Ruffled Feathers

Last night I noticed that Lion hadn’t set up the coffee pot. Over the past few weeks, he’s asked me if the coffee pot is set up. I have no good way of answering him. If I say no, then he can set it up to avoid punishment. If I say yes, then if I refuse to answer in the future, he’ll know it hasn’t been set up. The last time he asked, I answered by saying it’s not my job to tell him. I even set up the camera and pointed it toward the coffee pot. He still hasn’t reconfigured it yet. What can I do? I tried to save his buns. I can’t help it if he doesn’t cooperate.

This issue that I have with this morning’s transgression is that Lion turned it back on me. He said he went in to put it together, but I hadn’t cleaned it out by that time. So it’s my fault he didn’t put the coffee pot together? Hmmm…if only there were some way he could clean the coffee pot so he could put it together. Hmmm…I wonder how he could do that? Let’s think about this for a while… Oh! I know. He could clean out the coffee pot and put it together. Sometimes I don’t get the tray into the kitchen, so it’s not an oh-so-easy job to rinse out the components and put them back together. But I’m fairly sure the tray was in the kitchen early. And, it’s not like Lion wasn’t in the kitchen a few more times before going to bed. And, to be fair, even if the tray was in the kitchen, we’ve never discussed his cleaning the coffee pot as a workaround. To me, it’s just common sense. If I need X done before I can do Y and I can physically do X, then shouldn’t I do X so I can complete Y? (To be even fairer, I don’t always exercise common sense. And Lion’s version of common sense may differ from my own.) [Lion — Mrs. Lion has a good point. If the tray with the dirty coffee pot was in the kitchen, I didn’t see it. I will look for it from now on.]

The other issue I noted this morning deals with a phone call that needed to be made. I’m working. Yes, I should be working right now, and I’m “goofing off” writing a post. Anyway, Lion is writing. I asked if he could make the phone call or if he needed me to do it (since I’m working). He asked if I could do it…because then I could coordinate a time that works best for me…and he’s writing. A) the time that works for me is after I’m done with work, 12:30 on Fridays. B) I’m working. So I left a message, and because for some reason, these repair people don’t understand how to use the phone number you leave for a return call, I got a message back on my cellphone that anytime is fine to pick it up. And I’m left wondering why this got turned back on me.

I guess the phone call being put on my plate only annoyed me because of his turning the coffee pot not getting set up back on me. I’m not sure why that annoyed me initially. Actually, I wouldn’t go so far as to say the coffee pot really annoyed me. Let’s say it ruffled my feathers. And maybe the phone call wouldn’t have bothered me so much if he hadn’t added “and I’m writing” to the mix. It’s like writing is more important than my work. I understand the train of thought and you want to get things down before you forget them. The same is true of the ridiculous ledger I’m looking at with negative numbers here and positive numbers there and what-the-hell-does-this-mean over there. Losing my place makes it so much harder to get it done.

Nope. None of this has anything to do with sex, male chastity, orgasm denial, erections, etc. But Lion will get punished for the coffee pot. And maybe I’ll figure out how to keep my feathers unruffled.

[Lion — Wow. I didn’t realize I annoyed Mrs. Lion. When she asked me if she or I should call the trailer repair place, I assumed she was OK doing it. I was in middle of writing a steamy sex scene and didn’t want to lose the flow. Of course, if Mrs. Lion just asked me to call, I would have done it. If I’m given a choice, I expect it’s OK to make the one that works best for me. Mrs. Lion didn’t write whether she is punishing me twice for the two things that I did.]