We were supposed to be on a camping trip from last Thursday through yesterday. The bad smoke forced us to cancel it. Mrs. Lion worked on Thursday and Friday but took yesterday off. We had a mostly-relaxing day. Mrs. Lion did the annual filter changes for our reverse osmosis drinking water filter system. This involved changing out three filter canisters and a UV sterilizing light. She did a lot of growling trying to get all the pieces together. There’s nothing like a struggle under the kitchen sink to improve a lioness’s temperament.

This is particularly unfortunate because she owes me a spanking. Actually, it doesn’t matter at all. She is going to do what she wants to do regardless of other frustrations. Speaking of that, on Sunday night she used that particularly-unpleasant blue menthol rub on my balls. She was careful to keep the nasty stuff under them and on my perineum. I assume she did that because she planned on sucking me after the burning let up.

She put several large globs on my balls and massaged them in. Then, she masturbated me. Within a minute or two the burning set in. I really bate how that feels! Lioness 4.0 must be in town because as the burning started to let up, she massaged the area which helped the menthol find new places to burn. She did this several times. After the first time, I asked what she was doing. She told me that she thought it would make me feel better. I expressed my doubt about her motive. She smiled and massaged the area again.

Eventually, the menthol wore off. I should be grateful that she diligently kept masturbating me while I was burning. Being sexually aroused helps me tolerate pain. I was very happy when the diabolical stuff wore off.

Mrs. Lion followed with a very nice blow job. She got me right to the edge of ejaculation. I was trying to hump her mouth. She did this several times. Sunday was my 20th day of waiting. Finally, she kept going and gave me a huge orgasm. She said I produced a lot of semen. I’m very glad to hear that. I hope she doesn’t think I need longer and longer waits to build up a supply. I don’t think it works that way; at least I hope it doesn’t.

I’m writing this late on Monday afternoon. After I finish this post, I’m heading for the shower. After that, I expect I will be spanked. The punishment is delayed. I forgot to remind Mrs. Lion of punishment day last Thursday. I think she is going to try for a more photogenic red color. She hasn’t mentioned it, but I noticed she had selected one of the lighter, stingier paddles. Yuck! I’m sure she will take a picture if she gets the color she wants.

For the record, my bottom never turns very red. It can be that I just haven’t been spanked enough to produce the deep color so coveted by spankers, or it could be my anatomy doesn’t cooperate. I expect that Lioness 4.0 will compel cooperation. Ouch!

Mrs. Lion’s post yesterday seemed angry. [Mrs. Lion — I wasn’t] She pointed out that I kept falling asleep when she might have been ready for some activity. It’s true, I snoozed a lot on Saturday. I had only slept for three hours on Friday night. That isn’t what’s bothering me. The simple fact is that I have absolutely no way of knowing when Mrs. Lion is ready for anything. On Saturday, I went into the bedroom to watch TV. Mrs. Lion was at her desk which is right outside the bedroom door. She could have told me that she wanted to punish me or play in, let’s say, 15 minutes. Then I guarantee I would have been awake and ready.

She seems to have the notion that there is no need to let me know when she might want to do something. Apparently she assumes I will be wide awake and ready at a moment’s notice. Lately, I tend to snooze when I’m bored. Mrs. Lion spends most of her time at her computer or iPad. My refuge is the TV which rarely captures my full attention.

Maybe the problem isn’t that I am snoozing when Mrs. Lion wants to do something. Perhaps it’s that Mrs. Lion never tells me when she wants to begin. I know that she likes to do things spontaneously. That doesn’t work too well for two. I’m not asking for 24-hour notification. It would be nice to just tell me that she would like to play an hour or two in advance. At least then I would be awake and ready.

She knows I like to anticipate things. Most of us do. It’s fun for me, When I get some idea of what and when I can enjoy anticipating the activity and I can mentally reserve the time. I have no idea how she decides when she wants to play. As far as I can tell, it’s when she gets tired of a game on her iPad.

In the past, Mrs. Lion reserved the time after her shower for play and punishment. She would shower at about 8 and by 8:30 be ready to go. Now that she works from home most of the time, she doesn’t shower as regularly. When she does, it’s almost always considerably later. [Mrs. Lion — For the past week or so it’s been getting more difficult to get myself motivated to clean up after dinner and so showering has gotten a little later. However, when I don’t shower, we usually play around 8-8:15 still.] I was never fond of the 8:30 to 9PM start of activity. It is a bit late for me, but at least I had an idea of what was coming and when. Now I am clueless.

Some structure would be very helpful to me. For example, I’ve noticed that in the morning and early afternoon I’ve been pretty horny. As the day goes by with no signals from Mrs. Lion, my interest fades. As I write this post I don’t feel aroused. I feel vaguely uneasy because I think today will be a repeat of yesterday and the days before: I will get bored and snooze. Then, Mrs. Lion will say I snoozed when she wanted to play.

