Here I am with full body waxing

Male pubic hair: like it or lose it?

If you asked this question 15 years ago, chances are good that both men and women would vote to keep it. In those days a lot of people equated male body hair with masculinity. Men without body hair were somehow “feminine”. This idea has faded along with the 45 RPM record. Body hair, particularly pubic hair, has fallen out of fashion.

Manscaping isn’t an all-or-nothing practice. It can range from a simple pubic trim to full body waxing. Here are some of the more popular styles:

Bare Balls
Keeping the boys hairless is one of the most popular manscaping activities. Women generally react negatively to hairy balls.  Some don’t like balls at all. That’s their problem. I want to keep mine. Shaving and waxing are the best ways to keep the boys in the pink. Chemical and laser hair removal are extremely painful down there. I had laser treatments. Even with a topical anesthetic, the treatments burned like hell.

Waxing only hurts the first couple of treatments. Each treatment keeps the hair away for about a month. Over time, the hair grows back thinner.
This is how Mrs. Lion does me.

The Trim Almost all women surveyed (over 80%) preferred trimmed male pubes to wild bushes. Before I went Brazillian I trimmed to about 1-inch. I liked the look. At one point I stopped trimming and my partner at the time was upset at all the hair. She tied me to the bed and shaved off all of my pubic hair. Obviously she had strong preferences. Once a week as long as we were together she shaved my front and back. I kept it up since then. Had I kept trimming I probably would still have hair down there.

Neatly trimmed pubic hair sends a message of good personal hygiene and grooming. Any length under three inches gets good marks.

Do the Samba Since I have frequently bottomed, hair can get in the way in front and in back. A Brazillian is the removal of all pubic hair as well as any hair on the ass and in the crack.  We didn’t know it at the time, but that is what my partner gave me. I like the way it looks. It also has practical benefits. Removing crack hair makes it much easier to stay clean back there. The hair picks up stuff when you poop. Bare skin is easier to keep clean. There is a downside: Farts are louder without the muffling effect of hair.

If you want to wear a chastity device or cock ring, pubic hair gets pulled and tangled in the hardware. Staying bare there not only improves how you look when wearing a device, it also avoids those nasty hair tugs when the hardware gets tangled in your pubes.

Chest and Pits For the longest time I restricted my manscaping to the Brazillian. At one point not too long ago, I wondered how I would look with a hairless chest. My chest and tummy never had all that much hair, at least that’s what I thought. Mrs. Lion waxed me in front and I was surprised and delighted by the results. I discovered my nipples are very small. The hair made them appear larger. I like them better hairless. I think the smooth front looks very nice. Mrs. Lion doesn’t care either way. Oh well.

I also asked her to wax my arm pits. Every so often I had trimmed and sometimes shaved my pits. The hair is very light and straight. I never liked how it looked. Having them hairless initially worried me that I would look too feminine. After a short time, I decided that I don’t care. I like the look. It looks clean to me.

Back and Shoulders Even back in the old days, men had their backs shaved. Very few women like hairy backs. Fortunately, mine has never been hairy. Mrs. Lion waxes my back and shoulders when she does the rest of me. It keeps the look uniform.

My legs are hairy. I never liked the contrast between my hairless pubes and butt and the hairy legs.

Legs Until recently, I never did anything with my leg hair. I have pretty hairy legs. The only manscaping there was removing the hair on my thighs about halfway to my knees. That looks better with the Brazillian. The start of hair contrasting with bare skin elsewhere looked a bit odd to me. I asked Mrs. Lion to wax my legs. My thighs look much better without hair. My knees and below look a bit strange to me. Mrs. Lion can’t decide which way she likes them best. I lean toward keeping my legs hairless too. However, I’m fine being hairy there if that’s what she prefers.

The general consensus is that men should do some manscaping. At the least a pubic trim is in order. Hairless balls are generally appreciated. Beyond that, it is a matter of taste. I like the way I look now. Mrs. Lion likes the look too. Manscaping is a good topic for a couple to discuss. If you haven’t talked about it, bring it up. It may cost you some hair.

