With all the talk of “just because” spanking, Lion didn’t need one after all. He got a punishment spanking for leaving the shower door open. I’d gone to pick up his new contact lens while he was in the shower. When I got back, I noticed the shower door was wide open. The dog loves to get in there and leave dirty pawprints. That’s not really a big deal. They wash away easy enough. However, we don’t want her licking the floor which could have soap on it.

Leather paddle.

Before I washed the dishes, I pulled out the spanking bench and told Lion I needed his butt, and the rest of him, on it. I haven’t been strapping him down. I’m just lazy I guess. When he wiggled around a bit and told me he needs to be strapped down if I’m going to hit him so hard, I remembered he’s told me I can sit on him to hold him still. I wasn’t going to sit on him, but I did lean on him. He still wiggled but he wasn’t going anywhere.

I decided I wouldn’t go for bruising or long-lasting pain. If it happened, it happened. I just wanted a nice all over redness. I think I achieved it. I did manage to open one spot that bled a little. I don’t know which paddle did it. Oddly enough, it might have been the leather paddle. It has stitching around the edges. I only used three or four paddles and I don’t think the others did it. Of course, if it’s a function of how hard I hit rather than stitching or the sharper edges of a paddle, then any one of them could be to blame. I did whomp him pretty hard on and off.

After I was done with the dishes, Lion was looking for something to watch on TV. I listed the possibilities and then said there was a horny Lion to play with. Yes, please! He got into his blow job position and off we went. I’ve been playing with his balls while I suck him. I’ve also been running my finger up his crack and giving it a little shove. Last night, I made a ring with my fingers and pulled his balls tight. I spent quite a while teasing him. Eventually he was getting near the edge. I can usually tell from his breathing or tiny sounds he makes. This time, I felt his thigh muscles tightening. I got him really close before I stopped. I gave him a minute to calm down and then ramped it right back up again before I stopped.

I thought three or four times was enough to edge him. I hoped he was excited enough to give me some cream filling. He was. Yum!

Yes, she uses this paddle to spank me. It may look sweet, but it hurts! This is Mrs. Lion’s favorite view of me. She likes my balls.

I sent over 30 agents a request to represent my book. Two have rejected it. I will look for more. Now it is time to wait and see. Enough book talk! It’s been 19 days since my last spanking. I asked Mrs. Lion not to spank me the other day. Apparently, she has taken that request to mean that maintenance spankings are up to me to request. That isn’t what I had in mind at all. They are up to her.

Since I only have two enforced rules, it’s pretty easy for me to avoid the paddle. It’s also no fun for Mrs. Lion if she can’t catch me being naughty. Our version of domestic discipline has a game aspect. The game is useful and constructive, but it is a game. The rules are simple. Mrs. Lion makes rules that I have to follow. If I break one, I get spanked. In addition to the stated rules, she can also punish me for annoying her.

I like the game. I get hard when I think or write about it. That doesn’t mean that I like being spanked. I don’t. Mrs. Lion doesn’t fool around when she spanks me. No matter how trivial the offense, I get a minimum of ten minutes of seriously painful paddling. That’s the penalty for getting caught breaking a rule. The game requires Mrs. Lion to do this 100 percent of the time. No exceptions. If I go any length of time without earning punishment, I am supposed to get a “Just Because” spanking. That reminds us we are always playing our game.

I want to suggest that we need to step our game up. There is a built-in problem with our game: I learn to avoid breaking my rules. Even though we approach domestic discipline lightly, it is effective. Since I get punished every time I forget to set up the coffee pot or close the shower door, I get conditioned to make sure I do those things. Mrs. Lion rarely punishes me for annoying her, so I continue to do annoying things.

We had other rules. They were never revoked. I just don’t break them. I will forget to set up the coffee pot. My memory tends to fade as time elapses. When I do, I will get another ten-minute spanking. That will recharge my memory. That interval is getting longer and longer. That’s good news in terms of improving me. It doesn’t help the game.

time to step things up

We can exist on “Just Because” spankings. They keep the game alive. In a way, they remind us that we need more specific reasons to spank me. I’ve been spanked five times since March first. Three of them were for the new-at-the-time shower door rule. We had one “Just Because” spanking. My last spanking was for the coffee pot on April 8. It didn’t take me very long to be trained to close the shower door and remember the coffee pot. I’m sure I’ll forget at some point, but you can see that consistent punishment effectively trains me.

