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There’s a good reason I forgot the coffee pot the other day. Well, maybe not a good reason, but a reason all the same. I’m a creature of habit. Essentially, there are two ways I remember to do things. I either do them every day and the activity becomes a habit, or I add reminders to my calendar. Otherwise, my reliability goes way down.

Before Mrs. Lion began working from home, I got in the habit of brewing myself a mid-morning cup of coffee. I SET UP THE COFFEE POT while I waited for the Keurig to preheat. Good system? Because weekends were different, I set a reminder so I wouldn’t forget. When Mrs. Lion started staying home, this changed. She would usually brew the mid-morning coffee. I didn’t get into the kitchen at all on some days. That’s when I started missing my chore.

The solution isn’t complicated. I can just set reminders every day. I haven’t done that yet. I think I will. Mrs. Lion’s spankings are getting more and more difficult to handle. Don’t say it! Yes, it’s what I asked her to do. It doesn’t mean I have to like it when she does. Well, she does, big time.

My Wednesday spanking featured new implements. Mrs. Lion learned that bleeding is reduced when she uses a leather paddle. Somehow, she decided that the rubber conveyer-belt material would also limit bleeding. Maybe it does. The problem is that the only way to learn the effect of any particular material is to use it exclusively for at least one session. She learned that the leather paddle takes more energy to spank me effectively. But, do ten solid minutes with it result in satisfactory punishment? Will no bleeding result? I don’t know the answers, of course.

I suspect it will be more difficult to make it hurt as much with the leather paddle alone. I may be wrong. I’m pretty sure that I will be much redder with less blistering. It’s unlikely that paddle will bruise me. Mrs. Lion also pulled out the leather tawse. She thought it was rather lightweight. It is compared to the paddles. However, it is longer and whips. Many use the tawse for strappings, which are considered a different breed of spanking.

The conveyer-belt material is nasty. It is very dense and remains flexible. I think a lot of the soreness I am feeling today is the result of Mrs. Lion using those nasty devices on my rear Wednesday night. I have no idea what direction Mrs. Lion will take on her disciplinary journey. I’m not consulted. We’ll both find out soon enough.

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  1. Mrs. Lion has a good fantasy and I think she will figure out how to diversify the spanking. And she is not obliged to consult with you on this matter.

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