As Mrs. Lion wrote in her post yesterday (“Cool Enough to Wax“), our heatwave is over. With any luck the rest of the summer will be normal (high 80s, low 50s). I’m writing this post on Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Lion plans to wax me later today. She’s noticed fur has grown back.

I originally thought of losing body hair as a sort of submissive gesture. That was because my first experience was with a woman who topped me and disliked body hair. She shaved my pubes and butt. I liked the way it looked. Over time, the idea of hairlessness as a sign of submission died out. It’s a cosmetic choice. It’s also practical if you practice male chastity. Hair gets in the way.

Any time I post about pubic hair removal, I get a lot of responses, mostly from men who remove that hair and want to talk about it. That seems odd. I guess these men believe that body hair removal is more than aesthetic. Every woman I’ve talked to about male body hair, whether they like it, hate it, or don’t care, doesn’t attribute any deeper meaning to removing it.

Even my first partner, who hated it, didn’t see my baldness as a symbol of anything. It just looked and felt better to her. Some women are turned on by hairy men. I’ve known a few. They don’t interpret the fur as a symbol of dominance. They’re just turned on by body hair.

Only guys who remove the hair down there attribute any deeper meaning to it. Some of them will invariably add comments to posts like this. They want to tell us how staying hairless makes them submissive. Guys, it doesn’t. Before Mrs. Lion, I was a top. I was well known as one. Guess what? I didn’t have a single pubic hair. Not one submissive woman saw that as a problem or a hint that I wasn’t a strong, dominant man.

My point is that a lot of things that some guys see as symbols of submission only exist in their minds. Women don’t see shaved balls as a symbol. They see balls without hair. Very few women think men in panties are sexy or submissive. Most privately think it is silly. Sometimes Mrs. Lion makes me wear them because she knows I don’t like them and they embarrass me. I feel silly when I have to wear panties, not submissive.

Mrs. Lion, like most women, doesn’t particularly care how much body hair I have. I think I look better (and sexier) without hair. She’s happy to go along. Neither of us thinks it makes me submissive. She never shaved her pubic hair. She doesn’t have much, and yes, it tickles my nose when she lets me lick her. So what? She feels the same way about sucking me.

My point is that personal grooming is an aesthetic choice, not a social/sexual one.

We are supposed to get cooler weather starting today. I hope so. Our indoor farm has produced a lot of green tomatoes and a few that are getting ripe. It’s silly to get excited about a few cherry tomatoes, but we are.

Saturday night, Mrs. Lion didn’t need to get out the massage table. She didn’t need it. She had me lie across the bed for a full-orgasm blow job. Wow. She reported that I produced some semen. That’s two in a row. She asked if she was better than the blowjob machine I just reviewed (“Review: Amovibe Vibrating Blowjob Machine“). Silly lioness.

We are staying in today. I won’t be waxed. It’s too hot in the pantry where our waxing equipment is set up. It isn’t that urgent. My hair isn’t long enough to make Mrs. Lion sneeze. She said that she was going to take off all my hair this time. All that will be left is above my neck and my arms. My legs are getting too hairy.

I can’t remember what I look like with pubic hair. The last time I had any was almost thirty years ago. After the first time my then-girlfriend shaved me, she said that I would forget what I looked like with hair down there. She was right. It’s too late to find out. The laser hair removal I had over 20 years ago worked. Just a small patch at the base of my penis grows back. I also get a few hairs on my balls. That was the total extent of the laser treatments. They were expensive and painful, but they worked.

It’s an obvious advantage to be hairless when wearing a male chastity device. Pubic hair gets caught in it and is pulled painfully. A lot of guys learn this early on and shave. I always laughed when I heard guys say that shaved pubes are feminine. Nope. Hair or no hair, my gender is absolutely obvious.

Many consider wearing a male chastity device a game. Well, it certainly is a form of keep-away. It can be big, frustrating fun. Others see it as a way to force sexual submission. That may be exciting, but from what I’ve experienced and seen, it is still a game. The least considered purpose of a device that locks the penis is masturbation training.

Most men, me included, never considered masturbation as real sex. It was a way to relieve frustration. I did it when I felt the need. It never occurred to me that Mrs. Lion cared. As long as I was available to her when she wanted me, what difference did it make? It turned out that until the day I asked her to lock me in a male chastity device, she had no idea that I jerked off. When I told her, she was unhappy.

