Tomorrow is ass night again. When I get home, the first thing I will do is give Lion an enema. He may have an easier time taking the dildo if he’s cleaned out first. He questioned his ability to do ass play the other night. I think he was just full of shit. Sorry. I had to.

The thing is, he had an orgasm Monday night. Will he even want ass play tomorrow night? He won’t be horny. On the other hand, does it really matter if he’s horny or not? I’m sure he won’t want a “just because” spanking either but he’ll get one. Having something shoved up his ass shouldn’t be any different. It’s not up to him.

If all this attention makes him horny then I’ll just have to give my weenie some attention. I might give him some attention anyway. I don’t think Lion would mind if I play with my weenie while we snuggle. Even if nothing comes of it, it will still feel good. It might even take his mind off his sore buns. Of course, I don’t really want that. I’d rather have him feel every movement.

Since we’re really just now getting into two “just because” spankings per week, I think we need more data before we decide if two is too many. I know his butt can take it. Despite his yelping, he has a tough hide. He may be getting wimpier in his old age. Oh well. The more I whomp him, the more scar tissue will build up. It’s a win-win situation really.

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