Lion took up residence in the bedroom before I changed the bed. When he took his shower, I was busy with dinner. I managed to do the laundry, which made it out of the dryer the same day it went in. Last week it took till Thursday.

After dinner, Lion was awake for a bit. By the time I took my shower, he was snoozing. He put a TV show on and fell asleep, waking only for the commercials. At one point, he said the show wasn’t very interesting. I told him that was because he was only awake for the commercials. A while later, I was minding my own business, and my back started cramping up. It was bad enough when I was lying there, but it was painful when I tried to stand up. Once I was up, I was fine. It felt almost like sciatic pain when I was lying down, but it was clearly muscle. I still feel it this morning, and I’m hoping it doesn’t get worse as the day goes on.

In addition to changing the bed, my priority is Lion. We need to snuggle, at the very least. He’s said we don’t hug and kiss much anymore. I think he’s right. Aside from a hello or goodbye kiss, we don’t kiss much. Well, we kiss after each eye drop. I don’t remember how that started. Maybe I said it was the price for my services. [Lion — She did. I love it!] Sometimes I make up a silly reason to “steal” a kiss. I have noticed recently that it’s mostly me kissing him. What’s up with that, Lion?

I know he’ll say he initiates snuggling a lot by asking me if I want to snuggle. But why am I always moving to his side of the bed? Why am I always looking over my shoulder at the TV? We’ve had this problem for years. Of course, if snuggling is supposed to lead to sex, no one should be looking at the TV. And if that’s the case, then I should move over to his side of the bed. However, if it’s snuggling for snuggling’s sake, then he should move over to my side of the bed sometimes. The problem is that, with the adjustable beds, there’s a gap between them, and it’s difficult to bridge it. Apparently, I’ve mastered it, so that’s why I move to his side of the bed. [Lion — It’s hard for me to go to Mrs. Lion’s side. I guess I can try harder.]

Okay. Enough about bed gaps and who moves where to snuggle. The point is that we need to get back on track. It’s been a few days since his orgasm. He should be feeling the beginning twinges of horniness by now. I need to take advantage of that and get him frustrated. I’ll have to see if I can wake the sleeping weenie tonight.

Most of the time, I learn about Mrs. Lion’s plans for me here in the blog. She seems to prefer communicating publicly. You learn about what’s next for me at the same time I do. I suppose there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just a little odd that her most intimate communications are written here where everyone can see them. Our sex life is public.

In general, that works for me. It’s better than silence. When Mrs. Lioln wasn’t providing coming attractions here, she wasn’t saying anything to me in private either. It’s very sexy when she tells me what she is going to do to me. It’s more arousing when she tells me before she tells you. She’s been very reluctant to say, or write, too much. She doesn’t want to promise something she won’t be able to deliver. For example, she wrote that I needed a “just because” spanking and/or an orgasm. She was too tired to deliver either. Of course, the possible orgasm being missed was disappointing. It was also completely understandable. I’m not upset.

I am most certainly fine about missing the spanking. I recognize that I need them for both punishments and as a reminder to behave. It doesn’t mean I have to like them. I don’t. I also have to admit that after a ten-minute spanking, I will have sore spots for three or four days. Every time I sit down, I’m reminded that it would be truly horrible to get a fresh spanking on my sore bottom. I know that Lioness 4.0 has no problem at all spanking an already-sore bottom.

I don’t think she plans the interval between “just because” spankings. She delivers them when she decides it’s time. I suppose she can gauge their effectiveness by noting whether I need correction between them. It makes sense that these preventative spankings’ purpose is to keep me aware of the consequences of being naughty. I have to admit that my memory of just how much I hate being punished fades over time. I don’t forget, but concern about being punished stops being front of mind.

The need for regular spanking is no different than the need for ejaculation. Both are basic forms of attention provided by my lioness. They have different purposes, of course, but the reason to deliver them regularly is the same. Both reinforce her role. We learned by experience that if she doesn’t spank me regularly, she will also stop observing and punishing offenses. That’s a key benefit for her. Keeping the time between spankings relatively short not only keeps me on my best behavior but also reminds her of her role as my disciplining wife.

Sex is no different. I love and need regular sexual activity. Most of the time, it’s teasing. I’ve been trained not to expect orgasm every time she stimulates my penis. I know that eventually, she will let me ejaculate—failure to provide regular teasing results in “forgetting” sex.  Since Mrs. Lion isn’t interested in sex for herself, not providing regular activity will cause her to forget I need it. She has no internal pressure to have sex. That means providing sex for me is a habit the same as including spanking in our marriage. Use it or lose it.

Between eating too much and being tired, I didn’t play with Lion last night. It’s not fair to him. I either need to play with him when I get home or delay my shower until after I’ve played with him. I could do some combination of the two. Sometimes he’s snoozing before dinner. Sometimes he’s snoozing after dinner. I’ll have to get to him when he’s not snoozing.

