Purple Panties And Bunny Buttplugs

liom in thong panties
This is a pair of panties that Mrs. Lion picked out for me. It’s fairly transparent. You can see the Jail Bird under it.
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One of the people I follow on Twitter, writes that she is new to the concept of femdom. She claims that her husband admitted seeing a professional who spanked him. She believed that he was cheating on her with this other woman. Lots of people let her know that pros rarely have sex with their clients. In any case, she decided to talk to him and find out just what was going on.

Not surprisingly, he told her that he wanted to be spanked. She thought about that for a while and then reluctantly took a riding crop to his bare behind. She liked it. Of course, so did he. This began the conversation they’ve been having about his fantasies. One of them, is cross dressing. She asked her twitter followers what it meant when a man wanted to wear women’s clothes.

I thought about my adventures wearing panties. In my case, I don’t get the sexual thrill dressing like a woman. But I do feel a titillating sense of potential humiliation. I know that if other people saw what I’m wearing under my jeans, it would be very embarrassing. This is sort of like the feeling I get having sex where I might be discovered.

Wearing my bunny-tail buttplug.

It’s also an expression of Mrs. Lion’s control over me. I like that. It is a turn on to have to do things like wearing panties, a diaper, or a bunny-tail butt plug. Even though I know she is the only one who will see me in this embarrassing state — except for you, of course — it still gets to me.

This is very different from the feeling of submission I get when Mrs. Lion punishes me. Being spanked and having to sit on the punishment stool makes me feel her raw power. Wearing panties or a bunny butt plug is a different sort of semi-humiliating feeling.

It’s been a while since I’ve done any of these things. Mrs. Lion has threatened to put me in panties and diapers; she’s even threatened to paint my toenails. So far, I’ve escaped.

For me, at least, wearing panties is exciting when I think about being forced to put them on. Once on, they feel like…underwear. I don’t get any long term titillation knowing that under my jeans I’m wearing a frilly thong. That doesn’t mean it’s ineffective. It just means that without being reminded I have them on, I don’t think about it. Of course, when I get undressed, there they are. Now that’s humiliating. I suppose that if my naked-at-home rule is modified to require me to wear those panties and nothing else, I would certainly be affected.

When I have to wear a diaper, that’s all I wear when I’m at home. It’s impossible to forget that I’m wearing a diaper even when I’m fully dressed. This is particularly true when the diaper is wet.

Mrs. Lion has made some rules about diaper wearing. Generally, I have to wear a wet diaper at all times. Essentially, the first diaper goes on dry and stays on even after I pee. Usually, I get to change the diaper just before I have to pee again. That way, I’m never dry.

Recently, I ran across a blurb for an adult diaper. It said that adults generally wear two diapers a day. That suggests that wet diapers are changed on a schedule rather than after getting wet. This might work for me so long as the diaper I’m wearing has the capacity to manage my output. In any case, the idea of scheduled changing has a certain appeal.

It’s odd that I consider these activities to be private humiliation. After all, pictures of me in these states are publicly available in this blog, and by extension, on an image search of Google or Bing. If you go on either image site and search “site:malechastityjournal.com“, you will see a large collection of images we published over the years. Most of them are of my genitals or ass. They also include me in diapers and with various toys up my butt.

Below my shoulders and above my knees, I am a very public lion. On this site alone, over a million people have intimate knowledge of my naughty bits. Of course, we’ve been careful and it is unlikely anyone is going to stop me on the street and tell me that they like my penis. I wonder how I’d react if that ever happened.


    1. Author

      Which one? Thanks!

  1. Just like so many men, I am excited by the feeling of submission brought about by my wife having control over me. This is enhanced by doing humiliating things or being “forced” to do or wear something.
    I wear panties all the time now. Yes, it just becomes forgotten about when they are under my pants just like any underwear. There may be a momentary reminder when I go to the bathroom and see them, but that’s it.
    Years ago I read of men who were required to wear panties, even having all their men’s underwear disposed of, leaving no choice. Oh, how I craved to have my wife control me in that way. Oh well, most women don’t really care about these things so I bought my own panties and replaced my briefs with them.
    So many times, in the heat of passion, I have implored my wife to own me, use me, abuse me even in any way she desires. No time for that when life is taken up with TV, facebook and sewing projects.
    Am I complaining here? I suppose so, but when she does take an interest it is wonderful, so I shall appreciate what I have, continue to love and serve her as best I can and enjoy reading about other people wearing purple panties and bunny tails.
    I do have a nice long fox tail, she has never made me wear it. pout

    1. Author

      Mrs. Lion rarely tells me to do these things. I only wore the bunny tail a couple of times just as another butt plug. Our lives are similar to yours. I’m not complaining. I get a lot of attention. Every so often, out of the blue, Mrs. Lion will tell me to wear a diaper or panties. Right now she is a bit under the weather, so we need to focus on her feeling better. This weekend she will probably wax me. Hair is growing back. Come to think of it, being hairless is certainly as humiliating as panties!

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