TIESday Fun?

Lion's tied balls
One of Mrs. Lion’s favorites. She loves to tie my balls tightly and separated.

Six days since my last orgasm isn’t a very long time. It is when I begin seriously missing sex. In the past, at around the one-week mark I am fairly easy to edge. Then, for no apparent reason, I have trouble getting close after ten days. If Mrs. Lion follows through with our new policy of spanking me when I can’t get to the edge, I’m in for a sore bottom pretty soon.

No doubt about it, I’m horny. The lion weather is very tropical today. I’m writing this post on my laptop (on the bed) because my office is still off limits. Stanley Steemer came back for a second (free) try at getting the dog pee smell out of the carpet. I hope it worked. Mrs. Lion will vacuum when she comes home from work. I hope the smell will be gone.

Our doggy adventures continue. After I booted the laptop, she jumped up and stole my mouse.Being a good retriever, she brought it back–after she killed it. I don’t do well with touch pads. It’s an adventure. We are both getting very frustrated with our puppy. It’s a good thing that she’s so cute.

I just realized that today is TIESday. I wonder if I will be spread-eagle on the bed. If I am tied face up, I’m pretty sure that Mrs. Lion will want to torture my balls. My cock and balls are her favorite torture targets. I’m sure there will be a picture for you if she decides to do it.

Perhaps Mrs. Lion will work on my ability to reach the edge with her hand. Her oil massage after she waxed me, was very exciting.It didn’t last very long, but was truly excellent while it lasted. Don’t get me wrong. I’m perfectly happy with oral attention. Mrs. Lion is magical with her mouth. I can’t wait to feel it again!

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  1. Hello, I think and I hope that as the last spanking of Mr. Lion was 24 days ago it will be particularly long and painful! Me LION is master and it is she alone who decides, “just because”. As they say in France, just to set the record straight! Have a nice day and have a good spanking! A French reader.

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