I have been trying to figure out how to control the dog. I know. I know. This blog is about Lion control, not dog control. In this case, it may be related.

Our dog is getting bigger. I think she needs room to run. I think she needs a fence. Lion hopes she’ll just hang around the yard as our last two dogs did. Given her penchant for escaping the fence we have, I don’t see her sticking around. Besides, if we aren’t getting her fixed right away or maybe never, we need a way to keep other dogs out. You know how persistent those horny males can be. I’m looking at you, Lion!

Aside from the expense, the biggest problem is that we rent our house, and the landlord may not look favorably on us putting up a fence. I’ve tried to come up with temporary solutions. I’ve tried to come up with nearly free options. Lion rejects every one of them. His latest idea is a kennel. They are temporary, but they are expensive. I can’t see a male dog getting in or our dog getting out. We need more research. This morning, I started looking at invisible fences again. It will keep our dog in but will also allow those pesky, horny dogs in. There must be a solution.

In the matter of Lion control, I should have punished him for rejecting my last fence idea. I worked hard on figuring out which fencing and what was needed. I thought it was a good compromise — temporary and not too expensive. I think he should be punished for making me feel bad. I wasn’t sure about it last night, but now I’m annoyed that I’m not out there right now putting up the fence. It may not necessarily be right to punish him for something like this, but he does want me to punish him when he annoys me. So, here I am, sticking up for myself. Right or wrong.

[Lion — The fence suggestions are creative but require a lot of real estate surrounded by a rather ugly fence. Our landlord is almost certainly going to reject that sort of solution. I am very happy that Mrs. Lion put in the effort to look for ways to contain the pup. I don’t think that is the main problem. The real issue is to do it in a way that won’t piss off our landlord.]

lion's penis in jail bird chastity device
This is my Jail Bird chastity device.
(Click image to view larger)

When we started male chastity, one of the first questions was, how long should you wait? I researched it and discovered a lot of blogs offered “authoritative” advice. The average was ten days. No sensible reason was given for any particular time between ejaculations. I concluded that all of them were just male fantasies. Mrs. Lion wasn’t particularly interested in any suggestions on the subject. She freely admits that she never has a plan for the time between my ejaculations.

Over the years, I’ve asked her to think about this. We wrote lots of posts about this subject. She made it clear that she would do what she wanted regarding how long I have to wait. This has worked for us over eight years of male chastity. It’s never been a big deal to her. I can be extremely interested in the subject when I am horny. She likes that.

It turns out that Mrs. Lion enjoys it when I want sex. Luckily for me, she also has fun when she makes me come. She is the rare female who truly likes the taste of semen. She has to balance her two sexual pleasures: seeing me horny and tasting my semen. Poor dear! The result is that I don’t end up waiting too long.

This suggests that maybe people new to male chastity relax with the “how long?” question. Agree to let her decide. She may get you off daily, weekly, monthly, or longer. Let her work it out. She can observe you and see what feels right to her. If she’s like Mrs. Lion, you will experience a variety of wait times. Oh well. That’s how the game is supposed to be played.

One thing I would strongly suggest: She, not you, should provide your orgasms when you get them. Some partners tell the caged male to unlock himself and jerk off. You could do that by paying some online “mistress” to send you an email when you can unlock it. Sexual contact is an important part of having a partner. It isn’t important how you interact. If all she does is give you a handjob, that’s fine. It’s an important connection to be the sole source of each other’s orgasms. This is especially true when you play the male chastity game.

Today (when I’m writing this post) is the last day of September. It’s been 13 days since my last ejaculation. This is on track with my previous experiences. I have had 2 orgasms so far this month. I’ve been getting two orgasms a month for the last five months. I don’t think Mrs. Lion planned it, but she is very consistent. I’m most likely capable of having more than two. Apparently, she believes I don’t need more than that. Tonight should be another edging session.

Last night she edged me several times. We were both sweating when she decided to stop. I had fun and didn’t expect to be allowed to ejaculate. This sort of teasing is frustrating, of course. It’s also a fun way for Mrs. Lion to assert her control. I’ve learned that simply denying sexual activity, which is the classic male chastity scenario, is a game for one. The keyholder isn’t really asserting control as much as allowing her partner to live inside a sexual denial fantasy.

When frequent edging is introduced, the game goes from solo denial to a true power exchange. Each time Mrs. Lion teases me and brings me close to orgasm, I am reminded that she and she alone has the ability to give me sexual pleasure. This is very different from feeling that she has the power to deny orgasm. It goes from her preventing my pleasure to postponing it until she feels I should get it.

This goes against some fantasies. The idea that the keyholder is a cruel woman who enjoys seeing sexual suffering is hot to many men. I suppose I felt that way in the beginning. I saw Mrs. Lion as the dominant woman who denied me release. The regular edging changed my view. I see her as the only person who can give me release. Because she has a lot of contact with my penis, I know she is having fun by teasing me.  That feels very different than thinking she denies me.

I know she is having fun. I am, too, because being teased is fun all by itself. I know that eventually, she will let me ejaculate. I also know that the fun has to stop when she does until I am physically ready to come again. This takes several days. She has to decide how to balance getting me off with the daily opportunity to tease me.

Male chastity, the way we play it, is highly interactive. Mrs. Lion has at least as much contact with my penis as she would if we were orgasmic frequently. I’m not denied sex at all. I don’t get a chance to finish.