Lion won’t mind, I’m sure, but I keep thinking his birthday is Friday. I know it’s the ninth. I keep thinking the ninth is Friday. It would mean Lion would get his orgasm a day early. He wouldn’t argue with that.

He’s not exactly chomping at the bit. He’s horny. He’s not super horny. There’s nothing wrong with not being super horny. He can’t always be super horny. I love it when he is. He seems extra hard. But regular hard is wonderful too. I’ve been known to work with any kind of horny. As long as he’s “up” for his birthday ride, it’s all good.

I certainly got him close last night. I’m pretty sure he was within a second or two of coming. I was playing with fire. If he’d had an orgasm, I don’t think he would have recovered in time for this weekend’s fun. I have to walk the fine line between keeping him wanting more and going too far. The obvious answer would be to leave him alone until I’m ready for the main event. The problem is that he may actually lose interest if I don’t keep reminding him how much he wants to come.

Tonight is the dog’s second to last puppy training class. We’ve been getting home, eating, and settled in fairly late from that. Plus, Lion tends to be tired after all the exertion. I am too, but he’s not used to being out and about. I don’t think we’ll do much more than snuggle tonight. I may get my weenie a little excited, but he probably won’t get near the edge.

On the plus side, it’s been getting rainier and cooler around here, so snuggling under the covers is easier since I’m cold too. Over the summer, it was difficult because Lion would be under the covers, and I’d be sweating on top. He’d be cold when he came out, and when I went under, I’d be hot. It’s nice to be able to hunker down together again.

Lion stayed awake long enough to play last night. Actually, I think he made it all the way through the evening without falling asleep. I teased him that the threat of no play was enough to keep him awake. I doubt it had any effect. He has no idea that he even falls asleep so I’m sure he has no control over it.

I hadn’t heard a Lion weather report for a few days. It may have been Monday he reported it was toasty. I didn’t get a chance to test that out since he’s been falling asleep. However, I believe he was still toasty last night. He might have been tropical for all I know. The important part is that he responded when I started fondling my weenie.

When he moved over so I could suck him, I wasn’t sure if he was sufficiently revved up or if I’d have my work cut out for me. I’d have to say it was somewhere in the middle. He didn’t rush right to the edge, but it didn’t take forever to get him there either. Is that because he had all this frustration built up? I don’t think so. He says there’s a point where, if I haven’t played with him in days, he isn’t very interested. I guess he didn’t get to that point yet.

I think it was the last time he had an orgasm that it was ruined. He didn’t make any noises to indicate he was close. I think it snuck up on him. By the time I realized what was happening it was too late to stop. I tried but I quickly went back to salvage the orgasm. Last night, he built up steadily and I could tell when he was almost there.
If we haven’t played in a while, I don’t like to give him an orgasm on the first opportunity. In the back of my mind, I know his birthday is coming up and he wants me to ride him. He’s already waited over two weeks. Do I make him wait another week and a half? If I let him come tonight, he should be rested up and ready to go by his birthday. Or I could leave him hanging. Would that make my riding him any more exciting? There’s also the possibility that he could get so excited by being ridden that he doesn’t last long at all.

Decisions, decisions. Obviously, I’m partial to an orgasm in the next few days because then I get to have it all to myself. When he comes inside me, no one gets the yummy goodness. Sad.

We finished up the last of the blueberry jam last night. It was only two batches. I threw a frozen lasagna in the oven while we worked. By the time we were done, the food was done. Perfect timing.

Lion was awake when I got home. When I went to get things ready for the jam, he fell asleep. When I woke him, he thought it was morning. Mmm. That would have been nice—twelve hours of sleep. We can dream. The puppy decided that she’ll bark in the middle of the night instead of whining. Have we been sleeping through her whines? We certainly can’t sleep through barking. I took her out at 4. She did her thing. I don’t think she did anything at 11 before bed. When she barked at 5, I told her to calm down. There’s no reason to get up again so soon. At 6, Lion and I both woke up when she barked. I need puppy energy. Actually, I need all the naps she gets. Maybe then I’d be wider awake during the day.

Before my shower, I told Lion I was too tired to spank him. Unsurprisingly, he wasn’t disappointed. He wants to be spanked until it’s time to be spanked. I feel bad for putting it off again, but there’s no way I would have been able to give him an effective spanking anyway. I wanted to spank him. The mind was willing even if the body wasn’t.

One thing I knew I had to do was play with my weenie. I had no idea if Lion was horny. He said he was the other day, but that was the other day. Things change. Not this thing on this particular night. He was looking for love. Once I got my weenie all revved up, I asked if Lion could move over for oral sex. Unsurprisingly again, he said he could do it. I set about sucking him, and he was very interested.

I don’t know how long it was because I forgot to set a timer until I have a mouthful of Lion, but he was very interested in a short time. I was tickling his balls. He loves that. Soon he was making happy noises. I got him oh-so-close and stopped. Poor Lion. I was so sad for him that I did it again. I considered giving him an orgasm, but then I decided he really hadn’t waited that long. And we haven’t played since his last one. Why would I give him one so soon when I can play with my food? The last time I sucked him, I didn’t even let him get to the edge. I’m sure it felt good, but it was not close at all. That was by design. I didn’t want him to have the satisfaction of getting oh-so-close again.

Satisfaction? How can it be satisfaction when he didn’t get to come? Well, getting to the edge is its own satisfaction sometimes. I haven’t really been able to edge him in a long time. He’s been losing his erection mid-suck. When I have managed to get him to the edge, I don’t have the heart to “just” edge him. I go all the way as sort of a reward for making it that far.

Last night seemed different, though. He got there more quickly. I hadn’t done any foreplay other than jerking him off for a bit. I did play with him with my mouth before I actually started sucking. I don’t know if it was that or just in the non-slump portion of his sexual cycle. Whatever it was, I figured I’d take advantage of it. Maybe this time around, I can get him super horny and frustrated. Fingers crossed.

Monday night, I went to Home Depot to get lumber to replace the back deck steps. Lion always had trouble with them, and he’ll need to use them when he takes the puppy out. He’s also been after me to water the puppy lawn. I dragged the hose around and started watering, and then I took out the old steps. It was somewhere in the range of 85 degrees. Blech! I was sweating a lot, and I was tired because Willow kept us up Monday night. Needless to say, I didn’t finish the steps.

I don’t know why I didn’t think of it, but I should have taken some Tylenol before starting. I usually remember when I mow the lawn or do anything that will make me achy. I hurt all over. It took a while before I could move once I sat down. I was in no shape to do anything sexual. Poor Lion would have to wait another night. I took the day off today, so I can finish before it gets too hot. Even if I need a break, I should be able to get it done. And I’ve taken Tylenol so that I won’t be hurting as much.

I still plan on teasing Lion tonight. Since he thinks I give him orgasms to avoid playing with him for a certain number of days, I don’t think he should get one anytime soon. I’d say he should have to earn it, but I have no idea what he’d do to earn it anyway. I guess I could give him a honey-do list, and once he completes it, he gets an orgasm. I think I like it better when he has no idea when he’ll get one. Once I give him a list, he can run through it in a few hours so he’ll have an orgasm. Nope. He doesn’t get to decide. That’s not to say I can’t have a list in my head, and he’ll have an orgasm once he completes it. What would be on the list? I have no idea. I’ll probably continue to do it randomly.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

[Lion — FYI. In case you want to know, it’s been 13 days since my last orgasm.]