Obvious comment of the day: It’s easier to write a sex blog when you’re horny. Aren’t you glad I’m such an astute observer of myself? For the last couple of days, I couldn’t get it up. Well, I did sorta when Mrs. Lion gave me a blow job. I was apparently at half-mast. That’s the first time in my memory that I did that. The next two days I really couldn’t get it up at all. I had chemical help. On one of those days, I tried generic Viagra (a real prescription from a real drugstore) and the next generic Cialis (also legit). They didn’t help. Then on Sunday morning with no apparent motivation, I got fairly hard. This gives me hope that if Mrs. Lion chooses to play with me reasonably early today, we may have good results.

I wonder if the problem is simply either the hour we played or that my refractory period has gotten dramatically longer. It wouldn’t be too surprising if both are true. Also, on Saturday Mrs. Lion gave me a Brazilian waxing. I didn’t achieve an erection during that even though she tried to give me one, but I do consider losing hair sexy. Maybe that was foreplay for me. It might be. I think it counts.

Even though Mrs. Lion dislikes doing it, I love the results when she waxes me. Skin looks better than hair to me. Every so often some nude photographs show up on Twitter, posted by people who like to take pictures at nude beaches. I definitely find the women with shaved pubes more appealing than bushy ones. Fortunately for me, hairlessness appears to be the current trend in personal grooming. I’ve also noticed that those beach shots that include men show that they too get rid of their pubic hair.

I know that some guys think of losing body hair as a way of being submissive. Some women have commented that hairless men are more boy than man. That prejudice seems to be disappearing. Mrs. Lion is indifferent to the status of my body hair. I’m the one who prefers it missing. For the record, she doesn’t remove her pubic hair. It’s light and looks fine to me.

In her post yesterday, she was musing about giving me a Brazilian every month and removing the other hair every other month. I have no objection to that, of course. The only problem is that what grows back is very fine and scraggly. I think it just looks messy. She doesn’t think it’s worth wasting the money on getting professional waxing. If she can do it why spend money on paying someone else to do it? I think it’s much nicer when she does it anyway. We’ve made the investment in equipment. I just hate to see her doing something she doesn’t like, especially when it involves me.

I’m lucky that hair removal is the only part of lion care that she considers a chore. I would be devastated if she felt that way about edging me. For reasons I will never understand, Mrs. Lion really enjoys the flavor of semen. She’s made it crystal clear that it’s worth all the work it takes to get me to produce some for her pleasure. I like making it for her. It’s a definite win/win. Sadly for me, she’s perfectly happy rationing this treat. She is fine with waiting a week or more between snacks. Of course, I’m perfectly happy to provide it more frequently. That’s not gonna happen.

I’m very happy she likes it so much. She doesn’t want to share it. That’s very good! I don’t share her taste in this particular snack. I don’t like it when she decides to be generous and feed it to me. She says it’s good for me. I think it’s better for her.

Naked man wearing chastity device
I like how I look without body hair.

Fortunately for us, we live in a sparsely populated part of the world. Our house is small-but-adequate for the two of us. It’s far enough from our neighbors so that they can’t hear my yelping when Mrs. Lion spanks me. It’s also fortunate that we are reasonably isolated in view of the concern about this new virus. It may or may not be more deadly than any other flu, but we don’t have any built-in protection from it. This makes it particularly dangerous to people with vulnerable immune systems. As Mrs. Lion wrote in her post yesterday, we are potentially vulnerable. She more than me because she works in the place where members of the public come in and out. I work from home and don’t have to go out often at all.

In fact, last week, I only had clothes on twice. Both times it was only for an hour or two. That’s not completely true. I wear a T-shirt during the day most times. Mrs. Lion made this rule a long time ago. I guess I am an enforced nudist. I’ve been this way for the last 15 years. It’s just part of me now. We probably spend more money on gas and electricity keeping the temperature high enough for me to exist comfortably. However, I save a lot of money on clothing. [Mrs. Lion — Actually, Lion asked if he should have a rule that he’s naked when at home. I said that was fine. Like many of our rules, he suggests and I usually agree.]

Maybe because most of the time I see myself naked, I decided I like the way I look without body hair. I’m not quite sure when I started losing my pubic hair. I believe that was at least 25 years ago. That hair removal began because my partner at the time didn’t like pubic hair. She had barely any and didn’t like what I had. One day she tied me down and removed it. She wanted to shave under my arms as well but I begged her not to. Later, she shaved my rear end as well. I had no problem with that since I can’t see it.

