We both fell asleep watching TV last night. We were awake again at 10ish to give the dog her ice cream. Lion sort of snoozed off and on. Then he got up, did some things, and 2021 rolled in while we were apart. No big deal. We’d had our New Year’s toast at dinner. I don’t think we had really planned to watch the ball drop in New York or the ridiculously pathetic display Seattle puts on. When Lion came back to bed, he discovered we missed midnight together. So our kiss was delayed by ten minutes. At least we kissed and finally got rid of 2020.

We had a big lunch yesterday that translated into dinner being delayed. And it was a big dinner. We had a festive steak and potatoes dinner with a salad and a bottle of prosecco, hence our toast. Afterwards, we were too full to consider doing anything. We did snuggle a little bit but that was as far as it went. I have three days off. Today, I plan to vegetate and then cut Lion’s hair. Waxing will happen tomorrow. The table is all cleared off and the wax is ready to melt. Operation yank-the-hairs-out-of-Lion is a go. I can’t promise I’ll be able to do both sides of him in one session, which is why I’m starting tomorrow. Sunday can be day two if necessary.

I’m hoping the waxing will help turn Lion on. Not necessarily the yanking of hairs itself but the additional attention to an oiled weenie. However, I think the process does turn him on in some respects. I’m taking care of my “property”. He wants to be bare and I’m supporting him by waxing him. It is a very intimate thing to do. I wonder if he went to a waxing place would he get aroused by all the touching? I know he had laser hair removal done. Did he find that arousing? [Lion — Laser hair removal hurts and I wasn’t turned on.] I think I would find it embarrassing. But Lion doesn’t need to be embarrassed at home. I certainly don’t mind if he gets aroused. In fact, I encourage it.

Once he’s got his smooth body back, I won’t get my nose tickled when I suck him.

Lion’s waxed body

Lion likes to be hairless. I don’t care one way or the other. It tickles my nose when I suck him, but I could get used to it. I never really thought about being hairless myself. Once, I surprised him with a shaved pussy. He seemed surprised and not altogether happy with it. He says he likes me natural. But his post from this morning suggests he doesn’t like the way hairy women look in pictures. Maybe I have so little that it doesn’t matter. [Lion comments: I prefer hairless pussies. At the time I told Mrs. Lion that I preferred her to be natural was when I equated hair to power. Hairy=mature and powerful, hairless=submissive. I’m well past that now. I’m not fond of shaved genitals because they grow back to the stubble that is irritating. Waxed, on the other hand, is very nice. Since, at this point, Mrs. Lion doesn’t want sex for herself, the fur on her pussy is moot.]

At the risk of alienating a reader, I don’t like overly hairy men. Some chest hair is okay, but if it needs combing I’m out. Back hair is okay as long as it is mostly invisible. Carpeting is nice on the floor, not on a person’s back. I don’t know if I ever saw Lion fully hairy. He had laser treatments so his genital area stays fairly well clean. He has chest hair but it’s manageable. I’d guess if he let it grow out, I’d be fine with the amount of hair on his body.

I tried Googling naked men but I wound up with some pictures of shaman wrapping their penises around sticks and some people standing on those sticks. I’m not sure what the significance of it is, but we won’t be trying that at home. It was a religious thing rather than BDSM, although I think it might put some BDSM to shame when it comes to how much pain one can endure. Maybe I’ll research it a bit to see why they do it, but that was not the intent of my search at the time.

The rest of the pictures I saw looked like maybe the men had manscaped a bit. They were very neatly trimmed. I think I only saw one or two pictures of fully hairy men. For the most part, their hair was in the genital area. I have no idea if they had trimmed their chests and left the genital area full. It’s possible they were naturally not hairy on their chests. Anyway, the point is that I don’t think I care whether a guy has genital hair or not. I believe I could wade through the weeds to get to the good part.

I wonder if women expect men to manscape nowadays. I wonder if women who shave or wax themselves prefer men who shave or wax themselves. It would seem hypocritical for a man who doesn’t shave to expect his partner to shave. And vice versa, of course. And what if I preferred furry partners? Would it be fair for me to insist Lion no longer be bare? I don’t care either way. He’s stuck with me whether he’s furry or not.

Sometimes one of the people I follow on Twitter posts an old (1960’s?) nudist picture. Obviously, people haven’t changed. We all have the same parts. What is different is the personal grooming. Over the decades, both women and men have been grooming body hair more and more. In the last 20 years, it’s not unusual for people of either sex to have no pubic hair. No big deal, right?

That’s what I thought. I haven’t had pubic hair in over 20 years. Mrs. Lion doesn’t remove hers, but she is naturally lightly furred. Then I saw this image (Right). The women are certainly good looking, but I found myself turned off. Their bushes might as well have been bathing suits. I’ve been conditioned to respond to skin. I’ve always known that I prefer little-to-no pubic hair on my partner, but I don’t remember feeling turned off by a naked woman who has some.

Granted, I don’t spend much time looking at porn or nudist images. I enjoy seeing naked women. I’m male, after all. Until now, I didn’t realize I had such a strong filter. I like the image (Below, Left) much more. It’s a pure aesthetic with me. Over my life, I’ve experienced women with ungroomed bushes and enjoyed them in all respects. My ex never womanscaped.

Some women, probably ungroomed, argue that the reason men (me) like hairless vaginas is that we are closet pedophiles who can imagine that a hairless grown woman is really a little girl. I’ve heard this more than once. That’s just silly. A grown woman has a beautiful shape down there. It is something males are instinctively programmed to find arousing. I do.

