I think I’ve mentioned that I’m trying to become a published novelist. No, the book isn’t about anything this blog covers. It’s a vanilla mystery. Since the last English class I took was in high school, my degree didn’t include any writing classes. Writing fiction has been a challenge.

I’ve written two novels. The first had many problems in my writing and the subject matter, but it was good practice. The second book seems to have commercial potential. Last year, I sent query letters and sample pages to about 75 agents. None were interested in representing me. I put the book aside and just picked it up again. I’m using all I’ve read to sharpen the writing. I’ll try agents again.

The odds are very much against me. The average agent gets about fifty queries a week and requests a full manuscript from about four authors monthly. Of those authors, maybe one gets an offer of representation every three months. Sure, there are hundreds of agents, but tens of thousands of wannabe authors are querying them.

Self-publishing is largely a waste of time. It’s easy to publish a manuscript on Amazon but very expensive to promote. It’s all very discouraging.  I’ve decided to revise my draft and try agents again.  It may be futile, but I don’t believe in giving up. Work on the project is one reason I’ve blogged less frequently.

Another reason is that Mrs. Lion has been too busy with important things that need to be done around the house. She hasn’t had the time or energy for spanking or sex. That means there is nothing to write about here. Of course, things can change quickly when Mrs. Lion decides I need attention. Stay tuned.

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