconveniencing her? The answer to both is probably “yes.” The bigger question is: Should it matter? Based on our current difficulties, it probably shouldn’t.  If we agree that scheduled sex is the best way back, do we also want more frequent orgasms? That’s up to Mrs. Lion, but I think it might be a good idea to try for more. We may not succeed every time, but like any other exercise, it’s a good way for me to get back into shape.

The next topic is the most difficult for us to consider: orgasms for Mrs. Lion. We’ve established that she doesn’t want them. Sex for herself doesn’t interest her. We also learned that she likes orgasms but doesn’t particularly want them. They feel good, she’s said. Maybe we should also initiate lioness orgasms as well. Maybe regular orgasms will prove to be good for her. How often? Dunno. Maybe start with one every week and see how that works.

We’ve learned that we can’t let things slip. I need regular spankings. It helps both of us when I get them. Spontaneous sex, for me, isn’t working out very well. We need to return to scheduled lion milking. Similarly, maybe the lioness needs attention, too, for therapeutic reasons.  What do you think, Mrs.Lion?