It amazes me that so much medical research has been done about boners. Since I’ve been trying to restore my penis to its former glory, I’ve discovered that medical science is on my side. It turns out that my Trimix injections are just the tip of an erection iceberg. I’ve been gradually increasing my dose from .10 ml to 4.5. I haven’t had any improvement in quality since my .30 try. It turns out that there are more powerful versions of Trimix that may inflate my stubborn penis. If that doesn’t work, there are other drugs to try.

I’m grateful for the huge amount of research that has produced this sexual miracle, but I’m also surprised that similar science isn’t available to women. It’s true that there are two drugs available that are supposed to improve the female libido. They are Flibanserin and Bremelanotide. These drugs aren’t approved for post-menopausal women. I wonder if Mrs. Lion’s doctor would let her try one of them. Beyond them, the usual advice is to seek counseling or try hormone therapy.

In fairness, the male problem the drugs solve has nothing to do with libido. All they do is provide mechanical help to get an erection. Sexual arousal isn’t needed. Once the penis is hard, the man can have sex whether he is aroused or not. The opposite is true of a woman. She can have sex whether or not she is aroused. The drugs for her are designed to help her enjoy it. There are no drugs to help a man have an orgasm.

Maybe women are getting the better deal. Also, it has to be much more difficult to develop a drug to get someone aroused than it is to find a way to inflate a limp penis. I know that feminists complain that more research is devoted to getting men hard than to getting women hot. They claim it is because the majority of drug companies and research scientists are men. I think they are wrong. For one thing, the boner-producing science has been the result of unexpected consequences to other research. Viagra was originally a heart medicine. Its fun property was an accident. The penis injections were developed through hormone experiments. That’s not the point.

Erections are necessary to extract semen and sperm reliably. Despite the nonsense you read online, prostate milking does not produce sperm-containing semen. The only non-sexual method is pretty violent. An electrode is inserted in the anus, and a substantial current is applied. This will cause ejaculation. It’s so painful that general anesthesia is required. Muscles contract in a seizure-like way. The current needed can heat the electrode and burn the man. This treatment is used with paralyzed men who want to have children. Sperm can sometimes be collected from the testes via surgery.

Sexual medicine is a fairly new specialty. The urologist I’ve been seeing is such a specialist. I’m encouraged to learn that there are many other ways to help me get hard again.

I am spending most of my time taking practice FCC tests for my ham license. My scores are good, and I’m hopeful that I will pass my tests on Friday afternoon. It isn’t so much that I have a compulsive need to become a ham as much as I think the process of being licensed is good for my brain. It’s being forced to acquire a lot of new information. This sort of activity is important if I want to keep what wits I have as I age. I’m also sure that being set up with radios that are independent of the cell towers is important when disaster strikes. Every single natural and man-made disaster has found ham radio operators a big help in saving lives. We live in a relatively unpopulated area subject to wildfires, earthquakes, and the occasional volcanic eruption. Add to those hazards the occasional flood, and you can see the benefit of being prepared.

All this new hardware and knowledge acquisition help distract me from the reality that I can’t get hard without help. A lot of the stuff that we have enjoyed becomes much more difficult when I need to give myself a $10 injection to get hard. Spontaneity is a thing of the past. Anything that requires me to be hard has to wait for me to inject Trimix and wait the ten minutes or so it takes for my erection. I find this very disappointing. Add the high cost, and you can see that we have very limited opportunities for sexual fun.

Maybe we need to bring back activities that don’t depend on a stiff weenie. The shock collar doesn’t care if I’m hard or not. Nor does it matter if I’m aroused when we play spanking games. For that matter, anal play doesn’t require a stiffy, either. On the occasions that I do inject the Trimix, my erection will last an hour or more (We haven’t gotten to the optimum dose yet, so we don’t know how long it will be hard). Since that boner doesn’t require much maintenance–I’m hard whether I’m aroused or not–Mrs. Lion can use that time for fun and games.

The challenge is going to be building new habits to replace the old. Maybe we need the dreaded Box O’Fun again. I always depended on being aroused for fuel to get me through more difficult play. I’m not sure exactly what will happen now. Does my loss of the ability to get hard also mean I am unable to be sexually aroused? Do I have to be hard as a condition of arousal? I don’t know. I’m not even sure how to find out. I suspect that an erection is necessary for arousal.  However, with the injection, arousal is not necessary for an erection. Interesting, no?

Maybe I should stop researching Trimix. I’ve been reading articles written by MD’s on how to use the drug. Everyone agrees that you can only use it once a day and no more than three times a week. My doctor wants me to wait two days between injections. I’ll almost certainly wait at least that long once I get an effective dose.

