Restarting Our Domestic Discipline

lion spanked red
My new harness keeps me in position for spanking.

Saturday afternoon, we tried our new lion tie-down system. It consists of a safety harness with side D-rings (Amazon link here). It costs $30 and is worth every penny. As you can see in the picture, I wear the belt on the spanking bench. Mrs. Lion uses a cinch strap passed under the bench and through the two D-rings (4ft strap, link here). It’s quick and easy for both of us. Once she pulls the strap tight, I’m glued to the spanking bench. She can hit as long and hard as she wants and my butt stays in place.

We haven’t found the strap we used in the past. The problem with that was it would work its way down to my butt. Mrs. Lion would have to stop and tighten it mid-spanking. This new system solves that problem for less than $50.

It’s a little embarrassing to admit, but the spanking makes me horny. When we discussed spanking on Sunday morning, I got a full erection. Mrs. Lion played with it and sucked it a little just to tease me. This is the first “natural” erection I’ve had in a long time.

We agreed that rules and spankings must be restored in the lions’ den. I know that a lot of guys like to believe that domestic discipline is a serious exercise of wifely authority. I agree that it is. Just because it also charges my sexual battery doesn’t minimize the value of Mrs. Lion’s ability to punish me. Once we get in DD mode, she is very serious about making her point.

Even if a “Just Because” spanking feels the same as a punishment spanking, I know the difference. So does Mrs. Lion. My sexual attachment to being spanked provides the bait that draws me to accept painful punishment for misdeeds. The fact that thinking and talking about spanking turns me on, doesn’t make the pain any less when I’m spanked. Mrs. Lion knows I am very unhappy when she punishes me. Spanking is a tool that lets her make her point. I can’t ignore her if she is unhappy with my behavior. She has a powerful tool to guarantee that she gets my full attention.

It’s nice when something helps us both.

leather, wood, or rubber?

Different paddle material produces different results on my poor bottom. Wood hurts the most during a spanking and has the best chance of producing deeper pain that will hurt for days when I sit. That’s traditionally been Mrs. Lion’s first choice for spanking me. Aside from being the most effective, it’s also guaranteed to start me bleeding. The wood paddles don’t cut me. They just make the skin swell and form little blisters. When the swelling gets particularly big, some skin splits and small amounts of blood come out. The bleeding stops within a very short time after Mrs. Lion finishes. The blood is messy and usually requires Mrs. Lion to pause and wipe it up.

Leather, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to produce the same amount of swelling. I don’t usually bleed when Mrs. Lion uses her leather paddles. She has a variety in different weights. They all hurt. A leather-paddle spanking will make me yelp and scream. So far, I haven’t felt a leather spanking the next day. While the wood paddle produces bruises and red, swollen areas, the leather tends to turn my bottom an even, deep red color. Mrs. Lion likes this.

We have a few different rubber spanking tools. Three are made from conveyor belt material. They are heavy and very painful. Sometimes I bleed when Mrs. Lion uses one of them. They hurt almost as much as wood. We have a solid rubber paddle that is particularly nasty. It can easily bruise me. Mrs. Lion usually misplaces it. No, I don’t hide it.

Most recently, Mrs. Lion has been using leather. It’s effective and makes its point without blood. She’s said that once my bottom gets more used to spanking, she will go back to wood. Poor me!

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