I can’t believe it! I did it again. I should say that I didn’t do it again. I forgot to set up the coffee pot for yesterday’s breakfast. It’s a small thing, but it earns me a big spanking when I fail to do it. This is the one offense guaranteed to earn a spanking. Mrs. Lion is consistent when it comes to beating me for not setting up the coffee pot. I have a fifteen-minute spanking coming (ten minutes “just because” and five extra minutes for the coffee pot). That’s not entirely accurate. I will be spanked for a minimum of fifteen minutes. Usually, my spankings go into long overtime.

Before we started DD or male chastity, I read a lot of blogs about the subject of male discipline. The more credible ones agreed that men tend to “learn” and correct bad behavior for about a month before they need “reminding.” I was skeptical of this idea. It seemed to me that I would learn my lesson and not repeat the bad behavior. How hard could that be? It turns out I am no better than the men written about in those blogs. It’s been about four weeks since I forgot to set up the coffee pot. I suppose I should try to keep track and see how long it is before I need “reminding” again.

Mrs. Lion seems perfectly happy offering me her helpful spankings in this case. As she said many times, she has no real trouble spanking me. Yet, I can count on one hand the number of spankings I’ve received for annoying her. I know that I annoy her far more often than I forget to make coffee. We’ve discussed this many times. Mrs. Lion doesn’t have much insight to offer on why my bottom remains pristine after I piss her off. It’s not that I’m looking for more spanking. I’m looking for consistent help with my communication style.

This is a big deal to me because I have learned that when a consistent spanking follows an offense, my need to avoid repeating it becomes a high priority. When Mrs. Lion excuses the behavior, I do note that I should do better, but there is no sense of urgency. It’s a little embarrassing to admit that an admonition accompanied by a spanking is far more memorable than a verbal growl.

Zero-tolerance truly works for me. I have a strong desire to do the right thing for my lioness. I wish I could explain why I need a bruised bottom to reinforce this desire. Based on my behavior, I clearly do. Mrs. Lion has a problem enforcing these more subjective requirements. Based on our experiences, I think it’s important for her to “just do it.” As we learned when we first began operating spanking to our relationship, we both need practice to succeed. I recognize that I will get a sore bottom much more often if we do. I think it’s worth it—the concept of “just because” spanking needs to be extended into more areas of our lives.

Julie suggested spanking me when I have strongly pleasurable experiences that might distract me from remembering who is in charge. Which experiences need these reminders spankings have to be determined. Mrs. Lion and I agree that accidental orgasms deserve recognition with her paddle. We also agree that failure to reach the edge is also a spankable offense. I’m sure more reasons will come up over time.

Meanwhile, I managed to earn at least 10 minutes of paddling. You can be sure that I won’t forget the coffee pot for a while. I hope it will be a long while.

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  1. The coffee pot is just a scourge. We ought to replace it with something completely automatic. But this is also a problem. We’ll have to whip the Lion just because. And punishment without crime is still not the same.

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