One doctor wrote that the drug should produce a good erection only when the penis is stimulated. She also says that the erection should go down after orgasm. No one else said this. I’ve been waiting for a self-starting boner that lasts at least an hour. That is the expected effect according to everyone else. I also learned that most men need a .25 to .5 ml injection to get that result. On Monday, I’ll go to .20. The idea is to get the lowest possible dose to produce the desired boner.

I’m sorry if this ED talk is boring you. I want to share my experiences as a way to help others with the same issues as I have. It was difficult for me to make this move. I wish I had done it years ago. If I did, maybe Mrs. Lion would still have her libido. I’m surprised that I didn’t. Maybe I’m not really as open about sex as I imagined. Better late than never, I suppose.

There are choices we can make when a sexual dysfunction hits. One choice, the easiest one, is just to stop having sex. If arousal is difficult or impossible without medical help, resigning from an active sex life is a simple choice. I’ve considered going down this path. After all, if I can’t get it up and I’m not feeling physically frustrated, ending sex is easy. There are times I just want to put a “Broken” sign on my penis and go on with my life.

Doing this would make it easier for Mrs. Lion. Dealing with my sexual needs is a chore I’m sure she doesn’t need. After all, it’s been more than a month since my last orgasm. I’m still here and writing. I’m losing weight. I’m not beating the dog or annoying my lioness. Why should I go to the trouble and expense of getting orgasmic again? I’ve asked myself this question many times in the last month. Do I need sex?

I am pretty sure I do. Yes, I can go on without erections and ejaculating. We can still practice domestic discipline. We can snuggle without sex. I don’t think we will. Sex is more than orgasms. It’s a language of its own that communicates love and commitment. It’s the one big thing that is exclusive to our marriage. That’s why I think it’s so important that I get my erections back and that we keep our sexual connection.

We seem to be on a hiatus here in the lions’ den. Mrs. Lion hasn’t brought out a paddle in over thirty days. That is something of a record. I even hinted that the kitchen paddle hasn’t been used in years. That’s why I forgot one is hanging on our refrigerator. It’s true that I haven’t missed setting up the coffee pot in over a month, and I always close the shower door. I’m not so sure whether or not I’ve interrupted or annoyed Mrs. Lion in all that time. The problem for us is that after a while, two weeks or more, we seem to drop out of disciplinary mode. My interest in sex also drops off if our domestic discipline seems to be fading.

Sex is also on hold. The problem there is that I’m trying to find the correct dose of Trimix to produce a solid erection that lasts about an hour. On Tuesday, I think I upped the dose from .1 ml to .13. The results were odd enough for me to question whether I actually injected the right amount. It took nearly twenty minutes for me to get hard. It only took ten minutes on Monday. I had a very good erection that lasted only fifteen minutes. It died in Mrs. Lion’s hand. Today (Wednesday), I’ll go to .15 ml. This is the last injection for the week. We can begin again on Monday.

I haven’t been able to find any day-by-day accounts from other men trying Trimix or other erection-producing injections. The literature is silent about this process. The only information in both prescribing information (for healthcare professionals) and patient information sheets is about risks of priapism (erections lasting over four hours). My urologist told me that this risk is very low for men over forty. She also commented that many older men need a fairly large dose to get good results.

I wondered about that comment after Monday’s rather successful try (My First Trimix Injection — A Boner On Demand). I assumed that a small increase in dosage would result in a harder erection that lasted longer. To my surprise, the second erection was very nice but only lasted about fifteen minutes. Let’s see what today brings. I purchased a lighted magnifier to help me get the right amount of Trimix into the syringe. It will be interesting to see what happens next.

The other day, Thumper of the blog DenyingThumper, wrote a post about his website is included in the dataset used by ChatGPT. He mentioned that our website is also included. There are about 1.5 million websites in that dataset. We are ranked in the top third of the samples. I have no clue how Google, who created the dataset, decided to include specific sites. However, our website is part of the training for that amazing AI product. I am amazed at how well it understands what I ask or tell it. The responses are well-written and always on target. By the way, the next version of the Microsoft Bing search engine will incorporate chatGPT. You will be able to ask complex questions and get good results. I tested the beta version, and it blew me away.

I put the paragraph above into ChatGPT. Here’s What it added:

“It’s incredible to think about how much technology has advanced in recent years. AI products like ChatGPT and the upcoming integration with Bing search are truly amazing feats of engineering and innovation. It’s exciting to think about the ways in which these tools will continue to evolve and improve in the years to come, making our lives easier and more informed than ever before. As we look forward to the future, we can only imagine what other groundbreaking technologies are just around the corner.”