Lion thinks you may have taken me seriously in my post yesterday. I think you understood that I was just teasing him because he always says “poor Lion”. I know he feels bad that he doesn’t contribute as much as he used to in terms of household chores. I wasn’t even thinking about how much money he is or isn’t bringing in. I never equate a person’s worth as a person with their financial wealth. I’ve known quite a few people who had a lot of money in the back and I still wouldn’t want to be around. And I know writing is hard work. That’s why I used quotes. The funny thing is when I was in high school and my first stint in college, I wanted to be a writer. I never thought I’d write the Great American Novel, but I thought I might make a living at it. Lion is a thousand times better at writing than I am.

This morning Lion discovered that my truck registration was expired. Oops. I just drove it on Sunday. We never got the renewal notice and, let’s be honest, who was thinking about truck registration when we’re trying not to die during a pandemic. I remember being with my parents a long time ago when my father got pulled over for speeding. His registration was expired. I guess my mother looked sufficiently surprised because the cop only gave my father a warning for both speeding and expired registration. If I’d gotten pulled over, I probably would have had the same surprised look on my face. Luckily, our local motor vehicle department is open so I renewed it right away.

We didn’t do any anal play last night. I pulled out my trusty rope and tied Lion’s balls up. I stretched and separated them and had bouncing balls while I jerked him off. Eventually, I had him move into the sucking position. With his balls tied, I could tug on him when he tried to roll his hips away from me. I don’t think he intentionally tries to get away from me. It’s a reflex. Anyway, when he started to move, I tugged a little and corrected the issue. I got him to the edge once and was trying for a second when he lost his erection. Maybe I tied him too tight. Maybe he didn’t like being tugged. Maybe it was 41 degrees outside with the wind from the west. The point is, there isn’t always a reason for his losing an erection. And he doesn’t always even have to have an erection to have fun. There have been a lot of times he said he wasn’t going to get anywhere but sucking him felt really good. I consider that a win.

I think today is day twelve of Lion’s wait. So far he hasn’t been incredibly horny or frustrated. Sometimes I’ve used that as a gauge for when to give him an orgasm. Other times I give him an orgasm as sort of a reset button. Clear out the pipes and start over again. I don’t know what I’ll do this time. I tend to do it on a whim. Lion doesn’t usually argue with my system, or lack thereof. He’s just happy to have attention.

For at least a week after I locked Lion up for the first time, I gave him an orgasm every night. When I first moved in with him, that’s what he wanted…and got. Of course, locking him up happened several years after I first moved in as well as being quite some time since having so many orgasms in a month, let alone a week. Eventually he cried uncle. He couldn’t keep up. Too much of a good thing, I guess. Maybe also his first reminder to be careful what he wishes for.

Right after that, I vowed to play with him at least every other night. I never agreed to how often he’d have orgasms. He wanted me to be in charge, so it was up to me to decide how many, or how few, orgasms he’d have. We’ve gone through many iterations of deciding how long he should wait. We’ve also had a few different ways to keep track. Should Lion know what day is “his” day? Should we even have a scheduled day? For a long time, I’ve been giving him an orgasm when I feel like it. He has no idea if this journey to the edge will stop abruptly, or if it will continue on to the promised land.

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Sometimes I think it would be nice if I knew if he wanted an orgasm. There have been a handful of times he’s told me afterward that he wished I hadn’t given him one. Admittedly, that hasn’t happened often, but enough that I worry when I contemplate ending his suffering.

Over the years, Lion has had periods when he thought he was broken. He worried that he was losing his libido. What if he could never get it up again? I haven’t been worried. I’ve always figured he was in a slump and it would work its way out. I’ve been right so far. His most predictable slump happens in the days following an orgasm. I started taking the day after an orgasm off. He needs time to recover and I need a day off. There are times he needs more than a day off. I have to walk a fine line between annoying Lion by trying to get him interested and keeping myself from letting inertia take over. Also, if I don’t initiate, Lion thinks I don’t want to play with him anymore.

Yesterday, I said if he didn’t show some interest before tonight, I was going to come at him with IcyHot or Velcro. Wouldn’t you know, he was interested last night. It’s magic. He didn’t get very far, but he was hard for a little bit and that definitely counts. I don’t expect him to go from zero to sixty right away. We can ease our way into things. I just want to be sure he doesn’t have too many not-tonight-dear-I have-a-headache days. He can even be interested without getting hard. As long as he’s willing to try and it feels good to him, it counts and I’m happy. Of course, I’m very happy when he’s very interested and I can make him suffer more frustration, but we can’t always have winning nights.

There is some good news. Our computer system at work is back up and running. While they work to catch up on work that was in a holding pattern, only one person is allowed in. However, she has given me permission to go in as long as I only look. No touchy. I’m happy with that. I don’t need to touch anything to get my tasks done.

Lion has been in a holding pattern of his own. We haven’t played in a few days. He’s giving me space so I can work through my grief. I think I might be okay to resume normal activities. He’s not rushing me, but the longer I don’t do anything, the more likely I am to not want to do anything. Inertia is not a good thing for me. I need to get back on the Lion, so to speak.

