The spanking spoon against Lion's ass
Spanking spoon. This spoon-shaped paddle packs a mean wallop.
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I was going to spank Lion the other night for annoying me, but I wasn’t feeling well. Since he was so thoughtful in giving me another reason to spank him by not setting up the coffee pot, I knew I had to spank him whether I was feeling well or not. I avoided the problem of what to have for dinner and subsequent dinner preparation by bringing home Chinese food. No muss, no fuss. I saved time and effort. That assured I would have the energy to swat him. I’m not sure Lion would have agreed to Chinese food if he knew its sole purpose was to facilitate his spanking.

The spanking bench was still in the hallway, but I don’t know where the strap went. I’m sure I put it in a safe place where I’d be able to find it easily. When I do that, I often forget to remind myself where that safe place is. Oh well. Lion just needed to keep still by himself. It might have worked if the dog hadn’t been an idiot. She was jumping on both of us. I had to drag her into her crate and that threw me off. I swatted too hard, too soon.

Lion told me I was hitting too hard, but he often does that. I only realized he was serious when he said something about his safeword. Don’t cry wolf, my pet. Then I’d know you were serious right away. I backed off right away. He was still yowling. I told him I’d slowed down to love taps. I’m sure on top of the already sore buns it felt like a lot more than love taps. There was nothing I could do about it.

I made the mistake of rubbing a paddle with tread tape over his sore butt. I didn’t rub it hard. I just wanted him to feel the scratchiness on tender skin. However, I think it contributed to spots of blood. Since the wheels were off, I changed to the spanking spoon. It generally causes bleeding. Now it just splattered the blood around. I did some very hard swats and waited after each one. I don’t think I really bruised him, but I bet I made some nice sore spots. After I took my shower, he said his buns hurt. I’d hope so. He was yelping an awful lot not to have sore buns that soon afterwards. He has also reported sore cheeks this morning. It’s been a while since his last spanking. His ass is almost a virgin again.

We’ve gone back and forth with whether he should have sex on the same night as punishment. I think we’ve decided he shouldn’t. Of course, it’s been a long time since he’s been edged. I know he was horny. It seemed like the perfect time to edge him. As you can guess, he got hard with my hand but not much further. It’s a good thing my mouth is so effective. I was able to get him almost too far at least three times. He wanted to keep going but I stopped. I think I still have a few days in his cycle before he starts to lose interest again. I should take advantage of it. Maybe this time around I can actually time it right to ride him to orgasm.

I can’t believe it! I did it again. I should say that I didn’t do it again. I forgot to set up the coffee pot for yesterday’s breakfast. It’s a small thing, but it earns me a big spanking when I fail to do it. This is the one offense guaranteed to earn a spanking. Mrs. Lion is consistent when it comes to beating me for not setting up the coffee pot. I have a fifteen-minute spanking coming (ten minutes “just because” and five extra minutes for the coffee pot). That’s not entirely accurate. I will be spanked for a minimum of fifteen minutes. Usually, my spankings go into long overtime.

Before we started DD or male chastity, I read a lot of blogs about the subject of male discipline. The more credible ones agreed that men tend to “learn” and correct bad behavior for about a month before they need “reminding.” I was skeptical of this idea. It seemed to me that I would learn my lesson and not repeat the bad behavior. How hard could that be? It turns out I am no better than the men written about in those blogs. It’s been about four weeks since I forgot to set up the coffee pot. I suppose I should try to keep track and see how long it is before I need “reminding” again.

Mrs. Lion seems perfectly happy offering me her helpful spankings in this case. As she said many times, she has no real trouble spanking me. Yet, I can count on one hand the number of spankings I’ve received for annoying her. I know that I annoy her far more often than I forget to make coffee. We’ve discussed this many times. Mrs. Lion doesn’t have much insight to offer on why my bottom remains pristine after I piss her off. It’s not that I’m looking for more spanking. I’m looking for consistent help with my communication style.

This is a big deal to me because I have learned that when a consistent spanking follows an offense, my need to avoid repeating it becomes a high priority. When Mrs. Lion excuses the behavior, I do note that I should do better, but there is no sense of urgency. It’s a little embarrassing to admit that an admonition accompanied by a spanking is far more memorable than a verbal growl.

Zero-tolerance truly works for me. I have a strong desire to do the right thing for my lioness. I wish I could explain why I need a bruised bottom to reinforce this desire. Based on my behavior, I clearly do. Mrs. Lion has a problem enforcing these more subjective requirements. Based on our experiences, I think it’s important for her to “just do it.” As we learned when we first began operating spanking to our relationship, we both need practice to succeed. I recognize that I will get a sore bottom much more often if we do. I think it’s worth it—the concept of “just because” spanking needs to be extended into more areas of our lives.

Julie suggested spanking me when I have strongly pleasurable experiences that might distract me from remembering who is in charge. Which experiences need these reminders spankings have to be determined. Mrs. Lion and I agree that accidental orgasms deserve recognition with her paddle. We also agree that failure to reach the edge is also a spankable offense. I’m sure more reasons will come up over time.

