Mrs. Lion has had to do a lot of extra work around the house since my vision and balance suffered. She’s been incredible, picking up my share of the load and being loving to me. Apparently, some interpret our different points of view as a sign that we don’t get along. I can’t believe our love for one another doesn’t shine through our posts.

Every day, usually many times a day, we tell each other how much we are in love. Since Mrs. Lion works from home, we are together 24/7 and love it. She is the love of my life. In the 19 years, we have been together, I have been happy and grateful we found one another. Only death will make us part.

One feature of our blog is that we dissect parts of our relationship in an effort to communicate to you and each other how we feel about things we are doing. We are approaching our 6,000th post. We’ve reported on our sexual activities almost every day since February 2014. You won’t find any serious issues in any of them.

It takes deep trust and love to sustain a disciplinary relationship. It only works if both partners feel a sense of fairness and love. Mrs. Lion’s spankings hurt a lot. I never feel they are unjust. She knows that no matter how much my bottom hurts, my love is unshaken. In fact, I love her more because I know she is doing it because I want and need it. Make sense?

A couple with a stressful relationship can’t do male chastity and domestic discipline. Stress inside a relationship involves distrust and a belief on some level that actions are being taken without concern for the relationship. Sure, I do selfish things sometimes. Most of the time, I get spanked when I do. Mrs. Lion doesn’t do selfish things very often. Actually, neither do I. When she does, she apologizes.

It takes a lot of love to maintain a 24/7 power exchange. It also requires complete trust in one another. I’m very happy that we have both.

We have a little whiteboard in our bedroom. Every day, I update the number of days since my last orgasm. There is also an “ouch” magnet that gets moved to the top-right corner if I am due for a spanking. This provides Mrs. Lion with a graphic to-do reminder. If Mrs. Lion has recently spanked me, she checks the whiteboard at least once a day. After about ten days, she seems to lose focus and doesn’t check her to-do’s.

The need to maintain focus for both of us is why we instituted “just because” spankings. Receiving a spanking for any reason gets my attention. A “just because” spanking leaves me just as sore as one for breaking a rule. I’m painfully reminded of my role. It also seems to help Mrs. Lion. She suffers from inertia and needs regular reminders to stay vigilant,

We aren’t unusual. I’ve heard from others whose spouses stopped spanking them. Disciplinary activity just faded away. I believe that it is my responsibility to help keep our domestic discipline alive. After all, it’s for my benefit. Mrs.Lion has been wonderful about supporting me. She may put off a spanking for a few days because she isn’t feeling well or other tasks need her attention. She has only canceled one spanking because she waited over a week before getting around to it. That’s an excellent record.

One area that we might improve is adding disciplinary topics to our conversations. Even when I’ve earned a spanking, Mrs.Lion doesn’t talk about the offense. I think that we need to discuss domestic discipline a bit more. We don’t have to. We both know what happens when I break a rule. I think that talking about it might help keep the subject more top of mind. It’s certainly less painful than more frequent “just because” spankings. Mrs. Lion will decide that. As of yesterday, it’s been twenty days since my last ride on the spanking bench. That’s a long time.

It’s been ten days since my last orgasm and seventeen days since my last spanking. I know. You don’t care about my statistics. I often don’t care, either. They are significant because the quality of our domestic discipline declines the longer I go unspanked. The orgasm number is only important to me for obvious reasons.

I realize that a lot of our readers consider domestic discipline a lifestyle. They are very serious when they think about it. That’s what makes it fun. A disciplinary spanking is no joke. It isn’t foreplay and kills any erection that might develop before it starts. Mine go on for at least ten minutes. When Mrs. Lion is done, I have blisters and a little blood. Yes, fans, the spanking is serious.

That doesn’t mean the practice of domestic discipline isn’t a game. Poker is a game, and you can lose your house and car if you play and lose. My point is that just because something is real doesn’t mean it isn’t a game. Merriam-Webster defines a game as “ a physical or mental competition conducted according to rules with the participants in direct opposition to each other.”

There’s nothing in the definition about “fun” or “sex.” The domestic discipline game is fairly simple. There are few rules needed to play. This is how I understand it.

Domestic discipline is played by two or more players. Usually, it is two who are in a sexual relationship. This isn’t required. It is often played by husband and wife.

