Mrs. Lion has drawn a line in the sand. My toenails are to be painted (yuck!). She also informed me that I owe her a “fee” for delaying the nail-painting and panty-wearing. In its own perverted way, this new system makes sense. I have to admit that I never even considered such a process.

The idea of a “price” for delaying an activity is intriguing. It certainly adds interest (in both senses of the word) to our play. Mrs. Lion has an evil imagination. I love it!

I haven’t had to wear panties for some time. I don’t look forward to resuming. One reason, aside from the fact I look ridiculous, is that most are uncomfortable. My panty collection is largely rough, nylon-type material that looks frilly, but isn’t very kind to my skin. They’re all very inexpensive underwear, so it stands to reason the quality of fabric and manufacture are low.

If panties are going to be a frequent requirement, I would appreciate being able to purchase more comfortable products. The thongs I have are the only panties that don’t slip down and end up around my thighs. I don’t mind that they are thongs, but the material is scratchy. I hate to suggest it, but I think we need to go shopping for cotton panties

It’s been many months since the topic of women’s underwear has come up. I was taking a let-sleeping-panties-lie policy. I’ve never had to wear them very often, so I figured that no action was required on my part. However, now it’s clear that Mrs. Lion wants to put me in panties again.

On a different topic, while searching through Amazon, Mrs. Lion came upon a product called “The Bare Pair”. This is a hair removal product designed expressly for balls and the surrounding countryside. It’s a depilatory cream formulated for delicate scrotal skin. Since my body shaver has been nicking me badly, I figured it might be worth a try to use this product.

It comes in a kit with the cream, applicator sticks (gloves are better, I’ve read), a soothing cream for use after hair removal, and a rough glove to help get rid of the hair after treatment. I’ll try this stuff over the weekend. We’ll still continue with shaving elsewhere and using our Bela pulsed light permanent removal tool. By the way, that device works well. I have almost no hair where we’ve used it.

Mrs. Lion does manscaping about once a month. Thanks to the Bela device, there aren’t too many hairs on my balls. But we both like me to be completely smooth. Almost all the pubic hair is gone forever. Manscaping is now a touch-up process.

I consider pubic hair removal as an essential part of wearing a chastity device. Pubic hair tends to get caught in the device and then there are uncomfortable pulls as the body and device move. No hair eliminates that source of discomfort. Also, I think a device looks better against bare skin.

We don’t consider hair removal as something like panty wearing. It’s just male grooming that has nothing to do with my role. Besides, everyone knows that lions don’t have pubic hair.

I always tease Lion about getting him one of those hula girl statues for his car. He grumbles every time. The other day we had our company Christmas lunch. We exchanged white elephant gifts and I wound up with a hula girl. Except it wasn’t a hula girl. It was a hula guy. I teased Lion about putting him in Lion’s car instead of a hula girl. He grumbled that he didn’t want it in his car. He suggested I put it in my truck.

I wasn’t really going to put him in Lion’s car but what if I did? Would it embarrass Lion to have a hula girl in his car? Yes. Would it be worse if the hula girl was a hula guy? Oh yes! The bigger question is that if I told Lion to put Braddah Ed (as the package calls him) on his dashboard, should he have to do it? I say yes. My power in this relationship is not relegated to the bedroom. Lion wears panties to work. He has two punishment shirts to wear in public. If he spills food on his shirt in a restaurant he still gets punished. My weenie is locked away no matter where he goes. If I want the hula man to dance on his dashboard the hula man should dance on his dashboard.

A few weeks ago my windshield got cracked when a rock bounced out of a truck on the highway. Many cars in Washington have cracked windshields. The cops don’t pay much attention. In New York they’d pull you over just for that. I don’t think Washington cops even bother mentioning it if they’ve pulled you over for something else. It’s just a fact of life here. The last time it happened Lion insisted I get it fixed right away. It wasn’t big and I figured I’d get creamed right away anyway but Lion was insistent. This time I wanted to wait a bit. The crack is growing and now Lion was getting worried. He made an appointment for the new windshield. He’s working from home this week so I stole his car to get to work. I told him yesterday that I’d install hula man on his dashboard while I had his car.

Unfortunately, hula man is a big boy. He doesn’t fit on Lion’s dash. I tried. Damn it! I wasn’t really going to leave him there. I just wanted to take a picture of the Buddha-bodied, grass-skirted sex symbol to make Lion nervous. He does, however, look right at home in the cup holder. He’d still be a reminder of exactly who’s in charge when he happened to catch Lion’s eye.

Lion has been lucky enough to work from home this week. Today he’s going to try to get a head start on tomorrow’s dinner. There are a few things that can be done early to take some of the pressure off tomorrow. And it frees up oven space for other things. At this point if we’ve forgotten anything, it will remain forgotten. I don’t think either of us wants to venture into a store for the rest of the week.

I have no idea how exhausted we’ll be from our cooking and cleaning duties. Last night I was not feeling well and Lion was itching. We didn’t snuggle but we did hold hands. And there was the occasional venture of rolling over to be a little closer. I’m hoping Lion will be in the snuggling mood tonight. We can see what develops from there.

Yesterday I wrote about blindfolds and the cone of shame. Lion doubts there is a lion-sized cone of shame. Sounds like a challenge to me! I can’t see us standing in the middle of Petsmart trying cones on him, but I’m sure we can find one lion-sized. There are some pretty big dogs out there.

A silly thought just crossed my mind. I could make Lion eat with the cone of shame on to avoid those nasty spills on his shirt. I’m sure he just cringed at the thought. First I got him a bib and now a cone of shame. How humiliating! Yes. Yes, it is.

I bet Lion thinks 2.0 is here with all this talk of humiliation. He’s probably sure I like to humiliate him. The truth is I think it’s funny. It seems the more outrageous I think things are, the more he likes them. What a nut!

I don’t think I’ll ever figure out why Lion wants all these things but I’m doing a pretty good job faking it.

I haven’t looked for the blindfold yet. I know I said I was going to. I have an idea where it is. I just can’t get to it. I used to make fun of my aunt whose spare bed always had things all over it. Karma is a bitch. Our spare bedroom is much worse. If we don’t know where to throw something to get it out of the way, we toss it in there. It’s beyond out of control.

I know I can use other things as blindfolds. If I had a silk scarf that would work well. I don’t. I might be able to use one of Lion’s ties although he may not like that idea. Wrinkles in his good ties. And I don’t think he has anything other than “good” ties. When he was in the sling I told him I could throw a towel over his face so he couldn’t see what was coming. He said that would be fine.

When I looked online for blindfolds I found all sorts. Somewhere we have a hood similar to one I saw on Extreme Restraints website. And I’m wondering if I can use a pillow case in a pinch. Since I’m not up for the excavating required to find the actual blindfold in the spare bedroom, a pillow case would definitely be easier. It would also be less confining, but I guess that’s one of the selling points for a hood.

Another thought that just ran through my mind is a cone of shame. You know, the ones dogs wear so they won’t lick stitches. It wouldn’t be as confining in some respects. It would certainly be humiliating. It would keep Lion form licking himself, that’s for sure! It would also keep him from seeing what’s going on down below. Just a thought.

Lion is back to his horny self after his orgasm on Saturday. He’s also still itching and uncomfortable. Any thoughts of making him uncomfortable sex-wise has to take into account the fact that he’s uncomfortable allergy-wise. I think a blindfold or pillow case could work. A hood would be too confining for him at this point. Yes, I do take his comfort into account even when I’m torturing him in other ways.

[Lion – Actually, the blindfold or hood is fine. It is unlikely they will cause me to itch. Just sayin’.]