Does A Disciplined Husband (Me) Need Maintenance Spankings?

Aside from one snarl on Saturday, I’ve been staying out of trouble. It’s true that I don’t have a lot of opportunities to earn spankings lately. I am naked all the time I am home. Since I don’t go out for more than an hour or two a week, there is no shirt to spill food on. I’ve managed to remember punishment days and to set up the coffeepot. That leaves me unspanked for over a week.

That’s both good news and bad news. We both tend to “forget” things if not regularly repeated. That’s why we discussed maintenance spankings. We tried this in the past and didn’t have much success. Mrs. Lion didn’t get into disciplinarian mode so her maintenance spanking ended early when I started to get unhappy. She reasoned that I didn’t deserve it, so I shouldn’t have to suffer.

She had a point. I also feel reluctant to subject myself to a painful, disciplinary spanking when I haven’t earned it. We quietly dropped the idea after only one maintenance spanking. Mrs. Lion hasn’t particularly worried about maintenance spankings. She doesn’t enjoy beating me (she also doesn’t mind) and is happy to forego it if I am not in need of punishment.

I can sit here and write about the need for maintenance spankings, but I know I won’t ask for one. I also know that if I can beg off, I will. If one is to happen, Mrs. Lion will have to be convinced of its value enough to approach it the same way she handles punishing me.

When I’ve earned punishment, I don’t get a vote whether or not I will be spanked. Unless I am legitimately too sick to receive my spanking, Mrs. Lion will administer it when she decides that it’s time. It is a no-nonsense affair. She tells me to get into position and that is the end of my participation. She disregards my yelps and spanks me until she feels she has made her point.

Over time, her spankings have become more intense. I have to admit that more intensity makes a better impression on me. I take her punishments more seriously. I don’t expect this trend to end anytime soon. No wonder that I try to avoid maintenance spanking.

If she believes that maintenance spanking is useful to us, I think she will have to deal with it the same way she punishes me. I guess it is an educational punishment.

The next question is how much unspanked time has to pass before I need one? At one point she thought that if I went a week without punishment, I needed a maintenance spanking. That felt way too frequent to me. She accepted that feeling and the maintenance spankings stopped.

I’m now convinced we truly need these reminders. Perhaps two unspanked weeks is the right interval. If it is, Mrs. Lion can make it my job to keep track and remind her the same way she has me remind her of punishment days. If I forget to remind her, I get punished. That means one way or another I get paddled at least once every two weeks.

What do you think, Mrs. Lion?


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