That’ll Teach Him… Maybe

I gathered up all the rubber and leather whomping instruments I could find for Lion’s forgotten coffee pot spanking. I strapped him in and started with a very light wooden paddle. I didn’t hit very hard. I just wanted to get his buns ready for the onslaught that was to come. I have both leather and rubber tawses and both leather and rubber paddles. Most of the rubber ones are thick conveyer belt material, but at least one thin leather tawse. All of them are hazardous to Lion’s butt.

[Lion — The “thin” leather tawse is very thick and is considered the most severe. It came from England, where they rate these things based on the length and thickness of the leather. This one is the thickest leather. It can deliver a very serious strapping.]

By the end of his ten minutes of spanking pleasure, he was bleeding slightly, and his rear end was very red. Of course, it’s difficult to tell if he’s red because of the blood or the paddling. I didn’t wipe him off to see. I assumed he had sufficiently rosy cheeks. I did manage to raise a small, marble-looking bump on him just off to the side of the spanking area. It wasn’t discolored. It wasn’t hard. I have no idea which paddle did it or when. We could feel it for a while afterward, but it sort of mushed into him, so I don’t think it’s serious. I haven’t checked him yet today. My best guess is that the edge of one of the paddles hit just right (or wrong, depending on how you look at it). As far as I know, it didn’t hurt. It was just weird.

I want to say Lion has learned his lesson and will set up the coffee pot religiously from now on, but I thought that last time. It wasn’t that long since he forgot and got his butt blistering spanking. Maybe I need to put wheels on the spanking bench to make it easier to drag out. I have a feeling we may need it more often. If I leave it in the spanking spot, it will be in the way, but if he falls over it, it might just remind him. I’m here to help.

Given the fact that he’d just had an orgasm Tuesday night and a spanking last night, I didn’t think Lion would be in the mood for love last night. He was basking in the afterglow of the pizza and salad I brought him for dinner. I’d been at work and then a Christmas party, so I’m not sure I was in the mood either. I’ve forgotten how tiring it is to leave the house for a whole day. I’m glad I don’t have to do that much anymore. At least I still had the energy to spank Lion. [Lion — Aren’t I the lucky one.]