My Evotion Dog Snack

As Mrs. Lion wrote yesterday (The Dog Ate My Homework) after I was unlocked for waxing and play I managed to knock the center section of my Evotion Orion off my nightstand. Mrs. Lion decided that she would find the piece when she was going to lock me up again in a couple of hours. I couldn’t see where the piece landed, so I couldn’t get it myself. My vision isn’t very good.

The connector (blue arrow) that locks the center section of the cage to the base ring was eaten by the dog. The original color of the cage was candy apple red. A new part will never match.

Unfortunately, our dog found the piece first. She normally stays away from toys that aren’t hers. I guess my scent on the 3D-printed chastity device was just too tempting. While we were watching TV she carried it deep under our bed and proceeded to eat a piece of it. Apparently, it didn’t taste as good as it smelled. She stopped after destroying the part of the cage that locks into the base ring. Fortunately, the cage is made from medical-grade nylon and isn’t toxic.

Mrs. Lion felt terrible that she put off retrieving the piece on the floor. Our golden retriever beat her to it. It never occurred to either of us that she might be interested in it. I guess we have to consider the possibility of the male chastity device becoming a dog toy a drawback of the plastic male chastity device. Who knew?

I sent an email to Evotion asking if they can make me a new center section for the three-piece cage. The color won’t match the faded pink of the other parts. I wonder what color would look good sandwiched by the pink base ring and glans cover?

With or without the cage, I’m not as responsive as I should be. Mrs. Lion has no problem getting me interested (hard), but I can’t seem to get very close to orgasm. She works hard, but I just can’t seem to get there. Since it’s been two weeks since my last orgasm, we both expect me to be begging to ejaculate.

I love how my lioness uses her mouth. It feels wonderful. I know it is very hard work for her and I feel guilty that I can’t deliver when she does such a wonderful blow job. The guilt may be getting in my way.

I haven’t earned a spanking in some time

It feels like it’s been a while since I have been spanked. I wonder if this is related to me being stuck. I hope it isn’t. Mrs. Lion last spanked me for being rude when we were talking in the car. That was only a few days ago, but it feels like weeks.

In the past we tried maintenance spankings with mixed results. It didn’t feel like Mrs. Lion put the same level of effort into them that she does when punishing me. That’s understandable since the spanking doesn’t have a clear, disciplinary purpose. She also knows that I hate disciplinary spankings and apparently doesn’t think I need to suffer that way if I have been good.

I can’t argue with this thinking. I admit that I was unhappy about getting a maintenance spanking. It’s bad enough when I get one for being naughty. When I look back to other people who write about domestic discipline, I see an almost universal use of maintenance spankings. The Disciplinary Wives Club strongly advocates them.

I put off this interest in unearned spankings to BDSM, not so much domestic discipline. One or both members of disciplinary couples have a sexual interest in spanking. It’s the initial motivator that lights the disciplinary fire. It makes sense that keeping that fire burning makes good sense.

Now that we have several years of disciplinary experience, I’m starting to understand why regular, disciplinary spankings are needed. Obviously, if my behavior warrants punishment, spankings are administered. Mrs. Lion is very good at this. If I’m not earning punishments, we seem to lose our disciplinary edge.

Are maintenance spankings more for my disciplinary wife?

It could be that maintenance spankings are more for Mrs. Lion than they are for me. When I was forgetting punishment days and setting up the coffeepot, she was spanking me about twice a week. The spankings were painful disciplinary punishments. For a while after spanking me, she seemed much more tuned in to my behavior. As unspanked time went by, this edge seemed to fade.

Much as I hate to admit it, in the days after punishing me, it feels that we are closer. It also feels like Mrs. Lion is much more focused on me. This makes sense because Mrs. Lion really likes the game aspect of catching me breaking a rule or being rude and then punishing me. She says that she mostly likes catching me. I don’t doubt that for a second. Even though I pissed her off, in the car, she had that I-caught-you smile when she informed me I would be punished.

She says that spanking me doesn’t do anything for her. She told me that she doesn’t mind punishing me. She knows it’s necessary, but there is no pleasure in it for her. I believe that. However, spanking me is one half of the pair of things that happens when I do something I shouldn’t. First, she catches me being naughty. She really likes that. The second part is that she spanks me.

Obviously, we can’t have maintenance rule-breaking. That would trivialize the very important basis of our disciplinary marriage. We can have maintenance spankings. Can Mrs. Lion’s vigilance be activated by spanking me? Does she make the mental connection between catching me breaking a rule and punishing me if she gives me a maintenance spanking? It would be great if she does. [Mrs. Lion — I wasn’t aware I was more vigilant.]

Is there a value for me as well? Maybe getting a punishment-level spanking reminds me how important it is for me to avoid getting in trouble. Perhaps it “tenderizes” me in the sense that getting a maintenance spanking always keeps me less than a week between beatings. My bottom will be more sensitive if spanking is only a few days after another I received. Mrs. Lion can warn me to watch out if I am starting to forget my manners by reminding me how much worse a spanking feels if received on an already sore bottom. In a very real sense, my edge is maintained by keeping my memory fresh of how it feels when my lioness punishes me.

Maybe the heightened connection we feel when we are both regularly reminded of our disciplinary relationship carries over to sex as well. In a way, I hope it doesn’t. Deep down I think it does. Much as I would like to believe that the BDSM play we do is sufficient, I think feeling our power exchange when I spanked is a strong aphrodisiac.


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      She’s fine. She spit out the chewed pieces.

  1. One of the advantages of keeping Guinea Pigs I guess

    1. Author

      Our dog is generally very good about only chewing her toys. I guess my scent was irresistable to her and the cage part was on the floor. The floor is her territory.

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