All this is so easy to fix. I don’t think the problem is that I nap when Mrs. Lion wants to play. It’s that I have no idea when or if she wants to do anything and I get bored and go to sleep. There is nothing here a little communication can’t cure.

I must be among the luckiest guys in the world; well, nearly luckiest. Almost every night Mrs. Lion sucks my cock. Almost every night she stops before I can finish. Still, it’s a lot of fun up to a point; up that point several times, every night. Eventually, she will keep going and let me finish. I never know when she will do that. That’s a very well-kept secret.

Oddly, she regularly writes that she wants to know when I would like sweet release. Then she says it doesn’t really matter. That’s not as crazy as it sounds. I figure she wants an order of magnitude, something in the order of “more” or “less”. She knows I don’t want her to obey any expressed preferences. She and she alone has the power.

With the exception of the daily sucking, this has been my sex life for seven years. Earlier this summer I realized that daily handjobs weren’t really doing it for me and at about the same time, Mrs. Lion found that all that hand action hurt her shoulder. It was more comfortable for her and a lot more exciting for me if she sucked my cock instead. Serendipity!

Based on her past experience with me, she expects that at some point I could start losing interest in being edged every day. Unthinkable! Maybe not. At some point, I might not get as aroused. If she persists, my interest will return stronger than ever. At least that’s what happened a couple of times before. The dry spell can last a week or more. Neither of us likes it when that happens.

I recently suggested that the 10 to 14-day wait between orgasms might be extended. Mrs. Lion was agreeable. Now, she seems bent on figuring out if I might crap out if she waits too long. That won’t stop her. It will just inform her so that she will be ready when it comes. Or rather when I don’t come.

This latest experiment started when I pointed out that since mid-July she has made me wait at least 13 days. This is in sharp contrast with my average 6.5-day wait over the last three years. The change was partly driven by some difficulty I had getting to the edge of the cliff before a week or so went by. I got extremely excited, but Mrs. Lion couldn’t get me all set to ejaculate before her mouth got tired. Since then, either her mouth strength has improved or I am more responsive.

Anyway, the obvious next thought was to wonder what would happen if she made me wait longer. In the past, I’ve had a couple of very long (for me) waits. The longest was 28 days. I don’t think that Mrs. Lion wants to go for a new record, but she is curious about how things will play out if she keeps me panting and unsatisfied every night. I guess we’ll both find out. Meanwhile, she is building up her mouth strength. After all, it’s good exercise.

Mrs. Lion has a theory. She thinks that I won’t be able to be edged, or for that matter, ejaculate, unless I am kept locked in a male chastity device. She advanced this idea in her post yesterday. She decided that there is no point even trying to get me aroused until she has me locked up again. She also decided that she will wait until the reprint of my Evotion Orion gets here before she locks me up. It won’t arrive until late this week at the earliest. Apparently, wild lions don’t get sexual attention until then.

Mrs. Lion may be right. In a way I hope she is. An alternative theory is that I’m losing interest in sex. This loss of interest could be temporary, brought on by sleeplessness and the very hard-to-breathe air around here lately. It could be any of a large number of things. I’ve gone through similar periods in the past. It’s way too early for me to worry.

There has been a trend. Since mid-July, the time between my orgasms has jumped from an average of 6 days to one of 14 days. The 6-day average held since 2016, so the change in trend is significant. I’m not waiting longer because Mrs. Lion decided to extend my time between orgasms. She hasn’t. I just haven’t been able to even reach the edge until I wait nearly two weeks. She’s tried hard every night. I get aroused and have big fun while she sucks my cock. Before I get even close to the edge, I can feel my interest drain away. I start to get soft soon after.

I can’t explain this. Obviously, I’m not getting bored. It feels wonderful to be inside her mouth. I have no problem getting erect. I stay hard for several minutes without any problem. Most of the time, when my interest fades, I’m still hard. Then, after about 12 days of this, I reach the edge. Mrs. Lion can tease me and if she wants, make me ejaculate.

This timing has been the same while I was locked in my cage as well as when I’m wild. It might take less time to get me hard when I have been locked up, but so far it hasn’t reduced the number of days before I can reach the edge. At least this hasn’t been progressive. I suddenly went from 5 days to 13 in July. The average number of days hasn’t increased since then.

I’ve been thrashing around looking for factors that might be contributing to this change. I have been worried about where we will get money if I am not called back from furlough. There is a very good chance I’ve permanently lost my job. This is almost certainly a factor.

I’m being spanked less. Either my behavior has been improving dramatically or Mrs. Lion isn’t as alert to spotting faux pas. When she is in full-on disciplinary mode, things are a lot more exciting around here.

The combination of these two factors might be significant contributors to my loss of libido. They also might not. When I’m locked in a male chastity device, I do feel a heightening of sexual tension. Being wild while waiting for the reprint could be a third factor. We can’t do anything about the scary reality of no job. The other two factors are under our control. Hopefully, we can eliminate one or both soon.