The Coffee Pot, The Cage, And The Pickles

Lion's homemade bread and butter pickles
Our homemade bread and butter pickles. This is the batch we made today.

Maybe we can blame it on his orgasm the other night. We joke about men thinking with their penises and all the blood rushing there. Perhaps Lion’s blood hadn’t quite returned to his brain when he forgot to set up the coffee pot last night. I noticed it when I was making dinner but I restrained myself from giving him any hints. It’s his first punishment in almost two weeks, I think.

Lion, aside from being upset he earned a punishment for forgetting the coffee, is “glad” he’s being punished for something. This, I assume, is a jab at me for not punishing him for annoying me. Oddly enough, my head has been feeling so foggy I really haven’t let him annoy me. It’s just not worth the effort. I can’t imagine how much effort it would be to spank him if I can’t even get annoyed. But today he will get his spanking.

I didn’t lock Lion in his cage until last night. I don’t know if the delay will skew my experiment* or not. I haven’t asked if he’s horny. I figure I’ll know when I ask him later or when I unlock him. Even under ideal circumstances, he probably wouldn’t have been horny last night. He isn’t usually on the day following an orgasm. In the “olden days”, he would have started feeling horny on the second night. Within the last year or so, it’s taken longer than that to get his motor running again. Well, I can get his motor running. It’s the spontaneous combustion that’s been slower. By locking him up, I’m hoping to turn back time a little. Maybe knowing he can’t touch himself will make him want to touch himself and the frustration will begin. That’s the theory.

Since Lion has been on furlough, he’s been watching a lot of cooking shows. In addition to trying new techniques for old things, he’s been trying some new things. Right now he’s working on his second batch of bread and butter pickles. He doesn’t remember ever having that kind of pickles. Many years ago, I remember helping my mother make them. As I recall, they came out mushy. Lion’s are much better. It doesn’t surprise me. My mother worked with recipes handed down from generation to generation and with the ingredients she had available. I assume she used regular slicing cucumbers which aren’t really suited for pickling. Lion has the benefit of using the exact ingredients he needs and possibly some better methods. The house smells like a pickle factory.

Maybe there’s an analogy between Lion fermenting in his cage and the pickles fermenting in their jars. I hope he doesn’t turn out mushy.

* Mrs. Lion’s current experiment is testing whether Lion is easier to arouse when he is kept locked in a male chastity device.


  1. Regarding Mrs. Lion’s current experiment (not the pickles…): From my experience, I *strongly* expect that Lion will be much easier to arouse if he is kept locked except during playtime. Even though his current cage-of-choice (the Evotion device) is so comfortable that he can forget he’s wearing it, in my case I find that there is still some stimulation – both physical and psychological – going on. Generally, I’m “ready to go” within seconds of being released from my cage; in fact, my wife and I often have to have some distracting conversation (house repairs, etc.) for a couple of minutes so that she can get the cage off.

    Also in my case (chastity play is, I think, an immensely personal and individual experience), I find that being re-locked immediately makes a big difference in my continued excitement. The next morning is still OK, but being locked right after an orgasm, when my hornyness is at an ebb and my acceptance is at its lowest, seems to really emphasize to me how my sexuality is being controlled. Over the days (and weeks…) following, this really enhances my memory of the orgasmic experience, and the whole situation that I’m in.

    1. The pickles are great. We just made our second batch. I am wondering if this erection when unlocked will continue indefinitely. It could be the novelty of being back in the chastity device. However, as I recall, I was more responsive when locked up. So far, my immediate erection isn’t instant so she has time to get the cage off. I suppose I’m ok with permanent lockup. I am unhappy with the pink color my Evotion chastity device has turned. I really liked the red. Oh well, in the scope of things that’s not too bad. I wonder if Mrs. Lion will grow tired of unlocking and locking me.

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