Total Snoozefest

Since it’s the end of the season and we got to the pickle farm late anyway, we bought a bucket of cucumbers. We had no idea how many pounds it was but they were the right size and we knew we needed quite a few for our endeavors. After making dill pickles and four batches of bread and butter pickles, we have seven pounds of cucumbers left. That means the bucket was 27 pounds. That’s a lot of cucumbers. We could, theoretically, make almost another two double batches of bread and butter pickles but I think we’re done. We’ve almost exhausted our vinegar supply and our spices are low. We’re done.

Lion’s been waking up early for the past few days. He hasn’t been sleeping well. Sometimes it’s too hot in the bedroom. Sometimes it’s too cool. Lion was snoozing when it was time for the pickles to go into the jars. I almost did it myself but I thought he’d be upset. Pickling is his baby, after all. Once we were done, he went back and snoozed again. His tummy was bothering him and he couldn’t figure out why he was sleeping so much. In my experience, my stomach could be bothering me because I’m tired, or I could be tired because my stomach is bothering me. Either way, he needed to snooze. It’s perfectly understandable.

After a dinner of egg noodles and peas, our go-to meal when tummy issues arise, he snoozed again. Each time he woke up he’d apologize for sleeping. Obviously he needed it. I understand. The only issue for me was worrying he’d be up all night because he slept so much. He was worried about that too. It turns out, we didn’t need to worry. The bedroom must have been at an acceptable temperature because we slept till 8:30 when the neighbors’ dogs were barking. We both woke up at random times throughout the night but we got back to sleep again. Today, we still feel a little tired but Lion’s tummy is better.

It’s the last day of my three day weekend. Because we made more pickles and jam, I don’t really feel like I got three days off. I’ve been cleaning the kitchen and running around like I would if I was cooking dinner a few times a day. I’d say today is a me day but I guess it should really be a Lion day. Although we’ve spent the past few days bumping into each other in the kitchen, that doesn’t really count as Lion time. I know he likes to play early so we’ll give it a shot today, but I guess that all depends on how he’s feeling later and if he can stay awake.