I whomped Lion’s butt for about five minutes last night. It seemed like enough. He was red all over and possibly had a few bruises forming. I wasn’t tired. He was only bleeding a tiny bit. But I was happy with the way his buns looked. I don’t think I cheated him. I don’t think he thinks I cheated him. He was probably very happy to be done.

After my shower, I wondered what to do with him. I still haven’t really unpacked the restraints. I showed them to him, and we acknowledged that the straps were way too long to use as is. We’ll have to work on them a bit. I thought of ginger, but I wasn’t sure we had any. Still, I decided to make it a butt night. I took a vibrating dildo that isn’t very big and went to work. The other day, he got some lube squirters, so I squirted some lube and followed that by the dildo slathered with more lube. I’d say you can never have too much lube, but you really can. Let’s say you need more than you think you do.

I was going slow, and Lion didn’t seem to be able to get it in all the way. That’s fine. I had sprung this on him. When we really get into anal play, he does an enema beforehand. I started moving it in and out since it wasn’t going in any further. When it got uncomfortable (at least when I knew it was uncomfortable), I stopped. You have to start slow with anal. You can’t just slam it in there.

When he was all cleaned up, he moved into blow job position. When I give him a hand job, I concentrate the pressure just under the head. Why not do the same thing with a blow job? I did a few deeper thrusts, but I mostly stayed with the tip. It must have worked because he was very happy. So happy, in fact, that I decided to let him go all the way. It was 16 days, and I thought he should have a happy ending.

Next time around, I’m going to try to get him super horny. If I can get him to the edge consistently, then I can get him super horny. I want him to be panting and sweating when I leave him hanging. That will require more BDSM to get him turned on. We’ll fix the straps, get some ginger, break out the IcyHot and be on our way.

By the way, I suggested having ass night every time I spank him. We’ll see what happens. If we start with an enema, it might just work.

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