So Maybe It’s Not the Twelve Orgasms of Christmas

Lion was surprised when I gave him an orgasm the other night. I can understand why. He normally waits longer. We also hadn’t done much since his last orgasm. I spanked him, but I hadn’t touched him beyond that. I’ve been fairly adamant about not giving him an orgasm until he’s “suffered” at least one night of edging. However, I would like his wait times to reduce. And I had that ridiculous idea of the twelve orgasms of Christmas. He’d been waiting eight days, and it was already December 14th. I’m behind!

I don’t know how many orgasms he’s had this month. We aren’t going to make it to twelve before, or even after, Christmas. I’m not sure we could have even if we started on December 1st. Lion’s refractory period is longer now, and even when he’s ready, there’s no guarantee things will go as planned. I was just being silly. I normally give him a Christmas orgasm, either Christmas eve or Christmas night. And he usually gets a New Year’s orgasm, either ringing out or ringing in the year. In the past, he had orgasms both nights. Of course, in the past, he had orgasms every night anyway. That’s when he was spoiled.

I know. Sometimes he acts spoiled. He wants things when he wants them how he wants them. The truth is, he used to get more than he does now. It wasn’t a conscious effort on my part to deny him. I mean, edging and denial are all part of male chastity, so in that regard, I made a conscious effort. But in the past year or so, at least, he’s gotten far less spoiled. That’s the part I didn’t do consciously. I think I’m burned out. I don’t want to blame too much on COVID, but between trying to stay safe from that, Lion’s diminished ability to help around here, and stress from work, I’ve been very lax. For some reason, getting past inertia is getting more and more difficult. And now it’s the end of the year, which always sucks. And today is the first anniversary of my mother’s death. Sorry. This didn’t start as a “poor me” post.

Lion should be able to have at least two more orgasms by the end of the month. There are fourteen days left. We can do this. Let’s tie up those balls and get to work.