Meanwhile, I managed to earn at least 10 minutes of paddling. You can be sure that I won’t forget the coffee pot for a while. I hope it will be a long while.

Our innocent puppy is driving me crazy.

Fair warning: I can feel myself getting overwhelmed again. Lion is probably thinking, “well, duh!” Maybe it’s been building up for a while, and I’m just realizing it this morning. We’re still dealing with dog stink in Lion’s office. I was annoyed last night by everything I had to do, both about the dog stink and not. I felt, wrongly, that I shouldn’t have to figure out dinner if I had all this other stuff to do. Lion had no idea I was thinking that. Dinner was just the last thing on my mind. I had a laundry list of things ahead of dinner. Ironically, laundry was on the list. Plus, my head was stuffy all day, and I was getting achier by the minute.

I did manage to do the immediate things on the list, including dinner. I did not, however, manage to do Lion in any capacity. He didn’t get spanked. He didn’t get tied up. He didn’t get teased. He did get snuggled a tiny bit.

This morning, his office is still stinky, and we’re at our wit’s end. The adage “you get what you pay for” is not true with this dog. We paid a lot, and she’s the least well-behaved dog I’ve ever seen. She’s hyper. She needs to be right next to me like we’re joined at the hip no matter what I’m doing. She has accidents in the house at random times even though the damn door is open, and I know she goes in and out. She went out this morning, returned with a leaf, and then peed on the carpet. What the hell!

Lion bought a black light that will show pee stains. I’m a little afraid to use it. Will it light up like the crime scenes on TV when they use Luminol? I didn’t unpack it because I was busy doing all the other things on my list. Since I wasn’t going to unpack the carpet cleaner we got at least until tonight, I figured the light could wait. Lion was looking for it this morning. He sent me an email that said, “Can you please tell me where the black light is that came yesterday?” Innocuous enough, right? I read a tone I don’t think Lion intended. I read it as “Can you please tell me where the black light is that came yesterday? I can’t find a damn thing in this house because it’s such a mess everywhere.” Of course, I heard it in his voice with his lips pursed together like he was mad and trying not to yell. And that’s when I felt like I was not doing enough at home or at work, and what a slacker I am and all sorts of other unproductive thoughts. And then I realized I was getting overwhelmed again.

Sane me knows I’m not a slacker. Well, I am but not in this case. I think it’s just the dog and what a psycho she is. I know she’s a puppy and (I hope) she’ll grow out of most of her behaviors. If she would calm down a few notches, that would be great. I’m thinking of dosing her with Benadryl so she’ll be sleepy. With my luck, it will have the opposite effect.

Lion forgot the coffee pot again, so in addition to the random “just because” I-know-he-did-other-things-to-deserve-a-spanking, he’ll have five minutes added on for that indiscretion. Maybe that spanking will also help center me and make me feel less overwhelmed. I have no idea. Maybe focusing on his butt will make me realize what’s important and the dog annoying the hell out of me isn’t the biggest issue. I know Lion has long hoped I’d use spanking as a means to get out my frustrations. I don’t think that’s what will help. I think it’s a matter of focusing on a particular thing that will help. I have to walk the thin line between hurting him enough and hurting him too much. Concentrating on that might make the overwhelmed feeling go away.

Lion's tied balls
One of Mrs. Lion’s favorites. She loves to tie my balls tightly and separated.

Six days since my last orgasm isn’t a very long time. It is when I begin seriously missing sex. In the past, at around the one-week mark I am fairly easy to edge. Then, for no apparent reason, I have trouble getting close after ten days. If Mrs. Lion follows through with our new policy of spanking me when I can’t get to the edge, I’m in for a sore bottom pretty soon.

No doubt about it, I’m horny. The lion weather is very tropical today. I’m writing this post on my laptop (on the bed) because my office is still off limits. Stanley Steemer came back for a second (free) try at getting the dog pee smell out of the carpet. I hope it worked. Mrs. Lion will vacuum when she comes home from work. I hope the smell will be gone.

Our doggy adventures continue. After I booted the laptop, she jumped up and stole my mouse.Being a good retriever, she brought it back–after she killed it. I don’t do well with touch pads. It’s an adventure. We are both getting very frustrated with our puppy. It’s a good thing that she’s so cute.

I just realized that today is TIESday. I wonder if I will be spread-eagle on the bed. If I am tied face up, I’m pretty sure that Mrs. Lion will want to torture my balls. My cock and balls are her favorite torture targets. I’m sure there will be a picture for you if she decides to do it.

Perhaps Mrs. Lion will work on my ability to reach the edge with her hand. Her oil massage after she waxed me, was very exciting.It didn’t last very long, but was truly excellent while it lasted. Don’t get me wrong. I’m perfectly happy with oral attention. Mrs. Lion is magical with her mouth. I can’t wait to feel it again!