Everything Old Is New Again

Some things don’t change. Lion snoozes. I don’t do thing I say I’ll do. I’m not saying I didn’t do something because Lion snoozed. They are two separate things. When I moved over to snuggle, we picked a TV show to watch, and the rest is history. I let my hand wander a little bit, but nothing more. Why? I get sucked in when we start watching TV. I know we can pause it at any time. I look at the clock and think it’s too late, even though Lion’s been snoozing for a bit and sometimes that resets his “timer”.

When I first started meeting Lion at his house for our trysts, it was in the afternoon. I don’t remember when I’d get there, but I left before dinnertime. We did whatever we were going to do, whether it was BDSM or just sex in about an hour or so. It sort of makes me sound like a hooker. He couldn’t afford me for more than an hour, so we had to work fast. No, he never made me feel that way. However, maybe we were onto something with the time constraint.

Obviously, it was a new relationship. We weren’t even sure what it was at that point. I had kids to take care of. He was still living with his significant other, although by this time she was really his insignificant other. We had places to be and things to do and let me pencil you in for Thursday at 3. Our time together was our time. Of course, it was only a few hours a week. Sort of like a vacation from reality.

The problem is that reality sucks. Work and bills and chores and life wear you down. But what if we went back in time even if it’s only for a few hours a week? There’s no reason we can’t pencil each other in for Saturday or Sunday at 3. No TV. Just like old times. We can still play or snuggle or whatever every night, but those few hours a week can be our tryst time. I know Lion has talked about playing in the afternoon for a long time. I guess it took me a while to get on board. Maybe I just needed to remember what it used to be like way back when.

What do you say, Lion? Can I pencil you in for Sunday at 3?