This weekend we’ll be scrambling to get our camper ready for our first trip of the season. There isn’t a ton of things to do. We have to change some batteries, get all the bathroom and kitchen things back in it and make the bed. Then we’ll have to figure out what food we want to bring with us. We tend to eat out a lot so it’s mostly breakfast things.

More importantly, I’ll have to find my camper torture kit. I fill a duffel bag with paddles, Velcro and various assorted toys so we can play on the road. I’m sure Lion has mixed feelings about the torture kit. He likes to play until it’s actually time to play and then he isn’t so sure anymore.

In the past I’ve been very lax about camper play. This summer I’m going to try to do better. We both tend to slack off on trips. I’m also lumping punishment in that statement. I let Lion get away with a lot. I was even thinking of having him bring his Hawaiian shirt along in case he needs to be reminded of who’s in charge. If you remember, I got him the shirt to wear as punishment. It’s not something he would normally wear. Actually he’s never worn it but that’s mostly because it really makes him stand out and I figure it’s more suited to vacations.

If you’re out and about Memorial Day weekend and you see someone in a blue, flamingo print shirt, nod at him to let him know you know he’s gotten himself into some trouble. He may also have red buns but we won’t be showing those off.