Mrs. Lion hasn’t been able to come up with more reasons to punish me. She has a very hard time spontaneously spanking me for something that wasn’t spelled out specifically. Do you remember “The Big Bang Theory?” Sheldon drafted contracts for everything. It feels like we have a punishment agreement that has to specify exactly what earns me spankings. That’s too bad.

There are opportunities to catch me doing things that deserve attention. They haven’t been specifically defined in our punishment agreement. This inability to punish subjective offenses isn’t just a problem for Mrs. Lion. Other couples have the same issue. I get it. Behavioral correction isn’t organic for a wife to do to her husband. Specific, concrete rules overcome this problem.  The problem is that most of the reasons she should punish me can’t be spelled out the same way forgetting to set up the coffee pot can be.

That means we have to find more concrete rules to keep playing. It’s as much fun for me as it is for her when I know I’m just inches away from a spanking. We both get an emotional charge when Mrs. Lion discovers that I’ve earned a paddling. The charge is different for each of us. I get a sort of sexual arousal when I’m caught. It doesn’t last because I hate the spanking I will get. Mrs. Lion gets a kind of “Ah-ha!” charge out of catching me. She says she doesn’t enjoy spanking me. I think she does because she gets satisfaction from making me yelp and feels my punishment for days afterward.

The rewards are different, but they do keep us playing. We need more rules. Mrs. Lion knows this but hasn’t been able to come up with any that she feels comfortable enforcing. I hope she can find some. We enjoy the challenge.

Lion’s new contact lens is in. I just have to go pick it up after work. He’ll be able to see again tomorrow. Woohoo. Now all I have to do is refrain from stepping on it. I’d get it right now if I hadn’t wasted most of the morning on an in-person meeting that didn’t really have to be in-person.

I think tonight I’ll try to get Lion interested in sex again. I certainly don’t mind snuggling. It’s always nice to be close. But I think he needs more than that, whether he wants it or not. Well, whether he realizes he wants it or not. I won’t force him to want sex, as if I could force him anyway. My point is we’ll give it a try and see how it goes. The worst that can happen is he gets his weenie rubbed for a bit. It usually feels good even if it doesn’t really respond. It’s better than a sharp stick in the eye, as they say.

While I’m in the neighborhood, giving him some oral attention, I’ll check to see if Lion needs to be waxed. I don’t know how long it’s been. We were on a once-a-month schedule, but I think the last time we went longer than that. Maybe his hair is growing more slowly now. Maybe he’s shedding his winter fur. He’s still a wild Lion. I have to look at the sore spot to see how it’s doing. It isn’t sore anymore, but there was a rough patch. I doubt it’s anything to worry about, but it can’t hurt to keep an eye on it. Besides, it’s in a spot I love to look at.

Pretty much everything about writing is depressing. Publishing success doesn’t assure a happy life. Creative artists of all sorts are subject to this problem. The reason I’m affected this way isn’t too hard to understand. I spent over a year of my life writing a book. I have no idea if anyone but me thinks it’s any good. Mrs. Lion likes it, but she is strongly biased. I’ve sent out lots of letters to agents asking them to represent me. So far, no takers.

Yesterday I sent out about 40 requests for representation. All I can do now is wait. That’s not completely true. I’m continuing to find more agents to query. The only alternative is to self-publish. That is the route a lot of chastity and BDSM authors follow. FYI, my book is mainstream fiction. Self publishing is easy to do, thanks to Amazon. Selling self-published books is super tough and expensive. I don’t want to do that.

That’s enough whining for now. I just wanted to explain why my interest in sex isn’t very high right now. I’m feeling pretty low about writing. I think my next step is to start another book. Sexually, I’m happy that Mrs. Lion is willing to keep trying with me. Who knows? Maybe I’ll stop feeling sorry for myself and get turned on again.

Meanwhile, I’m doing what I can to succeed in writing. My odds of success are horrid, but I’ve beaten the odds before. Thanks for sticking with me.