Leather And Rubber Vs. Wood

Sorry, my post is late today. Last night Mrs. Lion sat on my side of the bed and played with my penis. It felt great, of course. She spent a lot of time masturbating me. Each time I got close, she stopped. My frustration mounted. To my surprise, she let me ejaculate. More surprising was that she could get me to orgasm with her hand. I would get aroused for a long time but never quite make it to the edge. Last night it worked.

It’s good that she has regained that method of teasing and making me ejaculate. Needless to say, my favorite remains her mouth. Of course, I like vaginal too, but we haven’t done that in nearly four years. I miss it, but it isn’t a big deal. I wish I could magically give Mrs. Lion her sex drive for Christmas. I want her to have as much fun as I.

rubber tawse
Rubber tawse she used.

She owes me a spanking. Last night Mrs. Lion didn’t feel up to the chore. I didn’t complain. No doubt tonight, she will bring out her paddles. Speaking of which, there is a clear difference in the kind of damage a wood paddle does versus a leather or rubber implement inflicts. My last spanking was extra long, yet bleeding was minimal. This bears out my theory that wood paddles concentrate their force differently than more flexible materials.

Leather paddle

The leather paddle is a classic design and from my side of the paddle hurts a lot when Mrs. Lion swings hard. Because it conforms to the shape of my bottom, the force is spread over more area. When she uses a wood paddle the same size, the initial hit goes to a small area of my butt. As the paddle continues down, my bottom conforms to the shape of the paddle. My theory is that in the first milliseconds of contact, all the force goes to a tiny area that blisters or bleeds. This isn’t true of every swat, just hard ones.

After leather and rubber paddles. Much more red.

Mrs. Lion prefers the wood paddles. They take less force to deliver punishing pain. The leather and, to a lesser extent, the rubber takes more energy to get the same result. We’ve learned that bleeding doesn’t mean I am injured. It is just a few drops of capillary blood wrung from the upper layers of my skin. Ironically, while it is easy to get me to bleed a little, it is very difficult to make a visible bruise. Go figure.

After wood paddles.

We have a very heavy, five-layer leather slapper. I don’t recall how it feels. Mrs. Lion hasn’t used it much. When I was a top, I used it sometimes. It takes quite a bit of energy to wield. She’ll probably be happier with what she uses now. I went back to Etsy to find you the link to her leather paddle. Sadly, the maker is going out of business. He is selling his remaining stock at half off. I ordered a two-layer strap for only $22. Check out what he has. The quality is good. Here’s the link.

The results of my last spanking were very different from those Mrs. Lion has administered. I was much redder with less blistering. I yelped very loudly when she spanked me. Afterward, there wasn’t much burning, but I have sore spots today, three days after she spanked me. I think she made her point. She doesn’t agree. On Monday, I forgot to set up the coffee pot again. That’s why she will be spanking me again tonight.