Adding Up the Annoyances

We had a busy weekend. We made pickles and jam. I waxed Lion. I repaired the freezer. And then, in my spare time, I did other chores. I got a lot done but there’s always more to do.

One thing I didn’t do is Lion. Around 5 Lion was busy on his computer. Apparently it takes a lot of work to make our posts talk to you. He’s always looking for ways to improve the site. I see the necessity if you’re visually impaired, but otherwise I don’t like it. I know there have been amazing advances in text to speech software, but the voices distract me from what they’re saying. Maybe that’s just because when I write, it’s my voice in my head saying everything. But you don’t know my voice, so the computer voice is fine. (I know. I’m weird.)

Anyway, for whatever reason, and he doesn’t need to give me one, Lion was not in the mood for play. I know he was tired because he snoozed a lot while watching television. As he snoozed, I was on my iPad. From time to time, he’d wake up and look at me. I’m never sure if he’s looking to verify that I’m there or if he’s trying to see what I’m doing. He tells me I’m on my iPad too much and I don’t pay attention to him, but if he’s snoozing isn’t he ignoring me too? I don’t mind if he sleeps. The only thing that concerns me is that he might be up all night. And if he’s up all night, he’ll be watching TV and then I’ll be up too even if it is only for a minute at a time. I don’t think he was up last night. I took a sleeping pill and some Tylenol so I was out. I don’t think I woke up until the alarm went off.

Lion has suggested maintenance spankings again. I thought we already decided they don’t work. However, we can get around that. If he insists on maintenance spankings, I’ll get annoyed and alakazam! he’s earned himself a spanking. It’s magic. I can’t see doing a spanking just for the sake of doing a spanking. I’m talking punishment, of course. If Lion wants a play spanking he can always ask. But he wants to keep us in practice for punishments. Sort of like batting practice, I guess.

On the other hand, if I add up all the annoyances in any given day, I bet I could come up with enough for a punishment. Waxing the lion. Check. Being the one who actually makes the pickles because Lion can’t see. Check. (This sounds mean. I don’t intend it that way. It’s an annoyance because Lion starts out saying, “I’m going to make pickles” and then I wind up doing most of it. Semantics. It’s a given that I’ll help but it would be better if he said, “Let’s make pickles” and then took a supervisory role when he needed to.) Fixing the freezer. Check.

It definitely depends on how much I have on my plate. Lots of chores and then the extras thrown in are bound to annoy me. If I have to revisit things over and over again, I’ll be annoyed. I made many trips to the camper trying to figure out the fridge issue. I had an idea of how to diagnose it, but Lion didn’t like it so I had to make more trips. In the end, we did what I suggested. Annoying.

So I really don’t know if maintenance spankings will work. I don’t really want to keep a tally of when Lion annoys me to add them up. Yes, he can do it for me. I find that idea annoying. Does that count?


  1. Mrs Lion, could you bring back the shock collar into the Bag o Fun ,maybe?

    1. I’m with you on the maintenance spankings, Mre. Lion. I think it detracts from the education value of a punishment spanking to give it when no punishment was earned. Now, spanking because you have one nerve left and Lion is on it, that I can understand!

  2. Why does it put my comment as if it were a reply to another comment? Talk about annoying!

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