This Paddle is Too Hard, This Paddle is Just Right

The spanking spoon against Lion's ass
Spanking spoon. This spoon-shaped paddle packs a mean wallop.
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I was going to spank Lion the other night for annoying me, but I wasn’t feeling well. Since he was so thoughtful in giving me another reason to spank him by not setting up the coffee pot, I knew I had to spank him whether I was feeling well or not. I avoided the problem of what to have for dinner and subsequent dinner preparation by bringing home Chinese food. No muss, no fuss. I saved time and effort. That assured I would have the energy to swat him. I’m not sure Lion would have agreed to Chinese food if he knew its sole purpose was to facilitate his spanking.

The spanking bench was still in the hallway, but I don’t know where the strap went. I’m sure I put it in a safe place where I’d be able to find it easily. When I do that, I often forget to remind myself where that safe place is. Oh well. Lion just needed to keep still by himself. It might have worked if the dog hadn’t been an idiot. She was jumping on both of us. I had to drag her into her crate and that threw me off. I swatted too hard, too soon.

Lion told me I was hitting too hard, but he often does that. I only realized he was serious when he said something about his safeword. Don’t cry wolf, my pet. Then I’d know you were serious right away. I backed off right away. He was still yowling. I told him I’d slowed down to love taps. I’m sure on top of the already sore buns it felt like a lot more than love taps. There was nothing I could do about it.

I made the mistake of rubbing a paddle with tread tape over his sore butt. I didn’t rub it hard. I just wanted him to feel the scratchiness on tender skin. However, I think it contributed to spots of blood. Since the wheels were off, I changed to the spanking spoon. It generally causes bleeding. Now it just splattered the blood around. I did some very hard swats and waited after each one. I don’t think I really bruised him, but I bet I made some nice sore spots. After I took my shower, he said his buns hurt. I’d hope so. He was yelping an awful lot not to have sore buns that soon afterwards. He has also reported sore cheeks this morning. It’s been a while since his last spanking. His ass is almost a virgin again.

We’ve gone back and forth with whether he should have sex on the same night as punishment. I think we’ve decided he shouldn’t. Of course, it’s been a long time since he’s been edged. I know he was horny. It seemed like the perfect time to edge him. As you can guess, he got hard with my hand but not much further. It’s a good thing my mouth is so effective. I was able to get him almost too far at least three times. He wanted to keep going but I stopped. I think I still have a few days in his cycle before he starts to lose interest again. I should take advantage of it. Maybe this time around I can actually time it right to ride him to orgasm.