In her mind, masturbating was a form of cheating. I was having sex behind her back. Other women I lived with had no problem with me jerking off. In fact, when they were too tired to get me off, they would “help me” while I did it. Their help consisted of tickling my balls. I liked it. So, when Mrs. Lion told me that it bothered her that I masturbated, I was very surprised.

When we discussed her new role as my disciplinary wife, her first rule was no masturbating. She knew that enforcement was impossible unless I was wearing a male chastity device. I thought that being made to wear one 24/7 was hot. She knew that I couldn’t jerk off if I had one on. She unlocked me and got me off when she thought it was time.

Over three years of wearing the device full time, I was conditioned not to masturbate. Even when the device was off, I didn’t try. I’m in my ninth year of this. I don’t wear a device full time. I also don’t masturbate. Mrs. Lion has produced every orgasm I’ve had since January 2014. She won’t even let me do it while she watches. She is the only source of orgasms for me.

For the record, I don’t miss masturbating at all. It isn’t a struggle to avoid doing it. Even writing about it doesn’t tempt me. I still get grumpy if I’m very horny, but I don’t even think about rubbing one out. I’m glad that Mrs. Lion doesn’t have to worry that I’m doing something behind her back.

Many of us who wear male chastity devices eventually remove our pubic hair to avoid annoying pulling and difficulty getting the device on and off. Some simply like the look and feel or have partners who prefer smooth pubes. I decided to set up a Twitter survey to check up on manscaping. I read several articles claiming that most men either trim or completely remove pubic hair. My survey confirms those findings.

It’s startling to me that over eighty percent manscape. I would have guessed the total would have been closer to half. Of those who groom, half remove all of their pubic hair. I am among that number though I didn’t vote. A scant twenty percent stay wild and bushy.

These numbers reveal a big change in the way men think of themselves. Twenty years ago, a man who removed his pubic hair would be considered effeminate. He might be teased in the locker room. Guys who just trimmed would probably fly under the radar since they had some hair down there. My point is that most of us never gave much thought to how our pubes look. We might be proud of our cocks, but gave little thought to the surrounding territory.

I only had one lover who got upset when I stopped trimming. She disliked pubic hair and thought I was naturally under-furred. The net result was that she shaved me, and I’ve been that way ever since. I think it’s good that men are aware and considerate about maintaining their pubic hair. Women led the charge. It’s unusual to find a woman with a full bush. Now the guys have caught up.

Ironically, women’s magazines are claiming that the bush is back. Women are being encouraged to let their hair grow wild down there. That’s too bad. I never found a big bush very attractive. I can only hope that the ladies continue to groom. I know that I will.

I just put a survey on Twitter asking men about the state of their pubic hair. You can vote by clicking here. I’m curious to see what other guys are doing. I don’t have pubic hair and haven’t for over twenty years. Before I met Mrs. Lion, I had a doctor do laser hair removal. It was very successful on the hair above my penis. After twenty-plus years, only a small patch at the base of my penis grows back. I had to stop the laser treatments on my balls. It was too painful. Still, very little grows there after the five or six treatments I did get there.

Mrs. Lion waxes away any remaining pubic hair. She also waxes my chest, pits, and butt. She says (“Not Really Happy“) that she could “get used” to that patch on the base of my penis growing out. It tickles her nose. We are both used to seeing me without body hair. Even though she doesn’t like waxing me, we both like the results.

Before any manscaping, I had a lot of pubic hair. When I was divorcing my ex-wife, I decided to do some trimming. It wasn’t radical; I just cut the hair on top to about two inches. I met a woman who became my lover. She and I discovered BDSM together. She had almost no pubic hair. Grooming wasn’t necessary. One day, when she had me tied to the bed on my back, spread-eagle, she brought in a razor and a bowl of warm water. Without a word, she began shaving my pubic hair.

I objected. She shushed me and said that she liked the way I looked when I was trimmed. She thought that was my natural state. She decided to take all the hair because she preferred bare skin. I couldn’t argue. That was the first time I lost my pubic hair. She shaved me every week and included my butt as well. We were together for about six months. When we broke up, I let it grow back. Then, another partner shaved her pussy and told me that she wanted to shave me as well. That was the last time I had pubic hair.

I believe that Mrs. Lion could easily get used to my hair growing back. It would look silly. All that would grow back is a small patch of fine hair just over the base of my penis and stringy long hairs on my balls. It would be most unattractive. I’ve grown used to bare skin. I like how it looks and feels. I’m grateful that Mrs. Lion is willing to wax me every month.