Round Two

Oops! The coffee maker wasn’t set up this morning.

As I was spanking Lion last night, I asked if he’d ever been spanked two nights in a row. We decided the closest he’d gotten was twice in three nights. I guess streaks were made to be broken. He forgot the coffee pot again. The thing is, I thought he went in to do it. I swear he went into the kitchen last night. I must have imagined it. Maybe it was wishful thinking.

Since I’ve been working from home, we usually make a second pot of coffee. I’m usually the one who makes it. I put the coffee pot together, pour our cups, deliver them to our desks and then go back to wash out the coffee pot and filter basket so that Lion can put it back together for the morning. And I did all that. I know it wasn’t put together when I made dinner. I don’t remember looking after that. I was sure he did it. Is there a gremlin in the house who took it apart again?

Just before going to sleep, Lion said his butt hurt. I said it was good, and maybe he’ll be more careful what he says and how he says it. I never thought about the coffee pot. Would I have reminded him if I knew he’d be in trouble again so soon? Maybe. I’ve reminded him in the past. I’ve also not reminded him in the past. Is it fair for him to be punished just one day after being spanked? Why not? If he were caught speeding two days in a row, he’d probably get two speeding tickets. Rules are rules.

Of course, I could find another way to punish him. He hasn’t had to sit in the corner in a long time. He hasn’t had to hold soap in his mouth. Those are add-on punishments, but there’s no reason I couldn’t combine them. It would spare his buns. But should I spare his buns? He did earn his punishment. I could see if he was punished yesterday for the coffee pot, and today he pissed me off, and I decided to let him off with a warning. But it’s the coffee pot. Again. That damn coffee pot gets him in so much trouble.

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