Yesterday was punishment day. It was the third one since we started our latest experiment. I didn’t spank him on Saturday because I wasn’t feeling all that great. I couldn’t let two punishment days go by without swatting his sexy little tush. This time I used the bloodwood paddle with the rounded head. He wasn’t happy with that choice.

I finished straightening up the pantry while the wax was melting. All the stock was rotated, so we’ll eat the oldest stuff first. I can actually see how much of any given thing I have, so we don’t wind up buying things we already have. For a while, every time we’d go to Costco, I’d say we needed toilet paper. We wound up with a lot more than we needed. Maybe I was prescient, thinking about the pandemic.

I waxed Lion. I’d let it go for much longer than a month. His fur was pretty long. He didn’t seem to have more hair than normal. It was just longer. It was far beyond tickling my nose. I’ll have to keep better track of the timing. Not that it matters much. It’s not any harder to wax longer hair. To a point, of course. I couldn’t wax his head, for example, without chopping most of the hair off to start. Luckily, the hair on his balls and the base of his penis never get that long.

I always end the waxing session by oiling him up to remove any remaining wax. The very last thing I do is oil up my weenie. It feels nice to me, and to him, I’m sure, to have a well-lubricated weenie to play with. I didn’t really expect him to get super hard. He’d just had an orgasm the night before. But he did get a little excited. And then he went off to take a shower.

My back was a little sore after waxing him, so I lay on the bed while he showered. I figured I’d give him a little bit to warm up. He’s always cold. Then he was hungry. Off I went to make dinner. No spanking before dinner. When I got up to do the dishes, I realized how stiff I was from waxing. Lion was so nice. He told me I didn’t have to spank him if my back hurt. What a guy! Never fear. I was able to soldier on with the five-minute spanking.

It was a combination of steady not-too-hard swats with a stronger swat mixed in every now and then. Obviously, he didn’t like the harder ones. Wood paddles will do that to a guy. I wasn’t even hitting all that hard. If it had been an actual punishment, he probably would have been bruised by the end if I stuck to that paddle. As it was, he had the beginning of a blood spot forming. And then the timer went off. Saved by the bell.

Lion is fur-free once again. I’m sure I missed hair here and there. I’m not a professional waxer, after all. However, I got the most obvious hair. He won’t be tickling my nose anytime soon. After I had him almost all cleaned up, I realized I’d forgotten the most important thing. I quickly applied more oil and began playing with my weenie.

I wasn’t sure he was going to get hard at first. I don’t know if it made any difference, but I moved to the same side of the table I was on when I last jerked him off. I know it’s all about angles, so I’m sure it didn’t hurt. After a while (I don’t usually pay attention to how long it takes), Lion said he didn’t think he was going to come. I wasn’t going to let him anyway, but I thought maybe he’d get near the edge at least. Between my being dizzy and his not wanting any attention, it had been a while since we did anything. It’s not unusual for him to take a few days to get interested again. He was very hard, though. That’s a good sign.

He’s been busy at work today. He says he thinks he can finish his book. I didn’t know finishing it was in question. Maybe he means he can finish it soon. I can’t wait to read the end. I have no idea whodunit. Of course, I don’t normally when I read mystery novels. However, I think it’s fun to try to figure it out. We both do that when we watch cop shows. I’ll say I think the sister’s actions are a little odd and maybe she did it. Lion will either agree or say the coworker is suspect. Sometimes we’re right. Sometimes we’re completely wrong.

I’ve been busy fine-tuning my resume and looking for potential jobs. I got an email from a headhunter, so maybe that will turn into something. At least someone is looking. I can’t be too nervous yet. It’s only been a little over a week. It took a few days for things to sink in and get my resume up to date. I’d still rather win the lottery, but in the meantime, I’ll keep looking.

I bought a small swing set for the dog. Yes, you read that right. I’ve seen toys that loop up over tree branches so dogs can tug on them. We don’t have any trees. I found a smaller version of that designed to go over a door in the house. Our psycho dog would probably break through the door. I decided a small swing set would be perfect to hang this bungee with a toy on the end. I set it up after work.

It wasn’t so bad to put together. It was driving the stakes into the ground to keep it from moving that killed me. As we know from the dog excavating and then bringing stones into the house, we have a lot of rocks in the yard. I hit one with every stake. To make matters worse, the dog would stick her head in between the hammer and the stake from time to time. I told you she was psycho. Anyway, I finally got it done, by then I was not in the mood to make dinner. I tossed a frozen lasagna into the oven.

I doubted we were going to do anything sexual last night anyway. It was the day after orgasm, and Lion usually isn’t ready for play just yet. Of course, he’ll probably say he was ready. It didn’t matter because when I got up to do the dishes, I was hit by a wave of nausea. I have no idea why. It’s been happening from time to time lately. It’s weird. But I don’t think it’s anything to worry about.

Tonight, I’ll bring out the massage table and get ready for some anal play. Will his front get any attention tonight? I don’t know. Technically, I agreed to play with him every other night. Anal play is play. I’m not legally obligated to do any more than stick something up his ass. I probably will. His “poor Lion” face is too hard to resist.

In other news, when I was giving him his blow job the other night, I noticed he’s gotten somewhat furry. I’ll have to take care of that this weekend. Rip those hairs right out so they can’t tickle my nose. Plus, he’s got some long ones on his balls. I guess I’ll find out how bad it is on his rear tonight.

Although it was cooler yesterday, it was still warm in the pantry. Standing and bending with no air conditioning or fan in the room was difficult. I managed to get most of his front done. He looks very strange with partially naked legs. He was very furry. The wax is melting and I’ll finish up today. I’ve already set up a fan.

Between the heat and waxing, I’ve already fallen off of my promised play time with Lion. The first night I didn’t set up the massage table was on purpose. I wanted to give him a blow job. The night after was a “normal” down time after an orgasm. Of course, one of those nights was the freezer issue. In the overall scheme of things, I haven’t really neglected him, but I haven’t exactly been following my promise. I probably won’t do anything tonight either because of the waxing. However, tomorrow is open for fun.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve given Lion a punishment spanking. It’s been a long time since he’s earned one. (48 days) I’ve been very frustrated about a lot of things lately, but he isn’t one of them. I should probably give him a maintenance spanking if nothing else just so he doesn’t forget what it feels like to be spanked. Of course, I need to remember what it feels like to spank him too. I’m sure his buns are almost virginal again. Oh, the rude awaking when that first paddle hits.

With the heat gone, we can go back to our normal activities. Lion is still a furnace, though. I tried to get near him the other day, and he just gives off too much heat. Maybe that’s why he feels cold all the time. He sheds his heat. Snuggling doesn’t work very well when he’s huddled under the blankets, and I’m on top. I’m sure I can talk him into coming out for some fun.