This is what I look like if unwaxed for months. I think the sparse hair looks way worse than when I’m smooth.

I’m writing this on Saturday. Mrs. Lion waxed my back side on black Friday. Appropriate. Her motive was to give my rear end time to heal from the waxing so that she could beat it this weekend. I agree that it’s time. I don’t know when I interrupted her, but I’ve done it at least twice, according to a recent post. She admitted that she didn’t snarl or growl at the time. Of course, that doesn’t disqualify me for a spanking. Also, it’s been 19 days, way long enough for me to forget how much I hate being paddled.

Mrs. Lion says that she plans to wax my front side today. That’s a lot more fun. She likes to spend extra time using oil on my penis. I love those Brazilians!

Mrs. Lion is all set up to work from home. We installed a KVM switch (Keyboard Video Mouse) to switch between her home PC and her work computer. Her office insists that she use her company PC for work. Since they don’t have an IT department, there is nothing special about her work machine. I set up her personal computer with more security than she has in her office box. Oh well. It’s a small price to pay to get her home with me.

Mrs. Lion says she isn’t fond of a hairless lion. I get it. She likes my legs furry. It’s too late now since the back side of them is hairless. I won’t ask her to wax them again. I don’t mind hair there. I like to lose my chest hair. It’s sparse at best. I think I look better bare-chested. I think most men do. I can’t imagine having a hairy crotch. Well, I can’t. Only a small amount of hair grows down there. I look much better without it.

I think it’s time to limit hair removal. I’m fine with Mrs. Lion deciding where I should or shouldn’t have fur. It’s up to her from now on.

This year we cooked it.

I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. Mrs. Lion and I shared a roasted turkey breast, white and sweet potatoes, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. She likes white potatoes; I like sweets. We were both stuffed after eating. We both snoozed a bit after dinner. I was way too full to think of sex or the pies we baked for dessert. Our house came with a convection oven. It makes a difference. The turkey cooked much faster than we expected. A few years ago, Mrs. Lion enrolled me in a barbecue and smoking class. Part of it was meat preparation. I learned to inject the turkey with chicken stock before cooking. It makes the meat much more tender.

I’m writing this on Friday. Mrs. Lion told me that at least part of me would be waxed today. She plans to take everything below my neck except my arms. We’ve done this before. Most of my body hair hasn’t come back. Even though my chest hasn’t been waxed in over two months, there is little hair except around my nipples. Even that is light. I feel fine about losing the hair. I think I look better this way. Mrs. Lion doesn’t have strong feelings on the subject except for pubic hair. She likes me bald there. It makes oral sex more pleasant for her. No one else has seen my hairless body in person. All of our readers have seen pictures of my smooth body. We haven’t gotten much feedback.

I ran another little Twitter survey. This time I posted a picture of my balls covered with wooden clothespins. I asked women for their reactions. Results were fairly even (see results on the right). The same number of women found it either arousing, amusing, or awful. Nine percent wanted to try it on a man. I didn’t have any idea how women would respond. It surprised me that 27 percent found the image arousing. I think that Mrs. Lion is probably in the group that is amused seeing me enduring all those pinches. I’m always surprised by the results.

Tonight is leftover dinner. We are both looking forward to it. Mrs. Lion and I aren’t bothered by repeating the same meal the next day. We do it quite often. Yum!

Lion after I wax his body. The only hair left is on his head and arms. Maybe I’ll wax his arms too.

In this morning’s email was, in part, the following message: “The lion weather is hot.” Mmmmm…horny Lion. I had a feeling. We haven’t done much for the past few days. We’ve both been tired, and one of us was not feeling our best on any given day. Last night Lion asked when we might have some sex. Yup. I had a feeling the lion weather was toasty.

The good news is that I have the next four days off. The even better news is that I’ll be working from home from now on, so we’ll be together all of the time. I’ve already promised Lion that he’ll be getting waxed this weekend. Depending on how much, or little, I wax, I can do both the moon side and the sunny side in one day. However, I decided it was time for Lion to be bare. I probably shouldn’t have waited for the colder part of the year to do it, but what can you do. I know Lion likes to be hairless except for his head and arms. That’s a lot of work. I think his legs look funny with no hair, so I tend to leave them furry, but I guess he can think of it as an early Christmas present. I plan on doing one side per day. Which days? I don’t know yet. I think we can eliminate tomorrow since we’ll be cooking and getting things ready for our yummy turkey dinner. The other three days are fair game.

My hard, hairless lion

Waxing has little to do with the lion weather. I do like to jerk him off when he’s all oiled up while I’m getting the wax bits off him. It gets him all hot and bothered, but I don’t edge him. There’s no real reason why I can’t. There’s no real reason I can’t give him an orgasm then. I’ll miss out on my lion cream filling, but I think I can survive without it just this once. Of course, I haven’t decided if he’ll have an orgasm then. I usually decide on the spur of the moment.

Since I know the lion weather is hot, I can have more fun deciding. Do I leave him hanging? Do I put him out of his misery? He’s only been waiting five days at this point. I don’t think there’s any misery yet. There will be. Maybe not misery, but certainly frustration. I don’t think he’ll have an orgasm until I have a chance to wax his sunny side. That’s when I’ll have him slathered in mineral oil to clean him up. It would be less fun for both of us if he weren’t horny then. I love a super hard, oily weenie.

I think Lion will enjoy his Thanksgiving weekend.

I neglected to say that Lion had an orgasm the other night. He’d waited five days. That’s great! It wasn’t far off of my four-day goal. Maybe he’ll have another five-day wait next time. Or I could make him wait a bit longer. My goal is actually to give him more orgasms than he’s had the past few waits. Of course, in doing that, I hope I’m also increasing our communication.

Lion told me this morning that he’s not sure what I’ve been doing when I jerk him off, but he likes it a lot. I guess I’ve taken what he’s told me to heart and tried to figure out how to make it feel the way he wants it to feel. I don’t have the benefit of being able to change based on how it feels to me. In other words, if he were jerking himself off, he’d know that a certain grip either doesn’t work or isn’t working at that particular moment, and he could change it. Unless I get feedback, I don’t know what is or is not working. If I hear him purr or he tells me it feels nice, I know I’m onto something. He’s also been asking me if I can change my grip or move further up. I guess the easy answer is that I’m not sure what I’ve been doing when I jerk him off that he likes a lot.

I’m not sure if it’s quite what Lion was talking about, but I’ve been reminding him he’s getting waxed over Thanksgiving weekend. Is this the same as telling him I like a particular thing? I’m not coming right out and saying I like a hairless Lion. In my mind, I’m building anticipation. I wonder if he sees it that way. He’ll be face up or down, oiled up for a portion of it, and I’ll be running my hands all over him. I think that’s sexy. And I’ve told him I think it’s time for the full-body wax. The only hair left on him will be his head and his arms. I know he likes that a lot. He also gets an oily hand job, at least a portion of one, when it’s time to clean up. We both like that a lot. Maybe I am telling him what I like.

[Lion — Are you? Even in this post, you didn’t say that you like me to be hairless anywhere or everywhere on my body. Do you? Do you like to wax me? I know you are teasing me by saying I’m going to be waxed. That doesn’t say if you like it or not. The only way to tell me that you like something is to actually tell me. Indirect references don’t work for me.]

[Mrs. Lion — Well, I didn’t directly say it but I did say I think running my hands over your oily body is sexy. And I did directly say I like jerking you off when you’re oily. No, that’s not true. I said we both like that a lot.]

[Lion — But you still haven’t said that you like any of the other stuff you mentioned. That feels to me like you don’t.]