1. One player is the “disciplinarian. She makes “rules” that the “disciplined” player must obey or suffer a penalty. She is not required to inform the disciplined player of the rules but must inform him when he breaks one.

2. When the disciplined player breaks a rule, he must suffer a penalty. Most often, the penalty is a spanking. However, the disciplinarian can inflict any penalty she wishes as long as it doesn’t cause permanent injury.

3. The disciplinarian can inflict penalties even if no rules are broken. These extra penalties help both players remember that they’re playing the game.

4. The game is over when either player declares they are done.

That’s it. Those are the official rules. If you are interested in playing, I suggest that you present the rules above when proposing domestic discipline. They are fantasy-free and give a partner a clear idea of what’s expected. It’s fine to tell her that the game arouses you. That’s fair. But I wouldn’t say much more.

warnings and safety messages

Learning curve: All new players, unless they have prior experience with spanking, will take time to learn how to punish their partners. It took Mrs. Lion years to perfect spanking. Both players should remember this and be patient.

Deciding what to punish: Especially, in the beginning, it’s useful to create rules that are easy to break and aren’t emotionally important to either player. Attempting to correct a drug or drinking problem will almost certainly fail. Making rules about household chores or minor bad habits is ideal for the game. Good initial rules will be broken very frequently to permit both players to practice with punishment.

No “Backsies?” The disciplined player must never retaliate in any way after a punishment. It’s very bad sportsmanship to complain about being punished.

Punish Safely: Spanking is a very safe way to let a player know he broke a rule. A paddle is a safe implement for this purpose. Restrict blows to the bottom half of the buttocks and upper back of the thighs. Mouth-soaping is another common punishment. Restrict the time that the soap remains in his mouth to under five minutes. Longer than that can cause burns from the soap.

That’s it. We’ve found that the game adds a lot to our lives. We’ve been playing it for years. Have fun!

The other day, Mrs. Lion harvested lettuce from our hydroponic “farm” and made the most delicious salad I have ever eaten. Talk about fresh veggies; our salad was harvested a few minutes before eating. Our farm is organic with no GMOs. We also have tomatoes, basil, and strawberries that are not ready yet. I’m amazed at how fast things grow. We planted the lettuce and tomatoes just four weeks ago. I think it will be another month or so before we get tomatoes and strawberries. I read that hydroponic gardens grow five times faster than the same plants in soil.

Mrs. Lion said she would spank me on Thursday after my shower and then edge me later in the evening. Unfortunately, she is a little under the weather, so the closest contact we had was holding hands. I’m not complaining. I wasn’t looking forward to the “just because” spanking. Mrs. Lion said it wasn’t really a “just because” spanking. She said that I had interrupted her at least once. Fair enough.

She brought up a problem she has with punishing me for subjective offenses. It’s her concern that she isn’t able to promptly spank me after I interrupt, for example. She’s right. Most of the time, she isn’t prepared to stop what she is doing to paddle me. If I forget to set up the coffee pot, that isn’t a problem. She usually remembers to punish me as soon as it’s convenient for her. Interrupting doesn’t seem to stick in her mind the same way catching me failing to do a chore does.

That makes sense. She has years of experience catching and punishing me for missing chores. I don’t think the same mental muscles cover subjective offenses. From an early age, we are conditioned to overlook little annoyances like conversational faux pas. Yes, they annoy us, but we are trained to overlook them in order to let conversations flow smoothly. We are taught not to correct people. Now, Mrs. Lion is being asked to correct me very strongly.

I think that she will ultimately succeed. The “just because” spankings have helped a little. At least they allow her to punish those conversational annoyances collectively. I’ve been thinking about this challenge. Mrs. Lion suggested telling me that I have a “strike” when I break one of her subjective rules. That’s fair enough. I wonder if it isn’t a little more complicated than we need. When I forget a chore, Mrs. Lion tells me something wasn’t done. We both know what that means.

What if she paused in what we were talking about and told me that I just interrupted or acted like a know-it-all. Nothing more. Anything that she wants me to correct could simply be pointed out. Later, I can remind her that she called me out, and she can decide how she wants to punish me. We are partners, and my job is to help her. I am very good at remembering that I am in for a spanking or mouth soaping, or both. It’s my job to help her remember.

The important thing is that we develop this new, more difficult behavioral pattern. We both agreed that we wanted to do it. It’s time that we both step up.