Yesterday I said maybe I’d lock Lion into his chastity device. That would give him some hands-off control even if I wasn’t able to play. I didn’t do it and, as I’m thinking about it this morning, maybe it’s a good thing, He’s got fur that I was going to get rid of over the weekend but the weekend was canceled. Being locked up when he’s furry might cause problems. I don’t want him to be pinched or yanked. (That’s my job.) Since I’m working from home, maybe one day this week I can start the wax early and de-fur him after work. I know he’d appreciate that. [Lion comments — I’m not furry enough to catch my chastity device.]

As far as tonight goes, last week I was going to shove a butt plug in and I never did. Perhaps tonight I can shove it in while I take care of the dinner dishes. That way he’ll be thinking of me even though I’m not in the room. And then, when I do get in the room, things will be more interesting if he’s dealing with a butt plug. His normal clenching of muscles might have a different effect.

I know he’s waited a long time, but I don’t think he should have an orgasm yet. I’ll need to make him want one first. I don’t know how horny he is right now. I’ll find out later. His wait is 22 days so far. Should we go for a record? If I make him wait 32 days, he can have a new year’s eve orgasm. This year definitely needs to go out with a bang.

Eleven months have gone by of the worst year I can remember. Like most guys who are under orgasm control, I keep records of how many orgasms I am given. You can see the graph that shows my ejaculations over the last five years. In 2019 at the end of November, I had received 49 orgasms. This year the total-to-date is 32. This average is just under three a month. The chart shows my ejaculations by month for each of the five years I’ve been keeping track. It looks like last year and this year are the same for November. I wouldn’t be surprised if December is also equal.

This brings up a topic near and dear to the male chastity crowd: what is the right number? Over the years, I’ve read a lot of blogs, some claiming to be written by women, that try to assign a value. Since bloggers are an incestuous bunch, unsurprisingly there seems to be a consensus. Female bloggers suggest that men do best if they receive an orgasm every 7 to 14 days. This range comes from people who say they aren’t kinky. They also don’t talk about using male chastity devices.

Over the years, without following anyone’s advice, Mrs. Lion seems to have settled on a 10 to 14-day range. She varies a little, but overall that’s what I get. Last year, I ended up with 52 orgasms, averaging one per week. This year it looks like I will end up with 35 orgasms (if I’m lucky). That would give me an average wait of about 10 days. Are three dozen orgasms a year the right number?

The answer to that depends on exactly why orgasms are being controlled in the first place. I suspect the majority of men under this sort of control do it because it’s a sexy game. They like the idea that their partner is in sexual control. The women who take this job, probably have no clear idea of what to do with the power. My suggestion is that to make the game fun for all, the man has to wait long enough to really want to ejaculate. That doesn’t mean the first time he feels horny after an orgasm. It means that he is starting to fixate on the idea that he needs to come. Some people call this blue balls. No, our balls don’t get blue when we need to have sex. They also don’t get larger because of their overflow of semen.

There is an element of conditioning to this game. If the woman really takes control, which means she and she alone decides when he gets off, if the number of days is fairly regular, he will begin to adapt. That means if he has to wait a week, after a while he won’t be particularly horny until a week has gone by. He’s adapted to the game.

There are a couple of different ways you can go with this. One is to adopt a small range of wait time; perhaps between seven and 10 days. If you stick to this, he will start wanting his orgasm badly after a week and grow increasingly frustrated until he gets it. If he knows he will get it before more than 10 days go by, he probably won’t become a pest about it. In some marriages, this sort of regularity is helpful to both partners. In a way, the woman has made a contract to provide a sexual release for her partner at least every so often. For most men, this is much better than the uncertainty of a relationship where orgasms can be many weeks apart at times.

The second way some people play is to extend the amount of time he has to wait. In some cases, the man waits for more than a year between orgasms. It’s not that he doesn’t get sexual fun. His partner encourages him to give her orgasms and she teases him. It’s just that he doesn’t get to ejaculate. A variation of this is that the woman intentionally varies the timing so that he never gets conditioned. For example, she might make him ejaculate every three or four days for a while. Then, without warning extend the time to 14 days. He will get very frustrated and horny. His body has been conditioned to expect ejaculation every four days.

When he starts getting used to waiting 14 days, she goes back to a twice-a-week orgasm schedule. This keeps him off balance sexually. He never knows when he will ejaculate. Mrs. Lion has often said that she likes this kind of technique. However, I don’t think she’s ever actually tried to do it. My time-between-orgasms remains fairly constant. I don’t mind this. I’m just making an observation.

It’s true that I don’t even seem to be ready to ejaculate until at least a week has gone by. I’ve been conditioned. That doesn’t mean that Mrs. Lion can’t play the game. For example, if I came after 15 days, which is what happened Sunday, my next orgasm might be held until 22 days or, seven days.

The reason I started keeping records in the first place was that Mrs. Lion and I could never remember how much time it passed between orgasms. I figured it would just be easier to start a spreadsheet and track not only the orgasms but how I got them. I didn’t create a Grapher that. Over the last three months, or so on my orgasms have been oral. Mrs. Lion has also teased me orally that entire time. It hurts her shoulder to give me hand jobs. I am definitely not complaining.