It Hurts To Sit Down

Monday was punishment day. I received my scheduled “just because” spanking. Mrs. Lion set the timer for ten minutes but stopped after only five. I’m not sure why, but I was glad. Twice-weekly spankings aren’t easy for me. Mrs. Lion’s new, large paddle is particularly nasty. She also used her small paddle for my crack. It feels erotic when she spreads my cheeks but most unpleasant when she applies her paddle. I have a couple of sore spots on Tuesday as I write this post. She will be happy I do.

She also used a rather large butt plug on Monday night. I couldn’t take it all. I think that there may well have been poo in the way. I had cramps later that night. I think that on anal play night, we need to clean me out first. After all the rear discomfort, Mrs. Lion gave me a wonderful blow job that ended in an orgasm. What a happy ending!

I’m very lucky that she is so good to me. How many wives are willing to go to all this trouble for their mates? I’m very grateful. I suppose we wouldn’t be blogging if our relationship wasn’t as good. Still, I am very lucky.

I wonder how many people in strictly vanilla relationships would enjoy some of the stuff we do if properly introduced. It seems to me that the most critical ingredient is trust. I absolutely trust that Mrs. Lion wants me to be happy. She always has my best interests in mind. I may be very unhappy with how she expresses her love, but I never doubt her motives.

Domestic discipline is the best example of trust and mutual love. I feel loved when Mrs. Lion uses her paddle to teach me to be better. That’s why I’ve asked her to use her power to punish me if I annoy her. No marriage is frictionless. Domestic discipline is the emotional lubricant that keeps us from stalling.

It may appear to be one way. After all, I’m the spouse who is punished. The very fact that Mrs. Lion has this power makes her aware of how she affects me. It’s very difficult to be a disciplinary wife and remain uncaring about how you make your mate feel. I’ve been on the other side of the paddle. I know that I worked very hard to be as good as I could. It may seem odd, but both partners become more aware of one another and work hard to make each other happy even though only one of us has trouble sitting down.

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  1. For Mrs. Lion, these activities are also beneficial. It seems to me in this way that she gets a way out of her stress and there may be anger and / or resentment towards her Lion, which may be somewhere in the subconscious.

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