From ancient times to the present, art often presents the female form without body hair. I think the hair visually interrupts her smooth, graceful, feminine lines. The fact that the current style is for women to take it all off tells me that I’m not alone. For the record, and to my surprise, when I see naked women I don’t find myself picturing them in bed with me.

I don’t spend any time looking at pictures of naked men. I am strictly on team vagina. I have noticed that I am far from alone in terms of manscaping. Lack of male pubic hair hardly turns any heads. A year or two ago we had a power failure that went on for more than a week. We have a generator that provided light and TV, but not enough power for our electric hot water heater or heat pump. We went to the local community center. They had power. There are a gym and locker rooms. We decided to shower there.

The men’s locker room is very much like the ones I remember from school or the YMCA. It’s a big room with lockers and benches. Adjacent is the shower room. It is open with nozzles along three walls. There is no privacy at all. When I got there, it was empty. I undressed and put my clothes in a locker. I grabbed a towel (too small to wrap around me) and went to the shower room.

While I was showering, more men came in. They joined me. I was a bit worried that I would look odd. I didn’t. All of them were groomed too. Yes, I snuck a peek. We have turned some sort of corner when it comes to body hair. The “natural” look of the last century is out. Both sexes are taking the time to show skin uncovered by hair.

I had no idea that I was so influenced by fashion. Until I saw that old, nudist picture I didn’t realize I cared so much.

Here I am with full body waxing

Male pubic hair: like it or lose it?

If you asked this question 15 years ago, chances are good that both men and women would vote to keep it. In those days a lot of people equated male body hair with masculinity. Men without body hair were somehow “feminine”. This idea has faded along with the 45 RPM record. Body hair, particularly pubic hair, has fallen out of fashion.

Manscaping isn’t an all-or-nothing practice. It can range from a simple pubic trim to full body waxing. Here are some of the more popular styles:

Bare Balls
Keeping the boys hairless is one of the most popular manscaping activities. Women generally react negatively to hairy balls.  Some don’t like balls at all. That’s their problem. I want to keep mine. Shaving and waxing are the best ways to keep the boys in the pink. Chemical and laser hair removal are extremely painful down there. I had laser treatments. Even with a topical anesthetic, the treatments burned like hell.

Waxing only hurts the first couple of treatments. Each treatment keeps the hair away for about a month. Over time, the hair grows back thinner.
This is how Mrs. Lion does me.

The Trim Almost all women surveyed (over 80%) preferred trimmed male pubes to wild bushes. Before I went Brazillian I trimmed to about 1-inch. I liked the look. At one point I stopped trimming and my partner at the time was upset at all the hair. She tied me to the bed and shaved off all of my pubic hair. Obviously she had strong preferences. Once a week as long as we were together she shaved my front and back. I kept it up since then. Had I kept trimming I probably would still have hair down there.

Neatly trimmed pubic hair sends a message of good personal hygiene and grooming. Any length under three inches gets good marks.

Do the Samba Since I have frequently bottomed, hair can get in the way in front and in back. A Brazillian is the removal of all pubic hair as well as any hair on the ass and in the crack.  We didn’t know it at the time, but that is what my partner gave me. I like the way it looks. It also has practical benefits. Removing crack hair makes it much easier to stay clean back there. The hair picks up stuff when you poop. Bare skin is easier to keep clean. There is a downside: Farts are louder without the muffling effect of hair.

If you want to wear a chastity device or cock ring, pubic hair gets pulled and tangled in the hardware. Staying bare there not only improves how you look when wearing a device, it also avoids those nasty hair tugs when the hardware gets tangled in your pubes.

Chest and Pits For the longest time I restricted my manscaping to the Brazillian. At one point not too long ago, I wondered how I would look with a hairless chest. My chest and tummy never had all that much hair, at least that’s what I thought. Mrs. Lion waxed me in front and I was surprised and delighted by the results. I discovered my nipples are very small. The hair made them appear larger. I like them better hairless. I think the smooth front looks very nice. Mrs. Lion doesn’t care either way. Oh well.

I also asked her to wax my arm pits. Every so often I had trimmed and sometimes shaved my pits. The hair is very light and straight. I never liked how it looked. Having them hairless initially worried me that I would look too feminine. After a short time, I decided that I don’t care. I like the look. It looks clean to me.

Back and Shoulders Even back in the old days, men had their backs shaved. Very few women like hairy backs. Fortunately, mine has never been hairy. Mrs. Lion waxes my back and shoulders when she does the rest of me. It keeps the look uniform.

My legs are hairy. I never liked the contrast between my hairless pubes and butt and the hairy legs.

Legs Until recently, I never did anything with my leg hair. I have pretty hairy legs. The only manscaping there was removing the hair on my thighs about halfway to my knees. That looks better with the Brazillian. The start of hair contrasting with bare skin elsewhere looked a bit odd to me. I asked Mrs. Lion to wax my legs. My thighs look much better without hair. My knees and below look a bit strange to me. Mrs. Lion can’t decide which way she likes them best. I lean toward keeping my legs hairless too. However, I’m fine being hairy there if that’s what she prefers.

The general consensus is that men should do some manscaping. At the least a pubic trim is in order. Hairless balls are generally appreciated. Beyond that, it is a matter of taste. I like the way I look now. Mrs. Lion likes the look too. Manscaping is a good topic for a couple to discuss. If you haven’t talked about it, bring it up. It may cost you some hair.