A year or two ago I shaved my chest and pits. I liked the look. I kept myself shaved for a while. At the time, Mrs. Lion had begun waxing me. She gave me Brazilian waxes regularly. Waxing is ideal for removing pubic hair. We tried everything else with some success and a lot of pain. Waxing keeps me fairly clear of hair for at least a month. It doesn’t hurt me. I asked Mrs. Lion to extend the waxing to my chest and pits. She also did my back and shoulders.

I never liked the artificial-looking border between my thigh hair and my Brazilian area. I asked her to wax further down. She ended up taking all the hair off my legs. I really like how that looks. Unfortunately, she hates waxing my legs. I offered to go to a waxing parlor for them. I can’t do that now; it’s too dangerous. I think it might be easier to do if we don’t wait too long between waxings. The hair grows back finer, and more slowly. If she catches it early enough, it should go very quickly.

The 21st century has caught up with me. It’s very common for men to remove body hair. It almost looks a little odd to see men who don’t. I’m proud of myself for being a trendsetter.

His office is improved, he’s half hairless, and very horny

It doesn’t take a lot of oral attention to make Lion very horny. He doesn’t need to go to the edge after all.

My plans actually worked out fairly well yesterday. I wanted to run our errand early and spend the rest of the day working on Lion’s office and on waxing him. And that’s just what we did.

I helped Lion clear some clutter and set up a different lamp so he can see his keyboard better. We set up the new Echo Show so he can see who’s at the door with the Ring doorbell. While we did this, the wax was melting. Once it was ready, I dragged the waxing table into the bedroom and set it up.

I know Lion wanted everything waxed. I wasn’t really willing to do that, but I had no idea what his biggest issues were with fur. He directed me to the Lion-zilian I’d done a few weeks ago. “There’s a lot of hair there,” he insisted. Well, there wasn’t a lot. Not in comparison to the rest of him. But I set to work.

He’s been complaining about his pits. He’s been complaining about his chest. And legs. And why can’t I just dip him in wax and yank the whole thing off at once?

I started with the Lion-zilian, did a little bit more of his tummy and upper thighs and then I made the mistake of asking what area was bugging him the most. Of course, all of it was bothering him. I wasn’t prepared to do everything, but there we were, naked Lion on a waxing table, so I started at the top and worked my way down.

I decided to do the front side at least. That would mean doing the back side tonight, but so be it. Unfortunately, my back decided otherwise. With only patches of fur removed from his thighs, I had to stop. Now I have to do almost all of his legs and his entire back side tonight. The good part is that his back is less furry so it shouldn’t take as much time as the front.

I sat down to give my back some rest. Lion took a shower and we watched TV. He asked what we should have for dinner. I suggested pasta and he fell asleep. I get it. Lots of activity.

After dinner and my shower, I told Lion to present his butt for spanking. He’d interrupted me before dinner. I was tired and he’d pushed the wrong button. We decided the mean paddle I used is more prone to making him bleed. I couldn’t really get a full spanking in because I would have splattered blood everywhere. I cleaned him off and then called him into the bathroom for his mouth soaping. See? Eventually I get things done. [Lion — She certainly does!]

Then we watched our football team actually win a game. It’s been weeks and weeks since they’ve won. And then Lion wanted weenie attention. I asked how he could expect weenie attention after all the other attention he’d had. I’m sure he didn’t really expect it. It was more of a “poor Lion is so horny and no one will play” thing.

Part of me was tired and thought it was just too damn bad that he wanted attention. I’d worked on his office. I’d waxed him. I’d spanked him and soaped his mouth. What more does he want? Another part of me was happy he was horny and I didn’t want to discourage him. I decided to suck him just long enough to make him hornier without actually going as far as the edge. That would have taken too long, I think. So I guess it was the best of both worlds. He got attention. And it wasn’t a big deal for me to expend that amount of energy to make him hornier. [Lion — It was amazing!!]

Tonight will still be busy and tiring but I’ll make sure to frustrate Lion even more. I don’t know if I’ll get him to the edge or not. The hornier he gets, maybe the less time it will take to get him to the edge. That’s the theory at least.

[Lion — Edge or not, her mouth leaves me panting for more!]