Pickles and Prickles

Our first batch of dill pickles are pickling. We don’t want to make too many of them because you can’t really preserve them so they need to be refrigerated. The bread and butter pickles, however, are canned so we’re headed back to the pickle farm for more cucumbers. We also got some blueberries and I made Lion some blueberry pancakes this morning. Yum!

I don’t know where else our travels will take us this extended weekend but we’re having fun. If nothing else, we’ve visited a few stores that are a little too far out of the way to fit in on a normal weekend without planning, but they were on the way home from the pickle farm so we finally made it there yesterday. Lion still laughs that there’s such a thing as a pickle farm and it’s near here. I think there’s an everything farm around here. It just depends on how far you’re willing to travel.

Last night when we played, I didn’t really play with Lion. While I was sucking him I did grab his balls but I’m sure that doesn’t rise to the level of play in his mind. I certainly got him hard. My weenie was standing up, tall and proud. And I got Lion to the edge at least once before my upper lip started getting tired. I know. It’s usually the lower jaw that craps out when I give him oral sex. I must have been doing some new kind of pressure with my upper lip that I didn’t even realize I was doing. I guess I’ll need to do some sort of lip exercise to strengthen it. Maybe there’s a Kegel for your mouth.

Lion asked when I want to wax him. We need to start the wax melting about two hours beforehand. First, I have to clear off the waxing table. It’s become a sort of a catchall for things. And I’m thinking we’ll do waxing on the weekend when more people are out and about and we’d like to avoid them. If we can do all our errands and sightseeing on days that other people work, then we won’t have to deal with crowds. I suggested going to the zoo, but Lion reminded me that that probably isn’t a good idea. Um…yup. I forgot. For a split second, I forgot about the virus. Stupid 2020!

jockstrap with points
This is the leather prickly jock.

When we get back from the pickle farm and the pickles are on their way to pickling, I think Lion should wear the prickly jock strap for a while. He thinks I’ve forgotten about it, but I haven’t. Well, I did, but I thought about it last night. I was going to make him wear it this morning, but this morning is already gone. So this afternoon is it. I could make him wear it while we’re gone, but he has enough challenges seeing and walking, especially in bright sunshine, that I don’t want to add one more thing to his plate. He’ll be more comfortable at home…until he tries to sit or move with the prickly jock strap on, that is. [Lion — I guess the chastity device will come off for this torture.]


    1. I can but the cage defeats the purpose of the jock. I’ve discovered that the head of my penis is most sensitive to the sharp prickles. The cage would protect it.

      1. Author

        I don’t want anything between him and the pricklies

      2. Makes sense. I would have thought that the prickles might you h your penis despite the cage. I guess not though.

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