Off and on, I think about giving Lion vaginal sex. He always tells me I don’t have to do it. Of course I don’t. I don’t have to give him hand jobs or blow jobs either. I know he likes vaginal sex. I forget if oral or vaginal is his favorite. Either way, I like to ride him even if it doesn’t do anything for me. Why wouldn’t I change things up from time to time? I don’t want him to get tired of oral sex all the time like he did with hand jobs. Let’s face it, there are only so many ways to have sex. I know, I know. You can spice it up with this or that, but ultimately it’s either oral, hand, vaginal or anal.

For the record, I liked anal. I say it past tense because I like when Lion stands behind me and he hasn’t been able to do that for a long time. He’s been spoiled by being on his back. I was just trying to remember if we’ve ever had missionary sex. I don’t think so. That seems odd to me. You’d think we’d have had regular old vanilla sex at least once over the years. I think we started off with anal and then, once Lion found out I have better orgasms if I’m on top, we did it that way. Of course, oral and hand jobs were thrown in there too. I’m not unhappy with any of it. Well, maybe the lack of anal.

Without realizing it, I trained Lion to be unable to have any sex other than with him on the bottom. I think it was over five years ago that we tried anal. He wasn’t able to maintain an erection while standing. His body must have said, “Nope. This isn’t right. Abort. Abort.” I’m sure the only thing that has changed since then is his balance being worse. I think anal is gone for good. Not the worst thing in the world. If my libido returns, I don’t think I’ll be horny for anal sex. Is it possible to be horny for anal sex?

Lion thought his training began with the chastity device. It’s interesting to realize it began long before that.

[Lion — Maybe I can be trained to use other positions. Mrs. Lion can always “milk” me for teasing (have me on knees and her behind me)]

Mrs. Lion is feeling a bit better. She teased me on Sunday night. It had been seven days since my last orgasm, and we hadn’t done anything sexual in days. I was ready for an orgasm. She spent a long time petting me under the covers. It felt great. She asked me if I wanted “to come out.” That means get on top of the comforter across the bed with my legs as wide apart as I can stretch them. Of course, I agreed and assumed the position. Mrs. Lion got between my legs and began sucking.

I can’t explain why. Maybe it was because we had no activity in a week, but I was sure she was going to take me out of my misery. But no, she had other ideas. She got me fairly close to the edge a couple of times. Then she stopped. I was informed that I would have to wait. Surprise! Oh well. We had fun. I love it when Mrs. Lion pets me.

Speaking of petting, while Mrs. Lion was rubbing my cock, I remembered how I learned some interesting facts about penis handling. Do you know that if you rub a penis from bottom to top without going down again, it’s very exciting but impossible to ejaculate. It won’t exactly be the same as edging since the arousal will never get to the ejaculation trigger point. One BDSM partner did this to me for a long time. It was frustrating and surprising to me. I figured I would have to get off if she kept it up. I was strapped into a sling so that I couldn’t influence the action. It was very frustrating. She had fun. Eventually, she took mercy on me and changed to up and down strokes. It didn’t take long for me to come. [Mrs.Lion — I’ve done this to Lion, too. Every so often I do some strokes in the “wrong” direction just to make him nervous.]

It turns out that we males are programmed to ejaculate only when our penises are fully penetrating our partner. That corresponds to a “down” motion when being jerked off. The “up” motion corresponds to pulling out of the vagina. The foreskin, or what’s left of it on us circumcised males, covers that sensitive spot just under the head. That insulates it from too much stimulation. On the downstroke, that area is exposed and gets the benefit of direct stimulation. Evolution is clever.

I was surprised that I had no idea that my own penis works that way. Sure, I knew about that spot under the head, but I had no idea that it was so easy to manipulate me sexually. I wonder how that woman knew. It doesn’t seem to be something one would discover during normal sexual activity. I don’t get it.

I asked Mrs.Lion how she learned to jerk a man off. That doesn’t seem to be something a woman would discover. I had no idea that my penis could be so much fun until another little boy showed me when I was eleven. He may have been a year or two older. Mrs. Lion told me that she doesn’t remember how she learned. She’s certainly good at it.

supervised masturbation is an exciting idea

While we are on the subject of male masturbation, you may have seen that ever since Mrs. Lion said she might make me jerk off in front of her, that I have come back to this idea. She pointed that out in a comment to a recent post. It’s true. I have. I’m in my eighth year of not jerking off. Mrs. Lion made a serious rule that I shouldn’t. Between years of wearing a chastity device and my general disinterest in doing it, I’ve been trained not to masturbate. When she brought that subject up after all these years, I was startled.

Part of me wants to do it. A bigger part of me is uncomfortable about it. It isn’t that I don’t get to play with my penis. I’m allowed to get myself hard and enjoy limited rubbing. I can’t get near orgasm. That’s worked for me. I’m not worried that if Mrs. Lion makes me jerk off for her, I will also do it alone. I won’t. I worry that it will become a replacement for Mrs. Lion getting me off. A lot of men in male chastity end up with supervised masturbation becoming their only sexual outlet.

I’m sure that wouldn’t happen to us if Mrs. Lion reintroduced masturbation to her sexual repertoire, or should I say my sexual diet. Logically, since my sex life is vagina-free, substituting my hand for her hand or mouth isn’t a giant leap. Maybe it’s just another tool in her belt.