New Spanking Technique And Oral Fun

Wednesday night turned out to be interesting. Mrs. Lion had a real reason to punish me. I forgot to close the shower door. This is particularly humiliating since I wrote a post about how well I was doing following my two rules. I went 19 days without missing. Then, on the very day I wrote a post about how good I’ve been, I forgot. No, I didn’t do it on purpose. I was listening to an audiobook and forgot.

Mrs. Lion was quick to inform me that I had broken a rule. After dinner, she got out the spanking bench and informed me that I was to mount it. I did. I think she was in an experimental mood. She began with her hairbrush paddle. This is a hardwood paddle 3/4-inches thick, shaped like a large hairbrush. We got it so she could take it with her when we traveled. It is very effective. She had me yelping in no time. After a while, she switched to other paddles. I don’t know what she was using, but they hurt.

She told me that she wasn’t going for long-lasting pain, just an even red color when she was done. She was happy with her results. My bottom didn’t hurt long after she finished. It hurt a lot while she spanked me. I have no idea why Mrs. Lion decides to vary her style. She did one rather unusual thing this time. She moved next to me and held me down while giving me a series of hard, fast swats. They were very effective. I needed to be restrained for them. Those swats were the most effective yet in terms of making me yelp and want to escape.

I’ve seen spanking videos where this sort of technique is used. It invariably causes yelps and squirms. Now I know why. Wow! That was terrible. I’m pretty sure that Mrs. Lion knew exactly what she was doing. I wonder if she likes that kind of close-up spanking. Her usual style puts her at a distance from me.

an oral treat

About an hour after spanking me, Mrs. Lion invited me to lie across the bed. I didn’t need a second invitation. I was there in a flash. She got between my legs and made my soft cock hard in no time. She has amazing oral skills. After she brought me right to the edge once, she teased me with her tongue. Then she went to work and edged me again and again. Finally, when she let me ejaculate, I exploded with what she said was a large creamy treat for her. I haven’t done that in a long time.

After that, we both settled in and watched some TV. Wednesday night was eventful. Later, the dog started acting up. I left her zapper control in my office. Mrs. Lion had to fetch it. When she came back into the bedroom, she announced that I have a new rule: The zapper control has to be where we are at all times. I’m responsible for assuring it is always available. That’s bad news for the pup and a likely source of spankings for me.